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  1. this isn't about 'me.' but i can see why you would change the subject; it just means you feel defeated at the initial discussion.

  2. Thank you for solidifying my point.

    Now read my 2nd response below, and answer the question, don't avoid it now, as you (erroneously) accuse me of doing.

    What more would God have to have done in order to have created a bring *with free will* who would have exercised his free will by having chosen right instead of sin?

    This should be a simple question for someone of your intellectual superiority and nearly unlimited knowledge base to answer in no uncertain terminology.

  3. you have made an error. you've basically stated that God's gift of free will necessitates choosing evil. It does not; or it cant be called "free." an error in your logic. as stated. regarding your question, God gave adam all he needed to choose good over evil.

  4. Your point is erroneous, my point is proven by history & the Bible Rom 3:10, 'None are righteous, no not one, all have sinned and fall short', proving the alleged 'free will' choice impossible, therefore disingenuous

    And I see you have avoided my question TWICE, evidently your box is smaller than first imagined, I thought you would at least try

    Isn't it ludicrous to accept the concept as valid that the Holy Spirit-filled, sinless, sin nature-free, living image of God would choose death & evil?

  5. if you believe scripture, such as romans 3:10, then you must also believe Jesus was without sin, proving that romans 3:10 didn't not literally apply to "everyone."
    men use their nature of free will to choose evil because they want satisfaction in their bodies, more than in their souls.

  6. Ah, I see, so God's own created, Holy Spirit filled image, Adam, couldn't choose to avoid sin because in his sinless state he desired sin

    When you begin to make sense instead of attempting to solidify the ludicrous, then men will follow

    Romans says, "NO, NOT ONE". So either it's inaccurate, Jesus also fell short, or it was referring to all except the only one who was God in flesh; Jesus

    So what about my question which you've ducked three times now, you know, about what God would have to do…

  7. basically, you are making straw man arguments by incorrectly restating my positions, only to punch them down. i didnt say adam 'couldn't' avoid sin. i said he had the choice. he apparently did desire something other than God, because He did choose other than God.
    regarding Romans, you cant make the decision on who gets excepted. contextually, literally reading it as 'all' is a fallacy. Since Jesus didn't sin, is it possible there is someone else who didn't? yes. Mary.

  8. i already answered your question about what God did/would need to do. as stated: God gave Adam all he needed to choose good over evil.

  9. There is no disorder in the universe; even the great destruction which occurs in an exploding Nebula is the foundation for great creation. The only disorder which exists exists within human thought and behavior.

  10. Why would God allow for inevitable disasters/evils to happen? I know that God is consistent, in his love and in his creation. Just as his love never changes, nor do the laws of his creation (gravity, universal constants etc.). Why would God allow for natural disasters to happen, whose impact is unimaginable. Think of the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs, or the possible asteroid that could hit earth in 2036. God had the potential to create harmonious universe, why didn't He?

  11. Because a.) God made the devil and all of creation independent from himself to be judged accordingly, and b.) God isn't the only spiritual entity at work behind the veil of eternity and the divine. A large part of the message of Job is that you never know why disasters happen. It could be a divine wager with the devil, or anything else, for that matter, would be just as likely. God created the world with purpose, but not conformity.

  12. I find it very, VERY funny that certain atheist/agnostics use evidence from "our own bible" that isn't in the bible in the first place. Then, they go stereotyping all of us, especially me, being a catholic. Meanwhile, 2 of my closest friends are agnostic, and they respect me, meanwhile people on YouTube go out of their way to stereotype us.

  13. Also, @djf760 the mother loved her children and lived a virtuous life, so she deserved paradise. Her beloved children strayed from their paths, and were sentenced to inferno. The mother, being a mother, committed herself to a vast act of love, to love her children, whom had abandoned the god she trusted, and loved them unconditionally, following god and allowing god to take her home. Her children, to have earned their way to hell, must have distanced themselves from god to a massive extent.

  14. Also, not a single living human being has been permitted to enter heaven, and those who go in are not allowed to talk about it, as we can obviously see.

  15. @djf760 give me perfectly reasonable facts as proof that there is no eternal life, or afterlife in the first place. Also, we are here on earth to be tested. This is why god allows sin, a test. If we commit evil, and love the evil, we are not worthy. If we commit the evil, or commit no evil, and repent, we are seen as worthy. Don't go telling me that every person, no matter the faith, should get into heaven, repentance is easy as four hand gestures.

  16. A friend pointed out a problem with the initial question given the anti-God motive behind it. If you are asking such a question, where does the person asking the question get the concept of good and evil? What are the philosophical values he/she holds as discussing what is right and what is wrong? Post-modernism only goes so far and is itself a paradox stating no absolutes while giving one. I think the book of Job and the small part of a paragraph is a great way to show it but is usually ignored

  17. Do you actually believe that it is not wrong to deny a human being their entire physical lifetime?

  18. Wrong. Free will, the capacity to choose, does not necessitate choosing evil; if so, then only evil would be able to be chosen, in which case, no free will is involved, as there is no possibility of choosing good (you did state "necessitates"). Free will, the capacity to choose, ALLOWS for the possibility of choosing either. Which is the only consideration by which free will could be defined.

  19. your post offers very little to the discussion. essentially you are using the ad hominem to NOT address the issues of the discussion. thats just plain lazy. you dont even get to claim mental illness, as you imply i do.

  20. Very evasive answer my dear father, then evil is ultimately God's fault, since he does nit cause it, he is responsible or permitting it, you mean to tell me humans must suffer to see the "canvas" of god? That is masochistic and really is a wish to be a slave, and then you wonder why there are anti-theists

  21. Have you ever tried to explain the necessity of surgery to a toddler who is compelled to undergo it? Now raise that difficulty to the nth degree, and you'll have some inkling of why it is difficult for us to see why God permits certain evils so as to bring about a greater good.

  22. the difficulty I have with this answer, as true and profound as I feel it is, is that it seems so much like human beings are being used as mere pawns, as mere means, to some other end, which seems to me a dangerous and actually INhuman idea. aren't we all we have to work with? i'm sure this is what strikes many people here as difficult about this answer. would you be able to shed some light on this issue, Fr. Barron, or at least direct me to other videos/resources/passages that might? thanks.

  23. No. Life is an infinitely complex reality, presided over by a loving God whose purpose is compassionate. Read the book of Job and you'll see that Job and his friends are the ones with the narrow vision. God is trying to lure them into an ever wider understanding of the richness and complexity of the universe.

  24. Thanks for your video. I am from Turkey and sorry for my English. I see you say that if we look from a wider horizon we can see the beauty of Cosmos, and our suffering is an detail in a painting. But i think this is true only for normal or daily sufferings but we all know that there is some extreme examples of evil in our world. And this really weakens my belief to God because I think this kind of detail in a painting makes all painting ugly. But I don't know if God responsible for that?

  25. Your English is very good! Regarding your question, the Catholic argument concerns free will. It falls to us to choose evil or good, and our choice has consequences. God does not arbitrarily cause us to do evil, it is our free choice. He wants us to love him, and love cannot be love unless it is chosen freely. Evil in the world can be a terrible consequence of that free will, but it is in responding to evil with good that we can become saints.

    Check out Fr Barron's other videos. God bless!

  26. Well, then you must find the book of Job repugnant. Would you call a father who brought his child in for surgery to be "cruel and sadistic?"

  27. If this world followed God's commands the evil would diminish. But we dont. Violence, abortions, lack of love and respect for one another. Blaming God is silly. The people of this world should look in the mirror. We all should. I assure the vast majority of evil in this world comes from godless minds.

  28. This is a long way to say "I have no fr***ing idea why an omnipotent, omniscient, morally perfect, infallible being would create a world filled with horrific natural disaster."

  29. Fr. Barron would agree with your example. It would, as you say, be antithetical to Catholicism to posit that God uses (in this negative sense) human beings for any end (cf Gaudium et Spes). You are right to be upset with your example. God does not will horrendous abuse in order to bring about his glory. Instead, God takes even sin and can build a greater good from it. Think of the cross, think felix culpa. God does not will these, but how glorious that he can bring about an even greater good!

  30. If God's benevolence is infinite, by definition evil would be impossible. Infinite extends to all things, it is all-encompassing. Your arguments fail to answer and explain this.

  31. "All talk of God permitting the tragic suffering of children as a means to an end or as the intentional ‘shadow’ component in a masterful cosmic painting is such that it cries to heaven for vengeance" -Newapologetics

  32. Wow, Fr. B that is the first time I got a really uneasy feeling inside stomach & head after you finished explaining the existence of suffering.  I thought I understood it pretty well, but now that answer doesn't sit well in my scheme of things. That really sounded terrible, who am I? I always thought that in the reality that exists all created things have built into them specific NATURES. A glass has a built in nature, you can't use it like you would a hammer–it would break. Same with people; they have this nature that was built into them at creation & it has to be respected if you don't de-creation occurs–Personality Disintegration. So when someone would say how could God let so & so suffer like that, I would think & sometimes say, " how could you expect God to cure certain people and not others?"  Maybe have a Lottery, pick a straw,–If everybody was exempt from suffering this would be heaven and not earth.  I'll have to listen to your video over & over ……….. God bless you, Fr. B. 

  33. We pray>>> and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…..
    There is something wrong with this prayer. How can we ask God not to lead us into temptation?  Shouldn't we ask God to help us when in temptation? but, we repeatedly pray, lead us not into temptation.  This is a gross error in either traduction or interpretation of Our Lord's Prayer, and I believe that our Church should revise the words we are repeating over and over again the same thing in our prayers. We should ask for help, but we should not ask our Beloved God to lead us/or not into temptation. I personally believe that out God is in a plane where we cannot understand what is happening to us, but God, in a single glance without the need to see or to think/these being functions of the mind in time in a human being/determine our condition. It is very important that our Church take hold, just like it did when It changed the part of debts into offenses. The words, God, should be updated, so that people are not confused as when in the Tower of Babel.

  34. The Judeo-Christian and Islamic God is a psychopathic entity, so this "God" doesn't actually exist.  There is no God the Father in Heaven.  Only a psychopath would create a place of infinite suffering or infinite bliss.  The is the lowest form of moral thinking, that we will be rewarded or punished for our behavior in this life.  Why is there suffering?  Other than nature herself causing earthquakes, tornadoes (well now there's evidence to show that the weather is being manipulated by men who need to do that), and other natural disasters, it is men who create suffering.  Economic hardship, war, pestilence, overcrowding, disease, etc., are the result of psychopathic men (and women) who control governments, entertainment, religion, the news, and other social organisms.  Monotheism is a self-contained box, a prison which is almost impossible to escape.  The story of Job is one of the worst things about monotheism.  That Mr. Baron smiles as he is explaining the "disorder" in the universe, is an example of the glibness and psychopathy of religious beliefs.  Now watch as the psychopathic brain responds to my post. 

  35. Methinks St. Thomas Aquinas just might have something worthwhile to say. Thank you, Father Barron. Thank you, Dr. Peter Kreeft. Thank you, Dr. Edward Feser. Thank you, One Holy Catholic Church. I don't live the Truth that you teach. So much the worse for me. But at least I know where Truth is to be found, thanks to you.

  36. Thank you Fr. Barron.  In this short video, you have explained, and brought my view of good and evil to better understanding. 

  37. There wouldn't be evil in the world if there wasn't Catholic priests to lie to us that there was evil in the first place.

  38. a toothache is more than simply a 'lack of health' but an existence of pain. the pain exists, and its cause exists. beyond that, i do not think the suffering of a child is either beautiful nor a cost worth a greater beauty.

    cosmic context is just another way of saying our suffering is irrelevant to the grand scale of things, but if so, it didn't need to exist in the first place.

  39. A VERY MISLEADING TITLE!  I thought we were in for some thoughts on astronomy and cosmology, the Big Bang and so forth.  After saying "That's the big question,"  Fr. B.  immediately launches into an entirely different subject, "Why is the universe such a mess? " he asks. "Why is there so much evil in the world?". These are two entirely different subjects and have nothing to do with each other,  but the good friar goes right  on to answer at length a question that was never asked. Is this not Jesuitical?.

    I turned on this vid because I hadn't been aware that there was "disorder" in the universe and thought I was going to learn something. Alas, I have come away unblest, standing under a barren fig tree. I had sought fruit thereon, but found none.

  40. If evil is simply the lack or absence of goodness or a privation of being, then how does the Devil fit into this view of things?. Isn't Satan a form of positive evil, rather than just an absence of goodness or fullness of life?

  41. Courage couldn't exist without the presence of evil. Patience, wisdom and all other virtues are only produced because of the fight against evil. Without fighting evil, we would stay indifferent to God's graces and no real loving saints would appear in this world.

  42. Papa Barron have you yet observed a greater good coming from evil and are you sure that its the work of god and not mere human agency?

  43. Because sooooooo many children die before the age of 5 especially in poor nations, there must be 1000000000000x the good happening! (not really).

  44. So according to the Bishop, God permits suffering but He doesn't create it. Huh ? Seeing as God supposedly made everything, He must also be responsible for suffering. I'm afraid no slimy "free will" argument gets out of that one.

  45. Where does it say God is good in the Bible? God is. Spiritual opinions only augment confusion.Pay attention to the red letters. Accuracy and beauty will then unfold.

  46. Blaise Pascal said that God allows just enough light in order to find him (for those who want to) and just enough shadow for those who don't. If God plastered his name in the sky for everyone to see, there would be no choice but to believe he exists – it would be an obligation to believe. If the world was deprived of any goodness or beauty, no one would find him if they tried. So God, in his power, permits evil to compel a decision – to discover and follow him, or not.

  47. It's in the disorder you make your order, if everything was order there would be nothing for you to see what could be, and learn to control your free will. The most intresting passage in the Bible for me, is do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing, and I still don't get it fully. The sense I make from it is this is a war time message ( and wars in religion are sometimes external, but many, many more times internal, what you unleash on the world will come again for you). It almost like the Hinu God Krishna advising Arjuna in the very very epic Kurushetra war ( look it up, you will be amazed) to do his duty and fight a war against his family ( I read this as preparing yourself and cutting off the branches the yield poison fruit in you this is your family you are your family). Do not think just do, and of course you need to plan but not in war in war you fight, it's in peace you plan ( not so much for war, but a better tomorrow and a better you in that tomarrow. So that your last option be of disaster and war). As I said curios this passage is in the Bible, and it's many meanings.

  48. That is a terrible argument. If god permits evil just to make his work of art more compelling, he's not all-loving. On the contrary, it makes it very hard to make the case that god is even "a little bit" good.

  49. God puts us through temptations, trials, they are tests, God wants to strengthen us by getting us to prove our love for him through obedience. When Christ was tested in the desert, he said no to satan many times and God spoke saying this is my son with who I am well pleased. I like being tempted, it gives me a chance to say no.

  50. It is my mere and humble opinion that needless suffering is not good whatsoever. Everything I do in this life is ultimately to remove the suffering that others experience in life, and that future generations will experience. I want nothing more than to remove all needless suffering yesterday. This is why I am not content with the Catholic concept of God and this philosophical approach towards the inherent unfairness in the universe, manifested in the form of suffering and harsh conditions towards the existence of life. Thus, I simply disagree – suffering should always be combated and never accepted, and therefore Epicurus' argument still stands.

  51. I would argue that the universe is a very, VERY ordered place. The tiny, tiiiiiny speck we live on is for the most part also very ordered. We mess things up a bit on the surface alone. So from the point of the universe as a whole we don't even create a ripple on the surface.

  52. Why does God permit evil? The same way a mother refuses to continue to clean the room of her disrespectful, gluttonous son. Her hope is that possibly. after experiencing the filth he will become aroused to seek, and become a " believer" in order, righteousness, and good, that is Christ.

  53. i just have a problem about even the question itself,when we say ,why is there so much evil, are we not affirming there is?
    and if we are affirming, i would ask under what premises? What are we going to compare to (our moral values).
    i would have to say , the real question would be , relevance vs irrelevance.

  54. God permits or respects? If He allows or permits suggests He could do something about it, or is powerless to do something – as you say -, thus, I only understand using the expression "permits" or "allows" within a participatory framework of God with Us, permitting and allowing because He himself is suffering and dying "with" those who suffer and die.

    If He respects bad things may happen, it would mean God recognizes that a lack of good is part of the limitations the world has to endure to bring beauty to the surface through the contrast you speak about. Does any of this makes sense?

  55. Satan caused Job's suffering Just as he is causing suffering today. For a short time he is the ruler of the earth. (Read Revelation 12:9, 12). Satan is the only one who can be doing all the horrific things on the Earth. Read 2Timothy 3:1-5 and see how the world is today!

  56. The problem of evil(to me) seems to relate to free will in the end, I don't just mean human free will. That is to say that certain beings God gave free will, and God had an idea for his creation that was all good and beings with free will chose to live there if they chose to. However there was a 'snake' who misused their free will and corrupted much of creation as a result. God however allows this because he permits his creations he gave free will to, to exercise free will. God also knows though that those who do misuse their free will, ultimately will face justice when they face the consequences at the end of their path of self destruction. Because God does not want to take free will away from the creations he gave it to he allows creations to misuse it and the corruption it brings upon creation to exist and then eventually find the path at the end of the road they walk is one that results in their own self destruction as God serves justice and shows that it is in the end the metaphorical good seeds who used their free will to stay loyal to God (and ask for forgiveness etc) who weathered the tide of corruption and all the pain it bought who were able to blossom as a part of the renewal of God's creation that this time only contains those who used their free will to chose to follow God (God being all that is good, merciful, just etc) and trust in God, out of the creations that he gave free will, will be a part of it. In essence all of creation could have chose to stay loyal to God and God's will from the start but due to the 'snake' using the free will it was given to do evil and corrupt, Judgement of who is worthy of God must now be carried out after the time that the tide of corruption lasts for as a result of a despicable 'serpant' misusing their free will. It that an accurate interpretation?

  57. Does God permit evil in Heaven? If not, then it's better on earth, because the permission of evil 'brings about the greater good'? I failed to follow the logic! Help?

  58. According to the words of an apologetic that I just listened to, evil is in relation to the precious gift of free will that God has given us. God will never take that gift back( but we can we surrender our will to Him) and so people who choose to do wrong, or bad things, is what causes evil…not God…There would be no evil if God did not allow us to have free will God wants all humans to choose to love Him and do good; until we all do that, there will still be evil.

  59. this reminds me of a poet: May there be enough clouds to make a beautiful sunset. We are in a imperfect world, but the imperfectness will surely make the new heaven and new earth more adorable.

  60. 1) Light …… "The darkness could not over power it!"
    2) The illustration given of "evil", showing "freewill" and used to direct the possible "belittling" of The Power of God, with the upside down ones , is ironically, indicative of the Goodness of God through "the promise"of Salvation History!i.e, the reason Jesus was born to save us!3) Ironically, through his suffering, Job was privileged, not just with God answering him, but also with God showing Job , the bigger picture, so to speak!Finally, regardless of "our blindness" Good Reigns!"Amen.xxx

  61. Sure, but Job can't or won't rebut God. He could call on Dostoyevsky or Ursula leguinn to ask whether all that cosmic wonderfulness justified the death agonies of his and other children. whether those agonies were intended or just permitted by God seems kind of irrelevant. Since He created and is always creating the universe it seems He has some special responsibility.

  62. Bishop, I have some understanding how to answer this question of Theodicy based on my testimony that I hope I could tell you to tell you to tell Papa Francisco to help all to come to the knowledge of the Love of the Lord!

  63. To recognize evil should lead us to” lead us through temptation and deliver us from evil” of our Heavenly Father.

  64. This excerpt is from Paramahansa Yogananda's GIta Commentary. The Earth is relatively spiritually backward.

    "There are many grades of sattvic beings — from good men, to goodness mixed with saintliness, to liberated yogis. As good men come nearer to perfecting themselves, they become saints, sages, yogis, highest rishis, angels, archangels; and ultimately, during full liberation from the triple qualities, they merge in everlasting oneness with Spirit. Likewise, there are various grades of rajasic or worldly men, some with saintly qualities and some who verge on being evil. So also, there are mild, medium, and extremely evil people.

    In His vast creative display, the Lord has provided a place for every coterie of evolution and interest of His creatures. There are sattvic universes, which contain fundamentally good beings. There are rajasic universes in which the bulk of beings are passionate with desireful activity — this earth is predominantly rajasic in this stage of its evolution; in the strata between good and evil, it is about midway. Similarly, there are universes that are dominated primarily by tamasic or evil manifestations — bestial creatures as in earth's prehistoric ages of dinosaurs and other ferocious beasts of land, water, and air, which keep their habitations screeching with interspecies wars and cannibalistic murders and devourings. And there are universes and planets where fallen and depraved beings dwell as goblins and demons.

    Countless good souls have been liberated. The vast majority of beings, worldly men, keep on reincarnating on earth or like planets suited to their natures and desires"

  65. What if souls in need of returning to GOOD…comes here to be redeemed through matter…consumers of energy to learn love…give…receive only what is freely given…perhaps this is where all evil from all galaxies gathers here to leave evil behind…is this contrary to catholic doctrine?

  66. Why is there so much disorder and evil in our world? Well the answer to that is we humans have fallen away from God and given into sin and evil desires. Before created us, the entire world, the galaxy. He created angelic beings. One of his angelic beings decided not to follow God and his commandments. Lucifer. Lucifer was a beautiful angel and out shined all angels. He wanted to compete with God and try to defeat him. But his evil plan for domination over Heaven is backfired because Saint Michael sent by God to put a stop this revolt in Heaven. Soon after Lucifer and his fallen angels are defeated. They have no choice but to be exiled into Hell. So now, Lucifer and his minions try to lure us humans into sin. And as for free will, we have two choices.
    I. We can choose to remain faithful to God and praising him.
    II. We fall away from God and become faithless and ignore God. And become sinners.
    I hope all of us will make the right decision by praising God and never disobey his commandments.

  67. There are several points that make this (Thomistic) rationalization of evil unsatisfactory. The best and most comprehensive response to it that I know of is in David Bentley Hart's slim volume "The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami". While Hart accepts Aquinas's "privatio boni" view of evil, he argues strongly against a theology that sees evil as somehow necessary to God's purposes.

    My own small point would be that at least in the case of Job, we do know why he had to suffer: the Bible tells us that Job's fate is the result of a wager God made with Satan. Moreover, God's reply to Job amounts to a wonderfully poetic piece of extended bullying, alas, showing us the limits of the original Biblical theology.

    I would in all humility suggest that it's time for Christianity to outgrow the lingering effects of a theology that portrays the Bible as the inerrant word of God, and teach instead how the text we have contains the history of human attempts, some of them divinely inspired and others not, to address and answer the deepest existential and spiritual questions we can have in the context of a belief in a personal God who is at once omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and just/righteous. It is only with Christianity that we get the belief in God's omni-benevolence, too, something that we should acknowledge more explicitly than we tend to do.

    Best wishes from Canada!

  68. Our universe began in a state of extremely low entropy and the state of entropy has increased steadily over the past 13.8 billion years.

    No gods involved just ignorant humans with personal biases and psychological projection.

    Here’s what cosmologists think about the universe……


    No gods.

    Robert is caught up using obsolete Aristotelean physics and metaphysics.

    Please come and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

  69. I think of taking my kids to get their shots. Disclaimer: this is an imperfect analogy. I don't want to cause my kids pain. My kids, when they were very young, looked at me in horror wondering, "Dad! How could you let them do this to me??" But their momentary pain was for their long term good. If we are eternal beings, then aren't we making too much or our short term suffering in the grand scheme of things? What is the long term good of our suffering? I don't know. Just like a small child can't understand why his parent would allow people to stick needles in him, perhaps we too cannot understand why God allows suffering. We are faced with the decision of whether or not to trust that God is working things out for our good.

  70. In the end, the only way to deal ( not answer nor comprehend) with this question is Faith ( emuna, as a Jew would say), a faith that God is Good, and does everything for our Good , that all what is called “evil” is ultimately the will of God ( permitted by God) for a ultimate Good result. We , in our limitations, can not understand it rationally , intellectually nor philosophically. It is like the answer of God to an innocent and suffering Job: the greatness of my acts you can not fully understand; so in the end, I suspect that we have just to trust that everything , somehow incomprehensibly , is for Good, and jump into the abyss trusting God is the Father who will take us and keep alive…. it is Jesus , after having cried “Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani”( recently said to be an northern aramaic idiom meaning “ for this , I was spared” or “this was written for me and has been fulfilled”) , he shouts with a final supreme trust or faith: in your hands I trust my Spirit!
    Easy to say, almost impossible to do; but it is written “for men it is impossible; but for God , all is possible”.

  71. Present evil world is Satan's world; he is prince of the power of the air; he is god of this present evil world; he too has his children.

  72. VChosen, Given, Sent
    At John chapter 17 Jesus prays to his Father (John 17:1).
    Jesus is praying for all those whom his Father has "given" to Him (John 17:6) and to whom He has given eternal life (John 17:2).
    Christ Jesus is praying for all those He has CHOSEN before the foundation of the world, that they should be holy and without blame before Him in love (Eph.1:4, John 15:16). 
    InJesus’ prayer to his Father, Jesus confirms that God the Father has sent him into the world.
    And, in this prayer, He reveals that just as his Father has sent Him into the world, He has sent those whom his Father has "given" Him into the world (John 17:18), that those who have been "given" to Him are not of this world (John 17:14, John 17:16).
    John 3:13 confirms that no man ascends to heaven, except that he has come from heaven, as Jesus came from heaven.   John 3:13 confirms John chapter 17.

  73. If God created everything he has to be responsible for Evil. No creation can do anything that it's creator has not enabled him/her to do.

  74. A simple way to look at it is this: Dogs don't like going to the vet. They know it is uncomfortable, but they don't see the greater good that comes from it. Humans are the same way when we see "evil." We don't see the greater good that might follow. I put evil in quotes, because as the stoics would point out, nothing is really bad except we judge it to be bad. The greatest challenge to my faith in God is not the existence of evil. It's the existence of boredom. If God really cares about me, as being a part of his creation, why is so much of my life spent doing nothing in particular? I would almost rather suffer and get it over with than sit around waiting for relevancy. While you can easily see that the artwork of creation, like any artwork, needs highs and lows. It needs contrast. How do you explain killing time at the mall? How do you explain–not just unanswered prayers–but pointless prayers that never needed to be prayed in the first place? It's not evil, but ennui and wasted time that makes life itself seem useless. And if life is useless, how can there be a creator?

  75. According to Zoroastrianism (Including the pro-conversion version as seen in Iran or some western circles), God might be omniscient but not all omnipotent in ability to stop all evil/disorder from happening and needs our help to renovate creation as a result. Thus whenever something bad happens it is a result of Satan or Ahriman's attempt to make war on God's creation or all that is good. The theology goes that all which is good emanates from God and evil cannot come from them. All evil comes from the force which opposes them known as Angre Mainyu.

  76. These beliefs align with not only Christianity but someone with compassion and common sense. I didn’t need to read the Bible to understand Roberts teachings. Christianity and all religions are important because they are all paths to the light, despite what you’re ego wants to believe. The yin and the yang or the law of polarity say the same shit. The problem begins with why does God do this and not, why do we do this.

  77. I don't still fully understand the Catholic Christian, biblical, philosophical, and theological answer to the question. My mind just can't easily wrap on it. Maybe because I am struggling with my doubts, questions, skepticism, criticisms, and with my life right now. I am battling my own evils and darkness as they try to subdue me and conquer me and my life. But here's the thing, as I am listening attentively to this video and other videos I saw, I felt connected again to my childhood when all in my life was still fine, pretty all happy and good, easy, and full of innocence of the sufferings and evils of this world I was exposed to slowly as I grow up. I am also starting to have an inner or personal motivation to always keep trying to think, say, do, and be or become good and to be patient and hopeful. I don't know why. I am trying to deal it physically and mentally and to explain it as psychological, but I just felt a moment of peace, calmness, and assurance, and a small spark of patience and hope got into me. Though I can't understand the answer to the question or the views and answer the priest said from theology and philosophy, I felt hope and patience. I felt the need to rewatch this over and over until it will be easy to comprehend, and I hope for the good of this reslity we live in, be patient on what's happening to my life these years and the hardships I've been through, and it bears into the fruit of trust in God's plan, will, and the beautiful, true, and good painting He is making where I and we are just a small part of. Now, as I am typing those words I said above, I suddenly felt humble to the will and plans of God. May He continue to call me back again to the community – to the flock. I am afraid to die, to lost my parents, to be far from my family, to still live in these hardships I am currently still experiencing, but I fear the most is to be away from God when I was a child before, and now I am also still afraid of how I am getting myself away from Him as I am exposed to the evils of this world and to my own hardships and pains everyday. It's really not thst I am afraid to be far from God, but because I am getting numb by my own hardships and pains and I am getting blind, deaf, and loosing my perception and sensation to His Love, His Beauty, His Truth, His Wisdom, and His Goodness. May He find me, call me, pick me up, and invite me again into Him, 'cause I am really down and lost with all the things around me and all the happenings in the world and my own life. I know I pierced His heart many times and I know I am piercing it everyday as I am getting away and away from Him. I know I am really unworthy to be back to Him, to see Him and live in Him, through Him, and with Him, 'cause I know my sins are no different to the sins of true and evil murderers and thiefs. I hope He is not angry with me, 'cause I wasted my life to be away from Him. I fear death can come anytime and stop me to reunite back to God like my childhood days. I am suffering major depression, anxiety, phobias, overthinking, mood swings, hallucinations, irritability and anger issues, feelings of worthlesness, hopelessness, and of self-blaming, loss of self-confidence and self-love, and also of my own evils – my sins.

    May Mary and the holy angels and saints pray for me as I pray for my brother who gives me joy and who challenges my patience and skill of tesching and passion for learning as I guide and help him in his studies even I am struggling, to my strong parents who never abandoned me and continues to help, guide, love, support, and who still believes in what I can do and capable of becoming, to my friends who even years already passed since I have them but who still tries to connect and contact me, visit me at my home, and ask my parents on my life and how am I doing and improving, to my teachers back then who taught me about life, important lessons, and who introduced me to my passions, molded my skills and talents, believed in me, supported me, and who inspired me to learn more and to teach as well, to my relatives and my community and to the coworkers of my parents who are looking for me and who are asking questions to my parents on what's going on with me right now and all the time, who also supports me, visits me, and prays for me, to the people of this world to learn to love, live in peace, and in harmony with each other and our planet and other creation of God, and to my enemies, to those who hate and hurt me, to those who I hated and hurt, to those whom I sinned against and those who sinned against me. I also pray to the one who reads this message or comment I wrote, to have a blissful life, safety and protection, good health and united family, and to have hope, peace, meaning and worth, and be away from emotional, mental, and psychological sickness that I am strugglong with, and to be protected from temptations, sins, and evil. May Mary and all the holy angels and saints pray for me and my life, my future, my family, and all of these people I prayed too to God the Father, to God the Son through our Lord Jesus Christ, and to God the Holy Spirit – our One Almighty Lord and God.

    I occassionally had bad dreams and nightmares, lucid dreamings, and almost real nightmares with enemies who tries to choke me, kill me, cover my mouth, and immobilize my body, but still whenever I noticed the presence of that uncomfortable experience in my dreams of bad dreams and nightmares, I call upon God, the saints, the holy angels, Mary, and I pray just the basic prayers I knew whole-heartedly and I also say my personal prayers too, then I sensed, felt, and experienced someone laughs at me and what I am doing, inflicts me more physical and mental pains, tries to choke me harder and tries to cover my mouth so I can't pray loudly in my dreams, and tries to immobilize or paralyzes me more so I can't say and do the sign of the cross when I pray. Still I pray as loud as I can and trust in God's rescue, protection, help, and guide. Then it slowly makes me less uncomfortable, feel less pain and heaviness, and seriously I experienced and felt that that certain entity who tries to choke me, paralyze me, or cover my mouth instantly releases me and I even heard deep voice or a growl from the side of my ear. Then I woke up from a horrible and horrifying nightmare. Sometimes I went to tears, shock, had body pains, unable to move right away, in great fear, or in a stunned moment of thinking and remembering all the detail to what just happened. Then sometimes I continue to pray until all the known prayers I knew are said and I thank God for saving me. Sometimes I stayed on my bed and still in shock and then slowly get out of my bed and then either I pray and thank God or I'll tell one or all of my family what happened and then prayed and thanked God in my mind. It's really shocking to have those and I can't explain well the feelings, sensations, and experiences I had. It's unnatural and it just started to happen and be serious when I started to have depression, but thank God that calling on His name to rescue and save me and despite of my sinfulness and disobedience to His will, He still saves me all the time. I am still alive today and I didn't die from a horrible nightmare. Thanks be to God for saving me everyday, and I thank Him for keeping me alive and for waking me up after rescuing me from a tough nightmare. Even though I'll still live my hard and depressed life full of pains, worries, fears, and struggles, God is still giving me chances to continue to learn, teach, be with my family, to pray for others, to see the beauty and goodness of the world, and to be back to Him.

    I hope I will be back again to Him and have my life and future good and beautiful, but even though it wouldn't be what I pray to God to be, I hope I'll just be back to Him again and to never go away again from Him. That's my only hope and wish so my soul and mind will be in peace. I also hope that for everybody.

    To the one still reading up to this end of my message or comment, please pray for me too, and God bless you.

  78. Wack the Pigeon

    Sure, the accepted social norm is geared for trouble and not morality. I'll give people that, but no trouble will make a stand versus the arteries of the world's economic progress and truth of its definitions such as math and science and live to share a victory…No man or armies can stand up to the world's progress with a game of social wack the pigeon. Get out of the way if you're Charles V or Hitler, or WHOEVER. You don't matter that much. Crazy. Yeah, well wack the pigeon. We'll do it together! C S L. We'll have a consumer showdown and take over the factories. (Not). Was Hitler simply about consumer ignorance making a stand? Stupid. Hilarious. Well, what are your conclusions on the female, "Doctor?" Is she really just an annoying escort that doesn't startup? Or, is she a figure of death in every way shape and form? Morality is a dead social conquest leading to your BOOKS and social definitions belong to wacking a dead pigeon* NK. The only God left after Monad is your filthy secret consumer user support group. Okay, shut that thing down!!! This drug party is a mass suicide, I'm sure of it. They're like those guys listening to Judas Priests. You'll fit in…by dying. These runts cannot find the nipple on the math books, or any books or tools for that matter!!!
    "If one merely parries, then he shall be harmed regardless of his skill" -The Art of Swordsmanship
    * Alludes to "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
    Oh, and climate change alludes to people's business and products people buy…what is this low flow faucet you're selling me? I know this game. You sell democrats like Spanish sold the church and it's nothing but a place for Hitlerism idiots. Get out of the way!!! Morals mean making a stand against the group. The question is, "What is the stand about, buddy?"

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