Why College Textbooks Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Why College Textbooks Are So Expensive | So Expensive

– [Narrator] So, it’s the
start of a brand new semester. Your teacher hands you your syllabus, and yup, you’re going to
spend $150 on a textbook for a class you don’t care about. Turns out, it’s not unreasonable for some four-year college students to spend close to $500
a year on textbooks, and it doesn’t seem like prices are coming down any time soon. Textbook costs rose 67% from 2008 to 2018, which is putting a serious
strain on students’ wallets. But how did the college
textbook publishing industry become so pricey? Almost 80% of the textbook industry is dominated by five major publishers, and they’re doing
everything in their power to make sure that students
keep buying new textbooks. To save money, college
students started buying used textbooks for cheaper or
rented them from bookstores, but publishers took notice and started bundling new textbooks with special codes that restricted access, forcing students to buy new textbooks at the full retail price. One study reported that 67% of students skipped buying textbooks altogether because of rising prices
and restrictive codes, and that’s not the only
thing publishers have done to get students to buy new textbooks. There used to be a new edition
update every five years, but now, the production
cycle has been shortened to two or three years. New editions have reordered chapters or changes in page numbers, making it harder to use older editions, and they can cost up to $150 more, but students have some
other options to consider if they want to avoid expensive textbooks. Some schools are starting
to use open-source educational materials instead
of traditional textbooks. That way, students can
access open license texts, digital media, and
other learning materials for a fraction of the cost, but the movement is still in its infancy. So far, only 6% of schools are
using these open resources. It may be a while before we
see textbook prices drop, so for now, you may
have to shell over $150 for a textbook you
probably won’t even read.

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  1. I must be doing something right then. On average I only spend $50 a year on all textbooks. I end up renting them all from cheap websites and barely using them, and still pass the class easily.

  2. I'm in europe and the most i spent was 45$ on a book (computer science college), and then i learned i could have just rented it or use the pdfs… so thats all i ever spent, and ofc the professors just give you material anyway sometimes. Theres no justification on needing 100$+ per book for schooling no matter the contents.

  3. This is easily avoidable, i have never paid full price for a textbook, ive always purchased mine from students in the years above me for a fraction of the cost, this is such bullshit which can be bypassed so easily

  4. If you’re debating on going to a community college or a university, please check out my most recent video. Don’t let anyone tell you community college isn’t good enough. Congrats to you on whichever path you take! 🎓

  5. At college, they make you PAY to take YOUR tests, they make you PAY to do YOUR homework, they make you PAY to get FINANCIAL AID. (Yes they have a fee for receiving financial aid) it’s absurd.

  6. This video is entering clickbate territory, notice how she never explained WHY they are so expensive.

  7. My textbook last semester was $300, the book store wouldn’t even buy it back since now it’s the old edition 🙃

  8. this is exactly why piracy happens. If you charge that kind of money from students who usually have no or meagre jobs then get ready to have your books pirated

  9. My cousin spent 989$ on one textbook that wasnt even a book because it wasn't bound she's broke now and got kicked out collage

  10. This video basically just stated the fact that college textbooks are expensive. Didn't deliver on it's promise to explain why beyond "Publishers have a monopoly and are evil". The entire content of the video can be captured in 2 sentences, which made it a waste of time.

  11. For anyone interested. Go to Slugbooks to find the cheapest price on a textbook. Just put in the ISBN or title and it should find it. You're still buying from trusted websites, Slugbooks just filters out the $150 books to find you a $37 (literally happened to me btw)

  12. How much goes to the author? I googled it and it seems to be between 5%-15%… as usual, the publishing house gets the money… (Ò3Ó)

  13. I finsh my Bachelor degree in human resources without any books. Only powerpoints sildes and searching using daddy " google"

  14. My university is quite different. Textbooks are made by our professors and instructors. The cost of it 50 for physical and 10 dollars for digital. The money spent, a fraction goes towards scholarships. The rest is paid to the professor, printing staff, book store, and University Administration.

  15. This is American college condition and I think everyone knows it. Anyone from Europe or other developed nation could explain the condition you guys have? I am from Indonesia and students copying textbooks or using pirated pdf version of it is just common here lol.

  16. My last year at University I stopped caring about text books and just ordered the previous editions for up to 95% less than the new edition. Didn't seem to cause a problem in my grades.

  17. I've spent over $1000 on textbooks in a semester. The frequently updated ones run about $200 each. Many also have required online counterparts for homework. So there is no piracy optio .

  18. Make a friend in your class who has already bought the textbook. Pay them 20 bucks to borrow the textbook, then take that book to the library and then scan every page onto a jump drive or create a PDF of it. It may take an hour or so of your time, but it's worth it to save a good amount of money.

    Just don't share or send that PDF/jump drive with your friends or classmates. There you have it. You just saved a bundle and stood up to these textbook publishing companies who only care about money and ripping students off.

  19. I feel sorry for everyone undergoing this type of education. The institution in place are basically saying that you can get knowledge if you pay.

  20. "You'll probably spend $150 for a textbook you won't read" If you know you're not even going to read the fuckin' thing then don't fuckin' buy it. It's literally that simple.

  21. Where I live, we get our textbooks for free. We just sign up via our personal university username and password, choose the textbooks needed for each semester and a week later we receive them from a pickup point. I have managed to get for free, textbooks that cost hundreds of euros and up until now my library costs over 3000€.
    If we want to access any site that has published literature (where often times free access is very limited to non existent), the university provides us free access to a vast variety of literature using their VPN.

  22. I had a professor who told us that the school administration instructed them to use certain book from a certain publisher and it required an access code and he refused to use it he said that he will never make students by unnecessary things and spend money on unnecessary

  23. im a millionaire i dont give a ** about paying an extra 200 for each book. it seems to me like ordinary americans are very poor.

  24. This doesn't explain why they're so high, it simply explains that that the book companies are chosing to price them high

  25. Spending upwards of $30-$50per for 'mandatory' book scams? Let alone hundreds of dollars? Nope. Thats what the internet is for.

  26. textbooks is nothing people leave shools with tons of students loans and they are in debs for years after school …its joke

  27. People in the US don't seem to realise that textbooks are only ridiculously pricey in the US, not elsewhere, since almost ALL publishers have the US version which is insanely overpriced, and the international version which isn't.

  28. The game is afoot. While you chase down those books, designed to keep you in debt, the idea is, you'll turn to lawmakers to bail you out of debt. You'll then vote for change that they never bring up again until the election cycle. The fleecing is painful. At the same time they rip you off by taxing you more. Beat them from within, run against them, but never join them.

  29. Saing that students have other options
    Talks about schools giving other options, which a run on a mill public school doesnt have

  30. Do I give a sh*t? I couldn't care less about American college costs, why is this even being shown to me?

  31. I spent DAYS taking pictures of each page of borrowed textbooks with a camera during undergrad to avoid buying the scams they call textbooks.

  32. Shit yalll buy text books I'm going through my 2 year in university and I've never spent more then 10 dollars on a text book and I take law
    If your gonna have kids my advice teach them how to hack, binary codes if slowly become the world's language

  33. I only bought like a couple of them and “arrrr aye aye capt’an” the rest. Best decision in dental school after reaching my third year. Still graduated.

  34. My son just graduated from college and the total cost for all four years was just under $20,000. He then got a a job 4 weeks later with a starting salary of $84,500. There are cheap colleges. You just have to look.

  35. The video doesn't even answer the question why textbooks are so expensive. I can't believe how many idiots liked this video. Downvoted.

  36. When deciding on schools, try asking about what the textbook situation is like. I bet they are not prepared to answer that!

  37. If I were a teacher I would just buy the book and send it to all the students. I probably already have the book. And it would better low income students chances of making a good grade in the class. Personally that's what I care about tho. Cant speak for actual teachers.

  38. So textbooks are expensive cuz it’s “monopolized” by 5 different companies, and they all agreed to jack up their prices to take as much of a students financial aid as possible (AKA expensive because of greed).

    That’s pretty much what I assumed.

  39. My professors just let us know to tell them if we plan on using an older edition so they can give us the questions from the new books. I think I spent $200 on 4 textbooks last semester.

  40. The rich people up there they don’t care bout people like us,they rather make a profit than caring for the nxt gen of people

  41. And when u live in countryside and also have to pay for home rent cause ur family lives too far away from any schools. Yey, gotta start saving some money.T_T

  42. My sister was doing a vet nursing course (2 yr study) and had to buy a $800 book. Now a couple years later the book is worthless because they have a new edition

  43. One can say the text book is more relevant to assesment than any other internet content which may have been mixed with other grades assesment

  44. Wow! It's pity to see the condition so called developed country!you can come to India dariya ganj ,Delhi,just paying 150 dollars you can buy whole book store😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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