What If There’s A Mirror Universe? | Unveiled

What If There’s A Mirror Universe? | Unveiled

What If There’s a Mirror Universe? Only 500 years ago, it was widely accepted
that the earth was at the center of the universe. Then came Copernicus, Galileo and the heliocentric
model of the solar system, with the sun in the middle, marking a paradigm shift in how
we understood our own importance in the cosmos. But, what would change if we today discovered
a completely different universe alongside our own? This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering
the extraordinary question; What if there’s a mirror universe? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly curious? Then why not subscribe to Unveiled for more
clips like this one? And ring the bell for more fascinating content! Theories on multiple universes aren’t a
new phenomenon. They’ve been explored within the highest
circles of science and philosophy, and they’re a popular science fiction and fantasy trope
seen everywhere from “Star Trek” to “Stranger Things”. In fact, there’s at least five major academic
theories as to how parallel universes could be possible, and a 2016 study even argued
that a mirror universe genuinely exists where time moves backwards instead of forwards…
the idea being that such a place makes just as much mathematical sense as our own universe
does. In some ways the question is an offshoot from
the theory of Infinite Universes, which says that space-time is endless, and is therefore
home to all possible combinations of atoms. According to this proposal, there are infinite
variations of our own universe, with people just like you living within them, but with
minor differences each time. If true, then logic says that there’s a
universe out there which has already discovered its mirror image twin – where everything’s
the same, but backwards. So, what if that universe was our own? And, are we already part-way to proving it? A 2017 study raised the possibility of at
least “other” universes, by focusing on a cold spot in space. This “spot” is a large area that’s much
cooler than the rest of the surrounding universe and doesn’t truly fit within our current
cosmological models. So the theory goes, the cold spot could’ve
been created by our own universe colliding with another in the past. Elsewhere, leading astrophysicists such as
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene and Michio Kaku have all proposed that we could identify
a mirror universe with new technology or a better understanding of dimensions…. Bearing in mind that String Theory, currently
one of the leading candidates as a “Theory for Everything”, points to there being at
least ten dimensions. So, say we actually discover a mirror universe
that’s filled with mirror images of ourselves; what would the repercussions be? As imagined in things like the DC comics and
Star Trek, the mirror people could have a twisted sense of morality, a completely different
sense of right and wrong, and hopes, dreams and ambitions totally at odds with our own. On the other hand, they may have avoided making
various mistakes that we ourselves have made. Perhaps our own global concerns like climate
change and nuclear war aren’t as prevalent in the mirror universe, for instance. Regardless of the status and condition of
such a place, the knowledge that it even exists could prove a huge mental challenge for the
majority of us. Many would outright refuse to believe it (even
with proof), while those who did accept it could panic at the news, now uncomfortably
aware of our – and even our own universe’s – apparent insignificance. As a widespread existential crisis sets in,
depression cases could soar, some might try to isolate themselves within their newly alien
reality, and others could see the revelation of their own alter-ego as granting them free
reign to behave in whichever way they feel like – because what would it matter, anyway? At the same time, we’d see others excited,
amazed and motivated by such a seismic and fundamental change to their lives. They’d no doubt be eager to study and learn
more about the still-mysterious mirror universe, in a bid to somehow contact their alternative
selves, making cross-universe connections between us and them. Religions could well form around these new
versions of ourselves, perhaps calling them Gods or higher beings. But what about religions that already exist? For some, the confirmation of another universe
would strengthen their belief in one supreme being; for others, it would shatter it. We could well adopt the ancient Greek “Atomist”
way of thinking, which saw philosophers argue that what we now call the multiverse disproves
the need for any God. According to them, the emergence of other
universes would explain how everything works so perfectly in our own. Instead of a creator God, unlimited replicas
of our own world show that our specific experience of life is simply inevitable. That’s not to say that a parallel realm
would instantly dismantle all established religious beliefs, though. Perhaps Christianity would see our mirror
selves as having sinned and fallen from grace… Or even vice versa, where, in fact, we are
the ones who have failed. Hinduism teaches that we reincarnate on earth
based on our actions in previous lives. So, from that perspective, an exact mirror
image of ourselves could be part of our individual learning process and growth, on the way to
eventual transcendence. The philosophical implications would be similarly
self-reflective. Mirror universes and alter-egos would unforgivingly
show that we’re extremely insignificant and small, even more so than we currently
believe. It’d mean that we’re not so unique after
all, but are perhaps just one of many mass-produced versions of ourselves – all existing along
a spectrum between the “us” in this world and our direct opposite in the mirror world. In which case, who’s to say that we – as
in the version of us alive as we currently comprehend it – are the best version of our
own self? The Moral Foundations Theory identifies specific
moral belief systems and explains how all humans have an underlying moral compass that’s
similar to most other people’s. As per the theory, we don’t generally like
to cause harm to others, and we strive for fairness. But our mirror selves would harbour the exact
opposite ideals – and, if mirror versions really does imply an infinite number of versions
between us and them – then that moral code is constantly tweaked from one universe to
the next to the next. Finally, because of the almost unfathomable
link we’d share with the mirror universe, it could help us make sense of other largely
unexplained phenomena. There are various theories on why we experience
Déjà Vu, for example, but we’ve yet to identify a definite reason. Some believe that it’s the result of remembering
or experiencing another life, so a confirmed mirror world could then explain Déjà Vu
as simply a brief glimpse into that alternate space. Similarly, we’d have an all new take on
the deep-rooted meanings behind our dreams, with suggestions that they could signal a
shared consciousness with our mirror selves while we sleep. The discovery of a mirror universe would mean
much more than plain speculation, though. It’d impact every choice we make, every
risk we take and every belief we hold… because we’d know that somewhere there’s someone
doing the exact opposite. When we say yes, they say no; When we turn
left, they turn right; When we breathe in, they breathe out… And, just to increase the existential weirdness,
perhaps they’d be acutely aware of us, as well. Life would be a fundamentally different experience. And that’s what would happen if we discovered
a mirror universe. What do you think? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, check out these
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100 Replies to “What If There’s A Mirror Universe? | Unveiled

  1. There isn't A mirror Universe , there are millions. Each the result of causality expansion and quantum entanglement.

    Earth 3 is very different to Earth 298 into infinity.
    Some of these Universes can be traversed via Einstein/Rosen bridges , but some remain isolated from us.

  2. Humm…on the video last theory about the what a mirror universe could mean, is interesting.
    To realy do resurch on this subject, a mind who is a Dream Walker and has already understood different races ideology, could advance these complex ideas.
    Anyone else it could break their mind.

  3. There’s a lot to believe, but not enough proof yet. I do love this theory though, and great video I might add.

  4. 5:54 is that a bug in his hair or just a leaf from an alternate universe? Cuz it vanishes when he turns his head again at 5:58 🤔😆😋

  5. So what if there is. What are you going to be able to do there that you like. Everything will be mirror opposite. I reckon it’s still better here where we are. The grass is always greener folks.

  6. In the other universe even the smallest differences would make it very different from this one. Maybe the Earth ended because someone didn't have gum or they lost an eye lash. The you there may not be you or there isn't even a you at all. The choices we make help make who we are. So the us there wouldn't be us.

  7. Hi unveiled
    This topic is interesting….
    Multiverse it may be or may not be..
    Can't be sure..
    But discussing it is interesting…
    Thank you…🙏👍😊

  8. can you make a video about what if crypto sleep like in movies for example „passengers“ actually existed?

  9. What if in the mirror universe everyone there is clean-shaven? We're the ones with mustaches and beards.😂

  10. But if there's a mirror universe isn't it mirrored mathematically, so it's not that the other me thinks the exact opposite it's that he's upside down… This is very hard to figure out but I think im right that if there is a mirror universe then its mathematically mirrored

  11. I completely know how much work you put into your videos . I hope your channel will grow mate. GOD BLESS YOU !

  12. If they did discover this to be true the corrupt leaders of this world would probably set out to find a way to "rape" these other places of resources for profits. Unfortunately I truly believe a large portion of humanity is a Cancer to this earth…..maybe that's why radiation is so damaging to us!

  13. If we could communicate I would try and organise to have me and 5 other versions of me play on the same team in overwatch or something, and that’d likely be the full extent to what I’d want to do.

  14. With this theory comes a lot of questions. If we have mirror images of ourselves then at some point our parents wouldn’t be our parents therefore we shouldn’t technically exist. How far is this decision making tweaked? It sounds a lot more complicated than if you traveled through time to influence past or future decisions at least there’s a point in where you popped into existence and popped out. In a multiverse this isn’t clear because at some point is and them would have had to make the same decisions for our offspring to even be which doesn’t really make sense. There is more room for paranormal and religion within these realms though. For a civilisation or a supreme being to even construct a universe like ours over the time periods they themselves would have to live outside time for them to even be. If they have no begging or an end then they clearly don’t live within our realm or abide by our laws of physics opening more into the theory of the multiverse and that being could be the link between all the universes together if they are responsible for their creation. If anything this makes Christianity more credible.

  15. oh, dear,….WHAT I'M GOING TO SHARE WITH YOU IS NOT A THEORY. IT IS BORN FROM EXPERIENCE………..there are gadzillion holographic universes right where we are. These universes are….IN THE EYES OF THE CREATOR…MOVIES. ..DO NOT EXIST .. they are ILLUSORY, MAKE BELIEVE, HOLOGRAMS. .like Captain Picard (movie character) does not exist and cannot meet Mr. Roddenberry (movie producer-director).
    If you go OOB and focus on where /what you want to see, you will get there. you can't bring your physical body with you. you are an energy being you , the big you…are the creator of all these universes and your material self is only your tool of navigation in this 3d.

  16. What if there are miorror universes and one of them are an evil word where all bad things are accepted and any one doing anything good is against the law is this possable

  17. I always had that thought for some time. Whenever I talk or sing in a mirror, I feel like I'm talking to something. But most of the time it's usually my reflection. But I feel there could another universe on the other side of the mirror. Or it could be that the Mirror/reflection is the barrier between Fantasy and reality. Like a Portal or Dimension.

  18. I've always thought that proof of an infinite or multiverse could be a scary thought. Because of the 0.0000000000….1% of the multiverse that harbours the big G gods..

  19. 1:41 Multiverse evidence
    1. Scientific observations show that anomalies in cosmic back ground radiation is the first hard evidence for other universe's.
    2. These observations show that other universe's exerted a pull on our universe as it formed leaving an imprint in the cosmic back ground radiation.
    3. Because cosmic microwave radiation should be evenly spread out but is stronger in southern half of sky.
    4. A large cold sport is also inexplicable under conventional physics.

  20. Why you are limited with your current understanding of the things.
    We always try associate things we have seen or we know. Infact our brain is superb in making connections and making meanings. Please try to think differently and don't associate predictions with current understanding I know its difficult but that's very logical way out.

  21. None of this matters at all if we cannot percieved it or them. Or we can not make contact in any way… Cone back to us when we can cross the boundaries…

  22. well you can actually explain the multiverse more clearly if you use the mirror verse and our verse as a basis.. always apart but right next to each other on an ever going loop

  23. What if we are the mirror universe where everything is going wrong? Would explain alot of what happens in this world for apparently no reason. And they're just watching us, like wow, that image of us is scary.

  24. Just cause someone in another world could have ur exact dna doesnt make them YOU. Look at twins for example. So when said there could be another you it means ur same genetic make up. Not actually you as in ur morales, beliefs, etc

  25. What if in this mirrored universe you walk left instead of right to get to where you want cause it's "mirrored".. Literally :O

  26. Why multiverse "shattered" the needed of God??? Surely NOT, because even multiverses, it all will came from nothingness and become something. Because nothingness produced nothingness, when nothingness produced something, then it need "something" to caused it, which is what we call "GOD", its simple, because at one point. Whatever needs a beggining even multiverse and before the beginning there was nothingness.

  27. What if we see an opposite universe when we look in a mirror?

    Raise your right hand, your reflection just raised they're left hand, and vice versa. Surely there is a universe where you're doing the complete opposite and that's a way to see through into it… Very slightly

  28. The first law of physics says that matter and energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. So when we die where does the energy go? Possibly to a reality in wich time is moving in the opposite direction? When we die here we are born there.. is mulitidimentional reincarnation plausible?

  29. Interesting. Assuming a mirror universe in which time runs backwards does exist, I wonder if we could somehow reconfigure our universe to make time run backwards, or at the very least, visit this mirror universe?

  30. Even Plato theoriesed of multiple universes. In his theory not only are there multiple universes but a sort of prime universe in which all things exist in their perfect forms at all times in all states.

  31. So if there's a mirror universe that does the exact opposite as us, we smile, they frown, then apparently they must rise up from the dead, walk backward, grow younger, return to the womb, etc. Hmm. Something fishy about that kind of scenario.

  32. If we manage to open a portal to the mirror universe, that's just the first steps. Next will be figuring how to change the portal frequency and mapping out the multiverse

  33. I believe everyone and everything we do is a mirror reflection of the lessons we need to learn and that is why Source will place it in our lives until we learn. Everything has been a mirror reflection for me right now. They are not always perfect but use discernment and it can be very helpful to better yourself

  34. Nope. The theory you're talking about states that the mirror universe is moving backwards in time and is following it's own route through time with it's own causal effects shaping it differently. It's a completely different universe that simply follows the same laws of physics as ours – no doppelgängers required. It's actually a very legitimate theory that's been hinted at through genuine experimental observations of the ways in which particles move through time.

  35. DUDE 6:03 – OMG, I've been sharing this theory (which I thought was my own but apparently not) that when we dream, the us we see in the dream isn't the real us but one of the many VERSIONS of us in the multiverse and that when we sleep we are essentially "peaking in" on those different versions of ourselves. We can do this because they are us and we all share a connected consciousness! I truly believe the moment scientist cracks the mysterious behind consciousness, we'll see what reality truly is. But back to the dream theory, you'll notice no one "wakes up" in the beginning of the dream, we're always in the middle somewhere, and everything is already in motion. You'll notice that most of the time, the people you're with, and places are you are at aren't of your own daily life. I've been a lucid dreamer since I was 13 and I'm 41 now, so I am very conscious when I dream and usually can control them to a very extreme point. I've done experiments in my dreams about dreams, like the waking up before you hit the ground dream, I had it as a teen and became lucid and decided to not allow myself to wake up as to see what would truly happen once I did hit the ground – I bounced! Then I woke myself up (its an easy technique I've developed, wherein the dream I close my eyes really hard and it wakes me up in real life.)

    Anyhow, I threw my hands up at this point in the video when I actually heard someone discussing what I've been saying for ages about dreams and the multiverse!

  36. Would the opposite of me be a girl? Of the opposite of my parents beni g then being gay so I would never be born In to the mirror universe?

  37. O os cientistas tem que saber de uma vez por todas que não existem multiversos só existem dois universos um físico e um invisível eu digo isso des dos 10 anos de idade aos meus familiares e amigos quem sabe agora com esse monte de evidências científicas eles passem a acreditar um pouquinho em mim

  38. The possibility of a mirror universe as hinted in this video validates Trinitarian philosophy, almost trivially given that a presumed mirror is already taken as a precondition for being able to make sense of reality. The presumed mirror is already part of my theory of two-sided time, for example, as you can tell by watching some of my published videos on this subject. Here is a good choice to look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI5sj4w1UkQ&feature=youtu.be

  39. What if one women was pregnant on both sides and one couldnt deliver a baby so it goes to the other side and one of the womens has twins while the other is left with no baby. Hopefully i explained this right.


  41. I thought this was going to be a video about the science behind the experiment searching for a mirror universe. Instead it was a video filled with bullshit mysticism and pseudo-science.

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