Stephen Miller calls whistleblower a ‘partisan hit job’ in fiery interview

Stephen Miller calls whistleblower a ‘partisan hit job’ in fiery interview

100 Replies to “Stephen Miller calls whistleblower a ‘partisan hit job’ in fiery interview

  1. Like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard, can Chris Wallace’s tone of conduit in this interview be more annoying?

  2. I wish miller Would just reach across the table and slap that silly son of a b****'s and telling you know exactly why now shut your mouth

  3. Wallace is getting more and more biased it wont be long until he moves over to CNN. America is catching on to his real motives. Just another poverty loving Democratic Socialist who want to sellout America.

  4. stephen miller is so condescending. For someone so young he sure is on the wrong path. History will not treat him well and parents must be so embarrassed to have that idiot for a son.

  5. Hey Steven—- Why don't you quit this gig and go back to playing shitty music—we don't miss assholes like you !!!!!!

  6. "Why is the media upset with every aspect of this investigation?"

    Because it was an underhanded request, made through pressure by withholding allocated funds, and through non-government officials who probably don't even have enough clearance to know about this interaction much less be the front runners of it.

  7. Chrissy boy is way too connected to the Martha's vineyard clique. Get out on the road Chrissy and get to know the heart of America. You have grown dull predictable and irrelevant

  8. Stephen Miller did a great job exposing the hypocrisy of Chris Wallace and the preponderance of yellow journalism in our fake news media.

  9. the greater the lie, the more people will believe in it. the current administration using national socialist tactics but we're the arsenal and birth of modern democracy so act like a patriot and preserve the constitution. stephen miller seems like a harry potter valdemortian snake..

  10. I tell you why he chose Giuliani. He trust his personal lawyer instead of a potential deep state corrupt investigator

  11. :“You’ll get 1 minute uninterrupted”:
    ::Absolutely no one::
    :::Chris, LITERALLY <27 seconds later::: “how durp he break the law durp”

  12. How can any “sane” person not see that this guy Miller is a total psychopath! He should be tried for treason, and executed!

  13. President Trump chose not to use the corrupt government intel agencies and FBI that have been trying to take him down for three years. You figure it out, Mr Wallace

  14. When you guys talk about bias, you may have your own bias, everyone of us has some sort of bias. What I saw from this interview is that the guy just refused to answer questions from the host. That is the problem, simple and clear. If you think you’re right, why not just answer the questions? It is the chance you can convince people who have the same question. If you don’t answer, I may think you’re hiding something and I will have bias on you then.

  15. chris wallace is a punk who keeps interrupting whenever he does not like what other person is saying and a fraud like him should be on fake news cnn so only 3 or 4 people have to put up with his crap just because someone is in goverment a long time does not mean they are not corrupt in fact it is more likely they owe favors the longer they are in goverment TRUMP 2020

  16. Came here to see if anyone could actually try to defend Stephen Miller, one of the worst people in history. Sadly, such enablers/bootlickers do exist and it makes me sad for humanity

  17. Wallace is a partisan hack working for the DNC and the deep state! He is a puppet of the Amoeba's in the MSM and the Paul Ryan's of the Fox News corp! Great Job Miller!!

  18. This guy needs to be hung by his feet with trump,and have their balls cut off ! I feel so sorry for the U S public . OH I AM SORRY TRUMP DOES NOT HAVE ANY BALLS !!!!!

  19. Trump used his own lawyers because he cannot trust the CIA, FBI and other who are intense on taking him down they are all part of attempted coup. I dont blame him for not trusting the Intelligence agency. Look what they been trying to oust him for the last 3 years already, need anymore evidence?"

  20. True.. Schiff gonna up the ante by stacking the deck.. This is Kavanough all over again. When is enough ..enough?? Wallace has his blinders on and plays ignorant, how can Wallace be in such a position and not see the obvious that the Dems, specifically, Schiff..that this is DS political hit job ..the playbook is exactly the same. If Wallace was told the WB is "Blasley Ford" he would find a way to defend it .
    Wallace is a sell out..he's Been compromised..

  21. Chris Wallace is insufficiently informed about Guilian's work on the Biden family corruption. He was asked by by US State Dept to go to Ukraine. Yours truly already know more than Wallace.

  22. 100% agree with Stephen Miller. The idiots traitors Crooked mouth Chris Wallace is the leftist radical criminal crimes always against our president Trump!! Chris Wallace is a Commie!!

  23. Republicans=SCUM,disgusting human beings,lowest form of slime,people in this country you must go and vote every one of these snakes out of office you see what goes on when you give them power.WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE.W.T.F.

  24. Wallace,well prepared to defend the Biden's just like a dog defending his food 😝 I puke every time I see him 😝

  25. Wallace is a real weasel. He asks questions then immediately interrupts Miller as soon as he starts to answer. Despicable.

  26. What a lame apparatchik for the Deep State..Wallace is either really ignorant of the infestation of Globalist Commies at the DoJ or he intentionally aids and abets the traitors. Stephen Miller is terrific. His commentary of what's going on..outing the enemy within… is at..Headlines with a voice.


  28. i gotta say i tend to believe Miller on this. No one denies that there is a deep state operative at work. everyone has covered it over the years. So when something like this happens we can't discount that possibiity. The timing is all too perfect and seems to follow along with this anti-trump narrative that has been going all along.

  29. So great and fresh to see actual Journalism and Chris pushing and arguing the other side. Provides a dialogue and debate and not a fake news show

  30. Hey Chris, wonder what you think about the bias of the whistleblower now that you know that they went to Schiff and had him help write the report prior to becoming a whistleblower?

  31. Stephen Billboard head Miller is a delusional creep. I can’t wait until he slithers out of the White House and back into the swamp where he came from. IMPEACH Trump Now!!!! 🤨🤨🤨

  32. I love Stephen Miller. He is so handsome and articulate. I am sure that is one of the reasons people make up such outlandish stories to try to discredit him.

  33. Wallace is a moron, why would POTUS trust the 3 letter agencies? Why not report on Biden and Heinz aka John Kerry tying your Ukraine and China! It’s out there! What an idiot Wallace is! Miller is awesome

  34. Wow, miller's creepy scary. I think if it's true that aliens are living among us, he's got to be what they call 'the lizard people'. When he speaks, I'm just waiting for that long pointed tongue to come out quick then retract. Yikes. Creepy dude!

  35. Well said Mr.Miller. Most transparent POTUS in US History, we should be overjoyed with all He has done for Americans. Now, just imagine what He could do if the Deep State Operatives were removed.

  36. One minute uninterrupted? You didn't give him 20 seconds without interrupting him. You obviously didn't want him to get a word in edgewise.

  37. …why? because Trump could trust them…plain and simple….
    …Fox ’ain’t’ what it used to be….sold out to the left…
    …how about this: AGENT PROVOCATEUR…there now, you have it…
    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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