SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “7 Minutes in Heaven” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “7 Minutes in Heaven” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

100 Replies to “SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “7 Minutes in Heaven” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

  1. Check out the Sunny Family Cult ORIGIN STORY:
    and stay tuned for more new episodes coming soon!!

  2. Never disagree if you know your in a certain doom. Just agree and if you have a opportunity run. And if you knew martial arts beat Em.

  3. If only he just accepted the invite…he would live…after that….GET THE FREAKIN OUT OF THE FAMILY OR ELSE YOU WILL MAKE MURDERER BABY

  4. The last dude could have just flying kicked her hard when she was stabbing the second one.. I mean she is a girl and young she couldnt have taken a straight flying kick in her chest rite..

  5. i lov all the short film movies but i wish ican see the whole movies……where can i watch or buy the whole the i like

  6. Guns are lame its fact

    I would use a knife and slit there throats
    Its my fav way to kill
    Mostly cause of the blood splatter
    Jeff the killerrrr styylllee yaaalllssss
    Its the best style

  7. To be fair, strangling 4 people to death all by your lonesome is a lot harder to pull off than stabbing them. It takes a while to strangle even one person, and this delay allows the other to flee or snap out of their dumbfoundness and start resisting. I give her a 8/10 on this one. Btw the best way to murder four people at once is a gun, but I get it this family is pretty hardcore. Would be too easy if they used guns.

  8. I liked it a TON. Great job Crypt. But to be completely honest, the acting couldve been a bit better. Other than that, I dont have any criticism whatsoever. I can tell this was made by someone who knew what they were doing.

  9. I would accept the offer of joining the sunny family cult cuz
    1.dont wanna die
    2.i mean you'll be with your true love one can kill and no one will notice
    4.and the first one I would kill is the first word on number 3

    Ok this is all a joke EXEPT I do wanna join the family cult though

    Thats what you meant. I thought it was going to be something like:
    deary can't we move the disembodied heads outside?

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