What Color is the Universe?

What Color is the Universe?

[MUSIC] [MUSIC] If I asked you to draw a picture of the sun,
which crayon would you pick? Most people would reach right for yellow or if it’s sunset,
maybe you pick orange… unless you grew up in Japan, where children usually choose red. But it’s safe to say that no one would pick
this, the real color of the sun. It’s true that down here on Earth, the blue
and violet wavelengths in sunlight are scattered away by the atmosphere, making the sun appear
slightly yellow, or even orangey red… but from above Earth’s atmosphere, the sun is
essentially white. Sorry Superman. When we see pictures of the sun from outer
space in movies, TV shows and even pictures from astronomers, it’s often tinted orange
to seem more familiar to us. But really, this screen can’t even display
the true color of the sun. The images being beamed onto your retinas right now are mixtures
made of red, green, and blue light, the intensities of which are varied to trick your cone cells
into the sensation of any visible wavelength, or mix of wavelengths. This color… is really
these colors. When metal’s been put into a fire, it starts
to glow, first red hot, then white, and at its hottest, even blue, as it releases thermal
energy as electromagnetic radiation. That’s pretty metal. [MUSIC] This emitted blackbody radiation is a mix
of certain wavelengths whose lengths depend on the temperature. When things get really, really hot, they can
emit into the ultraviolet. You and I are emitting radiation right now, but it’s down in the
infrared… because we’re so coooool. Our sun is about 5800 Kelvin, and the radiation
it gives off is centered in the visible range… which is exactly why it’s the visible range,
because that’s what we evolved to see… but I digress!
Across the universe, stars of all different temperatures give off different mixtures of
light. Cooler stars appear red, while the hottest stars are blue. If you know just where to look, you can see
colored stars for yourself, in the blue of Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. By examining the light given off by that star,
and countless others across more than 200,000 galaxies, astronomers have determined the
average color of the universe: They call it cosmic latte. And what about us, the Milky Way in that cosmic
latte? In 2012 astronomers determined the color of our galaxy too, and captured it in
a haiku: Look at new spring snow
See the River of Heaven An hour after dawn Stay curious.

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  1. Isn't there more more nothingness than there are stars? So wouldn't the color (or lack there of) be black?

    Maybe this episode should have been titled, "what color is the "light" in the universe.


  3. So like you said the blue stars are the hottest while red stars are cooler. I lesrned in school that red stars are receading stars and blue stars are stars moving closer to our point of view. This is because red wave lengths are longer than blue so when the star is moving away, the time the light waves get to us increases, making the wave longer, making it red. Vice versa for blue: the blue wave lengh is shorter and when it gets closer, the wave lengths are seen more frequently

  4. In 2nd Grade when our teachers tolled us to draw the sun and pick crayons. I was the only one to pick white.
    Everyone stared at me weird.
    Lmao the background was black what else would i draw xD.
    Also its realistic.
    It was actually sooner than 2nd grade lol. Like 3rd or 4rd.

  5. Dear It's Okay To Be Smart
    What do you think in the center of our galaxy?
    Is it a one big massive star? A group of star? Or a blackhole?
    Keep in mind that it has an enormous gravity to make "other matters" revolve around it.
    Really hope you answer my question.

  6. My name literally translates to the second brightest star on this case Sirius B in Arabic or Egyptian it's my name•_• 😐😶

  7. 0:56 technically you can see the true color of the sun, the display tricks your eyes into seeing that color, so your eyes say that's what they're seeing, a magician makes a coin disappear, even though they just cleverly hid it, you still saw it disappear

  8. Actual when your looking a satellite picture the sun is green but there is no green stars so it's classified to the next color light yellow or white

  9. wait. Sirius is the brightest star? yep. he is Dead Sirius.(as in dead serious.)
    and there is all the Sirius jokes in and out of Harry Pottor.

  10. This is a haiku

    In the universe
    Is a milky galaxy
    Hours after dawn

    Unlucky with your haiku though! 🌎🌍🌏🌕🌖🌗🌘🌒🌓🌔🌚🌝🌛🌜🌞🌙⭐️🌟💫✨☄

  11. how strong is earths gravity if we werent spinning, considering if there was no gravity we would fly into space at 1000 miles an hour.

  12. I don't know about you Americans and others but I live in a tropical region in India and when the time exceeds early morning,etc. or before the sunset (i.e. mostly from about 8 to about 4-5) the sun actually looks white and shining.

  13. Do flat earthers think it is more flat white than latte coloured? I drink Portuguese coffee so to me it's meia leite.

  14. I actually did pick white for the sun and coloured around it in yellow bc I would look directly at the sun 😅😅 teachers hated me ;-;

  15. Everytime i draw a picture including the sun, i always put white and then do a hint of yellow to make it more realistic.

  16. "What Color is the Universe?" The video title is out of context. It's not ok to be a smartass, dislike and reported. #kappa

  17. So, when I was in school, on "fun days" we watched Bill Nye. I really hope today's students watch this! It's so good and informative!

  18. I didn’t even watch the video, I just saw the name and wanted to point out how dumb of a question that is. 1. To us the universe is everything so the universe every color you’ve ever seen. 2. Our species has a unique perception of color. For all we know there are even more colors that we can’t see but more advanced creatures can

  19. Glad that the Sun come in multiple colors and then when it died out it becomes black destroying quantum physics

  20. The sun looks white on Earth's surface too. You don't have to be in space. It only looks yellow when it is lower in the sky.

  21. hey why hottest star are blue and can even radiate uv colour when in spectrum invisible place beside red ie infrared is hottest

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