STOP The Overthinking | Find The Perfect Switch | Guided Meditation

STOP The Overthinking | Find The Perfect Switch | Guided Meditation

This guided meditation will help you relax
and unwind, detach from overthinking and easily focus on the things and situations that matter
to you in the moments you decide to switch onto them by shedding the light on your inner
power and the infinite and ever-present consciousness. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Adjust your body if you need to do it and
begin to let go. Let your eyes relax. Allow your eyelids to close just in the way
the soft flower petals do, softly and gently leading you into the world of soothing sensations,
relaxation and great insights. Take a deeper and fuller breath in, and breathe
out slowly and completely through your nose or mouth. Now, embark on the effortless noticing of
your breath rising, flowing, falling and again rising, flowing, falling. Notice how your body follows your breath – your
stomach rises, flows with your breath and falls. Your entire body rises, flows with your breath
and falls into the evenly soothing, ripple-like state of relaxation. You begin to experience the epicentre of your
deep relaxation, feeling peace and bliss arising with each conscious breath flowing through
you. Surrendering to its natural flow and breathing
out and letting go. Now bring back the situation, wether that
is work or a conversation you had, simply bring back that what made your thoughts escalate
and caused the overthinking and something you are still dwelling on. Perhaps the long list of things you have to
do that keeps appearing in your mind over and over again. Bring forth that what you are being bothered
about. If you feel uncomfortable at any stage of this process,
simply return your attention to your breath, relax and let all the feelings, thoughts or
sensations come and go. Now, take a deep and full breath in, and breathe
out slowly and completely through your nose or mouth, observe what it feels like to experience
the overthinking about work, project, things or situations. Now let’s begin to visualisation and imagine
the spiralling ball of light floating up in the space, right above your head. On a close inspection this ball of light looks
like the sparkler emitting coloured flames, sparks or shiny, intertwined, thread like
particles. The closer you look and the more you visualise
this spiraling ball of light, the more it starts unwinding its thread. And now see your hands holding the thread
of this magical, illuminated, spiralling ball of light. Slowly and playfully see yourself unwinding
it as if you are unrolling a ball of yarn. With your natural accending and descending
breath, visualising, continuing to focus and unwinding the ball of light. Feel that you also are releasing the unproductive
thoughts, tension, any heavy feelings and sensations. Keep inwiding the ball of light and as you
do continue to let go. Unwinding the thread more and more. As you unwind see the light particles from
the thread to float through the air, nice and light, weigtless, floating towards you. Allowing the particles of light to touch your
body. As the light particles touch your body allow
it to spread through your body, it leaving you feeling lighter and lighter. Unwinding the thread more and more. Feeling your mind relax more and more. Feeling your consciousness expand wider and
wider. Sensing and filling your presence with the
sense of new possibilities arriving through this present moment. With each conscious breath you take in, the
particles of light are spreading through your left and right brain hemisphere, your temples,
forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, jaws, tongue, ears, neck, throat, shoulders, lungs, heart,
stomach, arms, hands, legs, feet, muscles, bones, organs, blood vessels, cells, membranes
and all other parts of your body. The ball of energy has now been fully unravelled
and you can see the very core of it, a magnetic, powerful cube made out of beaming light. Your entire body becomes luminous radiating
the light into the space around you. The space close to your left side. The right side. The space above your head. Space below your feet. The space in front of your body. Dnd behind it. It is radianting in all directions. Observe and feel how your consciousness expands
more and more. Feel how everything becomes one perfect whole. There are no boundaries. You are the infinite space. The infinite consciousness. The space around you becomes like one interactive
projection display of your radiant consciousness. Here you can see things from different angles,
create, shape and choose which project or part of your life you want to focus on. Bring your attention to that what you don’t
want to be focused on right now and send it into the cube. Feel how the energy associated with that what
you are sending travels towards the cube until it populates its entire space. Take a generous and slow breath in and breathe
out completely. Feel and visualise how the energy of your
out-breath seals the cube and leaves it somewhere in the infine space that surrounds you. Remember the place where you put your cube
so that you can find it, open it and focus on its content when you feel it is time for
it. Now shift your focus. Feel how your laser-like focus now takes you
the other parts of your life or activities you want to experience fully. Soft breath in and out. Feeling yourself being like the alchemist
of your thoughts and energy. Feel the switch. Feel your ultimate power. Right here and now. Use your ability to switch between duality
in upcoming moments or distance future. The perfect switch to your chosen experience
is coming back into your conscious breath, focus, sifting through feelings and emotions
and using your creative imagination for your own and others greater good. The ultimate power lies within you. At all times. Be aware and eager to use it. Right now, in the next minute, slowly bring
your attention to each part of your body from the top of your head down to your feet. Feel the new, inspiring energy running through
you. You can choose to either become aware of the
space around you by gently opening your eyes and looking around, stretching your body a
bit OR you can keep relaxing and filling the space with other cubes, reorganising and enjoying
your creations. Thank you for joining me in this meditation,
if you had a positive experience, please let me know by comment, sharing or liking this
video. Thank you and until next time.

44 Replies to “STOP The Overthinking | Find The Perfect Switch | Guided Meditation

  1. here in south Fremantle , Western Australia …myself , the good people here…on the beautiful coast…we would love for you to do a group meditaion….PEACE & LIGHT ….✌🏼️🙏🏽👽🌞🎵

  2. Rasa thank you for another inspirational meditation. I spend too much time overthinking decisions I make and trust my intuition. I need to detach from anyone that is not a positive force in my life, supporting my spiritual journey and personal development. Your work has been a great help and inspiration to me. I have listened to this meditation twice already and will continue as it resonates with my current life situation. Thank you!!!
    Many Blessings, Love & Light, Colleen

  3. Hello Rasa,,i have yet again been healed emotionally and from anxiety,,,,,,,,,,,it is a matter of lowering ones own heartbeat and calming down,and switching from fear to safety,Bereavement is such a complex emotion to deal with,and infact it is a matter of accepting that your grief will not go anywhere,,losing a loved one will never be a thing that you can get over in a sense it is more like you have to carry it well with you,and bear it ,,whilst still being able to function,so on the days where the weight of the bag of grief i am carrying with me,gets too much,,suddenly I find Rasa is by my side offering to help with my sufferation,,xxxxHOW WONDERFUL,,,Thankyou Beautiful RAsa,xxx long may we be in contact and more times for healing others too,xMuch Love and Peace,,Paul,,x

  4. Thanks Rasa! Great technique! I experienced a supernova and was able to shift back and forth between my body and the vast scattered glowing star dust! But I was not successful to create or lock away some memories and creations in the cubes. You got a gift! Please continue to help other!

  5. Thank you for this, Rasa.
    This really isn't my year for a number of reasons but these meditations really do help me cope.

  6. I love you rasa! I started a year ago to do many different type of meditations by my own through YouTube without really having much knowledge though about them but sometimes I reached to some point that I don’t understand some of the energies (sometimes are pleasant and sometimes very uncomfortable which I scared of it) and I know I heard that it’s a part of meditation, sometimes I feel to give up because I could not understand it but when I hear ur voice and ur guidance I feel better and calm💕 so thank u so much for ur videos and all

  7. As always Rasa, your guided meditation are amazing!! But I could not visualize the ball or cube. instead I was listening and holding a huge kyanite. I felt the vibration in my hand like the kyanite had a heart beat and i felt like I was floating. pain on my left side of head and it felt like the kyanite absorb the over thinking energies I had. I had an amazing experience and your guided meditation are the only one I can do!! Thank you! I tried other ones but can't connect the way I do with your meditation xoxoxox

  8. Hi Rasa, I have only been meditating for about 2 months now and it has completely changed me and my life! My very first experience was one of your healing videos… and it worked!!! I was simply stupefied, just really awestruck! I am now wishing I had tried this years ago!! It is as if I’ve never really relaxed before… I have suffered a lot of difficulties in the past several years both physically and spiritually. I was feeling down and lost, then I got sick and I knew I had to do something, make some changes and take care of myself. This practice of meditation has been the biggest part of those changes. I can’t even express how grateful I am that the universe guided me to you first! Its not just your voice, or the music, but the genuine love and compassion I feel from you that allowed me to really let go and trust in you completely. From the very first video and almost everyone after, I have had such euphoric peace and healing! But it’s way more than that, I have experienced such physical, spiritual and emotional relief and bliss like I never knew was possible. I have read other’s comments how they have these tingles and physical sensations, but what I have experienced from the very 1st time is sooo far beyond that! I am still completely blown away by it. I can’t stop telling my friends and sending them your videos and they look at me like I’m nuts and say “Nah, it’s not my thing”. But, I just wish they could experience one time, what I have! I am still trying to figure out just what’s happened. I’m trying to research, learn and understand what is happening to me and kinda wish I had someone to talk to about it. My husband and friends truly do not understand, but all see the change in me! Most importantly I see, feel and am living it! I can’t believe how far I’ve come in just 2 months. The relief and euphoria I have gotten is indescribable! The body rush I get and got from very the first time has been like nothing I have ever felt! I felt my spirit come back into me like waking up. I still have the electrical energy surging up and down my legs and whole body, all the time now. This is way better than any drugs I have EVER done! I am so truly grateful to you!!! I am sending you so much love! And a check for as much as I can give to support your labor of love… You are doing such good work Rasa!!! You are Saving the world one soul at a time!!! 💕😘

  9. Hello Rasa. Thank you for making all of these wonderful meditation audios. I listen to at least one, every day. In some, the sound of you voice is different than in this one. I am not sure if you changed recording equipment at some point, but your voice level and softness are perfect in this and a few others. There are some which have a little different sound which I can't really describe. Just thought I would let you know.

  10. Thank you so much Rasa, I love your meditations. You really help me to let go of all the stuff that just pulls me down, so I can focuse on what is helping me to create my own reality, especially with this one. Thank you so much for your work!! ❤️

  11. Thank you Rasa for your wonderful meditations. I have trouble shutting my mind, thoughts, etc. off… This meditation marks the first time I’ve been able to get through one over 20 minutes! I did not feel the time go by. It was wonderful and transformative.

  12. Rasa, I did this beautiful meditation by. you about a light house and our true nature, but I am unable to find it again. Would you be able to guide me to it please,😊🙏

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