The Biggest Mysteries in the Universe – WE HAVE NO IDEA

The Biggest Mysteries in the Universe – WE HAVE NO IDEA

What DON’T we know about the Universe? Our advances in technology and achievements
in science might give you the impression that humans have mastered the Universe. Right? Wrong. Actually, humans are still pretty clueless
when it comes to many basic questions about the Universe. For example, What is the Universe made of? If you take all the stars and planets and
galaxies and atoms and molecules, that only accounts for 5% of the Universe. What could the other 95% of the Universe be? Well, we have cool-sounding names for it,
but we don’t really know what they are. And the big questions don’t stop there: How
big is the Universe? Does it go on forever or curve around on itself? What happened before the big bang? Are we alone in the Universe? Do cats actually love us, or are they just
biding their time? We don’t have the answers, but we can help
you understand the questions. Welcome to: “We Have No Idea”, a sometimes-silly
guide to serious questions about the Unknown Universe.

22 Replies to “The Biggest Mysteries in the Universe – WE HAVE NO IDEA

  1. Nice video!!! I have always said we could fill a book with what we don't know and now someone has gone and done it!

  2. What is the universe made of: most probably, math. And we should explore it, even the uncomfortable parts, like the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. We need to brainstorm ideas, and help them evolve, so the concept and our imagination grow, from 2+2 to atoms and galaxies, arrow of time, constructive/destructive interferences, etc.
    'Building A Universe Competition' #BAUniC – exploring the #FractalUniverse in search of e=mc2 and other forms of existence. : )

  3. And yet there are so many physicists and philosophers who snort at things like "Can consciousness survive death?" Because they already have it all figured out.

  4. I bought this book . But the quality of pages inside is poor and in paperback format the papers inside are not held together properly . As they are recycled papers and are printed in black and white , the cost is too high

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