The Experience — The OSHO International Meditation Resort

The Experience — The OSHO International Meditation Resort

Meditation never died in this country. Sometimes above ground,
sometimes underground, but its river has remained flowing constantly, eternally. It flows today,
it will flow tomorrow also – and that is the only hope for man. Because the day meditation dies,
man will also die. Man’s actuality is meditation. You may be aware of it
or you may not be, you may know it or you may not, but meditation is your inner core. That which is hidden
within your breath, that which is hidden within your heartbeats, that which you are,
is nothing other than meditation. . The Experience
The OSHO International Meditation Resort India – a cradle of the human race The birthplace of many great mystics
including Gautama the Buddha India – a land of remarkable diversity India – cannot be categorized
with other countries You will not capture this tremendous energyfield anywhere else I feel, every time that I come here, I discover my beauty my strength, what I have to bring to the world. My interest to come here was
purely because of meditation. Walking in here one thing
I noticed was instantly there was this burden on the heart and mind that left me, because there was a lot of this playfulness in the air… the campus was beautiful. I thoroughly enjoy every spot
at the campus so far. I remember the moment I looked at
that OSHO Auditorium for the first time and just saw the beauty of the pyramid in the blue sky and the trees all around I was awestruck at how beautiful
this place was. The OSHO International
Meditation Resort an environment created to support
individual experience of meditation, celebration,
creativity and contribution People from more than 100 countries with half of the participants
here for their first time coming for days weeks or longer to a meeting place of friends Famed for its black pyramid buildings the largest of which is
the OSHO auditorium This facility offers
the OSHO active meditations from 6 in the morning through
later evening Instruction and support is provided Osho Dynamic was my first meditation I did for an extended period,
and it was life-changing. Back then in my 20s, early 30s,
this meditation was revolutionary because the energy living in America,
travelling so much, I was so much into the head. This meditation helped me to get back into the body, start to feel a breeze on my body,
the taste of the food. It just got me into the body. All we have to do is,
just unlearn this restlessness that we have in the body
and in the mind. And active meditations are
such powerful doorways, such playful doorway to undo this
tension in the body and the mind. And then you realize, that Meditation is truly your nature underneath. Every single day I noticed myself changing, every time I go into one meditation I feel like I come out,
a slightly different person. Within this year I’ve gotten a lot calmer as a person used to be quite anxious
and anxiety ridden, and I think that’s so different to
what I am now. I used to be quite socially awkward
and I hid at talking to people I feel like that’s changed
in such a drastic way. I really love OSHO Kundalini Meditation, because the Meditation happens
at the end of the day so I find that no matter what’s been
going on throughout the day, I just come out feeling so peaceful and so cleansed and just feel like I’ve shaken off
anything that has happened to me that was impacting me
throughout the day and I feel like I can then
move on from it. My favorite part of the day, honestly, it might be
The Evening Meeting. And I will be perfectly honest,
full disclosure, the first three days here, the evening meeting is almost what made me want to leave. Because I didn’t understand it, there was a lot about it I didn’t really connect with it. I’m like “what do I do?” And then I went to the in-depth talks with Amrito about it and he explained
why each step is done and what you are supposed to get from that step. And when I went the next day,
it was clearly different. I understood more of
what was going on. And ever since then
I loved going into it. It was a good experience. The OSHO Multiversity in its purpose is designed as a bridge
to meditation There are more than 150 offerings for every interest
and participation through the year There are highly trained people to meet with you to support to your decisions of what offering might be most useful My first really deep, powerful experience through a Multiversity course
was through breathing, it was a breathing course. It just did something,
like an explosion, I did not realize how shallow
my breathing was, how much more I was breathing
than needed. There was a tension around the upper body, neck this breath course just opened up something deep within me. Now my involvement is in different facets through Multiversity. I am here facilitating meditation, meditation courses, facilitate trainings for
OSHO hypnosis, OSHO meditations in-depth. As I walked in through this door, it was very quick to realize that we are pretty much living someone else’s program, we are living as conditioned beings. Conditioning given to us
by our parents, by our teachers, priests politicians. So Multiversity was
a doorway that helped me to decondition or uncondition myself from these belief systems. When that surfaces these are
incredible doorways through creativity, exoteric sciences, movement to decondition, uncondition, unburden yourself of that, so you can truly come in contact
with who you are because all these things about love yourself, be yourself, no one has an understanding of what the self truly is. So for the first time with all that burden gone, all that conditioning gone, you start to get a glimpse of
this self…meet yourself. So that was a starting point,
a gift for me. There’s something about
the painting course. It has this quality of like
an unexpectedness, like even if I’ve done it
already 2,3 times, I never know really what’s going to happen next. And that can be also really in the structure of the course, but it’s also a lot about painting. When I paint, I never know really what’s going to happen next. Like if I go with
my natural flow of things I never know what color I am gonna use next or in what way. Or how they’re going to come together once they come on the paper. Or how I’m going to feel when I allow myself
to use these colors or to express myself on the paper. There’s something where
it opens the space of spontaneity and something unexpected. And also a lot just when I said before, like I always know that when
I do this kind of painting, not sitting and try to draw
something accurately, but when I just allow myself to kind of become part of the paint, part of the painting also, then something opens up
inside of me like an aliveness opens up
inside of me. It feels like juiciness opens up inside. For Multiversity courses,
I have done the Inner Training. And just a couple of techniques that
I learned in the course, were just amazing. You just take one second and
do an exercise where tell yourself to stop. You can be stressed out or upset about something and you say “stop” and stop in that moment, take a breath and then
open your eyes again and whatever you are upset about almost goes away – depending on what it is. It was almost just that one technique was extremely helpful. The first OSHO Multiversity course
I did was OSHO No-Mind. And it was really like the perfect thing for me to do at that time. Because I’ve been filled with
so much garbage… Before doing that course I’d been kind of reading so many books and watching so much T.V. I was just filling myself up with
so much information from the Internet to avoid dealing with stuff, was going on inside me. The OSHO No-Mind was the perfect thing to do because seven days of gibberish
and sitting silently just cleansed my whole mind out completely and cleansed me out as a person. I feel like I came out feeling
so much lighter and just so much more excited
about the world after I did. Classes are offered every day
of the year energy/body focused activities from Tai Chi, Zen archery,
Sufi whirling and many others The campus of more than 30 acres is an expression of nature
with human shared harmony some areas of the campus are
silent zones where only nature speaks Selections of international
vegetarian cuisine with recipes from across India
through Italy China and beyond with two dining areas at garden
and poolside And a cafe with trained baristas Of several longer programs offered one is work as meditation providing techniques and experience to move with a different awareness
and understanding into the market place of your
every day living I just communicate with people
so much better and I know that’s going to
help me a lot when I go and work in places other than this place, because I think the work as meditation program, you learn all of the skills that
you need in a workplace. I’m currently doing social media
for Osho, so I manage the OSHO Facebook page as well as Instagram. what I do is try to make sure we get OSHO around the world so Osho’s vision, his words, things that are happening on campus, different courses that are going on, different events, and just sharing OSHO
with the whole world. Part of my original plan
for coming here was to learn how to deal
with stress at work. Which is why I joined the Work as Meditation program. And at first I felt more stressed. But after being in the program for over a month, now I kind of understand
why the program exists and what it is meant to do
for each person. And what is meant to do for each person is going to be different, it is not going to be the same
for everybody because everybody has different jobs
and different lifestyles. But for me I can already see how it helped me to stay more in the moment, and more aware of what I am doing here and now. So when I go out to the real world
I can take that with me, which will allow me to be less stressed and more relaxed and more calm when I am at work. When I have to deal with those stressful situations or those stressful individuals that I might have to deal with in everyday life. The meditation resort expression high quality facilities including olympic sized pool, tennis courts, jacuzzi, gym
and sauna spas A big component of
the OSHO meditation resort is the celebration component,
besides the meditation. I have a lot of fun being involved in
the events. Every night we have
a component of celebration, whether that’s through dancing, singing, theatre, painting. We put together 365 events pretty much one every day. For me this is one of the most creative, most playful Meditation park. It’s a place where you come, you meet people from a hundred different countries. There are so many possibilities to learn meditation through different doorways, to be creative, to participate. So I describe this place as
a very very creative, playful Meditation field
to come and learn that art. I would describe this place
as a great way to come and just express yourself
and to be yourself. This is for me the only place
on the planet where someone like me could just be themselves 100% and really express all the different facets of yourself. I’d like to thank Osho for bringing
this to the world and to other people and sharing it, not just keeping it for himself or his friends or the people he cared about. Really he cared about everyone. That’s the reason why he brought it to everyone. And for everyone, for them, to bring it to everyone they care about and love. It’s a place where I have a chance to meet myself in a new way, and meet other people in a new way. It’s really somehow a place where
I get to experience the magic in life but in such a simple way
because it just ‘is’ in this place. An osho proposal for a new human he calls Zorba the Buddha Zorba as a quality of
celebration living, Buddha as a relaxed awareness Live your life,
don’t explain it, don’t apologise for it,
live it with totality. . . . . and trademarks of
OSHO International Foundation, .

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