Vegan Soul Food Adventure

Vegan Soul Food Adventure

(lively music) – We’re in Inglewood, California. We’re gonna eat a bunch
of vegan soul food. – Let me tell you somethin’
about soul food, okay. – So Daisha here, is in
another video right now. She’s doing a 30 day vegan food challenge. – What do I know about soul food? I think mac and cheese. I think fried chicken. I think cornbread. (lively music) – Inglewood, like many low income areas of Los Angeles, really struggles to feed people quality, healthy foods. – Oh, welcome to Stuff I Eat. – Babette opened this restaurant in 2008 to try and combat that issue. She’s inspiring the community to understand food they love in a broader context. – I think we should put it on you to come up with a rubric. – This is all based around a party in your mouth, all right? So the first thing is a Shindig. If things are, “Oh wow, this is great.” “I’d probably eat this on my own time, “but I’m not, like, in love,” that is a Kickback. Then the next level up is a House Party. – House party. – All right, house party. And then if we are just completely, completely blown away, all it is is just a Rave. (beeping) – So is this your very first soul food, vegan soul food platter? Really? So first of all, let me describe exactly what you have on this plate. – [Daisha] This is vegan? – This is all vegan, 100% vegan. Kale greens, black-eyed peas. We’ve got mac and cheese. – [Voiceover] Vegan. – Vegan. Barbecue tofu. Get a little coleslaw and potato salad. You’ve got some gluten-free cornbread and your yams. – Ready, go! – [Voiceover] Collin,
you’re an animal Collin. – [Collin] I am an animal. (lively music) – Yes. Oh my God. This mac and cheese is so good. – Yeah, I wouldn’t say it tastes like, you know, like traditional mac and cheese. – She’s not trying to imitate regular soul food mac and cheese. She’s, like, made it her own and it’s amazing. – Everyday, I’d eat this everyday. – The mac and cheese is
a House Party for me. – I think this is a House Party for tofu. – I’ve never had tofu before. – What?
– Like, I’ve never had tofu. In my mind, it’s always been like, – [Voiceover] Weird. – scary and weird, yeah. – Did y’all have this coleslaw? This is a Rave. – The coleslaw’s amazing
– The coleslaw’s a Rave. (beeping) – [Voiceover] Daisha, Daisha
(unintelligible) eat right. Steven. – My plate, almost done. – [Voiceover] Freddy,
pick up the pace, Freddy. – I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’. – What’s your definition of, like, a balanced meal? – That. – This? – What did you expect
me to say? (laughing) So when we first moved over here, I introduced the Soul Food Platter. It was only going to be a special. A couple of the local residents came in. They had the Soul Food Platter and they liked it and then I didn’t have
it, like, the next day. And they were like, “Well,
what happened to that?” And I’m like, “Well,
it was just a special.” They walked out. That happened several times, several weeks in a row and we just made the Soul Food Platter a part of the menu and I think that’s how we became the vegan soul food restaurant. – Why did you want to open in Inglewood? – I live down the street. First of all, every time I wanted a decent vegan meal, I had to drive across town. There are a lot of health conscious people living in this community. The rent was amazing. I’m not paying $20,000 a month for rent. Miss me Beverly Hills. And they needed me here. They needed this situated right here where it is and why not? Why not a good vegan restuaruant in my community? – So since you’ve been here, have you noticed that more people from the neighborhood
have started to come? – Oh definitely.
– Like people who aren’t vegan who just come for the food? – Most of my customers are not vegan. I’m so grateful that I was introduced to this lifestyle and made the transition. I really am. I started at age 40. I’ll be 65 in December. I can still jump down and do my push ups. I’m still running hills. I’m not on medication. – [Voiceover] Your life
is (unintelligible) – My life is (laughing) my life is wonderful right now. – You know I’ve never for one second thought about becoming vegan, but I’m actually legitimately
considering it now. Like, with how good the food is and how good you look. (laughing) – If I could just say one thing, if there are any kids out there eating those spicy Cheetos, maybe you shouldn’t eat those things and that’s all I have to say about spicy Cheetos. I know we’re not talking
about spicy Cheetos.

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  1. There are snacks simliar to spicy cheetos that are vegan. Some Pringles are vegan. It's not healthy but vegan simply means not exploiting animals and consuming nothing animals were exploited for. Gluten-free food has nothing to do with veganism so I don't understand why they sell it there. Also the propaganda of all vegans having more energy and being able to do sports and looking younger etc needs to stop. There are fat vegans too.

  2. When she said the part about spicy Cheetos I was actually eating them. So I’m like WTF how’d she know I was eating spicy Cheetos right now?!?!😂❤️

  3. You go to raw vegan people , Annette Larkin, Mimi Kirk , FullyChristina , John Koehler and many more others who are raw vegan and their recipes are awesome

  4. Everyone saying she looks like she’s in her 40s- I guess, if she lived a really hard life. She looks close to her age but good.

  5. Do not get it twisted the owner only looks that good because she is black I have seen black meat eaters in africa who look as good lol

  6. She said…"if the Soul Food is really good…we'll call it a 'Rave'. Now, YOU KNOW she's clearly NOT from Inglewood. LMAO!!
    And Ditto on the Spicy Cheetos!! Real Talk.

  7. She was 65 then, and didn't look it! I can just imagine that she's still looking good now. The foods looks great as well. Being vegan isn't easy but, I am glad that I became a vegan vegetarian a year, and some weeks ago on my birthday. I don't like to cook like I used, especially in the summer.

  8. I remember this lady so well, but got her mixed up with Buzzfeeds "Worth It". I guess that shows how much her foods means to me? Like i really wanna eat that food one day.

  9. why dors it have to be poor people, when it comes to black vegans and seriously in parts of Africa they dont eat meat, when I was in Kenya I was, so hungry!!! India and other ethnic groups like white folks say, vegan just isnt white. My aunt hasn't ate meat in 20yrs. my cousin hasn't eaten meat in 5

  10. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Babette: "If I could just say one thing…. if there are any kids out there eating those *spicy Cheetos*…. maybe you shouldn't eat those things. And that's all I have to say about spicy Cheetos.

  11. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Babette: "If I could just say one thing…. if there are any kids out there eating those *spicy Cheetos*…. maybe you shouldn't eat those things. And that's all I have to say about spicy Cheetos.

  12. I’m bout to go that restaurant I live in Inglewood I didn’t know this place existed and I really struggle to find vegan restaurants

  13. Damn, that first lady was rude as heck to Freddie! Yelled at her, cut her off repeatedly…. Get some respect woman!

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