War Robots UPDATE 5.4 Overview (Leech, New Event Yan-di Showdown)

War Robots UPDATE 5.4 Overview (Leech, New Event Yan-di Showdown)

This is Tofsla
This is Stan We will show you the new War Robots update. Please, follow us. “But before we begin, please subscribe to
this channel. Done? Good. Let’s go!” First, the new robot is Leech. It makes enemies take damage for you. And even without this ability Leech is a real
beast and will make a good addition to any hangar. Check the overview video for more! The next event is called Yan-di Showdown
Complete daily tasks. Get tokens. Open crates. Unlock new robots, new weapons and new pilots
You know how that works. This time you can win special editions of
Avenger and Corona As well as regular Avalanche, Igniter and
Hussar And don’t forget Leech There’s more. The event is called Yan-di Showdown, remember? In the War Robots universe, Yan-di Ventures
is a corporation formed by the wealthy elite. Of course, they are pretty inventive when
it comes to leisure That leads us to the new 1v1 battleground
made exclusively for the Arena Martian neo Colosseum built for Yan-di’s beau
monde’s favourite spectator sport. Gladiator fights. On robots. Of course! In one side of the ring — Cormac de Vos. Falcon prodigy. His opponent, the reigning Yan-di Showdown
champion — Olga Minina, aka ‘Iskra’. The Phantom queen. This will be the first Arena of the event. Two pilots enter. One pilot leaves. With pockets full of gold. Be ready. You’ll have some time to practice in skirmish,
so be sure to utilize that opportunity to the most. And let us know if you like this format or
not! With this Arena we also launch the community
exclusive challenge. Join the action on our official pages. Sign up — and fight in the Yan-di Colloseum
100 commanders with most wins will receive a brand new Leech. Subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet! And as usual… First TEN commenters under each new official
video receive ONE THOUSAND Gold Be sure to hit the bell button to see them
first The authors of 7 randomly selected comments
under this video will get Leech in 7 days You win only if your in-game ID is posted
correctly and the platform is mentioned Good hunting commanders!

100 Replies to “War Robots UPDATE 5.4 Overview (Leech, New Event Yan-di Showdown)

  1. He guys please stop bringing in new both and weapons and game modes. Fist fix what’s broken, the match-making and nerfing weapons that are not needed.
    Hopefully Thank you.

  2. The games is turning to be very difficult to find away to use active modules specially for new players and also when shield breaker comes out and all our upgraded bots will be useless
    Do you have any solutions for this?
    OXMDE4 ios

  3. Pixonic…you really hit the jackpot with the phantom 🤠, this game is evolving to insanely fun 😍😍.
    Cant wait ti own the LEECH 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🥰.
    Android / 5WLE56. Thanks 👍

  4. Don't introduce that shield breaker module in the game!!! Leech ability is bad
    I'm going to uninstall the damn game!!! It is making me mad😬

  5. Chinese robots , Texas robots , russian robots why not some newzealander or Australian themed robots . Btw send me one 7W2A6A ANDROID

  6. A Leech in my hangar just in time for the YD Showdown would be so so nice.
    Keep up the great work
    ID 33M9L8 – IOS

  7. Wow… Looking good! One v one? Hmmm.. very specialised. Hope I win a leech! They look ultra powered!!
    Pilot ID:8QOM05
    Platform: Android

  8. Wow skin avenger my dream come true ty war robot i love you. And ty for that hard work.keep play pilot 😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤ QXDBK5 ANDROID

  9. Absolutely psyched for update 5.4 love the work you guys are doing. Can't wait for the new pilots and Yad-di Showdown. Keep it up!

  10. Tosla: "Good hanting commanders"

    Feels like its "Time to leave Earth "🤣😂
    Mars next destination 😜
    New update Is awesome

    Love war robots ❤

    Waiting for tournaments to start soon 😋


  11. Good hunting commanders Good hunting commanders
    Good hunting commanders!! Good hunting commanders GOOD HUNTING COMMNDERS

    Good hunting commanders

    21k080 iOS
    Good hunting commanders

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