Spirit Of Praise 5 feat. Benjamin Dube – Elshadai Medley

Spirit Of Praise 5 feat. Benjamin Dube - Elshadai Medley

40 Replies to “Spirit Of Praise 5 feat. Benjamin Dube – Elshadai Medley

  1. I listened to this song 2017 when my mother was ill,listened to it when I lost her still listening to it now
    God has kept me till this far I wouldn't have made it

  2. Thank God I found it!! This song makes me cry😭thinking how much I've wronged God but He's still the King in ma lyf😍

  3. Umm this song is too powerful.Precious singing from the heart.the way Omega bends down and lifts up his hands in worship.I find myself cryng in worshp.2019

  4. Ooo thank you Jesus for saving me.they may leave me but you promised to never leave nor forsake you.i can trust you with my life.thank you Lord thank you Lord. Alshadai Adonai

  5. They bless me so much whenever listen to it I can feel the Lord's presence💕🥺🥺😭😭😭

  6. Who’s here with me this week as we walk in God’s glory..The song I shall sing to the Lord Jesus Christ on the road to Heaven with His holy angels joined me to glorify God.

  7. Today its my last day at work Im one of those who got retrenched but I trust in the Lord ,The Provider,the healer ,the comforter at all times I dont know what to do next but I know He is Jehova Shalom…

  8. father I thank you for loving me this far, your love is new every day and I confess that I love you too, pastor Ben God bless you

  9. Elshadai. He will always remains the only living God. All others are small gods – created beings. I worship you God despite my shortcomings

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