Spider-Man 3 Marvel Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

Spider-Man 3 Marvel Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my new marvel spider-man 3 video they just made a big announcement
is a huge easter egg for the plot of the movie and a continuation of some
long-running spider-man Marvel movie Easter eggs
Tom Hahn was also talking about their original plans for spider-man venom
crossover so we’ll break it all down if you’re new to the channel be sure to
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spider-man 3 on the video we’ll just break this down top 5 style starting
with number 5 if you missed it Marvel recently announced that the working
title of spider-man 3 is officially serenity now that’ll bring some bells is
based on the Seinfeld episode called the serenity now
in that episode George is advised to scream serenity now every time he gets
too crazy was stressed to keep his blood pressure down and throughout the episode
George just faces ever-increasing circumstances that caused him to get
really pissed off and freaked out more and more so he keeps yelling serenity
now louder and louder over and over again this plays into the very
long-running tradition Marvel has of using Seinfeld Easter eggs in the new
Tom Hollands spider-man movies and it also informs a little of what the plot
is going to be so number 4 the long-running tradition of Seinfeld
Easter eggs started with spider-man homecoming when they named the movie
summer of George as the working title after the title of the Seinfeld episode
the reason why they named spider-man homecoming summer of George that time
wasn’t so much because the plot of spider-man homecoming was similar to the
plot of that episode that time it was mostly because the director John Watson
the crew during the pre-production on the movie spent a lot of time talking
about Seinfeld episodes while they were in development so of course when it came
time to film spider-man far from home as a way to continue that tradition of
Easter eggs they named the movie fall of George when Spiderman far from home was
in development even though fall of George isn’t the title of an actual
Seinfeld episode it was just a way for them to continue the joke into the next
spider-man movie it’s kind of like their tradition of putting home in the final
title of all the spider-man movies spider-man Home Coming spider-man far
from home implying that the title of spider-man 3 will eventually be
something with home in the title the new working title
for spider-man three serenity now is much closer of a reference to the actual
plot of the movie while still continuing that Seinfeld tradition side note –
because we know that they’re making spider-man 4 with Marvel and Sony
together it also kind of implies that they’re going to be using home in the title
of that as well so we’re running out of big ideas I’ll talk about that in a
second how many titles can you come up with with home in the title that
actually sound like good spider-man movies number three though the Serenity
now title plot Easter Egg is all about what’s happening with spider-man after
the events of the spider-man far from home post credit scene where J jonah
Jameson and Mysterio publicly out his secret identity and frame him for
Mysterio’s death making it open season on spider-man for the entirety of
spider-man 3 obviously part of the teaser is that they’ll find some way to
clear his name and prove that Mysterio was lying about him but that’s only
after they spend most of the movie on the run from new spider-man villains and
more potential sinister six villains as part of the larger Marvel Sony moves
that they’re making with the sinister six movie that also kind of gets into
the spider-man Easter eggs that we saw during the Morbius trailer in the
implied crossover spider-man references during venom – even though we’re still
waiting on the venom 2 trailer if they put that much spider-man stuff in
Morbius referencing MCU stuff real safe bet that there’s even more that going on
during venom – number 2 the spider-man vs. sinister 6 connection
from the Morbius trailer in the Morbius movie is part of the larger Marvel Sony
plans for crossing Tom Hollands spider-man from the MCU
over with venom I say venom but it’s really anybody else that they want to
put in those movies because you have carnage you have Morbius and any other
potential spin-off characters that they develop Tom Holland was recently doing
interviews for another movie that he just made so here’s a clip of him
talking about their original big plans. The future for spider-man was still very
bright with Sony and we had a really really wonderful idea of how we could
sort of transition into a Spider Man without the MCU and Tom Rothman
and Amy Pascal were really confident that they were going to do justice and make a
film of the caliber that spider-man requires. But that said I’m really glad
to be back in the MCU and to have the team back together. Because I kind of
feel like it’s where he belongs now I’m really grateful that Bob Iger and Tom
Rothman allowed me to be a part of the process of bringing him home. It was a pretty cool experience and also the best bragging rights ever I save
spider-man yeah it was really drunk. I saw Bob Iger recently a couple of days
ago in LA and I said to him I said when you come to London I want to take you to
the pub. To have a pint and we can talk about how spider-man is going to be…is
going to continue to be an amazing franchise for both Disney and Sony. Remember when they made it seem like Spiderman was out of the MCU last year
for a hot minute that all of a sudden the CEOs got involved and fixed it they
signed a new sharing deal originally Sony had the rights to use all the
sinister six characters that they wanted to so putting all the vultures sinister
six spider-man scenes in the Morbius movie
was part of them hedging their bets for the future of Tom Hollands spider-man
early on before they signed the new sharing deal with Marvel but then Marvel
and Sony came back together just as they were getting ready to finish the Morbius
movie so they made just a few minor changes to how those sinister six scenes
played out made them a little more connected to the events of spider-man
movies in the MCU like spider-man homecoming and now in the words of Amy
Pascal way back during spider-man homecoming days it’s now much more
adjacent to the MCU than it was before so that’s how they’re sort of connecting
the Sony venom verse to the MCU will sort of see all that stuff play out and
it’ll make a lot more sense when you actually sit down in the theater and
watch the Morbius movie the other good news is that the venom 2 trailer is
going to be coming in the next couple months expect the same type of
spider-man Easter eggs in the venom 2 trailer even though the majority of
venom 2 is going to be dedicated to establishing the carnage symbiote is the
new main threat of the venom verse the sinister six stuff is kind of a separate
thing from carnage right now so just consider them two separate ideas I don’t
know if Sony has any plans to try and shoehorn venom or carnage or both of
them into the spider-man sinister six movie it even though Sony confirmed that
they’re doing spider-man four eventually and it’ll be with Marvel said in the MCU
they didn’t say if that would be a regular solo movie or if it would be
their full-blown sinister six movie we won’t find out about that till after
spider-man 3 comes out so don’t worry about that too much right now
but number one who are the villains spider-man will be facing in spider-man
3 that will earn the serenity now Easter Egg Right now Kraven is still the
lead rumored villain just because the director Jon Watts spent all of the
spider-man far from home pressed or referencing his love for the Kraven
character saying how much he wanted to use him as the main villain of the
spider-man 3 it doesn’t get any clearer than that it’s going to be awesome like I’m
so I’m so excited I want to I don’t want to give anything away but I’m so excited
about it the only bigger teaser they could drop would be to release an
official poster with Kraven on it called spider-man 3
another deep cut Tobey Maguire spider-man Easter Egg there Joe
Manganiello really does want to play Kraven in the new Tom Holland
spider-man movies so we’ll see if they let him do that because that would bring
it around full circle if you don’t remember he played Flash
Thompson in the very first spider-man Tobey Maguire film. So as a comic book
reader one of my favorite favorite comic book stories of all time that’s so dark
and twisted and unique is Kraven’s last hunt oh yeah
that’s that one is it’s it’s maddening it’s insane and and what an amazing
ending and a great turn. So I mean that’s that’s one of those that I would be they
have to they’re going to have to make that it’s too good of a story…Now looks like
Kraven’s apparently going to get a solo movie but in the same vein that venom is where
it’s not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe they still want a Marvel
Cinematic Universe Kraven well you have to have him crossover at some point
because if you I mean Kravens last Hunt is too good a piece of material to bet
it’s like you know it’s like Wolverine the Frank Miller Japanese Wolverine but
you know you cannot tell that story yes is that a role you would go for if given
the opportunity for sure well Kraven yeah kidding me that would
be like a dream role. Plus you have the giant Kraven Easter
egg in the Morbius movie that we saw while they were filming and since Kraven
is an OG sinister six character Sony also wants to do a whole solo movie with
them they haven’t announced any official casting for Kraven yet but if they do I
will totally make a video for it and there’s also the possibility they try to
include some more sinister six set up during spider-man 3 and tease the
impending venom crossover movie somehow I’m not actually expecting venom to show
up during spider-man 3 but I expect them to explain a little of how spider-man is
going to wind up crossing over with venom if that involves multiverse travel
a portal somehow or some other explanation but post all your theories
in the comments how much sinister six and venom teasers do you think that
they’ll put in spider-man 3 and what do you think the final title of the movie
is going to be spider-man homeless spider-man home alone there are only so
many titles with home in them that you can pick from there’s a bunch of big
Marvel stuff coming up so I’ll try to get to all those videos as fast as
possible everyone click here for my new Marvel spider-man 4 announcement
breakdown and click here for my brand new venom 2 carnage first look video. Thank you so much for watching everyone stay awesome. Serenity now!

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  2. Spider-Man Home Improvement w/ Tim the Tool Man Taylor as himself

    But seriously, I like this one that has been mentioned:
    Spider-Man 🏡 is Where the ❤ is

  3. I think that Spiderman 3 should be called Spiderman : Home Front. Cuz we already know that Venom is going to hit Spiderman where it hurts and that's Home

  4. I'd really like if they went with Spider-Man: Homespun, which plays with the word home and a spider spinning web.

  5. Spider-man: Finally home would be a good sentiment after all the fuss.
    And that sinister six crap takes me back to the amazing spidey days which I’d rather not hear again.

  6. Spider-Man 4 Homeward Bound…..He goes against Mörbius and introduce Blade to Help Spidey Fight Morbius..but also setup Spidey teaming up with Venom to battle against Carnage in Carnage pt1

  7. Spiderman: A New Home

    Peter goes into hiding in a small rural town and that same town is where the next villain rises up (maybe introducing a new sinister six character to the franchise)

  8. Spiderman might have a way to get everyone to forget he's Peter but the convenience will be he loses mj also he could just do an iron Man and let it slide with all the casualties those are my therioes

  9. Spiderman 3: Home Sweet Home
    Because he can't go home anymore.

    Spiderman 4: Home Run
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  14. Joe Manganiello would make an amazing Kraven. I'm still depressed he wont be Deathstroke, but I'd love to see him as Kraven.

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  16. 1. They want to add Kraven.
    2. Joe wants to play Kraven.
    3. Tom wants to get the MCU guys together to play D&D.
    4. Joe: D&D nerd supreme.
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  21. Home Is Where The Heartbreak Is; Home On The Range; Home For The Holidays; There's No Place Like Home; Homer's Odyssey; Homeless; Homing Pigeon; Homies; Home Again, Home Again; Home To Stay; Homerun; Return Home; Home At Last; Home On The Run; Homebrew; Homeschooled.

  22. I bet there will be at least 10 sneaky Spider-Man Easter Eggs in the Venom 2 trailer. They will call Spider-Man 3 "Spider-Man and his Homies" and we'll meet Gwen or Gwanda 😆 and other Spider-verse folk (hopefully).

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