the rocket ship won it made everyone's game time night time when we did it so maybe it might do the same thing see how it's holding the lobby the game's not starting yeah we got four minutes left and let's start the game yeah we are we gonna watch it from the lobby maybe it's like everyone is gonna teleport us over Osama you know make sure no one kills each other oh no here we go I can't against oh yeah there for a second dude I'll get in so scared yes I say oh I think I found me oh okay guys if you're in the game remember be peaceful be peaceful this is an event with everyone we're all working together to have fun in the video game all right let's go for frosty flights you know which one to go do yeah yeah I can't even say much right now I'm just I'm so terrified right now especially when I was in the lobbyists all those people pick actually I was like older it's over okay Tom imagine if the 80% screw to serve her three times and there was nothing here good we've got contests on there it's what it's one point I'm pretty sure I got it though okay oh no no no no I'm coming a bit late yeah I'll get up in the sky here here's Oh God drop it drop it drop it drop it drop it oh god no no I can't Chitti quick I can't no no no look II just I I got it I can't play pick me up somebody pick me up no two minutes oh my god it's all right crush I can watch from you take are you sure Oh oh my god you're at the aerial assault guy – oh God holy us I really wanted to cry no I did want to cry I actually want to it's one minute left until the event that's one minute left or should I say everyone on this plane I love you especially the guy go if the plan we go on a replay mode and find out who it was oh my god someone's ex trying to shoot me can you believe it oh I dyed it real quick oh oh no no no no no no no no no no no no don't do that gasps come on one minute until the event oh my gosh it's happening make sure you keep an eye on that damn thing oh yeah we'll be doing that try and like drive straight towards it when it happens Oh what the hell plane stopped playing with let me fly man ok I do one more spin around I reckon when you free look as a free book for me – yes ok good here we go whoa oh asking Zara Ice King what are you doing but there's something wrong what the hell what's he doing yeah a nap yo yo chill it's better hit to do yeah dude I'm down hit me uh-uh-uh-uh what's he going dude haha I've been read by to the plane oh can you release I see it looks so laggy it's it's it's an ice storm but where's the Dragons where is the Dragons is that it no way no I can't be it that's not an old fashioned Oh Matt's not is it it is ok so where's the Dragons oh-oh what's going on here what's that is that zombies zombies it's a zombies it's the zombies the zombies are back boys whoo all right I wonder what happens now don't tell me the game is always gonna be like this nah that would sway I heard dragon might have eaten some bees there yeah I swear if it's gonna always be like foggy check the dragon egg I mean playing that yeah no I don't want to check the dragon a just yet oh wow people on that there's got to be more than that it looks like so all the zombies started spawning but what's so cool about that like I'm gonna take it down and see what happens yeah it's the same a lot of zombies as the last ones okay they just I see I see zombies I guess all my planes crying I don't think there are how I don't think they were please they're like no zombies please so it's zombies I think that was actually it I know No okay well the ice storms going away like the fogginess I think we still got so the whole Maps snow which actually sucks because I remember playing it during Christmas and it was so annoying because everything was Wyatt right oh I think that was actually it now let's go check the dragon eggs yeah look and I reckon we have a look at the replay oh absolutely I want to find out the legend okay okay then well we're not gonna find out right now at least because I have been lasered off but yeah if you guys missed it the event essentially has turned the whole map into snore but we don't know what happened to the dragon eggs zombies are back dragons publius yeah I stayed up for this alright do you want to you want to go into another public game and see if there's something else there I'm sorry my heart it's just after that you you went down and I was like it's all scary and then some legend came back with the plane and I drove it and got there just I'm so in conclusion and so doers okay which to do is there's a nice storm like we kind of saw it like snowstorm the whole map is now snow and the zombies are back I miss anything else is a big image of the Ice King Wow alright can we check the replay after this game see this you might have to check the replay I reckon yeah you're at bunker is open some people are saying all right we'll go check that out hunker is open that was well either way ladies and gentlemen we're not ending this stream right there I want to thank you for coming on I think we peaked at nearly 300,000 viewers which is absolutely insane I've never even had anywhere near those numbers if you guys enjoyed the stream at any point and want to support me as a creator in the fortnight item shop that is kurd lucky of course now I'm gonna be going into this trying to find out see if the bunkers open see if the dragon eggs are there and then my trying it's indoors that was the most stressful stuff in the world oh are you reading up or is it just being weird it's I'll just leave in you re invite me yeah I just want to clip that hot day that that guy would the plate no actually I think I'm I going to replay Marin let's both going to replay mode I need to find out who that legend was that came back to play like you don't understand that was the difference between because so many people there tried to stream slap and they got stuck they're lazy links and miss the event alright let's watch this this this this was just oh my god this is giving me PSD dude yeah there we go there's you yeah literally deleted where's my skin there it is okay I'm running this way I'm just like I'm cooked this event server I'm streaming to nearly 300,000 people with no event and then who was it was this guy on the plane that's dude gameplay it was the red person yeah salty salty salty sahjhan I'm sending you a friend request 100% what a great guy want to make sure it was him but I'm pretty sure it was my gosh actually I don't think it was salty sergeant I I think it was it was cuz that's that's the I don't think it was salty sergeant it was I was once tea once tea was the guy who gave me the plane like an absolute legend yeah cuz he got out of the driver's seat let me just go back a little bit are you watching as well on replay yeah I'm watching you guys fly off now yeah absolute legend this guy came back in with the plane and he got out at the right time and then I got in absolute legend absolute legend I can't believe it how do I add him right now ad Fran I'm gonna go look at the damn twins so it's a all right three wise one died gotcha all right I can't believe this guy he's absolutely I I'm going to the event now as well I'll send you the replay file if yours is broken for some reason not my mine's good money good all right perfect the dragon eggs moved out of the cell allegedly well we can watch it and replay might as well and try to capture it oh my I think he's huge that thing is huge that's absolutely wild well he literally just throws it and turns it all I want to see everything turn into snot yeah that's what I was thinking as well I want to see like old parts of the map I hear we got turned free oh I hate that glitch that glitch is the worst ever did turned fall out she's fine alright okay then oh that's sick so it comes up out of the sky okay and then he how many slap it yeah he's doing like ride the pony a little bit you know winding it up and then oh there's the storm coming in with him I see all right I want to see parts of the map apparently nothing happened to the eggs oh really yeah all right so this is the perspective of the map changing so I'm in lazy links right now and yeah it just all turns to white that's crazy interesting okay then is the bunker open can you check I'm on over there right now I don't think we have enough range to look at it really all right I'm gonna head Romine and see if it's there I'm like when you hold out the map while the storm comes over it's like see you're slowly taking over everything oh really yeah I'm gonna do that right now but yes okay I'm gonna see it take over I actually want to see that backseat update the bunker ok good good good good good good and wind it up wind it up oh I was building up like a little bit of a thing I with these hands like it was getting bigger and bigger the cloud yeah I'll do the egg transformation just a bit by one oh yeah dude that's sort of freaky with the map that's actually sick oh that's also I wonder how long it'll last I don't think it'll be permanent because white colored skins are 2ip cuz I remember Christmas day it was ridiculous yeah drink Christmas nothing like one day of why wasn't it yeah but but it was so bad I hated playing it I don't like just look at the snow just to cover everything alright I'm checking for the eggs where are they somewhere at the bottom Lacoste or thing yeah somewhere at the bottom I've actually never been to the eggs before so I just don't even know here we go this is this is the bottom I think they're like in here something yeah yeah all right well the eggs aren't even here on my screen that's the other entrance that'll open up soon when it melts a little bit but it caught melt all the eggs are gone on my replay so maybe that means they're gone gone mmm big hmm I have no idea yeah yeah it's hop in and have a look I don't know where they were chat was on the right spot for the eggs oh my god at what Elliot told me him Landon Vic and Alex got a glitch cue and missed it like at least it wasn't that crazy you blind he passed them did I it was right there I swear I didn't see them uh-huh alright well we'll go back and I would look anyway I checked you an invite I shall make sure if this wants to guy outta me because he's just such a Ledge like is actually ridiculous yeah once these now your friends way epic games oh we got eye storm challenges now did you see that dude oh here we go here we go yeah des me you are an absolute legend this I'm at once do I'm gonna grab your details I'm sending you a hell of ebooks your way you don't even understand alright oh my god okay let's go under some squads outdoors for some reason is yours let's have a look at the challenges yeah so you get a glider that looks yeah oh yeah there's a there's a camera there camera looks cool Oh anything wait I stomped squads and normal squads Oh cause it's like zombies right so I just saw last time yeah I can't see it that I'm gonna make you the match making a leader go into the ice someone yeah yeah I can't make you a party leader oh you already live anyway yeah

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  1. its funny when lachlan laughs at eliot for missing the event bc he missed the volcano and unvalting event

  2. Little spoiler they take planes out and here's also a volcano and a new place taking over wailing wood and also lazy links is now lazy lagoon

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