Why Does Everything In The Universe Spin?

Why Does Everything In The Universe Spin?

You’re spinning and I’m spinning and the Earth
is spinning and the sun is spinning and the solar system and the WHOLE DAMN GALAXY. BUT
WHY! You might remember from our “How Fast Is the
Universe Moving” video that you’re moving really fast right now. For example, the Earth
is rotating around it’s axis at 1,040 miles per hour (465 m/s). Planets rotate. That’s
what they do, right? But then science comes along and asks WHYYY… and once you start
thinking about it, it’s staggering. To figure it out, we have to go back to the
beginning. Four and a half billion years ago, our solar system began to form from clouds
of helium and hydrogen — kind of like a nebula. As the gas was moved and undulated through
the universe, some of it was denser and some thinner. Something, perhaps a nearby supernova,
caused the gases to begin to coalesce, and as the gravity of these particles increased,
they fell toward each other — and began to spin. Funnily enough, every time this happens, the
spin rotates the same direction, counter-clockwise. There’s no UP in space, of course, but if
you think about the angular moment of the spin as a FORWARD direction, then most things,
Earth, Mars, the Sun… they all rotate counterclockwise. Because they’re all conserving their angular
momentum. As the gases continued to gravitate toward each other, constantly moving, they
formed a tossed pizza dough shape. A ball in the middle, slowly expanding outward into
a disc. This is the shape we see most often in the universe, because of the laws of physics. As interstellar clouds rotate and collapse
onto themselves they fragment, according to Scientific American, and then those smaller
parts collapse again, and again. And over the next few hundred million years, all that
gas gathers and fuses into suns, planets, asteroids and (eventually, after lots more
time) you and me! All the while, the angular momentum of the original cloud it maintained;
that original gaseous angular momentum set the stage for all the rotation to follow — inertia
keeps it going. Yes, it IS slowing over time. A day in 100 years will be 2 milliseconds
longer, but ultimately we’ll all keep spinning unless something big smacks into us. Strangely, Venus rotates clockwise, and we’re
not sure why. Either the axis of the planet was flipped upside down at some point, or
it slowed rotating counterclockwise, stopped and began to rotate the opposite — possibly
due to its dense atmosphere and closeness to the sun. It’s not the only weirdo; Uranus
was knocked on it’s side, her rotation is ALL screwed up. Even on a macro level, everything is spinning.
But galaxies, relative to Earth, spin both clockwise and counterclockwise. Though spiral
galaxies DO tend to spin with their arms trailing behind them, but even that isn’t a hard rule.
In 2002, the Hubble spotted galaxy NGC 4622 whose arms LEAD her rotation, but they believe
it’s because it interacted with another galaxy. Sounds hot. In the end, everything in the universe is
spinning. Energy must be preserved over time; so when a figure skater spins with his arms
in, he’ll spin faster, but with his arms out he’ll move slower. That’s simple physics,
but it operates on a galactic level too! Does a science question have your head spinning??

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  1. Interesting how they claim everything in space is spinning but the only celestial body we can witness firsthand (the moon) does not spin at all.

  2. Then why when we spin a coin/ball on surface , it doesn't continue to spin forever due to inertia ?? If ur ans. Is due to friction , then suppose there is no friction , and I set a coin/ball spinning , will it spin forever ?? Plzz replyy any1..

  3. There is no clockwise or counter clockwise in space. And things spin, because of the conservation of angular momentum in this universe. To explain that, we need to explain mass and how it affects empty space (gravity), the equivalence principle, accelerated motion and nothing of the kind is done here. Bad video, sorry to say.

  4. 1. Falling together is not the same thing as spinning. 2. Conservation of angular momentum does not require the original collapsing cloud to spin. The sum total of all the spinning planets today can be zero and yet everything is spinning. In other words, the original cloud did not need to spin at all. But the question is why spin according to an axis? Why do planets not just rotate randomly not according to any axis? Or all planets are actually rotating randomly. It is a matter of our short horizon of measurement that makes them look like spinning according to some axes? 3. Spinning of planets is more like a phenomenon that we observe when a pool ball hits a bunch of pool balls. So, one rotating object hits other non rotating objects resulting in everything spinning. The rotation of these things shaped our planets to become more or less round.

  5. It is because the properties of squares and cubes. Everything rotates because of the transitions of x and y. Length and width and in the case of a cube x*y^2. Throw a cube and it rotates while in motion.

  6. That was a good vedio sir. But sir let me ask you a doubt , if i place my toy helicopter up in air neither falling down nor rising up. Since the earth is spining will my helicopter reach the other side of the earth. If not ,why?

  7. Everything is spinning because of the sound. There is an eternal sound in this Cosmo. So sound produces vibrations. That maybe the answer. I believe sound is the mother of all creations

  8. Isn’t it interesting that the earth has magnetic field, the sun produces electromagnetic radiation and the whole solar system follows the right hand rule of electromagnetism. Maybe electromagnetism drives our universe and not this vague gas falling towards itself non-sense. Electric Universe: look it up.

  9. No one could ever explain how and why everything spins because there is no way to test or investigate anything beyond the scope of natural phenomena. Whatever 'kicked' things into motion or whatever 'banged' is outside of the fundamental properties that incorporates existence as we know it.

  10. Where did you see planets spinning? The only object that we can see clear is the moon. And strangely it is the only one not spinning :(. But the other planets that we can't see clear, definitely spin.

  11. God created things from Small particle (atom) to big universes everything revolving(swinging).Allah Hu Akbar(God is Greatest)

  12. I played Kerbal space program for a month or two before I realized all space travel is orbital. Maybe not once you get to the intergalactic level, but everything below that.

  13. Quran Chapter 21 verse
    33. And He it is Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. They float, each in an orbit.

    33. And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; all [heavenly bodies] in an orbit are swimming.

  14. we don't get answer.
    There need a force to spin. Form where do this force come?

  15. Can this be replicated using balls such as tennis, cricket, golf or ping pong balls on a much much smaller scale? without using strings, rope, chains etc if not why not? as for the planets, you do not need to be Einstein to figure out they are heavy, heavier than anything found on earth yet they are all floating and spinning some giving heat while others are freezing,
    surely with the technology of today a building, warehouse etc can be used to replicate space, however, I have yet to come across such a place,
    Say a certain place was replicated, it would be difficult to make one item to follow a certain pattern let alone millions in which we see on a clear dark night,
    To imagine this whole universe was one unexplainable occurrence is beyond madness, take just one planet or moon, its rotating and passing other objects bigger and smaller than itself yet they are no collisions?
    we go to great lengths to make sure planes are not going to interfere with each other but again, look up you can see the plough star and all the zodiacs stars exactly in the same order you seen them as a child or in a book on space,
    we all have looked up to the sky on a clear dark night and was amazed to see the stars no matter how many times you have seen or done this, you are still left amazed,

  16. What if all galaxies that we can see are just a fragment of an arm of a galaxy that contains galaxy and there are many more of them with even more massive centers to spin galaxies around to form bands and arms we call filaments and again in another arm of a galaxies galaxies galaxies and so forth like a fractal. And expansion of galaxies is just an ebb and flow we’re witnessing within the galactic arm. As we ungulate through it all, all galaxies spinning around a galactic-galactic center. But that may be far fetched, what do you think? A theory spinning around in my head. Lol

  17. At the time of bigbang it was happened,every matter had stability on before bigbang in after bigbang every matter had throwed away ….

  18. Looking down at our solar system, and Milky Way galaxy; why does the Earth spin counterclockwise and galaxy spin clockwise?

  19. The gravity of each gas particle?, but gravity is due to energy stress tensor that curved spacetime. So how could each tiny particles curved spacetime?

  20. Maybe the core of the planets is spinning faster than the surface causing it to spin. Just a theory. Try debunking it

  21. What is the explanation for large angular momentum differences between planets in our solar system–even having different sign–while all planets have the same orbital direction? Would it take a miraculous set of gasses–having unphysical concentration gradients–to do this? Second, what is the explanation for the 2 ms/100 years rotational deceleration?

  22. I believe that this pain one of these planets have to do with the gravity I believe the course of these clinics are spending the complete opposite way then the actual planet and if that is true that is too secretive therapy compulsion it is an easy way to test the theory 4 powerful magnets in a room with a center that is stable the outer ear turning clockwise in the inner chamber turning counterclockwise we will also need a plate suit for a magnet to allow us to see like we are floating it's time for some and that magnets will be built into the inner entertainment have the experiment room I believe it will work

  23. Me talking now, each season has about 91 days in it except for Summer in the North and Winter in the South. August 31 added by Augustus puts 364 calander off and making it 365 day calendar.

    You say the reason for the 365.25 Calendar because the Earth Revolves around the Sun and it takes this amount of time. I put to you that you are incorrect that the Earth goes around the Sun and we have a 364 day Cycle not a 365.25 one.

    What Is Midnight Sun or Polar Day?

    In the Northern Hemisphere, the midnight Sun starts on the North Pole as the Sun rises around the vernal (spring) equinox in March. Then there is midnight Sun for about six months. The Sun sets again around the autumnal (fall) equinox in September, entering six months of polar night.

    Where Is There Midnight Sun?

    Even though Norway is known as the "Land of the midnight Sun" in the tourist industry, there is midnight Sun in several other countries in the Northern Hemisphere: USA (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Greenland, Finland, and Sweden.

    For a Polar Night to happen since it is darkness not light. The Earth has to block the Sun from Reaching the area in darkness. Now with the Tilt of the Earth as it spins, parts of the Earth is shielded from the Sun light creating darkness even though the spinning of the Earth moves other aspects of the Earth into light and out of it Again.

    Midnight Sun the opposite happens and the tilt puts light onto different areas except that which the earth is blocking. So with the earth tilting forwards to create a Summer in the North the top part of the earth in the polar circle is engulf with light. The opposite end in the south is in darkness.

    Now this can only happen counting the solstice as 46 days, 45 days before the solstice and after is each season. June 22 is the Solstice 45 days either side is May 7 and August 7. Added together that is 90 day coverage with 91st day 46th day. So from may 7 to August 7 is 91 days.

    For that period the Earth is in Summer in the North and Winter in the South. Problem with this is When the season for Spring and Autumn is to start the Sun is no longer in front of the earth but on an angle to the side and beside the earth as it move passed.

    So From August 8 to September 22 the day before the Equniox the Sun is basically shining on the Side of the earth, with the earth Spinning to the Sun allowing the whole earth to be covered in Sunlight. So from August 8 to Novemeber 8 roughly based on 2020 calendar. There can not be any Mightnight Suns or Polar Nights. No matter what an even spreading of light hits everything.

    So polar Nights days and mightnight Sun days proves the earth can not move down towards the Sun or pass it since the time period requires a different affect.


    Kepler’s first law of planetary motion states that the paths of the planets, which revolve around the Sun, is elliptical in shape. The Sun is located at the centre and acts as the focus. The first law is also referred to as ‘The Law of Ellipses.’ It describes that the paths of the planets revolving around the sun is an ellipse.

    This is me again, I am posting the defition so the two of us are on the same understand. Now this one is proven wrong every easily. This one basically has the Earth moving close to the Sun and moves awat from the sun. So even if you claim that Polar Nights and Midnight Suns could be made based on turning of the Earth.

    This one is proven wrong based on the Seasons. Now we have opposing seasons, Winter/Summer, Spring/Autumn, Summer/Winter, which means that moving closer to the sun going from Spring to Summer, is also going from Autumn to Winter. Opposing seasons at the same time stops us moving closer to the Sun, making it Summer and Spring at the same time. Moving away would make it Winter and Autumn at the same time.

    Making it have to do two laps not one, with Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn for the north and Winter, Spring Summer, Autumn for the south afterwards. However the one not experencing the seasons has to not exist. The only way for what you say to happen is if there is no Ellipical Movement, With the Earth moving so that the Earth Faces the sun and away from the Sun at the right time. However that would require the earth to Move the tilt.

    Making the only movement a circle not an oval, So first law is incorrect and easily proven wrong. That is with the Earth moving.

    The second law of planetary motion states that a line drawn from the centre of the Sun to the centre of the planet will sweep out equal areas in equal intervals of time. It is, sometimes, also referred to as the ‘Law of Equal Areas.’ It explains the speed with which a planet moves while orbiting around the Sun. The planets do not move at a constant speed. When the planets are closest to the Sun, their speed is more as compared to their speed when the planets are farthest away from the Sun. Hence, we can say that the area swept by the earth in 30 days is constant.

    Okay this law actually counters the pervious statement. For this to happen the Summer and Spring Months would be Shorter than the Winter and Autumn months. Yeah your covering the same area, but it is done in a shorter time. If the earth enters the Sun Gravity, the only thing that will happen is the force of the Sun would pull us into the Sun. Earth has to travel around the Sun without entering the sun. None of the planets should be in the pull of the Sun Gravitational pull.

    Part you forget is that your trying to make sense of things, like the seasons, before you understood that the seasons were opposing to each other. When that had been figured out. Anything to do with Planetary movement like this, should have been put to a review. You allowed this to stay as is because the only real outcome is that Kepler’s laws are flawed, in so is the Calendar that was created, in a Lie to cover up the adding of 31st August. Remove the 31 August, the calendar is 52 weeks long not 52 weeks and 1 day. Months are 13 Months of 28 days not 12 months of 28 days and 1 month of 29.

    You allowed the earth to be ruined, out of basic pride. You are not scientist, you are nothing more than idiots in cloaks that need to understand how screwed they made the world.

    I can go into Saturn’s Rings being perfectly form to prove how far the Sun’s gravity and any gravity goes since they remain untouched by force. I can Comment on the fact that you failed to understand what a Movement would actually be like, Sun postion to the earth would be in a different place along the Equator as the Earth travelled around it.

    The Sun would change Direction at some point when the Earth moved in front of the sun instead of the Sun being in front of the Earth. Clearly the only thing that could explain everything is that the Earth stays put with the Sun in front of it. Tilt creates Summer and Winter based on which one is pointing towards the sun pushing the other away creating a difference, that can explain heat and cold differences.

    However except for moving the earth, The Tilt changes.

    Changes after Solstice

    After the summer solstice in June, the midnight sun reverses, and gradually moves north again until the Sun finally sets on the North Pole, around the autumnal equinox in September.

    Solstice & equinox worldwide.

    Basically the tilt of the earth moves forward until the Summer Solstice moving the North forward, creating a tilt. At the Summer Solstice in the North, the tilt starts to move back to the Centre so that the earth and Sun are 90 degrees to each other. Now to keep the Midnight Sun and Polar Nights, The cross over happens suddenly and quickly, Tilt is still moving no matter what is in Sun or Darkness. However the switch happens so that nothing skips a beat. However at the end of the day the Sun rises or sets and the new Midnight Sun and Polar night Starts.

    Also known as the ‘Law of Harmonies’, Kepler’s third law of planetary motion states that the square of the orbital period (represented as T) of a planet is directly proportional to the cube of the average distance (or the semi-major axis of the orbit) (represented as R) of a planet from the Sun.

    With the help of Kepler’s third law, we can also compare the motion of different planets. Consider the following example:

    Hence, it can be concluded that the T2/R3 is almost constant.

    The third law of planetary motion is the only law which deals with multiple planets.

    This is just made up. You can not work out any of this, Time period of the other planets to move around the sun. Now if you put some actual information in there, like Car movements, knowing the Track is 100 metres, the cars drive at 10 metres per second. There is a 5 metre turn at the 4 twenty metre marks. If you and someone had to race. What speed would you need to maintain to beat him from the outside track.

    Both cars travel at the same speed, however one car is traveling further than the other one. Since the turns count. You also need other informatiuon like changing gears, how long it takes to get to max speed and how long can it be maintained.

    The third law is not mathematically incorrect, it is just worthless this application since you have no clue any of the important information. If we are to land on the moon and on Mars. We need to know the distance between Earth and Mars, in a direct line. Not bullshit calculations that based on the fact none of the planets are actually moving. Third law is worthless.


  24. Sorry you are spinning clockwise direction but everything is rotating anti clock wise keeping Allah in the centre just as Muslims rotate around kaaba. But kaaba is not God its just a centre of earth 🌎

  25. Even earth will stop and start rotating clockwise please refer to Quran as it says that will be the last day of humans on earth 🌎

  26. Ok it makes a lot of sense thanks but why do planets rotate counterclockwise on their own axis? I would have said the opposite as the close you go towards the center of rotation (the sun, a black hole so on so on), the faster you rotate around it, so if I, a planet, would be rotating around the sun, let's say at t=0 facing (imagine I am a planet with eyes) forward, I would feel everything on my left, rotating faster, and everything on my right rotating slower, therefore I would feel a torque from left to right. I am completely off track? I understand the "pizza" analogy, it all makes a lot of sense. What I do not understand is why the "particles" (planets) that make the pizza, rotate around their own axis the same direction as the whole pizza.

  27. Its because of mass binds space which creates an orbit for planet earth to spin around sun and the original momentum makes them spin around its orbit my theory idk if its right or wrong just wanted to throw this

  28. I think the entire universe is spinning that's why everything in the universe is spinning that would mean the universe itself is spinning around something, perhaps there's three sizes of atoms there's the ones you need a microscope to see then the next size of atoms is all the stars and planets, But what if there was one more size ? If theres not 3 sizes the only other explanation would the Universe is falling into a black hole.

  29. I figured it out! It's because Atoms spin! As atoms came together in the early universe…there magnetic moments aligned and the angular momentum of the electrons pulled on the new atoms falling into them causing the whole system to spin.

  30. Black holes have to spin, because even the slowest “spin” gets amplify to infinity ( in our reference) due to the fact that time slows down near massive objects. And of course we are rotating around one right now at 1.5milion miles an hour. So we feel the effects of it’s angular momentum.

  31. Am i the only one who thinks that Universe is spinning in the same way we go around Qaba seven times.

  32. Real Answer: Most collisions between objects cause a resultant spin. Tons of collisions. No friction in space to stop the spin. Therefore near universal spinning of planets, stars, and galaxies.

  33. IT depends on your view if you look at it from one side things spin counterclockwise if you look at it from the other side it is spinning clockwise.

  34. Nobody can answer this, stop wasting our time. There is some God (because we don't know them) who is making all this work. We are not born by ourselves or through big bang. Just believe in God and stay relaxed, he will answer all your questions after death.

  35. Hi, please tell me What will happen if the earth spins FASTER or SLOWER,,eg,,it takes 23hours for one day or 25 hour for one day ,,anyone please answer,,,

  36. Video is completely wrong. Spinning matter that is held together by gravity has variable densities throughout- equating to unequal attraction rates to other external objects. This causes the object to start spinning as the higher density area is drawn towards the other mass at a higher acceleration. Once the spin is established, angular momentum keeps it going. Think about dropping an axe, if the head wasn't pointed directly downward, the axe would start to rotate due to its centre of gravity being closer to the head. And if you did this far enough from the ground in a vacuum, the axe would continue to spin until another force acted upon it.

  37. yeah question is not answered.then why the gases gravitate with eachother?don't leave such unknown topic to explain.

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