The Crystal Clods | Steven Universe Minecraft Hide and Seek

The Crystal Clods | Steven Universe Minecraft Hide and Seek

nice work Its been awhile since i played i miss minecraft ! keep it up man Katelyn: Oh- Were we supposed to do this? Zane: You didn’t plan this out Katelyn: you didn’t tell us, otherwise I would’ve done it Aphmau: Ooh kay, lets do it right this time Ready? Aphmau: Alright, so I’ll do it first and then Zane will say ‘Are the Crystal Gems’ Aphmau: and then Katelyn will take the next part Aphmau: and then Travis will take the next part so we’ll do each lyric. Aphmau: ok lets try it, Ready? Katelyn Ok – Ok Ready Aphamu: Here we go Aphamu: We Zane: Are the Crystal- Zane: -Gems Katelyn: We’ll always save the day Travis: And if you think we can’t Katelyn:Oh my irene! can we please just start *Aphmaus laughter* Travis: I’m going to punch you Aphmau: We’ll always find a way *In high pitched voice* Aphmau: Hey guys! *Aphmaus laughter* Katelyn: of all the people in the world I cant believe Garroth hasn’t watched the freaking show Garroth: Its the song ? (idk) Travis: Trample, Trample, Trample Aphmau: So Garroth’s still working on watching Steven Universe but anyway guys, Aphmau: Don’t worry because, if you havent seen it, Dont Worry Aphmau: Its one that we reccomend, but you don’t have to see it, Garroth does, but not you, you’re cool Aphmau: No matter what you do, and you remember that, Okay Travis: Except you, guy in the back, I know what you did Aphmau: OOOOOWWWW *Aphmau laughs* Katelyn: Wow Katelyn: This is a train wreck right off the bat Aphmau: Yeah, except you, guy in the back. We know what you’re… Y’know Aphmau: Anyway, Today we are playing Steven Universe Hide and Seek, remember if you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave a like, a comment, and- Katelyn: Steven (in funny voice) Aphmau: We’ll start the video Aphmau: *giggles* StEVEn Travis: and remember, do not support the evil space giraffe Aphmau: Do not Katelyn: Yeah shes a ? Aphmau: Do not support the evil space giraffe Katelyn: It is Katelyn: I actually really like – I really like diamonds I am sorry Katelyn: even though evil space giraffe is mean No uhh Katelyn: um… Technically, yes Katelyn: It hasn’t, it was uh, briefly mentioned and not by name but yes wao get it right Katelyn: Yeah, good job think you did a thing right or wrong you
did it I did it I did it to do need to do all me Katelyn: Wait, this isn’t undertale, ca-take a step back please broke I’m surprised we haven’t seen the white
dog run around this beach yet Katelyn: Oh, yeah, Im sure its coming at some point (indistinguashable talking by Katelyn and Travis) the rare artifact and I’m dead he
crunches and shatter it or did you like swallow it whole is gonna poop it out at
least wanted home that ok that then it’s still alive so can you imagine if that
happened in episode i think they said the gym get me a clod there i’m so happy like i
was saying the gyms face their greatest rival yet now all of a sudden here .
right in front of my apartment right you see this dramatic look on people’s faces
like we’re all dead and the dog poops the gym and then Steve and dresses up as
sands ok who I could see that I can see that too actually it’s it’s like a
Jasper I learned a new song oh yeah what is it but it did didn’t it it did didn’t
it just starts to sweat nervously speaking of Jasper that’s who i am now yeah I suddenly have a distaste for
everything on this planet nothing new then oh look its money won’t
make space for two weeks saying that say that sounds like you anyway then this
character is perfect for me and loved so much life Jasper has been fighting from
the second I broke out of the cross because of what you did to my smile but
it’s a good . so what you did to my colony because of what you did to my
diamonds Oh calm down Jasper it’s a good planet sorry i got time I kind of got into the
wrong really into character there but yeah does that mean that was a romantic
moment no come on someone gotta stab you with their metal panel that a circus
fire because he was intense . hear jack oh my life I could win follow me we have good hiding spot
already i was doing a first place come here ok you got me there for a
second like you follow follow good hiding spot no google people see me wire now we sit
out and can relax in an impression on me again it comes yeah got it you said on us yeah you got a point I you do your guy I want your guard
impressions a new guy the question here with you hey everybody look at me I’m chorus I
don’t know what I’m trying to do in this game man they have found us that every better
than I thought it would be you know they how about we all about this every round
this is a hiding spot until someone finds I’m fine with that I my part alright yeah that’s like my
part 2 we could just sit here and just like you know shoot they’re not gonna
know where I am so surprised and nobody has found us like this keep doing this
until I don’t want to follow you because now they know it’s real number with the
Perry plan all eyes are on you so they just gonna study even if I’m the one
that’s the seeker you better find a different spot yeah well i will you send
it same here same here eyes and it works yeah maybe were you alone for us to know and for
you to never find out hopefully odd said only on there right now everybody how
about we all go in the same place alright alright so I so well I have the
same spot acceptable talk Kailyn well that’s kind of the point okay all right
come on kill yourselves when you find out where we were hiding this will
believe you oh right you’re here because the dark are you serious how how did we all fit in here I think your
business yes I think refuse did fusion idiots put it back where I came I want
to see the monster station don’t you have some sort of disease i
think this game is what happens when corruption thing convinced me Caitlin
i’ll give you a hint sit down everyone what do you mean convince you like what
I have to say I’m Caitlin you should just tell me that’s that’s all that’s
not that’s too easy that’s too easy get ahead you know you’re getting is a
boot out of here yeah girl i guess i would be coming out
of the closet and what you wish my dear students people with no I’m i want to be
that’s you scary i wanna be my home gym awaits your own your own original
character John Maxfield do you know what I want but you can make us see what is
it bloodstone I want to be away blue
diamond dark it’s not working i’ll just be blue diamond them ok you can also be aquamarine there yea or no I would rather be like a where
Mr anything this this is a better spot right here they’re gone yeah we’re still fused it my name’s not too flashy but it’s not
it’s fire opal now let me just open on its own haha but there were 23 deputies
I didn’t think he would even notice i know i almost at first I was like
looking up here and I saw like like black up square here I’m Michael knows
that any daughter was like oh it’s you didn’t see it together no because I only sold eight at first
because we refused perfectly your insides and it’s gross insult to you i
hope he doesn’t find dice and hope he doesn’t find us in the most obvious but
you’re yes I do did you ever do you have a license and
registration arm it’s in my other swimsuit not good enough ah i am peridot to get out now kinda
stuck oh I’m seeking I’m not gonna let history
repeat itself but isn’t that the nature of history girl that’s deep I mean that is d just like this one
that’s the history of nature to make more repeats itself yeah because you know flowers grow trees
grow acorns fall it’s like really symbolic and stuff you know yeah i got beautiful this is very deep
in the game guys I appreciate it yeah I feel like our environment teaches
us this because remember our forefathers long time ago when they first set foot
into this world they are solving and didn’t know how long is no no remember like back in the day like
history goes a long way back remember like the first person who was ever like
have created or whatever like you know materialized into like the world like
they had to start punching trees and like I don’t really that I wasn’t there no no this was like in history book
that’s what we learned in school guys like you know but reversing that I i
have some question who names the first human existence Steve yeah someone like
guard yeah look at that problem yeah really
good like a quilt I was older and was young all right where I belong somewhere
below great oh I’m in the right I like the love she does you really take
sound so quickly horrible and I love everything anybody done oh yeah I don’t think that the waterpark
I tried to hide on a bench and it didn’t work try to be assassins creed are you
wearing the be wearing a hood no but that like makes him stand out
more I don’t understand he just sits on invention it’s like okay you’re just a
normal person and like that’s because everybody in the day used to our
blankets apparently but everyone’s just didn’t like peasant clothing and then
you’re just like a guy in this like cosplay outfit and like four assassins
white in red were probably not the stealthiest choice color no I’ll get it happen I’ll at least at
sea still and black look to your left if we don’t see him he can’t he can’t
hurt us that’s giant sores he’s not the weeping willow did I was a bunch of
myself as a t-rex alright thank you talking about come back here black get that rabbit yeah yeah don’t
think faster than just that diving right into the open it in 20 I think that much actually lose actually
time and how do you wait by the time by the time do it doing doing doing you get
the rest of them I can’t believe this work Oh baby I am
so dead soon are they where are they oh hey i think
of lapis I’m appropriate cool winds well i was just exit this world why we or the crystal you didn’t tell us you
have to plan the only save llegar make it away i’ll be popping up Bob haha i think you sent out well amethyst I can morph into people so now
i’m going to morph into a smile and go mess with air later oh snap and now she’s giving him a death
stare a literal you you deserve the way you guys always someone got anyway guys
remember if you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave a like comment and check
out the description down now without further ado I’m gonna go drive away
that’s not gay i’m gonna live forever to get it but I won’t mess in there and I
saw you don’t worry i died yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hmm yeah yeah yeah

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  2. Aph-paw have you watched the part where white diamond puuled out stevens gem and steven turned out to be pink diamond

  3. I've been fighting since I broke out of the Earth's crust because of what you did to my planet because of what you did to my colony because of what YOU DID TO MY DIAMOND!. Steven: yellow diamond?. My Diamond Your diamond PINK DIAMOND…. UGHRHGH

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    We have this thing on Instagram called the hamsta clan and we make crystal hams XD , we are the crystal hams well always save the day and if you think we can't well always find a way that's why the people of this world believe in hamnet hamethest and pamsta and steham!

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  7. We are the crystal CLODS

  8. You guys got Steven as Sans stuck in my head now, and I can't stop laughing. Just all of a sudden Steven says to the bad guys "Your about to have a bad time" and summons 30 blades that are the same as his shield.

  9. We are the Crystal gems well always save the day and if you think we can't we 'll always find a way that's why the people of this world believe in garnet amethist and Perl and steven

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    Share a coke with Steven.
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    >w< btw i love lapiz {and i just wanted to say that thought it was a cool thing

  14. I remember the first time I watched this, I had no idea what Steven Universe was.
    Now I'm very happy I fell in love with those gay space rocks.

    yeah i may have watched the movie four times within a week of it being out

    help i have an obsession-

  15. 1:53
    soon garroth
    aka in like two and a half years from when this was posted but i mean
    she makes an appearance
    and its a m a z i n g

    stevonnie and smokey are still my favorite fusions tho
    but also when garnet was super cute and naive and actually asKED QUESTIONS

  16. Nobody:
    Absolutely nobody:
    Aphmau during a Steven Universe themed Minecraft hide and seek game: *starts singing Undertale songs*

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  18. We are the crystal gems! We'll always save the day and if u think can't! we'll always find a way thats why the people of this world believe in


    And pearl

    And steven

    Hope u look at this garroth watch the show it's awsome

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  23. This remember me of when i played block hide and see was a crafting table. I hid next to a furnace and was LITERALLY right next to spawn. LITERALLY EVERY SEEKER IN THE GAME WENT PAST ME

  24. If anyone is watching in 2019 and watches steven universe there is a movie with obsidian which is pearl,garnet, amethyst, and steven fuse to make her

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  26. This song from Steven universe movie Well well well well well let me get a look at the Menagerie you must be I’m assist you must be garnet Pink diamond pearl well she Took do with her isn’t that just swell it can’t be a ha ha ha ha 0000 but it Can be and it is I got a new style and if your new toys that are gonna put an end to your happily ever after once and for all wall wall this must be a misunderstanding in case you haven’t heard I’ve established yeah yeah I’ve heard I’ve had a little message to the universe“ on route I just love that part where pink diamond Spencer it does the days on this nowhere planet with a bunch of nobodies that’s right I’ve heard the story over and over again g that’s why I’ve heard about her are Yeah that’s what I’ve heard the story don’t really like how it ends do you that’s all I’ve heard about her other friends what did she say about me what did she say what did you do without me what did you do did you play games at me what did you play did you think of the time that I want to find out about you and that’s what I’ve heard the story over and over again do you that’s I’ve heard about her other friend


  28. Aphmau: We

    Zane: are the Crystal Gems
    Katelyn: You didn't tell us like you have to plan these things
    Aphmau: We'll always save the day

    Aphmau: Garroth take it away!
    Garroth: AbA!AbAbAbAbA!

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    Garroth: is obsidian a thing in the show?

    Me after Change your mind: cough cough cough cough cough cough cough

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  32. * hear's undertale *
    Me: … YES!!!!!
    Sister: …This is the wrong thing…
    * Hears Meglovainia *
    Sis: What is this music?
    Me: * sweats nervously * this is what you here towards the end of a genocide route
    Sis: why do you know that??
    Me: …well~ I AM a fear and determination soul soooooo this was gonna happen at some point = ) 🔪

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