‘The Five’ reacts to new fallout over CNN Russia spy report

‘The Five’ reacts to new fallout over CNN Russia spy report

100 Replies to “‘The Five’ reacts to new fallout over CNN Russia spy report

  1. I love The Five!! I couldn’t watch the “debate” last night because they pissed me off right off the bat so I will watch the highlights on here and get what I need!!! Thank you FOX NEWS!!!!♥️♥️♥️

  2. The makeup ladies saying "this is what the Russians want" is so true! Spreading the disinformation like champs Fox Force Five!! Oligarch-merica Channel

  3. The Five idiots ! Lol. Who cares what these overpaid gossiping talking Heads thinks?? Really. It’s gossip. Baloney. Trash. These five people are just shills. Agenda peddlers for dumb people who can’t think for themselves

  4. Nooopo man…
    Telling the truth. They’ve disrespect Russia.
    Lier,killer,Journalist,mafia, How does they have been feeling about that

  5. Juan said CNN believes…yeah. how about report what you know, as opposed to what you believe. I believe an abundance of things, but don't espouse them as the truth. I just believe them!

  6. Every time A Democrat complains about the 2016 Election there should be total push back for comprehensive Election Reform before 2020! Otherwise no one will be happy with the 2020 results and the un- civil war will continue.

  7. It was actually the dems that caused the cia to pull out the cia agent because of the collusion bs…and he/she was a top American spy very close to the Kremlin…an asset that took years to train

  8. If anyone really believes the Russians influenced USA Citizens to vote for a candidate.. you need to stop and reevaluate what those voices in your head are telling you.. What? did the russians take over a major network and run commercials? did the russians Drop leaflets from a spy plane onto the entire country.. Or like what the highly politically revered Barbara Streisand said "Those Russians messed around with those voting machines in Michigan.. "… or maybe … just maybe .. the Russians used a Dr EVil mind-control Ray and blasted the entire country on election night

  9. I can't watch this show because of that idiot Juan. Can't they find a Democrat who can make some halfway sane arguments?  Like Donna Brazile, who is wrong about everything, but they can at least have a normal conversation with her.

  10. What a joke MNSBC And CNN And Other Networks Apart From FOX NEWS the only Honest News Network in America Great Work Fox News And All there , President will Win again in 2020 by a Larger Majority than last Time, No one watches these lieing News Stations MNSBC And CNN Are a Laughing standing Joke , And Report Faulse News

  11. Yes cnn needs to cone see me i got a good one for um. Rice got it right. I voted dumbass and will again ..drink it will go away in 5 .7 years

  12. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to CNN, no legal laws available to punish any news network. They have lobbied and scour behind the doors for a very long time with politicians to ensure that. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how they create communist state news metwork. Also, don't be fooled; ratings is a ruse to make us think we're in control.


  14. This Fox News liar claims at the start of this video that CNN reported that Trump was the reason the Moscow spy was extracted. What CNN reported, which no one has denied, is that one reason out of others that he was extracted was a fear of future information tipping Russia off. CNN reported that this one factor, one among other factors leading to the decision, included the possibility that media reports or another Trump indiscretion, might tip Russia off. The Trump CIA “denial” of the CNN report merely said that the decision was based on objective facts. That is not inconsistent with what CNN reported. The Trump CIA issued a classic nondenial denial. They said “X is false.” But CNN never reported X. Nondenial denial.

  15. Wow, I hope these fox news ppl will one day get their reward from Trump, even a bone would be nice, for their efforts to stand up for him. Lets not forget Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a foreigner, and CNN was founded by Ted Turner, an Ametican.

  16. Why can’t we all just focus on America!! Dems keep the crap flowing. Just imagine what could be accomplished if they actually focused on making our country better for everyone here! They are so busy being angry, it’s not helping any of us.

  17. God still on russia maybe they should look at all the dems. Who supported russia. Sell uranium and they sell their soul to defeat him.

  18. No matter how many times CNN is caught lying or making stuff up, their mindless puppets will still support them and watch their propaganda. Don't believe me go on CNNs YouTube channel and read the NPC comnents.

  19. Yes, Juan… Trump accepts the word of Putin over the people who told him there was unverified “Russian Dirt” about him having his bed peed on by Russian hookers. They used it to spy on his campaign. And when the President wanted the false allegations investigated and debunked… Comey refused. Then tried to say his firing was “obstruction”. Without proof, they strongly to the press he may be a suspected “Russian asset”. Our “intelligence community” haven’t been on the up and up. And Schumer was right, they’ve been trying to get Trump “six ways to Sunday” since he got elected.

  20. CNN, MSNBC, is making almost all the news outlets the equivalent to watching political professional wrestling. Just a bunch of fiction.

  21. All Trump supporters voted for their candidate. Trump cannot be held accountable for Clinton supporters who wimped out and stayed home. And stop blaming the electoral college. Clinton was a terrible candidate. Just like today, in 2016 many Trump supporters were keeping their mouths shut on their voting intentions because it can be dangerous to talk about it. Thats how bad it has gotten here- when political thoughts can cause slander and violence against someone. I believe it was this secret society of quiet voters that caused such a meltdown and mental angst 2 seconds after the election was called and it hasn't stopped yet. I worry what the left will do if 2020 is a repeat. Its going to be like scalding water on a bad sunburn for these people if their worst nightmare happens 2 times in a row. They will be crazy dangerous even if their candidate wins, maybe even more so, watch.

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