Tucker: What do you know about Kamala Harris?

Tucker: What do you know about Kamala Harris?

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  1. She is the perfect Progressive President which means she is a zealot to the administrative state's vested interest of the Progressive Project. Think of her as the Lady Woodrow Wilson minus the intellectual nerd factor, but three times the racist attitude. Jack that up to the nine's and that is what she'll be like as president.

    Progressives will collectively have a political organism if she is elected and most people won't realize what that actually means for them other than 'we elected a woman of color'. Ideology truly matters and if we want a society where your race and gender are irrelevant electing her is the opposite of what you want as a sane voter. If you want gender and race to fundamentally matter than she is your new Queen Bee.

    Beyonce sorry Kamela is on "da Throne" now. Move over Oprah, you have been unseated. Your reign will end too as the darling of the Progressive zealot cult of collectivism.

  2. At least Obama had some dignity, Kamala is an absolute piece of trash. When I see her face, I see hate. She's a hateful little monster.

  3. Harris top tier? Yeah Right! Because they mugged Tulsi Gabbard off the stage for daring to lay words on their WOKE ALL-STAR HARRIS!

  4. Kamala Harris made a lot of dishonest illegal deals with criminals in California as a junior prosecutor, just because there's no evidence doesn't mean that there weren't any dishonest illegal deals made by her.

  5. She's got some explaiaining to do about her and Corey's anti LYNCHING bill! Just in time for little jussie! That WHOLE THING STINKS! She is dirty from the word go! Her father totally read her for the pot remarks and slavery crap! She not black more than obama!

  6. it's so funny how they're thinking Elizabeth Warren should be the front-runner when she was found guilty for stealing 5 billion dollars from a Massachusetts slush fund for personal use now that is fraud that is embezzlement that is grand larcenyit's also just plain illegal so tell me how she gets to run for president cuz it seems like nobody can answer this question for me

  7. Harris is just a seat in the Liberal BS court of crap. She hasn't done a dam thing for her people, ZERO NOTHING. What a waste of Tax payer money.

  8. Trump will win in a landslide given the current situation, it's comical to see the other foolish opinions – I'm not even a Trumper but the Dems are just off the rails….

  9. America's founding father's are rolling over in their graves for what the Democraps are pulling. Californians should be ashamed of themselves for voting Polygrip Pelosi, Harris and AOCrapper into office in the first place. We lawabiding citizens need to vote these people out of their respective positions , arrest them and fry them for treason!! VOTE TRUMP 2020!!

  10. Just imagine. If the New American Communist Party (Democrat Party) gets into power at full swing power Fox News and many other like minded social media organizations will be outlawed.

  11. I love Jimmy Carter, such an intelligent, caring, peaceful man. I hope he lives to 120. That is a person who's endorsement I would take notice of.

  12. Ah thank you Tucker, finally I heard and accurate description of Harris’s voice, “grating and unlikeable”.

  13. You forgot to mention the biggest "plus" Harris has on her side…she would be the FIRST EVER AMERICAN INDIAN FEMALE TO BECOME THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!…GIMME A "P"…GIMME AN "O"…

  14. Have we as Americans become so blind that we vote for someone solely on race or gender, and not there political views? We are doomed as a country.

  15. I know this about Kamala Harris – she is not a 'Natural Born Citizen' because both of her parents were foreign nationals when Kamala was born. Therefore under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution Kamala Harris is not eligible to serve as POTUS.

  16. Sooooooo…, Obamanation slept with Willie Brown, too? Was it a Kamala 🥪 sandwich, or was Barry the middle man? While Michelle filmed it all…

  17. Kamala Harris is Justin Trudeau in black face drag and we're gonna make him our leader again cause we're stupid ya'all!!

  18. I am so confused do you believe Trump is a self claimed like really smart stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom 🙂 LMAO !! lololol or a corrupt white nationalist wannabe dictator idiot imbecile madman criminal? Obviously if you have even half a functioning brain you would know he's the latter

  19. She needs to stop giggling like a little girl, stop batting her eye lashes, and stop wagging that finger of hers. No presidential material.

  20. hummm,, I have many friends of Color,, diff Races, some from CA. They all say Harris is just another Maxine with better hair and verbage. She's a self serving CROOK! She was terrible in the Prosecutors job towards minorities as well. Do folks in CA follow anything beyond rhetoric?? How do these scumbags cheats ever get elected,, I mean without the obvious nepotism in the beginning. Geeze,, grow a Brain CA! And I'm a proud ( I ) by the way. Peace!

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