The library of BOO-tiful rewards! | Halloween Event 2019 | Forge of Empires

The library of BOO-tiful rewards! | Halloween Event 2019 | Forge of Empires

Welcome! Today we’re going to talk to you about our
spooky new Halloween Event. But first, if you haven’t done yet subscribe to our channel and make sure to
give us a like! This library is so dark and dusty. I will never be able to find that book! Urgh, and there are cobwebs everywhere. Maybe I’ll just try and find it online… Can I help you, treacle? Sorry? Looking for a book was you? Errrm… yes. But where did you come from? Never mind about that, squire. What book was you looking for? I’m looking for a old mystical book. A book that gives you terrifying secret quests. Quests with rewards of unimaginable value! Blimey. You ain’t half dramatic. Right then, let’s ‘ave a look see… I know it’s here somewhere… Ah, yep, got it. Row 118. What you wanna do is go straight down there you take a left just after the romance novels. If you see the children’s books, you’ve
gone too far. Got it. Thanks for your help. Woah woah woah, hold your horses, sunshine! You won’t get very far with all those cobwebs
about? Why not? I’ll just walk through them. They’re only cobwebs.
I don’t think so, my dear. You see, in this here library, there are certain
rules and dogmas that we must all adhere to. One of which is that, you can’t move through
cobwebs without first clearing them away. Yeah I think I’ll take my chance. Venture forth into the dark depths of an old
library in this year’s all new Halloween event. What ghastly surprises will you unleash in
your quest to clear the dusty shelves? Collect candies by completing quests in the
Halloween questline. If you need some extra Candies, fear not! You can grab some every day just for logging
in, so make sure you don’t miss out! You ‘aving trouble there, sweetheart? I can’t pass through these cobwebs for some
reason. Well, I did warn you. But fear not, I have here in my possession,
all of the tools that you will need to make short work of those pesky cobwebs. You sell feather dusters? Feather dusters? Are you having a giraffe, mate? No no no no no, I have here a genuine one-of-a-kind
magic wand. Use Candies to buy tools from the Witch’s
shop. You can choose between wands, brooms, and
cauldrons! Use these tools to clear cobwebs from the
library as you make your way further and further into
the darkness. Wow, a magic wand! How does it work? Do I need to say some particular magic spell? Spell? Nah mate, you just use it to
scoop up the cobwebs. Scoop it up? But how is that magic? Well, I told you. It gets rid of the cobwebs.
Keep up, sunshine. So how many can I put you down for? How many? Do I have to get more than one? Well, yeah. I mean once you’ve scooped it
up it will be covered in cobwebs. Eurgh. Come on. I’ll do you a discount if you buy
in bulk. Buy in bulk? But how is that one-of-a-kind? Use wands directly on a cobweb to clear a
tile. A broom will clear cobwebs above and below
an empty tile. A cauldron will clear all the tiles surrounding
it. However, none of your tools will topple a
bookshelf, so be sure to keep this in mind when clearing
your path. So it’s basically just a stick then? No mate, I told you, it’s magic! Yeah, I don’t think so. Well hang on, treacle. I know I got something here for you…. Hey! What about this? A bubbling cauldron! Huu a cauldron, what’s in it? Is it a magic
potion? Cleaning solution! Burns straight through those cobwebs, no problem. And up to 9 times more effective than a magic
wand! Yeah, okay. Woooah, your moneys no good here, princess. What I am looking for, is payment of a more
permanent, soulful nature. Huh? Don’t worry your pretty head about it. Just sign your name upon the line, and what
was yours will soon be… Ah! I didn’t see you had sweets! I’ll do it for a few of those! Clearing the cobwebs will reveal pumpkins, packed full of goodies. Each pumpkin has a chance to snag a prize, as well as the daily special! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for vials
containing potions! Collect these potions to unlock the ghoulish
Grand prize. But that’s not all that’s up for grabs! For the first time ever, you can now find
books scattered throughout the dark and dingy library. These books tell gruesome tales and will open
a mini questline which will run in parallel with the main questline. Complete all of these mini questlines to unlock
the Librarian Reward! Row 118…. Ah there it is! Found what you were looking for did you, pal? Yes, I found the book. But.. errm… how do I get out of here? This year’s grand prize is the grisly Abandoned
Asylum, an upgradable residential building with 9
levels which when fully upgraded produces Forge Points
and provides an attack boost! You can also find scary avatars from previous
years in the library, as well as two new and exclusive avatars from
the main questline. Lastly, there will be a whole host of old
favorites from previous years available throughout the event. We hope you have fun playing our brand new
Halloween Event! As always, let us know what you think in our
forums and in the comments section below. And if you haven’t done it already, click
the notification bell to get updated whenever we post a new video! Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hah! First comment and first like! Looking forward to this event. I was new and didn't know what I was doing last halloween.

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