Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories – Part 2

So the first parallel universe video did really
well – theres just something about parrallel universes that you guys really, REALLY enjoyed. Even if you don’t believe they exist or that
we cant pass between them – these stories from real people are fascinating to here,
and of course, pretty creepy indeed. Heres some more amazing ones for you today
– my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories Part 2. Starting off at number 10 we have The Being. We’re starting off with a great one here
A lot of this story takes place a couple years ago. However, the final part happened just a couple
nights ago, so I figured I should finally post it. This all sort of started two years ago. I was walking my puppy down to the beach after
dinner. She splashed around in the water a bit, not
very important to this story. What is important is when I was walking her
back to my house. There was a man with the biggest smile on
his face, just walking down the sidewalk with over-exaggerated arm movements. As we passed he politely said good evening
to me. A couple months later I was in the car with
my Mom and sister. That same man was walking down the sidewalk,
and my sister pointed out his odd arm motion. Almost immediately my Mom told her not to
make fun of him, and that it’s just something he does. She then quickly said she’s known him for
a while. A couple of weeks ago I was was out jogging
at night. Since it was late I was very paranoid while
I was out, so I was looking all around the whole time. For a couple minutes I was just staring ahead,
there was no way I could’ve missed anything. Who else showed up, almost out of thin air? That same exact man! There was something noticeably different,
everything about him had reversed. The once overjoyed man had an almost cartoonishly
huge frown, and was walking with the biggest slump. He passed me by without saying a single thing,
which seemed odd just for politeness sake. I got home and immediately told both of my
parents about the encounter. While attempting to explain the whole thing
to my parents my Mom looked incredibly confused. She told me she had no idea who the man was,
even after I reminded her about the car ride where he showed up. Finally two days ago I saw the man again,
he was on the other side of the street from me. There was absolutely nowhere for him to go,
but when I turned around he was nowhere to be seen. This whole thing has me incredibly freaked
out, I haven’t even went jogging since the incident. I can’t even explain the feeling I had the
last two times I saw him. I just know I’ve never felt more disturbed
in my life, and I have no idea why. Both times seeing the man at night I’ve felt
shaken to my very core. If anyone has any theories I would love to
hear them. Edit: Whoops, forgot something until I seriously
thought about it again. The night the man passed me he sped up as
soon as he saw me. He almost seemed in a strange panic. I should also mention the fact that seeing
the man at night triggered such a vibrant memory of the first time I ever saw the man. Everything about the whole even just felt
so unnatural, I can’t really explain it- Next up at number 9 we have The Husband Glitch. They say that people and places can phase
between parallel worlds – but can text messages? This story comes from Reddit user Aunt Masto
who said -I’m a newlywed. We’d been married less than a month when I
woke up at 5:30 am next to my husband’s sleeping form and saw a notification on my phone. It was a text from him, Sam

100 Replies to “Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories – Part 2

  1. Do you think these stories are real? If you haven't watched part 1, then watch it here ->

  2. the thing were dreaming 30 second future thing…. i have those stuff and when i realize it ….i basically say…"This has definitely happened before" i usually say those words loudly…. but in most times i say it…. either people ignore me or they don't hear me because nobody reacted…

  3. Okay that Gavin story, I have a IQ about the same, am really socially awkward, and my name is Gavin. But I’m still younger than 16.

  4. #5 happens to me alot in the exact way he explained, but for me as it unfolds I see the choices I can make and the outcome including the one I've drempt/lived, another thing that happens is sometimes I'll dream and be seeing threw other peoples eyes. Only to one day be in that same spot but threw my eyes. If that makes sense

  5. Love the stories but can I slow down the speed of your voice dude? No offence and just teasing but I find it does all blend together and I can easily lose my way. ✌🏽

  6. I have this theory you can only die by natural causes. If you die by something else then you are sent to a parallel universe where everything is the same except whatever killed you is not real. Ever see something for one second that scares the crap out of you so you look back and back at it and its gone. That means you could have been transported to the universe nanosecond back while in the other universe your death happened. When someone dies by unatural causes they get sent to this universe by god. Though this is just a theory it makes me feel a little safer. This is probably not real though.

  7. One day me and my friend saw a watertank we looked at it until our other friends called us soon we looked at the watertank it moved so the day after I thought to investigate soon I niticed the watertank was no where tobe seen after that I asked my friend about it and she knew nothing about it

  8. Waching this video i heard my dad go in the toilet and then after a couple of minutes i dicided to gi get a drink . I axidently pored some of the drink on the counter . I asked dad if i could come in becuse we keep our towels in the toilet . I heard nothing so i asked again . I got no replie . I went in and there was no one . I told this to my dad he said . I was fixing moms car . I hadnt gone inside at all.

  9. I have dreams about what happens that day I dreamed I never think it actually happens
    Until it does it’s more of an asset to me I dreamt finding an ocean monument in Minecraft
    That night that update came out in Minecraft Pe
    I dreamt about a geometry dash update and guess what that day it came out
    Idk if this is a coincidence it’s pretty weird but It hasn’t happened since

  10. I used to have dreams of the future, like a time where it was a week or two before Christmas and I had a dream that we got hatchimals for a gift but we had to clean up our room first, this happened exactly how the dream appeared. Yet, now I either don't have the dreams or I cant remember them.

  11. You ever had a dream that connected or like a Pt. 2 to a “past dream” but actually never dreamed about that dream in the past?

  12. You know the question he asked when he said "have you ever seen something disappear from one place to another" or something like that? we can all agree to this question.

  13. @ 8.07 my cat is familiar with my partner's house, but us still skittish when I'm there, he's not like that at home, my partner's wife died but not in the house, is he feeling her

  14. I get the dreams like the person in #5, it’s mostly little things that happen exactly as they do in my dream, or ones that are vaguely similar to things that I dreamt. Once I had a dream about my nephew and warned my mom and sister to keep an eye on him, based on my previous dreams, and later in the month he had something happen that broke his leg. In the ones that happen exactly as they do in life, as I dream them I always remember myself saying, “this is my dream.” When they happen I say the same thing without realizing it.

  15. I have a parallel universe story

    When I was a kid I used to play with hot wheels all the time and my favourite car was a purple and white sports car, on the 16th of December I was playing with my hot wheels when my mum came through into the room and told me to go to bed, I placed the car on a table and went to my room, the next day I ran into the room exited to play with my hot wheels but when I found the car there was two beside each other, I was confused but when I asked my mum about it she said you always had two.

  16. No lie. I had a dream where I saw my mom and dad in a restaurant and I saw myself in my moms stomach about three months pregnant. Years later I found myself in that restaurant with a feeling like I had been there before but never had. Now that’s weird.

  17. At Center Island i witnessed a Lighthouse with a candy cane stripe design while on the end of a dock. The light house was on the same shore as I was just further down. i turned to my friend and said hey check out that old looking lighthouse and pointed. but it was gone.

  18. I remember my Dad telling me a story about how he remembered waking up for work, and he got a text message from his boss, then he went about his day and finally headed off to work in his red 1990 Ford Mustang GT, (It was around 2009-2010 so everybody was saying this car was old and he needed to get rid of it.) on his way to work he remembered trying to slam on the brakes, but his brakes failed, and he crashed the car and blacked out. Later he woke up in his bed with his alarm going off, and as he was getting dressed he got the SAME text message from his boss he received earlier, so he decided to take his other car (1999 Cadillac DeVille) to work using a different route, he didn’t die, and he decided to sell his Mustang the next day.

  19. I have short story that I am almost sure that it can relate to this video. So it happened yesterday. I was asleep, but I open my eyes my eyes and I am sure that my eyes are a bit open. And I see my mother putting my dad's laptop on mine. She looked as she was in a rush. My only thought was "Strange…Maybe she is late for work and it's before 9 so I can sleep a bit more". So when I got up for school I noticed that my dad's laptop wasn't there I remembered. Even I asked my mother and she told me that she hadn't done such thing. I was confused because I was sure that it was real

  20. when my brother & i were little we shared a bed i woke up saw a mans silhouette deepest black wearing a trench coat fedora & red glowing eyes I sat bolt up right & frozen in fear, my brother woke up he saw him too & was frozen in fear & then he disappeared & we both said run & we both ran down the stairs our parents tried to tell us it was a nightmare but how could we both have the same nightmare & we both woke up because we felt a presence standing in our bedroom door way & we both saw him disappear at same & said run we felt terrorified & felt he was a demon or really evil what was that

  21. I have a story I saw me one day ME so I screamed and it /me ran I was startled so the next day I saw me again and asked who are you and it said GHOST IT'S A ghost and he disappeared what do you think it was a parrellel universe or something else

  22. When I was 7 I saw a little girl multiple times sitting beside my mothers bedside table, it freaked me out but I didn't think much of it at the time, the next year my little sister was born.
    My sister turned five and i am now thirteen i had a dream about the girl beside my mothers bedside table and the next day i saw my sister and the two looked exactly the same.

  23. when i was around 4-8 years old i would often hallucinate whenever my fever got too high, so whenever it felt like things around me were getting smaller or the floor turned into liquid i knew i was gonna get a fever. however, the hallucinations started occuring more often from age 5-7. i'd see faces (just faces) stamped on the walls, floors and even car seats. i shrugged it off thinking i would have a fever, but i didn't, and a few weeks later, a family moved in and what shocked me the most was that even though i had never seen them, one of their faces looked exactly like the faces i'd hallucinated.

    i stopped seeing all these things after i turned 10. i don't know, it freaks me out when i think about it now but back then it was just a momentary state of shock and I'd move on with my life.

  24. Guys I have a awesome story About how my day went

    1: I woke up
    2: I ate breakfeats
    3: I took a shower
    4: I went to school
    5: I saw my crush
    6: I kissed my crush

    The order of what happened went 2,3,4,5,6,1

  25. The situation on the no. 5 happend a lot to me before when I still a teenager I see random stuff happend in my dream but never able to remember fully just fragments of what happend then after the situation happend, then I remember the dream then I feel like something in my memory disappeared

  26. I was once going to sleep in my brother and Is bunk bed and he went to sleep, and then I did. Somehow, I woke up, it still being nighttime, me standing up on the bottom bunk, talking to my AWAKE, brother, I had no idea what he was talking about and I said let’s go to sleep, and we did, and I woke up in the morning, and it was fine, could have been sleep walking or talking, but it was soooooo weird. 😬

  27. The one at the festival…… they are off their faces! Had one too many disco biscuits, anyone that’s been to a festival knows this 😉

  28. 11:56 Both me and my sister get the exact same dreams. Short glimpses into the future that only concerns everyday life and doesn't really matter But whenever it happens to me when the time comes I feel compelled to the what I did in the dream as if my body is moving on it own.

  29. i always have little visions of things that could happen like me knocking over something, but if i dont pay attention to it when i get the vision it ends up really happening and confuses me. But if i do pay attention and say to myself no that isn't going to happen it never does… and im really confused.

  30. When I was in seventh or eighth grade, I had a dream where after lunch two people were just standing in a random spot near some bathrooms and there was exactly $2 on the ground between them and when I picked it up they didn't say anything or think anything of it, and that happened in real life at school in the same spot, with the same people, with exactly $2, with the same reaction.

  31. I think in the 3rd one they seen his doppelganger but you should be able to see the others face but it will be blank and expressionless

  32. THE PLAY ONE!!!!! IM LIVING IN THAT ONE!!!!! Every time I sleep I see the future and its not 30secs its 2 hours

  33. I remember all of those dreams, its been happening to me since I was 5. I literally saw my best friend die in my arms when I was asleep, when I woke up the next day I heard he had died the exact same way he did in my dream. But this time I wasn't holding him it was his mom

  34. I too have glimpses of moments in the future when i sleep, I only know i have dreamt of it when it actually happens.

  35. But some of these are actually ghost stories like the mother with a baby and the guy that sees the smiling face guy

  36. 1. Hallucinating
    2. Hacking
    3. Gas leaks or poisoned/drugged water
    4. Same
    5. Imagination and mandela effect
    6. Self premonition. You imagined it and then made it happen (or not happen)
    7. Imagination and mandela effect
    8. Drugs or sleeping
    9. Catfish
    10. Remembering a story he was told as a kid, forgot, then dreamed about it.

  37. I have a strange parallel universe story aswell. One night i was drinking vodka with my friends and then we start drinkin wine and finished it with wishkey.. all of sudden everything goes completely dark and i woke up in my bathroom vomiting hard. What you guys think ?

  38. “I saw a man at a festival whose eyes were so dark i could not see his pupils.”

    Those were his pupils, homie was rollin HARD

  39. The case of thinking that youre holding your kid, thats probabiy stress, and that guy in a have is probably high AF or maybe the devil itself was joking with him

  40. Gavin!! I'm looking for my friend Gavin, have you seen him? – Red Dead Redemption has the same parallel ish, even the time traveler.

  41. Someone looking for their friend named gavin. And going to someones house and they're different ages? This person has played red dead redemption 2.

  42. I've been to places in my dreams often that are slightly different than the world I live in, I have many of them and quite enjoy them. I'd never thought about it much until I came across stuff like this, mind you, I'm only talking about dreams, not the conscious world. I've also had those dejavu moments but never where you see the future.
    This is all good stuff but I have to admit I'd like to go and see slightly different versions of the world I live.
    Thanks for the video.

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