WHY THE SPIRIT OF OWNERSHIP IS DEMONIC by Dr Myles Munroe (Must Watch 2018)

WHY THE SPIRIT OF OWNERSHIP IS DEMONIC by Dr Myles Munroe (Must Watch 2018)

to tell you that we need to be careful about ownership and I want to talk about this again the spirit of ownership is a dangerous spirit that's the individualism that we're talking about let me give you this list again the spread of ownership creates limitations it creates frustration it creates a spirit of depression and contention and scarcity spirit of ownership creates lack it causes people to steal the spirit of ownership also creates poverty because people feel like they can't get what they deserve and so they actually kill and fight to get it the spread of ownership is so dangerous that it actually creates sickness and disease and death because people are depressed over what they can't have we fight you kill ourselves working two jobs can't sleep you go from a day job to a security job and don't say your kids don't see your children don't see your wife don't see nothing II don't see even see God and get time for prayer no church no ministry and at the end of it you got yourself a sick body that's what ownership does it creates death ladies and gentlemen young men and great women I have no idea how long I'm gonna live but I hope you get this message before we leave this planet that there is no alternative except heaven and this is a reality to me Jesus came to earth to remove the spirit of ownership but our culture is built remember on ownership so we have a fight going on in our minds constantly that's why it's very difficult to live in the kingdom of God I'm talking about you matter of fact Jesus said and I read in a minute but he said it is it is it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God he didn't say was impossible but it's hard because the mentality is completely reversed because rich means I own Kingdom means he owns and to switch from me to him that's a tough job let me put it another way I call it the curse of eternity he crazy acid he says we don't now please whoever loves money never has money enough whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with this income Wow they may be talking about you this is in the Bible this is great stuff in the Bible isn't it read this too is meaningless as goods increase so to do those who consume their as what goods increase so do those who consume them now those of you are going to be teaching this year you know but a Karlin others I want you to listen I'm laying down some scriptures for you to teach from that is an economic lesson the Bible is saying the more money you make the more things you got to spend it on so you ain't never got no spare money you ever notice that you're making more now and still ain't getting no money the Bible says it's futile look at the next verse 3 and what benefit are these things to the owner except two feasts this eyes on them just look at your car and you can't afford to pay the note you walk around your house underneath yours belongs to the bank he says it's frustrating now look at the next verse very interesting equally a cease fire verse 12 read whether he eats little or much but the abundance of a rich man permits him no sweet odious verse 15 I have seen a grievous evil Under the Sun wealth hoard it to the harm of its owner or wealth lost through some misfortune so that when he has a son there's nothing left for his son how many wealthy people you know on our book famous actors famous boxes famous Restless famous musicians they are broke nothing to leave to the children wealth hoarded wealth what hold it is what to the harm of there's that word owner you can never heard what it's not yours you can only use what it's not yours I want you the latest foundation in your mind all right look at it next verse verse 15 read out loud naked a man came from his mother's womb and as he comes so he departs he takes nothing from his labor that he can carry in his hands and this too is a grievous evil as a man comes so he departs and what does he gain sense he Tourelles for the wind all his days he eats in darkness with great frustration of friction and anger most people are living that way they worked the whole week at the end of it they angry frustrated because the check went directly to the back wake up God is saying your system is not working if you don't own you have access so the principle of kingdom is lordship this is why kingdoms are opposite to democracies in democracy the Prime Minister owns nothing he doesn't own the country the president of a country owns nothing in the country but in a kingdom it's opposite and that's why God preached the kingdom to us the kingdom in a kingdom Aaron was given rulership but never give an ownership because the source of our poverty is this idea of what I own and ownership is what brings fear that someone's going to steal my stuff suspicions that you want my things competition that you try to get my things and you try to cover other people things you ain't got all that is from the spirit of ownership look at that list and that is happening right now in our country one of the laws that God gave us is that I shall not covet you can only cover it if you think someone got something that you should have if you own or have access to everything then you covered nothing comprende I'm gonna say it again if you got access to everything you don't have to cover anything so covetousness is a sign that you think you own something or you think someone else owns something that you should have that's why God hates covetousness it's a sign that the sprit of ownership has taken over a person this is why you should never know God told David one time Gaza David fret not yourself because of evildoers for even though they seem to prosper tomorrow they are like grass withered away Oh glory hallelujah don't be jealous people think they get in the head you watching them get there don't worry about that you own nothing I hope you get this Adam was given access to everything that he needed we need to get back to needs we are so motivated by once we forgot what we need you need water you need food you need covering do you need five flat-screen televisions I remember Abraham's son just that your son may ask you a question sometimes my children asked me questions – you know they say daddy how are we gonna do this she called for a CT Ramos Horta daddy how are we gonna pay this and Abraham's son accent the same question where's the sacrifice and his answer was a good answer make it your answer this year What did he say the Lord will provide give him a praise right now that's that's a good answer in other words Abraham abandoned the system and shifted to dependency on who the Lord what is the word Lord means [Applause] when Abraham was walking with that little boy and the don't keep it the sticks up one side of the mountain on the other side a mountain was a rhyme coming up on the other side when you start moving in obedience God starts moving all kinds of things toward you if you got fake grab that right there and say Lord I'm moving hallelujah if you take God's Word and say Lord I don't know how but I'm gonna go bei you I'm gonna do what I know to do I'm gonna walk toward you I'm gonna walk I don't know how believe me this week God got a ram on the other side and it's coming towards you and it's gonna be right on time somebody give God a praise hi thank you for watching please you can support our work and get access to full videos plus exclusive content on our patreon page don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button please share this with your friends and always check the video description for more fun stuff thank you and God bless you you

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  2. So many here do not understand what Munroe is saying. It will appear to men on earth that you own something, especially when your name is held as responsible for taxes, up keep, etc., BUT you will know and operate the principle that God owns it and not you. And if you approach property this way, you will be stress free, because God will make sure you have the resources to maintain it. It works. I'm working that principle and God is maintaining everything I own through Him.

  3. People steal and fight to get what they feel they deserve? I'm done listening to this man as if the idea that someone can own what they produce is somehow evil. If I don't then you're saying everybody else has a claim to my life if they want it and I there's and that is absolutely absurd. That's called covetousness. I suppose I can have my neighbor's wife cuz we really don't own anything right?

  4. you don't have stealing without ownership if you say nobody owns anything there's no such thing as stealing but the Bible clearly states Val shalt not steal. Already in his opening statements we're hearing a dyed-in-the-wool socialist give nothing but principles and claims based on his own authority but I don't hear any Scripture

  5. If I don't own my own life or what I produce over and against another human being then where does the idea of jubilee or property reverting back to the original OWNERS in the old testament?

  6. always when I see Myles videos my altitude generally change thank you to upload and continue this will save also our next generation

  7. This is a well kneaded well appreciated word that just popped up on my screen I miss Pastor miles may God have mercy on his very soul and bless his children thank you so much for posting these messages online as they are still helping and healing and resonating people stealing 2019 though he's been gone 5 years it doesn't even seem like it's been that long but thank you for the beautiful words of wisdom be blessed🔙🔛🔝🔜🛐✝️✝️🛐☪️☮️☯️🛐🛐🛐.

  8. This message relates to the talents given by the Lord. We are stewards of every thing given to us in this life. God help us to do what pleases Him.

  9. Lord bring forth clarity to your word grant us supernatural understanding so we can apply the word of God appropriately. Help me to stay faithful as I wait for my Ram in the bush experience Amen

  10. Garbage! Men should own and be Businessmen. When we create businesses, we create jobs and opportunities!

  11. Lord is an English way of saying Baal. And we know who Baal was, wasn't it? YAHSHUA Ha'Massiach (Jesus Christ) is our only "Adon" (Master).

  12. True wisdom from the original Rich Dad. Thanks for sharing the wisdom of God's general with visual aids. God's legacy still lives on, the source of all true wealth. John 3:16 17:3 Shalom

  13. Spirit of ownership causes people to steal??? Lack of respect for property rights causes people to steal!!! Preaching Marxism legitimizes theft, you commie turd!

  14. Oh GOD rest this man's soul, fellow child of GOD, just brilliant, amazing, oh thanking you Lord Jesus for this man of yours in Jesus Name Amen.

  15. Listen, Dr. Myles Munror said I don't know how long I am going to live. But I hope you get this message. Thank you sir, I love you for your service. 👊❤🙏

  16. Yes, I believe that in coming days, the Lord will provide the ram, in time, in my life. This is Anthony from Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

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