Xenonion Financial: All the latest news from the Galactic Market

Xenonion Financial: All the latest news from the Galactic Market

And now for a round up of financial news Taking a look at core commodities on the galactic market Minerals, food, consumer goods and alloys Are continuing to trade erratically With wild fluctuations in price for no apparent reason Currently 1 energy credit will buy you somewhere between 0.5 to 600 minerals Moving on to special commodities demand continues to outstrip supply on key strategic resources across the cluster Zro prices remain at an all time high much like anyone using it right now And exotic gas supplies have plummeted after an area empire upgraded a research lab And now for pop commodities Nerve stapled species with delicious traits are selling well as livestock but demand has slumped for CybrexCorp’s new TX-1000 domestic servobot series after it emerged the robots unionized en-masse in a group calling itself ‘The Contingency’ Moving on to the Composite Space Exchange Index Corporate share prices remain buoyant despite the Galactic Market being established in a communist backwater with zero trade value and 90% of space nations refusing to sign trade agreements with anyone Here’s a review of today’s top corporate performers Psionic telecommunications provider TeleShroud saw share prices jump by 150 million % helped by its precognitive investment division Starship manufacturer Blorgata has also seen shares rise following the announcement of an eco-friendly Titan hybrid launching this fall And in today’s worst corporate performers Energy provider Deus Volt have filed for bankruptcy after accidentally constructing their latest dyson sphere *in* a star rather than around it And Weymiss-Yakani shares dropped after another transport ship carrying xenomorph armies crashed on an inhabited world And in other economic news The Unbidden have formally become the largest economy in the galaxy following their aggressive takeover of all sapient life However economists have warned The Unbidden risk recession unless they diversify their economy away from only exporting refugees You’ve been watching Xenonion’s financial news summary Coming up: we take a closer look at The Unbidden’s systematic destruction of the galaxy and ask what this means for the price of alloys

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  1. I just lost all of my money when i invested in Deus Volt, should have bought the #1 Shroud fax machine in the galaxy, Teleshroud Fax Machine™️

  2. Xenonion News is my number one source for fair news with xenophobe undertones. "I think Alloys are the be the next hot commodity! Thanks to the Unbidden, many states are looking into expanding their fleet size vastly. They will need to import foreign alloys"- say Praetorian Directorate experts. In others news, are slaves immoral? See why owners say not!

  3. One hundred and fifty million percentage jump? I want some of that stock! Deus volt probably failed because they let the person who spell it also spell out the blueprints.

  4. I'm telling you folks, we're being ripped off with those Zro Prices. Why are we even importing Zro anyway – we got plenty of it in our own backyard! It's unbelievable. I promise that once I get elected, we're going to see massive Zro price drops and I'm going to be the one negotiating those drops. Bigly. – Official Statement from Jeffrey Rosario, UNE Candidate for Presidency

  5. "Zro pricess are at an alltime high, just like anyone using it right now" I nearly fell back in my chair laughing lmao.

  6. I'm on the weird side of the galactic extra-net again and I've got to say I really like it.

  7. Prediction: The price of alloys will severely increase due to the raging wars between the Unbidden and the rest of the galaxies, but it will plummet once the Unbidden destroys all sapient life in the galaxy.

    Invest now in alloys or die without gaining a buck or two! You can always get a grave made out of rare crystals before the Unbidden blasts you into a million pieces and turns your atoms into raw energy.

  8. Gotta love the weirdest empires becoming the centre of the galactic market. My fanatic xenophobe inward perfectionists? Sure, we'll be the centre of galactic trade for some reason.

  9. Yes but what about the blorgata warp core subtility and and flight navigation system….will it have an upgrade to the interface programs … not like the last one omg.

  10. The Unbidden has finally arrived? Now is the time to invest in Sheron Underground Radical Forging. Alloys selling will be in all-time rise.

    It's never late to S.U.R.F in full blow galactic genocide. Make yourself rich!

  11. Listen, I'm not saying us psychics should move into the shroud, but, we should. Better than being near those dirty, dirty Materialists, and their weird robots that look like people.

  12. Those damned Unbidden and their fucking economy
    They're most likely sitting there, doing nothing but invading shit and being annoying.

  13. I would sign SO many Trade Agreements with people not eternally at war in this wonderful Diplomacy system Stellaris has set up for us IF THERE WAS ONEEEE!

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