Spiritual But Not Religious! – Sayed Mohammed Baqer Al-Qazwini

Spiritual But Not Religious! - Sayed Mohammed Baqer Al-Qazwini

audhu billahi min ash-shaytaan-i'r rajeem SMIL ar-rahman rahim I begin in the name of the Almighty God the compassionate the merciful the one who has created everything in utmost perfection and may the peace and blessings of the Almighty God be upon his pure and beloved messenger the peak of his creation the symbol of humanity the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala allah allah muhammad and his immaculate progeny of the island made peace be upon them especially the leader of our time the awaited savior and imam and manager allahu ta'ala firaga may Allah haste and his reappearance and make us all amongst his sincere and dedicated servants respected brothers and sisters assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh one of the growing trends that we are examining in society today is this trend that is called spiritual but not religious they even have an acronym for it s B and R and this movement seems to be growing by the day especially amongst the youth it's quite popular now historically when you examine the words religious and spiritual they used to mean the same thing if you were a spiritual person it meant that you were religious you practiced a religion and if you're religious you're spiritual but today there's a big difference in society between religion and spirituality and hence you find this new trend this new phenomenon of millions of people who distance themselves from religion but they consider themselves to be spiritual and what they mean by that is that we reject organized religion these organized religions not that we necessarily condemn them or denounce them but we distance ourselves from them from organized churches organized mosques organized synagogues we seek a distance from that we don't necessarily accept all religious teachings we may find religious explanations to aspects of life unacceptable to us and instead of looking for spirituality from above we look for spirituality from within I don't need a God who sends me a religion to be spiritual I can develop my own spirituality this is growing by the day to give you some light on the numbers and statistics out there recent studies have shown that one in five Americans that's 20% who consider themselves spiritual but not religious and this is mainly prevalent amongst the young males young males between the ages of about 18 to 35 they are the most common group who says that we are spiritual but not religious in Canada you even find the rate to be higher 25% of Canadians have moved away from organised religions and they just consider themselves spiritual but they don't practice any religion now the question is and this is the point of our discussion this evening what is our perspective on this movement how do we understand it how do we analyze it what are the causes why is it that so many people today are moving into this direction of considering themselves spiritual but they're not religious they don't practice any religion and are there any negative consequences or is this something healthy for ours let's first by examining what the causes are these millions of people today who consider themselves spiritual but not religious what is it that's pushing them away from religion number one my dear brothers and sisters the first factor that we find is pushing them away from religion is a global factor that has to do with the practice of religious people they will tell you that religion is not good for me it's not good for my society because when I examine the history of religious people I see that they have committed crimes they have waged wars in the name of religion so religion is not something that's good why should I be religious when there are so many religious people misusing religion for their own advantages for their own agendas for their own interests and that actually disillusions many people and in fact it disenfranchises them from religion it disenchant them and disappoints them with religion now one thing that these people may not fully understand is that the human being has the tendency to abuse anything at his disposal show me one thing human beings have not abused money human beings abused it power and politics human beings abuse do these same people say let's cancel the political process and the political system why many politicians throughout history around the world misuse politics don't we have corrupt politicians around the world does that mean that politics is something that we should isolate from our lives would any citizen say that if you were to tell these same people stop voting don't go and cast your votes anymore why it's my right but there are corrupt politicians are you saying all politicians are good no there are bad politicians does that mean that the political process is a bad thing human beings have used everything just because religion is abused it does not mean that it's bad it does not mean that it's unhealthy that's the nature of the human beings human beings are selfish they will use anything to their advantage whether it's religion whether it's politics whether it's money whether it's anything else today if someone gives you this idea give them this example tell them don't work for any corporation because here especially in the West and America specifically we see that the economy is based on these corporations really corporate America and many Americans on Main Street are unhappy with Wall Street now if you go and tell these people let's cancel the idea of having corporations no one's allowed in America and Canada to establish a corporation is this a wise thing to do yes there are some billionaires who will use that power that they have on Wall Street in order to suck the resources of the nation but that does not mean that having corporations is a bad thing but this is one factor that's pushing so many people to consider themselves spiritual but not necessarily religious the second factor is related to this first factor some of them have had personal negative encounters with religious people the first one is on a global macro scale the second one is on a micro scale some people will tell you I've had a bad experience with a religious leader a priest a rabbi a Muslim leader someone who represents religion someone who acts religion religious right have you seen those people they act as if they're more religious than other people the holier-than-thou people they sometimes push away people from religion recently I read the story of a Canadian woman she said when I was a little girl I loved religion I loved going to the church it was my life nothing gave me spirituality like the church but then when I became 12 one day the priest invited us to do something prepare for a celebration at the church I went there with my friend and we helping the priest make the necessary decorations for that celebration and then the way that the priest started touching me or taking a look at me it pushed me away from religion and I stopped going to church I stopped identifying with organized religion or organized churches why because of a bad experience but she says I still consider myself to be spiritual I'm not an atheist I do recognize that we do have spirituality but I don't want this organized religion anymore see it's a negative experience and that's why people who are seen as religious by others they need to be super-sensitive my dear brothers and sisters if through one act I push away someone from the religion of God that is an infinite sin do you know what an infinite sin means it's an infinite sin because if I ruin the future of this person and because of my misconduct this person does not see the right path that does not see the true way and as a result I become the reason why on the day of judgement they don't experience those high levels of God's reward because they moved away from God's path that is my fault I am the one who will be held responsible for a lot Maya last panettone yes the other person is still responsible in the end God will tell them why did you consider this person to represent religion you had an intellect to know right from wrong but I would be held responsible in the eyes of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala so we find that this is the second reason why so many people are moving away from religion but they still consider themselves spiritual the third reason religion is tough it's demanding and these days especially our younger generation the youth they don't like to be burdened by laws by rulings and because religions are usually demanding they do have laws a list of do's and don'ts they find that a little bit troubling they find that limiting the freedom and their flexibility and so what's an easy way out I'm not religious but I'm a spiritual person so they reject religion not because there's an inherent problem in religion but because religion is a little bit burdensome because it imposes restrictions on them and they don't want to be restricted so they move away from religion that's the third leading cause of why people move away from religion but they still consider themselves spiritual and number four many people will tell you that I want to believe in spiritual ideas based on my own preference I don't want anyone coming and imposing ideas on me I have my own preference I want to choose what works with me what I think is right what I think is good and you know the religion limits me whereas spirituality is very flexible I can choose how I want to practice my spirituality I have that freedom and that liberates me so that pushes me away from religion but I'm still a spiritual person they also cite the benefits of some spiritual acts for instance these days yoga a lot of these people who consider themselves spiritual they practice types of meditation like yoga some other types of exercises and they tell you I'm benefiting I don't need to pray I don't I don't need to be a Muslim I don't know I don't need to be a Christian who goes to church no I have my own spiritual methods I can go one hour of yoga session gives me my spiritual dose why do I need to pray why do I need to believe in the God of Islam and Christianity and Judaism I don't need any of that I have an alternative way of securing my spirituality these are the arguments that usually they make now what you will find most interesting about this discussion is that human beings have this built-in drive for spirituality see many of these people they're not becoming atheist they don't tell you that there's absolutely no God no higher power no they say we do feel connected to a higher power they may not call it God or Allah but they do recognize we human beings have a spiritual dimension and we human beings have been programmed subhanAllah to embrace spirituality now when you talk to an atheist they tell you know what spirituality are you talking about it's all fairytales you human being you don't have a soul you don't have a spiritual side you are just Stardust have you heard this expression your Stardust that's all you are because when the universe was forming and these stars exploded later on planets formed and the life was born on earth you are basically chunks of those old stars that's all you are you're nothing more than that don't think that you really a human being who has the spiritual dimension there is no spiritual giant dimension you just Stardust you just a blob of walking matter and all this in your mind the mind that you have the feelings that you have this is just chemical reactions what's love it's just a chemical reaction the convictions and beliefs that I have no that's all superficial it's fairytales you think you have these convinced convictions but in reality you just matter you're just a sophisticated machine you're a very complex robot with a bunch of codes causes and effects that's all you are but millions of these people my dear brothers and sisters are not falling for that because they know inside their existence they are more than that that's why they crave for spirituality even though they're moving away from organized religion but they're embracing spirituality because they know that the human being has a spiritual dimension you can't ignore it if you ignore it you literally starve and they feel that starvation and that's why they're looking for alternative spirituality and there are many many hints my dear brothers and sisters of why we have a soul we human beings we have a soul atheists will deny that but I share I will share with you two indications two hints that tell you that we do actually have a soul number one my dear brothers and sisters have you seen sometimes when you're thinking of an idea and suddenly you get an eye you get the idea you understand it your math teacher is teaching you an equation you're kind of confused and then suddenly you get it or someone's telling your joke and then you're trying to figure out what the joke is and then suddenly you get it that sense of awareness that you understand the joke or you understand the problem whose understanding here that feeling that you got that I understood I got the problem I got the joke whose understanding it your neurons the atoms in your neurons the electrons the protons the neutrons whose understanding them when do electrons know electrons are just doing their job they're robots circulating the atom do electrons have a sense of awareness do electrons have a sense of awareness neurons in your brain do they have a sense of understanding and awareness now these atheists will tell you you're just nothing but a blob of matter walking well a blob of matter has no sense of awareness where did this sense of awareness come for you to understand suddenly this problem that tells you there's an aspect called the soul there's a spiritual aspect secondly whenever you refer to yourself do you realize there is a singular me inside you you today and you twenty years ago what's the difference between you today and twenty years ago physically you're completely different in fact nearly all your cells have been regenerated you're not the same physical existence as twenty years ago nearly all of your cells have been replaced but do you believe you're a different person or it's the same me today and 20 years ago it's the same me yes I may have more knowledge today I may have more achievements today we do evolve definitely but it's the same me that singularity inside the human being is a dimension of the soul that you are the same person you have the same soul otherwise physically you're a completely different new being there is nothing similar about you today and twenty years ago all yourselves are new cells that body that physical existence is gone but you still feel that singularity inside you well what is that singularity that is your soul and that's the spiritual dimension that we have and this movement spiritual but not religious simply reminds us that Allah has programmed us for spirituality even though the human being wants to push it away is distracted by materialism but inside Allah is giving you a program a built-in compass to never disregard your soul your soul needs your attention more than your body needs your attention and that's from the lama of allah subhanho wa taala now my dear brothers and sisters and this is the focal point that I will discuss with you tonight what are the negative consequences of this movement to be spiritual but not religious are there negative consequences I will share with you five number one the first negative consequence or the first criticism that we have on those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious is that if you really analyze what they believe in and the type of spirituality they're implementing you find that it is a type of self worship and self idolatry let me expand on this idolatry started after prophet adam alayhis-salam in fact at the time of new holly salaam there were five or six main idols a last monitor Allah mentions them in the holy quran and they said when prophet north was inviting them to worship the one Lord they said no tadhana Anahata kun do not leave your idols related Aruna what danwon a sua and Wilaya Ruth away are Luka Vanessa these five names what's wha Yahoo theäôll Canara what were they have you read the history of what these names are or these idols these were tribal leaders who came after adam alayhis-salam then their people started to idolize them you know sometimes when you idolize someone it's one thing to respect someone it's another thing to idolize them they started glorifying them idolizing them to the point where they kind of started to worship them now these tribal leaders died our hadith says it believes Shaitaan he came and he inspired in their minds the idea to create an image a sculpture of these tribal leaders and to worship them and basically they thought that yes even though these tribal leaders died but they can stay in the form of an idol and they started worshipping them why did human being started worshipping idols have you ever wondered does any human being have a doubt that this Idol cannot help you cannot harm you in fact sometimes they would eat their idols like those Arabs they would make idols out of dates and then when they would become hungry let's eat our Lord no sane person does that no sane person really believes this is godly this is divine this has supernatural powers it's just a rock you made it you can break it whenever you want but why did they insist on idolatry do you know what the real reason is why because it's easy idols can't see you they can't hold you accountable it's an easy way out how many of you have heard the story of zuleyka when she was in the room and she tried to impose herself on Youssef there was an idol in her room what did she do to the idol because the idol was kind of overlooking them what did she do to the idol she covered it she took a piece of cloth and she covered it it's easy when you worship idols and you don't want them to see your sins just cover them Yousef look at that scene subhanAllah you worship these idols you can cover them whenever you want whereas my Lord this has the watchful eye he sees everything I do you can cover your idols but you can't cover God can you see idolatry was actually a form of self worship because the idols can't hold you accountable can they hold you accountable if you commit sins if you do something wrong if you don't fulfill your obligations who's gonna hold you accountable that Idol the Idol can't speak to you can't stop you can't do anything so it's easy you get your way out it's a form of self worship now our critique of this movement spiritual but not religious if you really analyze it oftentimes if you look at the core of it it's a type of self worship I don't need a religion to tell me right from wrong okay I'll figure it out for myself because it's easy now who's going to hold you accountable if you make a violation who no one can hold you accountable if you make a violation who's going to push you to give charity and if you don't it's a sin to help others to live a moral life you decide all the rules in fact these people what they did whether they realize it or not instead of worshipping a god they became their own gods making the rules and no one's there to enforce those rules so it's an easy way out it's a type of self worship if you really examine it and that's really problematic you know you commonly hear this phrase I've heard this from some people I don't really need to pray five times a day to find God I can go out into the woods into a beautiful nature scene and there I can find God I can find a higher spiritual power I don't need to worship God I don't need to pray five times a day just go to the park 20 minutes and you will see God over there now from one side what they say it's interesting it's an interesting statement but in reality you know what they're saying they're saying I want God the way I want I don't care what he wants what he wants from me and how I should worship Him I am imposing my preference and you know we're impacted by this consumer industry today were your consumers people have preferences the minute you wake up in the morning till you sleep you're going through a bunch of preferences in your life your coffee what kind of preference religion and spirituality has become like a coffee what's your preference what do you desire see it's a way to fulfill your own desires subhanAllah even though they don't realize it it's based on this consumer idea that you pick and choose I pick what I want you go to the mall you don't have to buy a package you pick and choose whatever you want you go to the Baskin Robbins or Hagen does or what ice cream chain store do you have here in Canada that's famous Dairy Queen and you pick and choose I want the first scoop to be vanilla the second scoop to be chocolate the third one to be ax mint or something else see we've lived in a society where you pick and choose everything even spirituality and my moral code I want to pick and choose but in the end you're worshiping yourself it's a type of idolatry if you really examine it at its core now sometimes they not be aware of that but in reality that's what it boils down to that's the first criticism that we have or the first negative consequence the second negative consequence my dear brothers and sisters is that religion especially the monotheistic faiths the Abrahamic faiths they give you a sense of community these people who are spiritual but not religious usually they don't have a sense of community you need a sense of community to function properly because when you have a sense of community with other people of the same faith worshiping together you have a community you have a support system and you have a validation system what do I mean by a validation system see when you're on your own doing your own spirituality who's to scrutinize you and whether you're living up to your ideals and what you believe in that's not existing nobody's scrutinizing you and so you don't scrutinize yourself either but when you have a religious community at least there's that self-reflection at least there's a standard you can go by yes there are some who might be judgmental and that's wrong but at least you get a validation from other people and that's why the beautiful coat says it's always more effective to look out the window than to look at the mirror because when you look at the mirror you're just looking at yourself it's just your reflection but when you look out the window others can tell you what they're seeing and that's more important to get that validation from others of what I'm doing is right is wrong am i living up to my standards that's why the hadith says and men militant movement what does that mean the believer is the mirror of the believer what does that mean that means if you surround yourself with believers that in self keeps you in check that reminds you are you living up to your moral standards are you living up to your beliefs or no but when you're just spiritual not religious who's going to scrutinize you there is no standard that you will abide by and that in itself means that you will eventually fail in implementing what you believe in and that itself is not healthy you need a community you need an institution my dear brothers and sisters if we did not need communities and institutions why need colleges and universities we have books everybody sit in your home and read those books why do you have college why do you have a system why do we have militaries guns are enough there are guns if there's an attack if there is something anybody could just pick up a gun and go and fight why do you need an organized military in order for something to be functional it must be organized colleges are organized systems they're not as they say in Arabic high-yellow systems they're organized systems right this idea of spiritual but not religious is a high yella system it's a system that's not based on any structure which leads us to this third point and this is extremely important my dear brothers and sisters we human beings are spiritual creatures however our spirituality needs to be structured there must be a structure in place and their religions from Allah they give you that structure without structure you cannot function properly and that is why today scientists are discovering that those people who are spiritual but not religious they have high rates of depression mental disorders anxiety and phobias the British Journal of Psychiatry revealed that seventy-seven percent of those who are spiritual but not religious seventy-seven percent of them that's a really high number imagine the risk being at a risk of seventy seven percent to have mental health disorders to have depression fifty percent of them suffered from anxiety 72 percent of them suffered from phobias compare that to 40 percent in that study with people who followed their religion and organized religion and that tells you without a structure you get confusion it creates confusion yes you have that spirituality that's engraved in you instilled in you you have that need but how do you fulfill that spiritual need you must have an organized structure if it's not an organized structure it will end up causing more confusion today one of the problems we have in society is these unlimited number of genders today right in the past there was two genders if you wanted to fill out an application to genders today on some applications there's five six seven ten fifty and the next you will probably have three thousand genders and you know what this is doing it's creating confusion it's creating a crisis in your identity when you have 100 genders to choose from and to pick from you have a crisis and that's why this new younger generation compared to the previous generations they have the highest rates of the psychological disorders and suicide because of all this confusion unless a panettone made it simple hanukkah's o Jaina the caravan antha this is the system that most works with you that's the healthiest it gives you a better sense of identity it will avoid a lot of the confusions that you might experience but once you make it into 100 genders look at the consequences society is suffering today these people who are adopting other than genders they're not happier my dear brothers and sisters this is creating more misery they're becoming more and more miserable unless a part of town has a beautiful system for us and that's why you need structure for spirituality without structure you will be disappointed without structure increases it creates more confusion and you will have spiritual problems spiritual diseases spiritual illnesses that's number three the third criticism or negative consequence number for those who are spiritual but not religious is like someone who's playing an extreme sport without any supervision any guidelines any past experiences it's dangerous if you go hiking if you go to Mountain Himalaya and you want to hike over there imagine if you disregard all the rules that have been in placed before you you say I want to go and hike on my own I want to try it out based on my preference yeah you might enjoy it in the beginning but then what could end up happening if you're on those near Malayan mountains and you're climbing Mount Everest what happens if you're not aware of what other experts have seen over there the experiences of thousands of other people you will get yourself into trouble and it will be dangerous for you when you have the history of religion and religious experts and a religious community my dear brothers and sisters that in itself gives you so much experience this is not an area where you go and explore on yourself you guidance sometimes it could be dangerous you could veer off the path you don't know what's healthy and what's not healthy when you were individually experimenting what spirituality is and that's why it can become dangerous you need the experts to help you to guide you other people who have gone this path they give you from their experience from their guidance and allah subhanaw taala has given all of that through prophets allah has not left us human beings to fend for ourselves my dear brothers and sisters to reinvent the wheel allah has revealed to us what works and what doesn't work yes they have this desire to meditate but Allah teaches you how to meditate you can speak to Allah all you want but your acts of worship ones must be structured the five daily prayers that we have my dear brothers and sisters they serve a very delicate purpose every act of Salah every part of Salah has a reason Allah subhana WA Ta'ala based on his wisdom knowing what's good for the human being he gave it to us when you take these acts of worship inspect them what do they symbolize every act of Salah symbolizes something that is something that your spirituality needs Allah is giving you the perfect recipe for what your spirituality needs Allah has sent you guides prophets and Imams of a debate you want spirituality they have the spirituality because they are the chosen members of allah subhanahu wata'ala they show us the light they teach you how to speak to Allah they teach you how to see the beauty of allah subhana wa ta'ala in the path of an debate there is no confusion my dear brothers and sisters that you really demonstrate to you the beauty of Allah just see how the Imams animal Salaam talked to Allah in our healer in botany be the newbie no body burn like a bath wake our life you asked me about my sins I will ask you about your forgiveness who can speak like this to allah subhanho wa taala in essence the imam is teaching you to humble yourself teaching you why should you sin when you have such a merciful Lord why and it's showing you the drachma of Allah don't lose hope you made us in it's okay hold on to the rope of allah subhanaw taala hold on to the mercy of allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala wanna in telepathy below me low taliban occur because i make beautiful words of evil and if you ask me o allah about my wretchedness my wickedness i will ask you about your goodness yes I may be wretched and wicked but your good o Allah heal my wretchedness with your goodness when you speak to Allah five minutes like this my dear brothers and sisters you get the best dose of spirituality no other exercise could give you in history look at the words of the a debate peace be upon them look at the words of Ameer al-mumineen or say you Dilma Hadean when he in the middle of the night would go out from his house in the woods amongst these palm trees he would supplicate to Allah and he would read these lines ela ela Impala fear Siana care Oh Marie Amir al-mumineen says this what should we say dear brothers and sisters oh Allah if I've lived a long life disobeying you and your disobedience then should I lose hope ela ela Impala fiancée Anna care Oh Marie while my philosophy them be feminine layer of afrinic Rama and a barrage in the Aurora Duany Allah even if I live a long life and your disobedience but I still have hope in your satisfaction I still have hope that you will forgive me ah-ah-ah-ah-ah to say yeah Tana karate officer Rafi say yeah turn and annachi huh and Tomasi huh he says Allah what will happen if on the day of judgement I read in my book of Deeds a sin that I forgot about do you have recorded it see how the Imam spiritually trains you there mom is not here to scare you he's here to spiritually train you be careful of what you do that word that you say to your friend to your family member that action that you commit remember there are consequences he is beautifully training you vatapá no photo file a woman more than Latin ji here are she not to what will save me on the day of judgment except my good deeds see the beautiful spirituality of Islam it gives you a sense of justice it gives you a sense of charity a sense of humbleness this is the comprehensive package Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has given us and then you find Ameer al-mumineen in one of his most beautiful days my dear brothers and sisters find the doors show me supplications other outside of a debate more beautiful than these applications of Alan Bates listen to these words of the Imam the Imam Mahdi's Salam in another supplications he says Allah here rouhani and then that I am in a dunya decree a sorry o Allah have mercy on me when there is no trace of me in this world well maja an ill Adam II in a victory and no one will even remember me do you remember who your 12th grandfather is 8th grandfather seventh grandfather do you even know his name is there a trace of him on earth the Imam Ali Salim says o Allah have mercy on me when the world forgets me but you don't forgive me what sort of to filmin see in a cabin can you see and I became completely forgotten oh Allah I have you where can you get spirituality like this my dear brothers and sisters anahi Kapoor Arsenio ad Academy what a tragedy when Alemany oh Allah I'm growing older my bone is becoming more feeble and frail and my skin is becoming more frail more fragile Walker Oh bad Jenny whenever that yummy oh Allah my time is coming my days are numbered how many days do I have left what a bad Chihuahua team about the Yeti auntie Allahu Akbar the Imam says my desire the temptation that Haram temptation is gone but the consequences see how the Imams speak to Allah look at this beautiful structured spirituality that they give us the beauty about the religion of Islam is not that is just spirituality its intellect and spirituality its mind and heart its logic and a beautiful feeling all of that combined Allah is giving you as a beautiful package why reject that from Allah subhana WA to honor my dear brothers and sisters you know among this group the spiritual but not religious they find guess what they seek their most spiritual inspiration from a lot of them yes from nature from the universe from certain experiences but do you know the greatest factor from which they seek their spiritual experience from is what do you know what it is any ideas what is that drives their spirituality according to 71% of them music they find their spirituality and inspiration from music now when you get your inspiration from music my dear brothers and sisters I don't need to comment there your spirituality is tied to voices to a feeling in the religion of Islam our spirituality is tied to the intellect the intellect and the soul and spirituality go hand-in-hand together if music is the greatest source of the inspiration that you have that's deeply problematic am I just worshiping my inner desires and calling it spiritual or is it really spirituality aslam is not a feeling my dear brothers and sisters and that's the beauty of it it generates positive feelings beautifully but it's not a feeling the religion of Islam is based on in the intellect and everything in our religion must be compatible with the intellect now one question that these people the spiritual but not religious one question that they will ask is they will say look we have all these religions 4000 religions today how am I going to know the right religion this is impossible so let me just be spiritual the way I am and don't waste my time to go and investigate 4000 religions I don't have that time or the life or the effort or the mental capacity to investigate 4000 religions Allah tells your Habib you don't have to investigate 4000 religions I've made the core of your religion so simple even a nine year old girl who became a MOOC Elif and now she is religiously mature she understands the core of Islam Islam at its core is the most simple religion on earth at its core it's very complex when you you once you go into the deeper layers but at its core it is the simplest religion on earth very briefly let me walk you through the simplicity of the religious of the religion of Islam we believe in the five principles of faith or Sula Dean right Osuna deen are the simplest beliefs that we can have my dear brothers and sisters all in line with our intellect it starts with the existence of Allah you don't need a genius or an Einstein to figure out that this universe needs a creator once an old lady she was working on the spindle spinning it making threads and yarns she was not educated she was illiterate they told her do you believe in God she said yes they told her what's the proof that God exists she said my wheel my spindle it's all there what do you mean your spindle she says when I touch it it moves if I don't touch it it doesn't move the one who put these galaxies in motion is the creator of the universe I know I have a lord can it get more simple than that my dear brothers and sisters and then claiming to have idols and other guy at the core of our intellect we know there's one designer look at this universe do you see two systems or one system show me where is this other system if there was another God where is this other system in my mind ever thought about Islam tells his son le mammal has said my dear son if there was another God you should have seen his signs he would have said prophets and messengers where are they how come all these prophets and messengers they tell you about the one God where's this other God we don't see a system what makes you believe there's another God at its core though hate is very simple existence of our lives very simple and then we move on to the next core principle that we have which is the justice of allah subhanho wa taala anyone who tells you you're predestined you're predetermined there's no free choice throw that out the window my dear brothers and sisters because you know in your core allah has just and he doesn't compel you to do anything you don't need to be a scientist or a scholar to figure that out it's buried in our Fatah life and then when you're examining all these 4,000 religious this is the standard that you use by if a religion tells you there is no God cross it out if it tells you that there's two gods cross it out now you've crossed out three thousand five hundred religions you're left maybe with five hundred go to the Justice of Allah if a religion tells you predestination if a school of thought tells you predestination cross it out it's very simple if a religion tells you that humanity is born sinful we inherited an original sin is that compatible with the Justice of a lost panettone it's very simple it's a very simple task then you get to the other tenets of our faith prophethood a mama our great prophet sallallaahu on Iran he's going to leave this Ummah without a leader to look after this woman if any sect tells you yes the Prophet did that automatically you can cross it up it's very simple at its core their belief in the day of judgment most religions don't believe in the day of judgment most religions out of these 4000 religions over 95% of them don't believe in the day of judgment the day of resurrection intellectually you know if I have a lord and he is wise and there are people in this world who get away with their crime there are people who suffer in this world right well what happens to them would Allah subhana WA Ta'ala would the creator of the universe just let them die and that's it there is no destination there is no day of judgement you can cross that out the religion of Islam at its core is very simple you don't need to spend 4000 years examining 4000 religions Allah has given you a standard but you know what the human being is what the problem is and I conclude with this note about this idea of being spiritual but not religious we human beings in this era we have grown arrogant I want to figure everything out I don't need a lord to teach me right from wrong I can figure it out even my moral standards I'll play with them whenever I want I wake up in the morning I decide to make something moral something immoral who's going to stop me where's my standard that I go by we reject the intervention of Allah so Allah Allah says okay I've given you a free society to do whatever you want look at the negative consequences look at the psychological disorders look at the immorality that will spread in your society look at the rates of depression and suicide how come your human-made systems are not helping you from them it requires humbleness my dear brothers and sisters for us to say o Allah you created us we are the products you are the manufacturer you give us the guidelines you give us the manual you know what we human beings are like let's say you go to Ikea you have I care here in Canada no let's say you go to Ikea you buy this nice furniture and then you open it there's a value of manual inside right you take that manual you throw it in the trash you're like I'll write my own manual okay write your own manual good luck installing that piece of furniture Allah says I've given you a manual you want it or you don't you don't want it that come up with your own manual let's see what happens we ask Allah subhana WA Ta'ala to illuminate our hearts and minds especially in these final days the month of ramadhan me a large panel to Allah fill our hearts and minds with his divine spirituality Oh son allah allah sayidina muhammadin wa ala nabina p'jem

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  1. Sayed Muhammad I really love you so much . Please tell him my peace and regards on him . I'm from Iraq

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