The Unused Cutscenes of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 2 & 3 (Never-Before-Seen)

The Unused Cutscenes of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 2 & 3 (Never-Before-Seen)

Hello everyone this is Sanadsk and today I
am back with another unused content video! Today I am going to be showing the unused
cutscenes from Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3. Now if you are wondering why I didn’t put
Dark Souls 1 on the list, it’s because we have already seen all of them back when the
debug was leaked and I already uploaded videos about them. But for the rest of the Souls series, nobody
was even talking about the possibility of unused cutscenes existing in other games. And that is exactly what me and Pavuk, from
Discord, were doing for the last 2 months. I datamined all of the games and compiled
the IDs of the cutscenes and sorted them accordingly, and Pav did the programming side of things
to be able to force the game to load them, so huge thanks to Pav for all his effort in
this and if you wanna support his work, he and his friend did an amazing Dark Souls 3
Anime Trailer that literally blew my mind when I saw, and they spent 4 months making
it so you have to watch it after this video is done as the link will be in the description
below. So without further ado, let us begin with
the cutscenes! I am going to show you each one and give a
little comment on what I interpret or what I found about it. So first we are going to begin with Demon’s
Souls. Now something you should know is that the
audio is a little choppy on those and that’s because I am using the emulator to show these
cutscenes but they play super well so, let’s roll the first cutscene. As you saw, the cutscene shows when the gate
in the first level opens, but it doesn’t have Phalanx there, but rather the Tower Knight
which is the second boss in this area. I can think of two reasons on why they changed
it, the first being that it would be kind of hard for a starting boss, and the second
is that it’s a closed area and I think we all agree that the Tower Knight boss works
better in an open area just like we got in the final game. It’s a cool looking cutscene nontheless Moving a little bit further to the end of
Boletaria Palace, as you know you fight King Allant at the top of the castle, but there
is actually an alternate cutscene for that. Lemme play it for you first:
So as you saw, the cutscene is the same as the original with the exception of the Blue
Hellkite Dragon appearing at the end which looks super cool! I wonder if the Dragon would’ve had a role
in the fight itself, like breathing fire at you in the middle of the battle or something. That would be super interesting. Moving on to the Shrine of Storms, we have
a sort of unused filler cutscene I think for the Storm King boss:
So as you saw, it seems like at a certain point in the fight, the Storm King would’ve
fell down from the sky and you could hit him while he is on the ground, but now the entire
fight is just him flying and you hitting him with the Storm Ruler. The next cutscene is a bit of a short one,
but I thought it was funny, and it’s when Patches kicks you down the hall, but you don’t
actually fall down. I just think how awkward it would be to just
turn around to him and like, what the hell are you doing bro xD Next we have is a different intro cutscene
for the Old Monk bossfight. Now this specific Old Monk model, nobody knew
exactly what it was, but it seems like it was mainly for this cutscene. And also if you noticed at the end, he spawns
these 3 symbols and I believe that it might’ve originally spawned the Gargoyles there, which
would’ve been a far more interesting bossfight as it’s the last boss in that area and you
get the Demon soul from him. The next one is just a look around the Nexus
area…It shows the Archstones and the level in general. The other cutscene just has an alternate start
from when the Maiden in Black calls the Old One but nothing special there. So that is it for Demon’s Souls. Now, let us move on to Dark Souls 2 and Dark
Souls 3. There are 2 cutscenes in Dark Souls 2, the
first one being this: So if you don’t know, the Giant Lord doesn’t
actually have a cutscene and we just go and fight him as it is, but as you just saw, there
was originally a complete cutscene for him, but at the beginning he tries to climb on
some sort of platform and the area looks weird. So I used Freecam and this is actually the
area just where you exit that memory and it’s originally closed by rubble. From what we can see, he was supposed to climb
on the head of the statue, and then jumping to you. It looks super cool and I really wonder why
they removed that cutscene. The other cutscene is a bit of a wonky one,
but here it is: This cutscene was supposedly to be played
right after beating Nashandra. But now, it’s just Aldia talking and then
he appears normally without a cutscene or anything. You can tell from the animation of the player
that it looks super funny here. Also a thing that not many people know about
the ending cutscene, is that if you noclip inside the Throne Room when it is closing,
the player is sitting in a very cool looking pose. It is impossible to see this without actually
using mods. So that is it for Dark Souls 2 for now, but
later on, you’re going to be seeing some super amazing stuff about it, but it’s not
ready yet sadly. So let us move on to Dark Souls 3 now. The first cutscene is played in Firelink Shrine
and it shows the Lordvessel looking thing at the starting area and you can see that
it is actually burning, just like the Lordvessel. We also see the Pilgrim approaching that flame
but sadly, there isn’t any dialogue or anything there to support what exactly this cutscene
means. It could be Yoel of Londor but who knows. The next cutscene is one that people have
been looking forward to see and it’s this: Yeah this is the bonfire sacrifice shot we
got in the trailer of Dark Souls 3. Now sadly the animation itself is super wonky
like this, but either way, if you don’t know what Bonfire Sacrifice is, I did an entire
video showcase that unused mechanic and explaining its significance in the game. Now there are a couple more cutscenes in Dark
Souls 3 but they aren’t rendered in the game sadly, such as a cutscene showing Pontiff
Suhlyvan and an unused cutscene in Ariandel showing one of the Archdragon Peak snake enemies,
which I was hoping to see in the game but sadly, it doesn’t load well. So yeah, that is it for today’s video! I hope you all enjoyed these cutscenes and
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100 Replies to “The Unused Cutscenes of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 2 & 3 (Never-Before-Seen)

  1. Wow youtube…ads in the MIDDLE OF VIDEOS now? As if anyone ever paid attention to them when they were only at the beginning.

  2. I watched the animation linked in the desriprition and like why???? How much of a weeb do you have to be to make that? Other than that that weeb as shit video was made really well and with alot of effort.

  3. Sanadsk, in the scene with the pilgrim, did you not notice the Elite Knight set resting against the Lordvessel thing? If I'm not mistaken, pretty sure that should be the pilgrim from Yorshka's church and Anri

  4. Very good job, but please just don't say it's never before seen, that's just clickbait, and there are no popular clickbaiters. And also stop over analysing.

  5. Dear lord, the giant lord cutscene jumping down feok the sky makes it look like he can leap so far…I would shit my pants irl

  6. The scene where the pilgrim approaches the lord vessel, could be the death of Anri at the hands of the pilgrim following Yuria.

  7. It seems like Dark Souls 2 was much better unfinished than it is now

  8. I have a feeling they took the idea for how the Storm King would die and applied that to the Dragon God instead, it comes crashing in to land and you have to finish it face to face.

  9. As much as the Pontiff Sulyvahn cutscene intrigues me, what they managed to do without one is IMHO more impressive.

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  11. "Literally blew my mind" well shit it must have been awesome considering you can still talk despite having no head

  12. The weird thing, and also the almost sad thing, is that the cutscenes in DS2 were way more detailed and cinematic than the ones in DS1 and DS3 (in my opinion, granted the opening prologue cinematic for DS1 is pretty fuckin sweet). Seeing all of these things cut from the game that could have been recognized for more makes me really upset in a way.

  13. When I wished there were Cutscenes in DS2 for these bosses Raime, Sir Alonne, and Burnt Ivory King.

  14. But where is the demons souls remastering as i need to play that game its the only souls game i havent played

  15. In Ds3 cutscene with the pilgrim, from the late epitath cut content, it was pretty obvious that a certain ''pilgrim'' had a more central role in the alpha story. It's amazing how Fromsoft integrated certain cut or discarded content into the final vanilla game. I mean, in Ds1 there was the painting of Ariamis, where they put all the discarded ennemies and NPC's cut from the original story, then in ds3 they put yoel who was meant to be a more central npc i'll guess, to die at the beginning, and be replaced by Yuria, amazing.

  16. Would you please stop using so much passive voice, especially if you are going to repeat the same tradition over and over before actually making your point.

  17. I can't help but notice that none of the ds2 cut cutscenes have that awful migraine – filter, with the pulsing capillaries that vignette the screen.

  18. If i remember correctly second scene from ds2 did happen. I can respect people digging into the game files to find these things but those who modded the game and brought that online ruined the series. IMO best game of all time had to do my first pass alone offline so i could enjoy the game properly before logging in and finding people making shek characters and machine gun Evelyns. This game has some of the best designers but some of the worst bottom of the barrel creep fanbase.

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