Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric #8: Electrical Planetary Scarring | Space News

Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric #8: Electrical Planetary Scarring | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at We have created this
special Top 10 series to highlight the most compelling evidences
for the dominant role of electromagnetism at all scales
throughout the cosmos. Thanks to ever finer
technological data the existence of electric currents
traveling through space is now undeniable and is more and more routinely acknowledged
by astronomers and astrophysicists. Yet the ramifications of this
revelation have been slow in affecting any meaningful change
in consensus scientific theory. A major obstacle is
a lingering belief that science discovery has
emphatically contradicted that celestial objects cannot
have any net charge separation. It is then not a coincidence that objects
in space (are) behaving like charged bodies from the mysterious
collimated jets of comets to the spectacular sprites and elves
seen on our own planet’s upper atmosphere, to the catastrophic electrical discharges
focused on stars producing supernova explosions, to extra-galactic jets traveling at nearly the
speed of light over a million light years or more. Today, we will explore why the high-energy
electrical scarring of bodies in our solar system is the 8th of ten reasons why
the universe is electric. The Electrical Scarring
of Planets and Moons The myth of a solar system
that has remained unchanged since its hypothetical formation
4.5 billion years ago, has now crumbled. As we’ve reported in many
episodes in recent years, the standard theory of planets and
stars forming in a nebular cloud from gravitational
collapse and accretion finds no support in the thousands of
exoplanetary systems discovered to date. As astronomer Gregory Laughlin
told the journal Nature in 2014; using our solar
system as a model has, “…led to no success in
extrapolating what’s out there.” So different as our solar
system seems to be that astronomers now increasingly entertain
the notion of planetary migration. As noted in a recent report, “…in our solar system the inner planets have
surprisingly large spacing and diverse sizes. Abundant evidence in the
solar system suggests that Jupiter and Saturn disrupted
our system’s early structure, resulting in the four widely-spaced
terrestrial planets we have today.” Some astronomers
today now suggest that these gas giants acted
as so-called wrecking balls migrating toward the inner solar system
destroying an early generation of planets and robbing the planet Mars
of its lighter elements. The gas giants may have indeed
acted as “wrecking balls” though not through mechanical
collisions and tidal forces, but rather through bodies of different
potentials discharging electrically. As we will see, the experimentally proven ability of
high-energy electrical discharges to produce craters, and countless
other planetary features, offers an entirely new
perspective on planetary science and the solar system’s history. The Moon The most heavily studied rocky body in
the solar system outside of the earth is of course the moon. When the first space probes
returned images of the moon they revealed a surface heavily
pockmarked with craters and riddled with long sinuous
channels called rills. Scientists seeking to
interpret these features were constrained by the
traditional geologic toolkit. The “debate” over the lunar craters only
included two possible causative agents, volcanism or impact. Eventually, a consensus was
reached that meteoritic impacts were the primary source
of the lunar craters. The moon and some other bodies in the
solar system are so heavily cratered that astronomers invented a violent
epoch called ‘The Late Heavy Bombardment’ a hypothetical period when
disproportionate numbers of asteroids supposedly collided with planets
in the inner solar system. One reason for the hypothesis is
that isotopic dating of moon rocks seems to imply that the so-called
impacts that caused rocks to melt appear to have happened over a
relatively short period of time. But like countless other discoveries, the
simultaneous appearance of many lunar craters is consistent with the
electric discharge hypothesis. Far from popular consideration, well before the first
man walked on the moon, the amateur astronomer Brian J. Ford
published his laboratory experiments suggesting that craters on the moon
were carved by cosmic lightning bolts. In the cited experiments Ford
used a spark machining apparatus to reproduce in miniature some of
the most puzzling lunar features including craters
with central peaks, small craters preferentially perched
on the high rims of larger craters and craters strung
out in long chains. Ford also observed that the ratio of
large to small craters on the moon matched the ratio seen
in electrical arcing. The craters we observe on the
moon emphasize the need for radically new theoretical
pathways in planetary science. One mystery that the impact
hypothesis will never explain is the extreme circularity of the
vast majority of lunar craters. Experiments with impacts
have long shown that in order to produce
a highly circular crater, an object typically must strike
the surface from directly above. The aforementioned Brian Ford noted that
over 90% of circular craters on the moon could not have been produced
by sideswiping impacts. As on other rocky bodies, we see countless cleanly cut craters
with no ejecta on the crater floors. Electrical engineer Ralph Juergens, an early
proponent of electrical planetary scarring wrote of this phenomenon, “Explaining a crater
floor of bare, once molten rock in terms of the conventional
impact theory is a little difficult. One must resort to ad-hoc theorizing
to the effect that something, perhaps the shock of the
postulated impact explosion, melted a considerable volume
of rock at some depth, and that following the explosion this material welled up to
engulf the crater floor and flow around obstructions
encountered there; otherwise, debris from the explosion itself
could be expected to clutter the crater floor. Impact theory offers no reason, however,
to expect such a sequence of events, and nothing in terrestrial experience with
crater producing explosions supports the idea. Though an electric discharge might
be thought of as taking place in a very brief span of time, an interplanetary discharge
must surely be an event of greater duration than
an impact explosion; the long-distance flow
of current would persist beyond the instant of any
initial touchdown explosion, and ejecta that chance to fall
back into the crater thus produced could be swept away
or melted in place.” Juergens also published a
groundbreaking analysis of the sinuous rills
on the lunar surface. A sinuous rill is a
long winding valley usually with steep walls and
often emerging from a crater which could be found on
the moon at many scales. Prior to the Apollo missions, astronomers’
early hypotheses suggested that the rills were “cracks” on the
moon’s surface. Later guesses included
flowing water until scientists settled on
flowing lava as the agent. Today, the accepted theory is
that the moon’s sinuous rills were created either by lava
flowing across the surface or beneath the ground
to form a “lava tube” portions of which
eventually collapsed. Juergens compared the respective point-by-point
requirements of various competing theories versus the actual observed
characteristics of the rills. Unlike planetary scientists, Juergens included among the possible
agents high-energy electrical discharge. On every evidentiary point the electrical discharge hypothesis
is either permissible or predictable and unlike every
competing hypothesis in not a single instance does the
evidence preclude electrical discharge as the cause of the rilles. Even prior to Juergens’
investigation, several scientists had noted that
flowing liquids, whether water or lava, could not have caused the observed
features of the lunar rilles, including the strings of
craters along the rilles’ floors. These points are dramatically emphasized when
we examine the moon’s famous Hadley rille. Today, planetary scientists agree that
the rille is a “collapsed lava tube”. However, the rille does not match the required
characteristics of lava tubes on numerous points. Most importantly, the collapsed areas of a
lava tube will be rubble-filled depressions. High-resolution images of the rille
revealed no rubble and no collapse tubes. It is simply an empty,
sharply cut channel which matches the expected characteristics
of a “electrical breakdown channel”. Perhaps the greatest problem for the
volcanic hypothesis of lunar rilles is their tremendous length. On our own planet, the longest lava
tube reaches only 65 kilometers. That is about half the length of
Hadley Rille which is 130 kilometers. However, the exact
opposite should be true. On Earth, the atmosphere is insulating,
allowing lava to retain its heat. In the “vacuum of space” heat will
be much more rapidly radiated away. On our own planet, as lava flows over
distances no more than tens of kilometers, the cooling at the surface
causes a “roof” to form. It may then continue to flow
as a tube beneath the surface. That is the only way the lava tubes
can achieve even their modest lengths. Consider then the most prominent
lunar rille called Schroter’s Valley; 185 kilometers long and
up to 10 kilometers wide with its depth at points
reaching up to 1,300 meters. Flowing lava, eating away surface
material to cut a deep channel would have to show up somewhere. We should see either breaches in the deep
walls or evidence of abundant outflow. Instead, the channel simply
dwindles until it disappears. Curiously, the flow of rills on the moon and
other worlds isn’t limited to downhill like lava and water
carved channels on Earth. All fluid erosion theories
for Schroter’s Valley have chosen to ignore that the apparent mouth
of the “stream” is on high ground and the narrowest part of the
channel is on low ground. We also note that within Schroter’s valley
is a much more narrow, secondary rill whose defining feature is
a chain of small craters. As we turn our attention from the moon
to the planets in the inner solar system, we will see emphatically demonstrated the
failures of standard geological theory to explain the most dramatic
features on planetary surfaces. Venus Many years before the first space probe returned
images of the surface of the planet Venus, one of the 20th century’s great
scientific heretics Immanuel Velikovsky made several outrageous
claims about Venus. Velikovsky proposed that just
a few thousand years ago Venus appeared in the earthly
sky as a terrifying comet. In stark contrast,
many astronomers, including the originator of the dirty
snowball hypothesis of comets, Fred Whipple had proposed that the surface of Venus might
be mostly or entirely covered with oceans. So the discovery of Venus’
super hot temperatures, an average surface temperature
of 863 degrees Fahrenheit, was one of the great surprises
of the early Space Age. Another surprise is the amazingly
“young appearance” of Venus’s surface. Venus shows an astonishing lack
of so-called impact craters which most planetary scientists today
believe is due to a “resurfacing process” that must have
removed the craters, most likely a recent volcanic overturning
of the entire Venusian crust. The most striking features on Venus are
the vast networks of filamentary scars or what experimentalists with electrical
discharge recognize as “Lichtenberg patterns”. In the Electric Universe Theory some rocky planets are born in the same
glowing electric filaments as stars which are seen strung like beads on
the necklace in molecular clouds. Others are born by electrical
fissioning of larger bodies in the process of adjusting to a suddenly
changing electrical environment. If Venus was once an
earth-threatening comet as ancient testimony from around
the world universally claims, it must have had an eccentric orbit
that brought it close to the earth. Electrical discharging would
have heated the crust and created the filamentary scars
stretching across the planet’s surface. Of course, it has long
been shown experimentally that lightning occurring
in a high-pressure gas causes this kind of
“Lichtenberg pattern”. At low atmospheric pressures cratering
is more common as seen on the moon and the planet Mercury. Intriguingly, in 2013
science reports described the Venusian ionosphere’s
interactions with the solar wind as being more typical of
a comet than a planet and like a comet, Venus has a vast tail that
stretches up to millions of kilometers, sometimes touching the
Earth’s magnetosphere. The planet’s super
hot temperatures, its mysterious super rotation, and it’s extraordinarily
powerful lightning are all expected in the Electric Universe
reconstruction of Venus’s recent cometary origins. As we continue, we will see overwhelming
evidence for the cataclysmic events ‘The Thunderbolts of the Gods’ that ravaged the planets
in the inner solar system. Mars Prior to the Space Age, most
astronomers had expected Mars to be a long geologically
dead and barren rock in space. But beginning with the arrival
of the first space probes, the surface features of the Red Planet have
provided endless surprises for planetary scientists. Mars today is a world with
spectacular weather events including tremendous wind and dust storms
that sometimes engulf the entire planet. But nothing we observe today, accounts for the remarkable and
often bizarre Martian geology, including features that speak
to events more violent than anything that has ever
occurred on our own planet. The most dramatic features on Mars
provide all of the clues to these events. The stupendous Valles Marineris is a chasm
that stretches for 4,000 kilometers long and up to seven
kilometers in depth. For comparison, even though Mars is
only about half the size of Earth, Valles Marineris is the length
of about 5 Grand Canyons. It was the aforementioned Ralph
Juergens who proposed in the 1970’s that Valles Marineris was a vast scar,
carved by an interplanetary lightning bolt. In fact, as we’ve reported
in a 2015 Space News, the hypothesis of the electrical origin of
Valles Marineris has been tested experimentally. In a collaboration between the late Michael
Steinbacher and engineer Billy Yelverton, the experiment attempted
to simulate the conditions that might have been present
when the trench was formed with dust being dropped from a
reservoir above a discharge table as seen on your screen. The feature that consistently appeared
greatly resembled Valles Marineris. The two also noticed a pattern that physicist Wal Thornhill had
previously noted in a 2003 article entitled ‘Spiral Galaxies
and Grand Canyons’. Valles Marineris’ s-shape reproduced
in the electrical discharge experiments strongly resembles the form
of a barred spiral galaxy. As Thornhill wrote in 2003, “The connection lies in
the fact that galaxies are the largest visible electric
discharge phenomenon in the Universe.” Of course, as we’ve
detailed many times, this notion has extraordinary
experimental support as demonstrated in the images on your
screen of the plasma experiments by Dr. Anthony Peratt and
Winston Bostick, respectively. In the feature-length documentary film
― The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars ― detailed analysis was offered
of countless Martian features that find ideal analogs
in electrical discharge. One such example is the
towering Olympus Mons, a nearly 22 kilometer high
so-called shield volcano and the tallest mountain of any
planet in the solar system. As noted in the film, the shield
volcano interpretation of Olympus Mons presents far more
enigmas than answers. The defining feature of any shield
volcano is a gentle extrusion of fluid or low viscosity lava. Shield volcanoes on Earth
do not present a scarp whereas the scarp of Olympus Mons
towers at nearly 4 miles high. A NASA report acknowledges
this problem as follows, “The scarp is of
unknown origins…” “The steep cliff around
Olympus Mons is peculiar and not characteristic of
terrestrial shield volcanoes.” But perhaps most
significant of all is the blanket of incredibly fine
filamentary ridges and ravines within the terrain
of Olympus Mons. In fact, the continued discovery of
perplexing dendritic patterns on Mars is a key prediction of the
electrical scarring hypothesis. A pristine example was
discovered in 2017 when an image was released of the terrain
within the 10 kilometres Zunil Crater on Mars. Planetary scientists insist that the
crater was produced by an impact. They have no real explanation for
the raised dendritic features associated with secondary
craters within the crater. NASA’s attempt to explain
the image reads as follows, “Secondary craters form from rocks ejected
at high speed from the primary crater, which then impact the ground
at sufficiently high speed to make huge numbers of much smaller
craters over a large region… In this scene, however, the secondary crater ejecta has an
unusual raised relief appearance like bas-relief sculpture.” The best guess NASA can offer is
that the so-called impact crater has been mysteriously
weathered over eons of time. But experimental research
within the EU community provides much more
promising possibilities. One such experiment performed by
the aforementioned Billy Yelverton produced raised dendritic ridges simply
by applying intense vibrations to soil. Consider also this experiment performed
by YouTube user Dai fly-fish subjecting aluminum foil
to electrical discharge and consider also the side-by-side comparison
of highly mysterious so-called Martian spiders and an electrical discharge
experiment performed by Zane Parker. As we’ve said before, the Martian
environment is a “laboratory in space” for testing the concepts of
Electric Universe Geology. As we’ve detailed many times,
more than a decade ago Dr. C.J. Ransom performed the
only experiments to date that have reproduced the
Martian blueberries, tiny spherules that appear by the
trillions embedded in the Martian soil and the same spherical forms are seen in
giant mysterious domes inside of craters, a continuing puzzle for
planetary scientists. A great testimony to the electrical
catastrophes that ravaged Mars is the more than six
miles of crustal depth which was mysteriously removed from
the Martian northern hemisphere. Where did all this material go? A clue is found in the completely unexpected
discovery of Martian meteorites on Earth. Initially, planetary scientists treated
the discovery with great skepticism since they did not expect
that the escaped material could reach the necessary
velocities to bring it to Earth. The massive electrical excavation of
Mars could have also been the source of the mysterious asteroids that
share Mars’s orbit, called Trojans. In fact a scientific
paper published in 2017 proposed that the asteroids are the
remains of a decimated mini planet since they are composed of olivine and
other distinctly planetary minerals. Planetary scientists also
imagined violent collisions as the likely source of the
Martian moons Phobos and Deimos. As described in a report, “A large impact or smashing
into the Red Planet could have sent pieces
flying into the air, where gravity may have
drawn them together. An existing moon might
have also been destroyed creating the rubble that later
formed Phobos and Deimos.” As we look closer at Mars’s Phobos
collisions and gravitational accretion, the only theoretical mechanisms
available for planetary scientists prove totally inadequate to
explain what we actually see. Like countless
other rocky bodies, we see dramatic parallel
channels and crater chains features not expected at all
from mechanical collisions. But as we’ve illustrated
dozens of times, they are routinely produced in
experiments with electrical discharge and the most dramatic feature on
Phobos, the astonishing Stickney crater, underscores a puzzle that is repeated
on countless bodies in the solar system. The crater is 9 kilometers across, nearly
half the diameter of Phobos itself. How could any impact capable of producing such
a massive crater fail to shatter the moon? A similarly improbably huge crater is
seen here on the Saturnian moon, Tethys. The moon is only 1,000
kilometers in diameter and yet its giant hexagonal crater is
an incredible 450 kilometers across. As reported by, “…Whatever struck Tethys in the distant past
probably should have shattered it into pieces …but didn’t.” On the famous asteroid Vesta, the largest so-called impact crater is
an astounding 475 kilometers across. The diameter of the asteroid
is only 525 kilometres. Craters much too massive to have been
produced by mechanical collisions is just one of many enigmas resolved
by the electrical scarring hypothesis. In the companion
piece to this video called ‘The Craters are Electric’ we outlined numerous types of craters
seen on every type of solid body that are routinely produced by
electrical discharge in the laboratory including weird hexagonal
or square craters, so-called bull’s-eye craters, craters with flat floors
and pinched-up rims, the extreme circularity
of craters, and the complete anomaly of smaller craters
appearing on the rims of larger craters. If we apply these explanations to the
massively cratered surfaces of airless worlds, as seen on our moon, on the planet Mercury, on the dwarf planet Ceres, and in the outer solar system on the
respective moons of the gas giants, we find a simple resolution
to endless mysteries that the impact hypothesis
has never explained. As the Electric Universe Geology community
continues its inevitable growth, the closer humankind comes to a reconstruction
of an essential chapter of our history. A chapter of a drama not
written in science textbooks yet indelibly imprinted in
every arena of human culture. A drama waiting
to be remembered.

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    I love how they completely ignore gravity, the weak and strong nuclear forces….

  38. be careful to not completely exclude meteors impacting these planets. That's the problem with being presented with new evidence and hypothesis is that you throw the old ones out.

  39. It's all electric! Our thoughts too are electro magnetic, we can literally travel time and/or magnify wanted outcomes in reality moments by being aware of this, to observe this great phenomena, in this experiment: Find a video tape of any moment from reality (preferably). Now, to do this experiment: Start to think of a thought/perspective/dream/vision of whatever you want to have magnetized by whoever or whatever is in your video (or even by nature itself), now watch the video while you let your 'thoughts and vision' magnify and synchronize with the reality inside the video. Using the same thoughts over and over on anything that is live, or new video clips, makes it easier to observe the same ripples, that again and again will give u the same observations but from a different angle. The reality in the video will automatically become magnetically effected by your thoughts, ideas, different perspectives and emotions during each time you watch any clip, if there are people or animals in the clip, try to talk to their behavior system, behavior systems have a very universal 'language' and is not bound by time, and you can magnify a quantum tunnel through many ways, not only by thought or magnifying behavior systems, your ripples will only manifest small electrical currents in these ''bubbled realities''. You could for example 'copy and paste' a thought/vision/emotion directly into someones behavior system to have an instant reaction. If you have a trained eye and mind, then you will pretty easily manage to observe these magnetic ripples that your electric mind are manifesting at all times, either you chose to do it subconsciously, or consciously. Yeah.. Video tape technology is so underrated, hah!

  40. This channel is opening my eyes and Wal Thornhill is now one of favorite experts.. I am a pharmacist with a Masters (MPharm) which took much science based studies.. During my undergraduate degree and even high school I constantly called out professors and teachers on similar topics such as the accretion nebula models for the solar systems origins.. I am a Christian but do not subscribe to the absurd 6000 year old Earth crap… That being said, i interpret this electric universe science as revealing Gods work.

  41. NASA are still stdying these cracks and they do not know yet what really happened to the moon and when
    1 The Hour (of Judgment) is nigh, and the moon cracked .
    2 But if they see a Sign, they turn away, and say, "This is (but) transient magic."
    3 They reject (the warning) and follow their (own) lusts but every matter has its appointed time.
    4 There have already come to them Recitals wherein there is (enough) to check (them),
    5 Mature wisdom;- but (the preaching of) Warners profits them not.

  42. The claim of round craters is false , asteroids that came at an angle also produce round craters becouse is like an impulse the asteroids explode when they come in contact and explosions have not a direction , the energy … Just serch it you will see an other explanation with simulations and everything

  43. When, as a young boy, I became familiar with magnets for the first time my first thought was that this the real Force that keeps everything in place and orbit in the Universe. I could never believe that mass attracts mass. Why? By the same token, mass certainly doesn’t bend and“curve“ „spacetime“.

  44. Of course the universe is electric. They will say absolutely ANYTHING to ensure we don't realise that electricity is free and unlimited.

  45. Somewhere, out there is a "Leader charge" building it's potential….and the power of this discharge… it boggles my mind. I'm going to watch it again.

  46. Polarity and the missing anti-matter : If the universe is an electrical system, and the universe has polarity; when it was created, matter when to one half, anti-matter to the other half; at the point of contact, there was a tremendous explosion that separated the two, so it wouldn't annihilate the universe. If my theory is correct, there should be a detectable background radiation from the explosion (there is, but it's believed to be just from the big bang), and a very large gap somewhere in space (there is, but no real explanation). On the other side of that gap you might find all the anti-matter you want.

  47. Can you recommend a introduction documentary to this subject matter as I'm very interested in this, I'd be grateful for a response thanks

  48. Our universe could be in electric machinery and planets, stars and galaxy’s could be the molecules of this birkland current in a cable of the electric machinery

  49. We're shifting from a negative charge to a positive charge, globally, galaxy-ly, haha betcha anything

  50. If this theory was true then why do you need a top 10 reasons? Where's your measurements? What's your math formula that describes the entirety of this theory? What predictions does this theory make? Have any of them been proved or disproved? Obviously, this theory has more beliefs then facts, given the image & measurements taken of black holes. Try researching QED, Quantum Electro Dynamics, describes everything that EU gets right & wrong. Please stop using conspiracy theories to sell your religion, entertainment, or whatever this con is. Follow the scientific method to find real facts. Stop exploiting idiots to make a buck. It's beneath real science.

  51. Concentric stacked rings in earth impacts are impacts onto horizontal sedimentary strata and are not an electrical effect.

  52. The central button of an impact is from higher temperature exposure, which will form a different species of silica, likely cristobalite not found in the rest of the crater, so that is easy enough to check by sampling the central mound and outer crater of earth impact sites.

  53. then the glass tunnels could be naturally effects of the migratory movement from intense lightening along the surface in the extreme coldness.. .oh it is ok to talk about lots now , the ones whom tried to control even the scientists have the public coming back at them… world wide… …

  54. They have known about the Electric Universe since the late 19th CENTURY. There are books published from the late 1800's precisely explaining how the entire universe is one big electrical machine. They have purposefully been covering this up for the past 100++ years. Once this becomes more mainstream (hopefully) people will see the entire UNIVERSE will finally make perfect sense. Its all a system, not of miss matched space balls and dust but a beautiful machine carefully created and a perfect mechanism.

  55. Thunderbolts Project Team. I am just curious if the bright bursts that have been seen on these images prior to fires in CA could possibly be the same arching that we witness in many of your presentations? Is this related and possibly also related to the Earths magnetic condition? Are these places geologically significant? possibly containing certain elements or conditions that could be causing discharging? Just very curious..
    The sudden onset of wind was also interesting, could it be possibly induced by flowing electric charges?

  56. You can find those "spider" marks on Earth also, couple minutes on Google Earth and Tibesti area in Chad shows those and in Libya you can find craters inside a crater.

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