Trump Uses Solemn Event As ‘Political Prop,’ Say Admiral | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Uses Solemn Event As ‘Political Prop,’ Say Admiral | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Trump Uses Solemn Event As ‘Political Prop,’ Say Admiral | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Incapable of understanding or empathy. How on earth could he have thought the parents/families were OK? Obviously, he would not have the depth of feeling for anything other than himself & his money.

  2. Again, Stop giving him a platform to lie on!!! All you are doing is helping him!!! Freaking stop it msnbc! WTG is wrong with you idiots?

  3. Can someone tell me why our soldiers are dieing? America is not under attack so why should our men and women die. For what? Help me understand why someone would allow their child to inlist? Free college/housing?

  4. Trump is a disgusting man…how dare he use this most horrible and private moment to his advantage! He is the most unfeeling, ignorant, self-centred creep that has ever been in the White House I can't call him a President!

  5. “The big powerful plane”. What a moron…you have no sense of decorum or respect he is a horrible horrible man.

  6. trump hour as desolated America with our allies. This man must be impeached.

    Then vote him out in record numbers. His base are the 30% that just aren't capable of seeing how dangerous he is. trump is a dangerously unfit. Europe and the middle east laugh at what a despot he is.

  7. The generally accepted Psychological Desk Reference provides 12 tests for a psychiatrist or psychologist to review in assessing whether a patient is not just a narcissist (we all are to a limited extent), but can be diagnosed as having MND (Malignant Narcisist Disorder), which is incurable and which is responsible for the worst people ever to occupy the planet. If a person scores 6 or more on the test, he or she is diagnosed as having MND. The higher the score, the deeper the disorder and the more dangerous the patient. Hitler scored 9 out of 12, Staling scored 10 out of 12. Trump scores 12 out of 12. Think about that.

  8. He should see all the sobbing family of those Kurds who are dead or will be because our president is a dirty turncoat who takes is orders from the Kremlin.

  9. 🤔 Riddle me this…if Hunter can get 1.5 billion from China with no experience… 🙁 And Trump walks away without a China deal… 😒Does it mean he "can't hold J. Biden's jock strap?" 😏Just a thought 💭.

  10. Its not real till you see it. Ppl are CRYING over coffinns from the bombs landing on KURDISH babys. If i wanna be a dramatists. Because Turkey invaded.

  11. has he ever went to an angel flight event?what a disgusting vile subhuman he truly is.he makes me sick,he should be in the military,he might learn a thing about humility,i doubt it hes too stupid.

  12. One embarrassing day after another. To be honest, I don't care if a Republican or a Democrat or an independent gets voted in next-he just needs to be out of that office, and we need someone with some compassion and heart. And for God sakes, be at least 80% trustworthy – give us at least 4 years of that to get back to some kind of normal again.

  13. I think what the republicans are doing is really short sighted cause he going to leave a big wound for the Republican party.

  14. His eyes were super dilated there; he's high again and he's actually enjoying talking about the coffins and the parent's grief; it excites him because it makes him feel … something. Otherwise he's so souless, he feels nothing unless he's fighting someone or insulting someone or 'winning…'

  15. he didn't bring troops home from Syria. They are still there. Except for the troops in Kurdistan which is allowing Turkish army to cause a genocide and break out 10s of thousands of ISIS captive soldiers. Just because trump has hotels in turkey.

  16. The "PP" president…No no….its not what you're thinking…nothing to do with the pee pee tapes…its a monogram….the "Pretend President"….

  17. It's hard enuff 2kno as we all do far too well wat those parents of fallen soldiers have to endure.. So much darkness around every corner parents worry each & everyday for the wellbeing of their children as do I.. But here we have someone who doesn't even have the common decency to not divulge private sensitive details as he just did.. How immoral in a attempt to show face in a time of grievance.. Is this type of person if he is such wat republicans are defending..?? To wat lower depths will he go to..?? This so F'kd Upp beyond comprehension but the drama keeps unfolding day after day…

  18. Not only is he not suited to be in charge of a country, he's not suited to be in charge of a Denny's restaurant…

  19. I've had several responses to post I've had spoke on about this so-called POTUS. But wat is he President of..?? Who does he actually represent..?? Most of the responses to my post have been mostly about he hasn't done anything wrong to another about me doing fact checks about the U.S Military pullout. But sayin when Obama was in office there was things being done with the former leader khadifi who was assasinated.. Ok I'm like thinkin 2myself well Hussein was guilty of genocide on his own people. Hmmm, no mention of that in their statement.. Yes the U.S had a part 2play in funding & military weapons to the Middle East but how many years back was that..?? It goes back alot & then some. My point is this.. I can't state every fact based article word for word but I do include wats actual events, past or present… This so called whoever has done more damage than Nixon himself to a democracy built on words of the constitution & it's republic….

  20. OMG , I have served on American Legion Color Guard and have stood guard over many veterans , I gave my heart and soul to honor them to the best of my ability , and to hear this draft dodger give a speech like that welcoming our soldiers home to me is Beyond disgusting , no respect in a most personal time ,,, I just have no words right now why WOW , I am Proud of being able to have had the honor to show the upmost respect in my duties to Honor those that served our country in the hardest of times

  21. Ten-ten listening; tweeting overnight with the base and foreign despots, losing sleep and the confidence of “The Party of Myself”.

  22. When seeing & reading the comments of individuals expressing their views on wat is happening I wonder if there's that blindeye person (no fun intended to those visually impaired) responding to someone else's comments..?? A war of words maybe..?? Wat do they "NOT" see or read wat we do..?? Wat makes everything that has gone wrong while he's often seem right but a certain few are in prison because of their dirty work for him.. Now Guilliani has 2people of his people caught up & wat has been indictments.. But we all know very well when your hands are dirty & that word indictment comes into play it's over.. So wat is it that the ones who do see wats goin on & the ones who stand defiant saying it's all a witch hunt are missing here..?? I'm definitely scratching my head on this one..🙈🙊🙉😐😲😳

  23. Trump should have added "gee I'm glad my parents never had to see me coming out of a C-130 in 1969, good thing I had a draft deferment". I lost a lot of good friends in Vietnam, and we served because people like Jack Kemp, Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump got draft deferments. Our parents wern't rich or connected so when we got our letter we reported for duty and took our chances. The way I saw it, I had lived 18 years as a free person in America and so it was time to pay for it. But not this S.O.B, he didn't go because he was lazy and afraid. I have more respect for people like Jane Fonda who stood up for what they believed then people like Trump!

  24. Even while speaking about a solemn and heartbreaking subject he made it about himself saying that the parents of the fallen military men and women came up to him and said "Oh Mr. President it's so nice that you're here" . Because I doubt that the grieving families would even care if he was there or not.

  25. Ironic that the Orange Fascist CON TRAITOR has a fellow RACIST FuckWipe (Mark Meadows) right behind him as he's Bull Shittin his way through this "solemn event". IMPEACH THIS MUTHA FUKA ALREADY!!!

  26. Yeah, 1000 ISIS fighters may escape to Europe… no problem, right? I guess the Europeans don't think so. Pelosi argued a long time that impeachment would be divisive for the country. But now that the inquiry has actually begun it seems more and more people are uniting in support of it. I guess she was wrong. The only thing that is divisive is Trump himself.

  27. "ISIS fighters have joined the caravan traveling to our border

    We need the wall"

    I can see it now… Trump 2020 campaign speech

  28. For a 70 year old man Trump really seems to be learning that which a child might learn. It's as if he's living in a bubble.

  29. Thanks and praises to Joe Scarborough for telling it like it is.
    Thank you for your commentary.  The opinions expressed toward the end of this clip calling out the Republicans for supporting Trump should become a meme . . .  and be repeated ad nauseam until those guilty cannot escape the truth. Kudos, sir for throwing out the gauntlet.

  30. Excellent program. I applaud these two reporters/commentators who stand up for our country.

  31. This is comment 911! Here is a 5 time draft Dodger who is now commander in chief of the armed forces of the United states of America. He is an opportunist using the back drop of soldiers killed in the line of duty as a talking point of shallow words and false concern. Just an ironic piece of American History put in motion by the Electoral College

  32. trump you are a monster!!!F*** YOU! Sincerely, a legal immigrant and US citizen who loved this nation enough to serve in the US Air Force.

  33. "Oooooh," my goodness graciousnesses" I love it when a plan comes together!! If you don't want the Swamp-Rats with the fleas in a cage you must take away the cage Builder! Before you can get the fleas off the swamp rats, you must catch the Swamp-Rats in a very secure cage!! Swamp Cockroaches are beginning to look for a place to hide!!! WWG1WGA!!

    The Deep State swamp rats and roaches will soon be jumping ship!! The ship will no longer hold its course!!

  34. You knew who this man was, you made him your leader, now you reap what he sows, and you deserve every piece of disrespect you get from the rest of the world. RIP The Kurds

  35. This man, although I firmly believe most have recognized that by now, has no empathy. No sympathy. No concept of honor, dignity, mutual trust or sacrifice. He's a patient-zero textbook frontpage example of narcissistic sociopathy. With his Messiah-complex and his grand resources spoonfed to him since birth, he has, unlike most others of such traits, never needed to learn anything really. Narcissists and sociopaths, and the severe combined… without empathy, there is close to zero incentive to learn to interpret and understand people's emotions, and how it affects them. Until they come of age or position, where their own interests and their ego depend upon that. Then the successful ones, will learn, often by observation and quite cruel experimentation – to understand the basics that can hurt their ego and success. Not too unlike many single men learning themselves to use a washing machine without a manual. Trial and error, sometimes destructively, highly pragmatic and analytical, to gain a skill neccessary for their independent success, but not really a skill wanted. There's zero genuine interest, but strictly pragmatic neccessity. They still have no empathy, but by pragmatic analytics and strictly egocentric reasoning, they gain the ability to imitate sympathy and emotional response.

    Mr. Trump has never had that need. He's had paid workers to handle anything of the sort, for him. And it desperately shows, now at an age of over 70 when it's getting much harder to learn new tricks of such nature, and insistant on not needing them – he has distanced himself from those incredibly good PR handlers of his that basically scripted his every word, and facial movement and body language throughout his Presidental campaign – to conceal his inability to human.

    Now that he has backed himself into a corner, with the world's scrutiny all over him 24/7 – he no longer has multiple fat layers of lawyers, PR directions and spokespeople between him and the world. Those not only dressed him up and pulled his strings to make him look humane – but they were fodder and shields for the critique and response following his detrimental and destructive doings. Now without that layer, of course it feels like everyone's out to get him. But nothing really changed in either end – what changed was his surrounding, absorbant buffer zone.

  36. I can’t……I have have been a military wife for 23 years…This is the most disgusting thing…So many of my friends have lost their husband’s. Omg who does this…

  37. Not only is he killing people by his erratic decisions. Now he’s disrespectful to those who service or nation and their family. What such a disrespectful human being. It’s because the bone spur coward refused to do what others have done.

  38. Sad. Someone or something thinks Trump should remain in office judging by the record campaign contributions he's getting.

  39. This is plan wrong. I do not support Trump at all! I respect this one, and only one, action of President Trump. He brought the sorrow, from the pain, the families go through, when devastated by their son/daughter solders who died. Please understand this. Solders who died. I got emotional about what the president said. He made a very good expression of the deep pain of the families have, and made us understand this pain. Let this one alone. Please! Do not use this piece, an inverted criticism of a pure share, again. Please. Your take of this is not coming across the way you think. Let this go. Actually, delete this video.

  40. When W was the president, I thought it would be impossible to again elect a president who spoke so poorly. Trump is even worse. He can't form complete thoughts, and constantly repeats himself. It is painful to listen to this man speak. Putting aside that he is a crook, he is not smart enough to hold this, or any other, office.

  41. Glad to see Mark Meadows stuck in the background. He's enabled Trump for a long time, so now he can own everything Trump is doing.

    Great Job Mark Meadows. Way to sell out the US and get Kurdish allies slaughtered.

    Own it Mark Meadows. You do own it

  42. Tears for the fallen and their loved ones. I think they are not in Trump's purview, obviously, if only the second visit in three very long years of fighting abroad. Shamefully abusing heartfelt experiences from those that lost someone who gave their all for this country, is a despicable act. Trump aims to seek public approval to lessen the load that the truth will bring upon him. True despair will snatch him up, and bring down those around him in the wake of the impact. They will wish they had been honorable servants of the people, instead of the greedy idiots of the criminal clown named Trump. Their names will be scoffed at in the history books.

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