Why Most Businesses Fail – T. Harv Eker

Why Most Businesses Fail  – T. Harv Eker

– Hi, my name is T. Harv Eker. And today, I wanna share with you why most business owners fail, or at least struggle, and how to make sure that you’re not one of them. The number one reason, the number one reason, most people don’t succeed in business is because they don’t
promote themselves well. And the number one reason they
don’t promote themselves well is because they don’t know exactly, what pain or problem, they
actually solve for people. And because they don’t know
what problem they solve, the people who have this
problem, never show up or buy. And therefore, never get
their problem solved. So, here’s a wealth-producing principle that comes directly from one of our most popular
home study programs. It’s super important, so please, please
listen, listen carefully. And if you’re in a place
where you can write it down, please, do yourself a favor, and do that. Listen closely. When it comes to a buying decision, people are only going to ask two… How many? Two questions. Here’s the first one. Why should I buy this? In other words, what specific problem will this solve for me? And it’s imperative that
you’re able create a clear and concise message that
tells people exactly, exactly what problem you solve for them. Why? Because, that’s the primary
reason that people buy anything. To solve a problem! So, don’t be vague. Get right to the point. Get right to the pain. And keep it simple. Alright, lemme, let me
give you an example. Okay. If you are sick of looking at your balding
head in the mirror, we can help! Call 1-800-232-1000. Here’s another example. If you’re embarrassed by your weight, we can help! Go to www.beautifulbody.com. Alright, here’s another example. If you are tired of
struggling to make money, or it’s hard to just pay your bills, we can solve your problem forever. Go to www.moneynow.com. Now, do you see how clear those are? Listen closely now. Here’s the steps. State the exact problem. State their feelings around that problem. Tell them you can help. Tell them how to contact you
or give them a next step. Now, of course, you can,
and you might expand on each of these elements, but again, it is so
important to keep it simple or, you know what’s gonna happen? Your message will get
lost in all the fluff. True or true. Okay, so the first question is, why should I buy this? And the second question
they’re gonna ask is what? Why should I buy it from you? So now that I know that you can solve or at least help me with my problem, right, so, so, what’s the
next thing I wanna know is, how will you solve it
differently and better than anybody else? My friend, if you wanna
succeed in business, you must be a bit different. It is imperative that
you have a unique way of solving the problem
that is different… What’s the word? Different than everyone else who is also claiming to solve that problem. So, it might be in the kind or the type of product that you have. It might be the convenience that you offer or your speed or your
special care or service or your unique experience
that you personally have and your expertise. Either way, if they, the
customer or the client, the prospect, if they believe, they can get their problem
solved just as easily and just as well by someone
else in the same market as you, you are going to have a
tough time being successful. And that’s why you
actually have to make… What’s the word? You have to make, create
yourself to be different. You have to make yourself better
than the rest of the people in a certain way and for a
specific group of people. And you know what? It doesn’t just happen over time. It doesn’t just, like, fall
on your head or something. It is an intentional… What’s the word? Intentional plan that you need to create coming from, who? Your customer’s point of view. Now, even though these two are
very, very simple questions most business owners have a very, very hard time answering them. And that’s a shame. Because if you cannot
articulate, again, articulate, the problem that you solve and you’re uniqueness in a
way that attracts people, then you’re going to have a tough time getting and keeping customers. And without customers, you have no what? Money. And without money, you have no what? No business. And you fail. So, if you wanna do well,
you must become a master. Again, a what? A master at communication. Articulating who you are, what problem you solve, and how you are different. And to help you do that,
I created an online class called the 500 Million Dollar Secret where I will teach you how to be a master at communicating your message in a way that will attract the most
clients or customers possible. In addition to that, I
will show you exactly how I use these techniques
to bring in over 500 million dollars of revenue myself. Good or good. So, the goal is to actually have people lining up to buy from you. And if you think that sounds
too good to be true then you’re gonna wanna be in this class and learn it for yourself. All of you have to do is click the link above or below this video to save your seat for
this free training now and register for my upcoming class. Thanks for watching this video. I hope you learned something valuable and I look so forward to
seeing you in my class.

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  1. Bom dia Harv, você poderia deixar habilitada a tradução dos vídeos? Assim poderíamos assistir com legendas em português. Muito Obrigado!

  2. Hi Harv! I've been a huge fan of yours! Thank you for sharing! Last night, I had the privilege to attending your webinar, "Don't Believe A Thought You Think".

  3. Ola Eker..tdo bom? fiquei mto sua fã apos ler o livro o segredo da mente milionaria…Uhulll mto obrigada!!! 😊 e por favor deixe a opcao de legenda para o portugues no seus videos yuotube.. e me informe aonde acho um curso seu no Brasil ou me indica outros livros q posso encontrar aqui.. me ajuda a ficar rica e milionaria please.. abracos do Brasil.

  4. Thanks for making things so simple and easy to understand. It helped me a lot. I also attended your webinar which helped me a lot, on Passion purpose and profit.. Thanks for emphasis on important things ..your videos and your book helped me.. Thank you so much ..god bless you

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