Top 5 Most Embarrassing Exercises in the Gym!

Top 5 Most Embarrassing Exercises in the Gym!

Face it we all want to look like badasses in the gym benchpress. Hell, yeah curls right on, overhead press, you know it Roof Ridges and line Hamstring curls Okay, you know what those last two are more embarrassing than badass and come to think of it There’s a lot of embarrassing exercises in the gym What are the most embarrassing that’s a damn good question because we’re about to find out glute bridges like the name explained Primarily working the glute now other than squat and deadlift is probably one of the best ones you wanna use To be able to fill that big booty But why is this so embarrassing well for starters it basically looks like you’re making sweet sweet love to the invisible woman Sorry refrigerants But she could say no to beans on second thought is making sweet sweet love invisible woman in the crowded gym even embarrassing Your call hip abductor machine working the abductors in the groin area This is a great exercise for isolating the hip abductors But unfortunately this is a very embarrassing exercise as well our advice on this one Sit down close your eyes and just rep it out. Whatever you do avoid eye contact with others Trust us Lying leg curl. This is an excellent exercise to help isolate the hamstring through knee flexion And it’s not quite as embarrassing as some of the others on the list But it still feels like you’re in a compromising position while performing this exercise But the real question is do you place your head to the left to the right or straight down on the bench We’d like to know so comment below good morning and exercise working the hamstrings and lower back Good mornings works on two levels visually for those standing in front of you It looks like you’re bowing over saying good morning as you perform the exercise For those standing behind you it looks like you’re bending over and saying good morning, huh? Probably not recommended for women wearing skin tight Yoga pants although that’s in direct contradiction to the creeper’s out there who would probably recommend women wearing skin tight Yoga pants while performing good morning You know who you are? We saved the best for last and that can be pull through Now the name in itself doesn’t sound that Embarrassing and it’s actually excellent exercise for the glutes the hamstrings a little bit the lower back through thrusting the hips now We know about thrusting the hips and a lot of these other exercises? You’ll see some of that, but this one adds a little bit extra to it I’m going to stop talking and lets you see for yourself Cue the Epic a pull-through montage There you go the list of the world’s most embarrassing gym exercises Did we leave in the out let us know and even more maybe share some embarrassing stories to go along with them? Come on. I know you got some and hey your storie is safe with us, it’s not like this is the internet or anything you know that this video is going to be view thousands of times Say for all eternity On second thought maybe should cheer those embarrassing stories

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  1. We've been working out for a while and seen (and performed) quite a few embarrassing exercises. But what are the MOST embarrassing? Well sit down dudes because it's time to fiiiiiiiind out! Also, we'll be at the Anaheim FitExpo THIS WEEKEND on August 26th or 27th. If you're going to go come say hi AND use promo code buffana17 for $10 off the $25 admission fee. See you there. -Hudson

  2. The most embarrassing exercise is using the tiny water fountain because I can't remember where I set my shaker down.

  3. I think the most embarrassing exercise comes in the form a #2! When squatting and drinking nothing but a protein shake along with pre workout you MUST evacuate your bowels before bending to the holy cross of steel…Not that its ever happened to me or anything…..ahem…

  4. Honestly. I love your videos but this just seems unecessary and only insecure people will actually take these into thought. I gladly do glute bridges in a full gym. Full racked barbell too. Gyms purpose is to work out to look good. Not look good to work out.

  5. Who cares, you gonna make fun of them when you have that perfect body you want and they will be wondering how you did it !

  6. Maybe I'm over confident, but I just simply do not care. Only thing I care about in regard to my fellow gym members is wrapping a towel around the bar when doing weighted hip raises (although I'm not naked at the gym it feels more hygienic).

  7. You're not doing the pullthrough the right way. If the weight is light so you can lift your arms to parallel to the ground, you're not putting enough resistence on your bum. Lifting arms to any more then 90` is a shoulder excersise, while pullthrough is a hip dominant movement.
    Plus, the good morning guy is rounding his back. I'd say probably because of poor hamstring flexibility.

  8. don't mind doing those rope cable sldl i hate doing bb hiptrust tho i cant wait to get my home gym complete bc the looks i get from idiots im trying to build strength in my glutes to get my squat up since its a weak point and the looks i get like some giggalo training for sex wtf

  9. What about the ab exercise where you get on your knees and pull a cable downward while curling your upper body towards the floor like you are bowing to an emperor?

  10. There was this one summer day. I went from home to gym and back directly so i decided to allready dress for workout at home when I got dressed in the morning. I had to put on another pair of pants than usual, had forgotten to wash them. Now when I was done working out I noticed that my pants (color light grey) were sweaty and it looked like if I had peed myself. The worst part: nextdoor to the gym there is a motocycle shop and they were having a party outside. I had to walk past the stage and across the party to get to my car…

  11. Hip hitch
    It looks like Im dancing

    But since I have to carry heave weights on my back it helps to have strong hip stabilizers

  12. What about the ego lifters that lift the heaviest thing with the most embarrassingly bad form ever?

  13. The most embarrassing gym exercise is the strange weakness that some people get which although they can have impressive lifts, they don't have the strength to re-rack the weights.

  14. Lying leg curls, otherwise known as the prison shower exercise because you end up grunting at the top of the exercise and you get a nice tap on the ass as you grunt.

  15. Snake arms, when you and your friend are the only one that train in martial arts at the gym. It looks like we are trying to forcefully hug each other. Its practice to over take the clinch in Boxing and Muay Thai, you need shoulder endurance

  16. I free ball with short shorts when I do glute bridges and hip abductors while I stare at the hottest girls with date rape face

  17. That one exercise when grab a kettle bell and do some sort of side lunges with it. Reminds me Zoidberg running away or the human crab walk.

  18. Naah, my coach has pretty embrassing excercises for swimming. Cant really explain them but they make you look like you have no idea what you are doing

  19. Haha, yeah I never wondered why the hip adductor machine was the only machine along the wall to actually face the wall, at my gym.
    I've actually seen the dark side of this machine, at my first gym many years ago. Girls, in their late teens early 20's, getting all kinds of sleazy comments from men in their 30's-40's, during their working sets, on this particular machine. It was a short visit for that machine at that gym, though.

    SInce I discovered that my ass and hips are lacking and it is giving me alot of back pain I'm actually in for the Glute Bridges, hardcore. Ppl do give me looks and "secretely" smirk when I'm doing it, but who cares since I get good results from it.

    And I do lying Ham Curls. Looking to the left (whats it matter?) where that machine has got this little computer screen with a ROM graph and it also count reps for you.

    Also, standing Hip Thrusts is mostly a posterior warm up AND its supposed to be done with a kettlebell, for actual momentum wich is critical in this particular exercise (since its about catch and explode up).
    Moving a cable back and forth between your thighs? Yea, that IS gay… me thinks.

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