The entire Loot Lake Event in Fortnite – UNVAULTED | Swiftor

The entire Loot Lake Event in Fortnite - UNVAULTED | Swiftor

all right one minute what are you guys doing you gotta watch this 50 seconds all right no one's killing each other this is good very positive I'll hang out oh we can't hurt each other all right we're good pacifist mode is enabled what's backup good all right let's get a good view of everything going on here 30 seconds I have no resources hasn't good view up over there let's go take that that route this is pretty good ten seconds nine eight seven six I'm not gonna count down and all right today is changing all right reactors down there some brave people down there I'm just gonna watch all right guys got a solid beam of light going in it's opening up well what's down there I want to know is it too late I'm going in where I worried are we well this is similar to the butterfly thing right Oh oh cool ah the vault this is the vault the south and decided come on breathe breathe beat this drum come on you know what you guys are doing a great job infinity sword me tell what has the most is your way in real time to tell it's a pad tracker let's go check oh this is desk over here I'm the captain now alright what else can we observe look at the sky it's kind of broken in the shards to get all these stars in the background nothing behind your any hints looks it's the buildings over there does this ring a bell which part of the map are we on are we in the same spot but they were just gonna like reduced everything kind of x-ray oh oh there's kind of a metre to it oh it is going up look at that bring back the plane no I'm just kidding how much damage they have to do it's a race or busy baby it's like a timer is it getting smaller or bigger they almost have this oh it's shattering I'll help oh yes this is your every every strike is a vote let that drum get out get people with no skills a chance I want to melt people to drum gun is coming back no one can stop it want to back up and see his chatter oh it's distorting your votes are worth nothing go to the drum gun stop wasting your votes Oh smart guy over there yikes oh and and that's it oh it's going down an order of what was least popular everyone gets a drum gun who picked it up we did it guys we did it it opened up whoa that volcano is like going full throttle look at the color of the sky all right tilt it still okay no wait don't don't go to tilt it don't do it don't do it all right we're good Oh whatever I don't care about that sleeve tilted alone no stop it block it with your bodies no no oh thank goodness all right all right we're good we're good did I saw out of here yeah retail roll shop somewhere else wait wait no no no no why no tilted the rest in peace' tilted rest in peace now go check it out man I thought endgame was sad West time for violence I guess we do I miss my reticule why don't turn it off oh yeah for the event it's kind of guessing works pointing Wow well tilt that's looking pretty not so good probably all right see you know our turn back on my hood man chill yawn Wow he's gonna stay dark like this forever this is during the day I've got questions oh you'll see the map you're right now I'm up still it's the same graphics wise I bet we have to leave they kind of take a look at it yeah well I guess we're gonna leave the match look at the new map well we're gonna jump back in and see what the map looks like all right sorry squad it's been fun but we go in solos everything's back alright bye sorry buddy Oh custom match rings turned off wonderful it turn it back on can't go into customs I mean go into creative and see the drum gun there we'll see going in polar Peaks about the crack Oh know that I miss it maybe I can't go back in maybe I made a mistake all the tribes ordered for the Tommy gun I mean I voted for it got a chance to kill people with that thing at least no no the map still looks the same good old tilted the drum gun already back in man don't worry how one's gonna tilted I'm sure eight seconds let's go visit tilted and see all the orders take a look at maybe should go check out retail people right after the event had a drum gun oh well I my stuff turned off alright something cracking over here polar peak I can't help it I got she got tilted I can't be the only one those are one building that survived huh this wasn't here before was it no sweat oh hey this is pretty new don't go up there probably means gonna die I'll leave you alone sorry buddy whoa chill why is that one trying to kill me Oh yikes well the insurance building this is the building as a new one they'll write I don't recognize this place anyway let me know your thoughts on on the areas that are gone and big thank you to everyone watching and one who subscribe to the channel means a lot on the path of 3 million and I'll see you in Porton if you want to join us for four custom games hop into a board / Twitter I'll see you there Oh insurance building has been there I guess it's for the walls alright shows what I know thanks for watching

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