Yoga for Core Workout | Yoga With Tim

Yoga for Core Workout | Yoga With Tim

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  1. I love your workshop progressive style of classes during the challenge. When at the end you can clearly see what a difference practicing yoga every does. Maybe this year team could be arm balances? Thank you for your time, energy, and place for our suggestion Tim! Namaste 🙏

  2. A new 30days challenge is great news. I love these every day classes, makes me get up in the morning with anticipation. If you could do it with 20min sequences or at least no longer than 30min per day. (as you offer longer sequences on the community channel). Thanks for your efforts and energy!!

  3. Stoked about the next 30 day challenge! For what it’s worth I skipped a couple of days in previous challenges because they were either too short or required props or situations I didn’t have (tennis ball, strap, wall space, foam roller). That said, all the days that didn’t require those things were awesome for me!

  4. Loved the subtleties of this practice so interesting and beautiful, the perfect way to start the day, thanks Tim.

  5. Listened to the intro and can't wait to do this, my quads are the bane of my life! When my massage therapist goes near them I call her a witch and there's a few fbombs as well! Look forward to doing this practice, thanks Tim for helping me so much and making my practice better. Love and light 🧘‍♀️💜🧘‍♀️💜

  6. I'm really excited about a new 30 day challenge. I'm currently working my way through the one from 2 years ago after doing last year's challenge, so very happy to transition to the third one ! Thanks, Tim! I'm amazed at how quickly the yoga lesson is over. 30 minutes flies by!

  7. Thanks Tim! As always your practices are absolutely amazing and really help me with my balance issues plus the best way to get those joints moving. You are the best! Have an awesome week ahead. Namaste~

  8. Thanks Tim for this new workout! Nice to see Olly around the mat with you as well. Have a great week ahead. Namaste from Radyogis. Lucho

  9. Tim, thank you so much-great practice for the morning ! What level is this practice? Not sure what level I am but it was very comfortable for me. More intense practice will be great as well please. You doing amazing job for all of us❤️

  10. Tim – you are my yoga guru. Can you please post a small video on how to get the four corners of the hand to connect? I don't know if I have too big of thumb mounds, but this is very difficult for me. Thanks!

  11. You're by far my favorite teacher! I'm older and love yoga. I get your vinyasa videos with level 2/3 poses. My kids would turn you off if you didn't have this stuff as options!
    But for me, I'd prefer if more of your videos included the level of the class (low intermediate for me) and fewer vinyasa's. Honestly,
    I don't care if I ever do a perfect handstand or crow pose! I know you've been doing this type of description a bit, but my shoulder replacement would love it if I could choose my practice carefully

  12. Loved this sequence! I specifically liked that it felt like it worked my quads and hip-stabilizing muscles. Would love more of this in the 2020 Challlenge.

  13. Hi Tim,
    Your last challenge started from the beginner level and slowly worked on getting better at your practice as a whole from the bottom up. I would love it if this challenge built onto that instead of going backwards.
    You are the best. Thank you. 🙂

  14. Another great video! I do struggle with keeping my balance on that half moon foot hold pose, but I get better each time I try…thanks for the practice. Blessings!

  15. good challenge! i definitely find myself being slower than you / omitting a pose to keep up 😉 which i like! gives me room to grow while challenging me where i am. thanks tim! p.s. i laughed with the coffee cup "with no lid" remark. i think you've referenced the mcdonalds hot coffee suit before too? classic haha

  16. I love you sense of humor Tim, I feel like my body relaxes more when I laugh and I fall deeper in the posses. You are great man thank you for an other great class.

  17. Such a fabulous practice this morning. Thanks! I live in Rwanda (in-person classes not so plentiful), so I start each morning with your yoga videos on the porch with the sun rising over banana trees. Really appreciate how you've been technical in the past few vids I've seen to explain in depth how all should be releasing/opening, but also keeping such light tone and humor. So grateful.

  18. I really enjoyed that, made me giggle with the short shorts 🙂 i was disappointed that when we came to do the pose we were working towards, my balance went completely to pot. I'll definitely keep practicing this sequence and work on my balance. Thanks Tim!

  19. for the 30 day challenge – i would love to know more about transitioning properly and consciously from one pose to another in flow – the inbetween bits ! – i still don't get it e.g. the end of a sequence between forward fold and standing….

  20. Thanks for another great practice. And I would be fantastic that similar formula was in the 2020 Challenge – preparing yourself/the body and learning one more difficult pose every day.

  21. This was a hard practice for me and didn't manage to stay with you in some postures – but that's OK – and I still love the practice… Thanks Tim.

  22. Another great practice Tim. Your guidance on adjustments and where we should feel the stretch are spot on. Cheers Tim 🌻🌈

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