Walk Ins, Over Soul Walk ins, and Up Linking to OverSoul

Walk Ins, Over Soul Walk ins, and  Up Linking to OverSoul

Hello, my name is Sabrina, today is the 14th
of December 2011 and I wanted to talk about walk ins or over souls today. I want to tell
you a little bit about my belief and story and experience and related to the 12 strands
of DNA actually. My first experience with a walk in was probably about two years ago.
I was on a website and somebody had found Robert Young and channel Simmion and Robert
Young is a walk in. And when I heard this man speak I was – love does not even describe
the intensity of the feelings that I have listening to him. And one day I was meditating
and for some reason I was hearing in my head to say the name Simmion out loud. So I said
the name Simmion out loud and my body went into this really crazy physical response.
I was like having this physical reaction and at the top of my head there was so much pain
in my third eye – it was excruciatingly painful. I don’t even have the words and so I started
thinking the word Simmion is encoded and I’m like “Oh my gosh if everyone says the word
Simmion out loud they’ll have this intense physical reaction” and then I asked everyone
to do it and of course not everyone had my experience. I didn’t realize at the time that
we all have our own encoded words so for me one of the encoded words is Simmion but just
what’s crazy about that being. And then about a year ago I got called to go to Mount Shasta,
I just all of a sudden had to go to Mount Shasta so I went to Mount Shasta and I went
there by myself and I was on top of the mountain in the middle of the night – it was a midnight
drum ceremony so it’s dark on top of the mountain in Mount Shasta, I’m alone, and I’ve been
forewarned that there are some people that – I had been warned not to trust people I
guess is the best way to say it. So I’m at the mountain by myself and instantly this
man lights up, I mean like I saw him and I’m like – and like I know I have to talk to him.
And how is that going to happen, right? So he actually was inside this one circle, he
actually came out and stood right next to me.And so like I’m like “Okay, here we go,
he’s going to talk to me” and him and his friends started talking to me and I could
tell by the way they were talking and they were multi-dimensional aware, they started
talking about things that made sense and you could kind of tell – they would say a little
bit and se if I would react and then I’d be like “Yes, okay” and “Have you seen the Pleiadians
tonight?” and then they’d be like “Oh, she knows” and then they tell a little bit more.
This one guy, I was just like so drawn to him, I was mega attracted but not attracted,
a different type of attraction. Anyway, so even – and then at one point his friend said
“You do know you two are supposed to talk?” because we were talking about meeting the
next day and where we would meet and stuff and so then I’m like “Okay” everybody sensing
like I’m just going to talk to him for a reason. So the next day I met him and we were talking
and I just kept saying “You know something, I know you know something that I don’t know.”
Then he would smile and he wouldn’t tell me and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and blah,
blah, blah and then finally he said “Okay, I have something to tell you” and then he
tells me he’s a walk in. And I was just like I just lost it, I was so excited, I was jumping
up and down and I’m like “I knew it, I knew something” I was so excited and I still don’t
have any idea what happened or whatever but I just was so excited to know him and to hear
his story and the experience of – what his walk in experiences were like and I was so
excited about him. And then I heard William Linville I believe, I hope I’m saying the
name right, he’s a walk in and again he’s like magical to me so I just got this thing
for walk ins. Actually when I was in Mount Shasta after I met this man I started wondering
like would I agree to let someone walk in to my body and would I agree to it. And at
the time I said “Yes, I would” at the time I thought if it didn’t interfere with my children
I would do it. I’ve heard some people leave their kids when they take on missions and
I would never agree to that so I said “Well if it won’t interfere with my kids I’d agree.”
Recently now when I think of walk ins that I’m just at such a different place, probably
much more confident, probably much more secure in my knowing or I’d probably feel a lot more
powerful or something. And so today I don’t want to be a walk in, today I’m like “No,
I’m not stepping aside and letting someone else take over my body.” So then a few weeks
ago I was connecting in the morning and I was writing and I started realizing, like
I got this idea that I thought it was my original idea that no one’s ever had before. I got
this original idea so I thought “Oh my gosh the reason I’m so excited about walk ins is
not because I’m going to let a walk in walk into my body but I’m going to be the walk
in, I’m the walk in” and I was just writing all over the paper “I’m a walk in” not I’m
being walked into but I’m walking into, you know what I mean? Not you’re coming into my
body and taking over my body but I’m walking into the full aspect of who I am, I’m walking
into my whole self, I’m the walk in and I just thought – I thought that was just brilliant,
totally like most amazing concepts, right? And then a few weeks later I’m reading Jelaila
Starr information and the 12 Strands of DNA and in this book The Return of the 12th Planet
guess what she says? She talks about the over soul and when we’re completed with the 12
strands either our over soul will walk into our physical body or we will open up the channel
of communication to our over soul, we’ll have a direct link and we’ll talk into the direct
link through this channel through our over soul. So my brilliant idea that I thought
was so original and so connected apparently other people have had that concept or idea
too.So it had a lot of different ways for walk ins, she has different expressions on
here definition of the different types of walk ins, apparently there are different types
of walk ins that come in, Jelaila Starr herself says she is a walk in, she is the higher dimensional
aspect of the -who’s that girl? I can’t remember – the girl, the original human that Jelaila
Starr walked into is a different aspect of herself so I can’t remember if Jelaila is
a 9th dimensional aspect of the original girl that was born incarnated into this body and
then now that girl has that aspect of herself is doing a different project and Jelaila’s
inside of her body and a walk in in that way. So I just wanted to share my ideas about walks
ins. It’s becoming kind of popular and trendy to talk about walk ins. So I did want to just
read this one thing from the book and in the book she’s talking about the different things
that happen when the strands get connected. For example strand 3, when strand 3, maybe
I’ll make a different video about that, maybe I’ll just read this one. it says once you’re
fully connected with all the strands your over soul is either downloaded into your physical
body or a permanent communication line to your over soul is created so you walk into
your over soul, you upload into your over soul, or your over soul downloads into your
physical body – but either way you have aspect and see your over soul. Interesting. Thanks
for listening.

14 Replies to “Walk Ins, Over Soul Walk ins, and Up Linking to OverSoul

  1. Very nice story!!!! Crazy intense energy :o…. I feel i resonate with you well, i dont know why… but anyways, ive thought about walk-ins, and wondered if i have had a walk in.. does one know that they have a walk in… im guessing they have a level of awareness, and choice in the matter

  2. And is it another soul that "walks in"…. And if so where does your original soul go? O.o Great synchronistic story… I have so many questions about this topic though! ooof

  3. Hi Sabrina, i LOVE your videos! I have a question: when you say oversoul, do you mean higher self? are they they same or two different things?

  4. @floretta65 ~ I have heard there are a few different types of "walk ins". One type is another soul walks into the body/container. The other type is an aspect of your higher dimensional self walks in. For example, your 7th Dimensional aspect can be the walk in.

  5. @neptuniumforest Thanks! Yes, I believe we have a choice and we make/made the agreement. You can ask for confirmation if you are a walk in. It may seem like a mystery or confusing at first, but the point is to understand and be aware of the Whole Story. It is our right to have this understanding and information.

  6. Is it possible that when you are born small in energy..
    Your conciousnes wil grow when the earth and your body is ready for it..
    And that your higher self Incarnates step by step in your life right now .. Is that the same as walk ins?

  7. Hey:) I was told by someone from the "other side" that I had a couple walk ins whatever that means during meditation:) I know what I felt when I had experienced this and it felt strange. My crown chakra opened up and I felt this light energy coming through me. For a moment it felt like I had 2 streams of consciousness (personalities) or beings in my body at one time and it looked like a split personality until I had integrated the new soul. 🙂 I look back at some of my old photos and I noticed my energy is different and even my physical appearance. I felt new to the world and a different person. My question though I've been wondering is are these walk ins , swapping aspects of self? Like we all have many aspects of self , Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcturian ect. And when they swap in and out, I noticed, our personality can change. ?

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