39 Replies to “Toram Online – Felien is Back! Road to Mesgiton Event and Halloween Event!

  1. I got scammed on gemrun at felien :'
    So, be very careful you guys, please

    And please do careful with IGN rojali~
    by the name of its, he's Asian i think, especially Indo
    shame on my own country -_-

  2. So she baaack. It's time for Proto Hunting!

    Actually I think I will be knocked out before I get that sword 😅 flashback

  3. Just started this game a day ago. I know I will eventually need this weapon though. Can u get carried through? Or is there some sort of prerequisite?

  4. I accidentally put my katana price at 1m instead of 7m, it's too late someone already bought it. Next is I accidentally upgraded my armor to heavy one so I lost atk spd. I wanna cry right now T-T

    IGN: Ms. Cow

  5. I love to get the sword but too much work because the materials to enter and the first 3 bosses without your other members dieding or fall out the Arena

  6. I don't like the fact that road of megiston and halloween event are occurring at the same time. Just let me focus on 1 event pls -_-

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