Soul-Crushing Moments When You Have A Crush

Soul-Crushing Moments When You Have A Crush

– [Voiceover] One alpha, take one, mark. – (clap) The camera? – [Voiceover] Just look into the camera. – Into the camera?
– [Voiceover] Yeah. (squeals) What are some soul crushing moments when you have a crush? – Some soul crushing moments– – When you have a damn crush. – Every moment (laughs), every moment. – [Voiceover] It’s almost
painful to see your crush because you are so aware of them. But they maybe don’t even know you exist. – Running into your crush usually happens when you
don’t want it to happen. It’s a Sunday morning
and you just went hiking and your at the post office,
you know what I mean? It’s usually you smell
worse than you usually do. – You wonder if you
should make the first move but you don’t want to seem too eager. – [Girl With Long Brown
Hair] So, first you have to work up the courage just
to send them the text message. Then you wait. (chuckles) – And then you just wait, and wait, and wait. – [Girl With Long Brown Hair]
Finally they text you back, and that’s (whistles), that’s great. – When you have a crush for so long and then you first get
to hang out with them, and you just feel like you’re going to vomit all over yourself and you end up not being able
to speak human languages, (laughs) or like real sentences and you just want to die, yeah. – [Girl With Shorter Brown
Hair] I mean, no one knows if it’s a date or not. Even if I want it to be a date,
I don’t know if it’s a date. Is it a date, what is a date? – God, that movie was so good and so sad, and I love Emilia Clarke. – I think she’s hotter
as Khaleesi to be honest. – What? She looks so good in this movie. – So, then you worry if
you’re in the friend zone, which is a difficult one to navigate. – Yeah, but I’m more into blondes. Is that weird? – No, it’s fine. I’m, well. – [Brown-Haired Girl] Blond
– Like. – Blonder. – [Girl With Long Brown
Hair] Do you want that person to know that you like them, or do you want to pretend
that you don’t like them hoping they realize that you like them. – [Blond Girl] The worst
thing is when you’re waiting for a text from your crush, and your phone buzzes,
and you’re so excited your heart’s gonna fall out of your butt, but then you look at it, and it’s actually just like your mom, or like
Sallie Mae, or like your bank. – [Girl With Long Brown Hair]
Ah, then you get frustrated with yourself for not making a move. – Everyday you have like
a new plan of how you’re going to approach this person, tell them how much you’ve loved them for so long. And then (clap) something happens. – Hey, are you seeing anyone? – Uh, no, why? – Oh, just wondering, you know? – Wondering, if I’m single? – I don’t know, just wondering. – OK. – [Blond Girl] And then
you think something’s going to happen and this is it, it’s on. – And then, stuff doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped. – Hey, how are you? – This is my friend Zach. – Oh hi, nice to meet you.
– [Zach] Nice to meet you. – So, I’m gonna go to the bathroom, but I’ll let you two talk. – Oh, OK. How you guys know each other? – Oh, we’re both like
very prominent members of the POG community and
like through there, yeah. – Oh. (laughs) – [Zach] I know right, it’s weird. – Ooh, another crappy thing about a crush is when you see that
person with someone else. That hurts, that stinks. (melancholy instrumental music) – [Girl With Long Brown Hair]
Then you drink too much, and you do something stupid– – [Blond Girl] And you just wanna curl up into a ball and die. And you can’t stop replaying that over and over and over in your brain. And you know that you
have ruined everything. And it was just like, why
did you send that text? You know, or like why did
you do that dumb thing? (car horn) You just wanna walk straight
into traffic, end it now. – And once you do something embarrassing, you have to avoid them, forever. Until you or they die, whoever dies first. – I don’t know, you’re sad for awhile, but then, things go back to normal. You just continue to live life, ’cause that’s what you have to do, and eventually it’ll be fine, just chill. – [Girl With Long Brown
Hair] Being around them isn’t humiliating anymore. I mean, you still wanna rip
their clothes off, that’s fine. – [Girl With Shorter Brown Hair] It is sad when you still like someone,
but you’re just friends. – Crushes suck. – You’re still alone, sure, but it’s fine. (laughs)
– [Voiceover] Let’s cut.

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  1. This is so accurate. I never told my crush that I liked him for literally 5 years. We're best friends now and he came out to me right at the moment when I lost all my feelings for him. Looking back, I can't believe I didn't notice that he was gay after all the secret staring that I did back in highschool. Lol.

  2. The closest I've ever gotten to my crush liking me back is friends with benefits…where for a moment when your lips lock together you can pretend they like you back…but they don't 😥💔

  3. When you have a crush and she is flirting with you to get your friend number….. That happened to me two times #FML

  4. Well before approaching my crush I just wanted to impress her by speaking in their language, and within a month I dedicated Soo much of time for learning her language. But then….

    Turns out that she speaks something else and I learnt some other language 🤦🏻‍♂️. One of the most awkward moment I've ever been.

  5. That's why I prefer being single cuz I love it so much. There are time when I wish I'm in a relationship with someone, but all I need is me.

  6. When I think about you, I feel goosebumps, my heart gets a cold breeze and this sad, sad feeling showers me mercilessly. Are you nice because you're friendly? Why are you so sweet? Aww, I think you like me! I love the way you not necessarily get so close to me when we talk! I feel bad for you, and jealous. The class jock is talking about inappropriate shipping between you and the pretty popular girl, you guys are both bright red, but I know you don't like her, right? It's the end of the school year, the last day.
    I am waiting for you to say something to me, but you didn't even sign your name on my arm, like everyone does the last day. I Saw you looking at me, are you ok? You seem sad…
    This class reuniting party is fun…to bad you're not here. Wait…they're teasing the Pretty popular girl about you. She seems embarrassed and is denying that she likes you. She's really pretty…
    I guess it isn't that hard for you to like her…She's prettier than me… But I think I can do this again next year, for the third time. I'll wait for you.

  7. Hah I have been lucky.
    Im bi sexual and a girl
    I have always had crush on girls that also liked me and they were bi or gay.
    And when I have had crush on guys..they have liked me back always the same way omg I just realised how lucky I am thank god✌❤

  8. Well, that was depressing. Only because I relate to it so much. Especially the bit where she sees her crush flirting with someone else. Yea, I felt that.

  9. When I was at school I had a major crush on a girl, would you believe it, she became a teacher and worked at the same school my parents worked at, so I got little snippets of how her life was going. I still dream about her very occasionally. I left school almost 40 years ago. I still think of you, Katherine.

  10. Welp….mine got another gf rn….

    Me thinking:

    Boi what about our
    friends teasing us
    And those 3 years i Loved you..

  11. I had a crush on a girl that worked at a cafe I used to frequent a lot after I got off of work. I started chatting her up more and more and we started getting really friendly with each other. Then my confidence started to build and I was getting ready to ask her out when we started talking about a show we both really liked and her boyfriend comes up in conversation. I just remember how absolutely defeated I felt for the rest of that day and that entire night as well. We're still friendly now, even though she moved out of state with her now husband. I ended up moving on and am currently dating this awesome, funny, sweet, and all around lovely girl I used to go to high school with when we were both a bit younger.

  12. I've had a crusn for like,,, a while. Longer than I've ever had a crysh, my friend just broke up with him because they were dating, and i told him he could talk to me if he ever needs too, and so far he has been 😀

  13. “It is sad when you still like someone, but you’re just friends.” my heart has never hurt so much & it kills me that others have felt/will feel how I feel right now.

  14. Or when you're lowkey bi and in love with your friend. And dont know whether she's into girls or not. And then your guy friend also has a crush on her and you try to set them up because you know theres a 1% chance shes actually into you so might as well see her happy with your friend even if it kills you inside. Yeah im a mess lol…

  15. I just confessed to someone I’ve liked for a really long time. They don’t feel the same way. Hurts. Hurts just a tiny tiny bit, but hey at least the world didn’t end.

  16. even worst is
    when you don't even know why you like that person
    but you feel all weird and butterflies and asdfghjkl

    and you feel like you don't deserve that person
    or he deserves to be wif someone else
    or will NEVER see you at all

  17. My current crush used to like me, before I liked them. They’re now dating someone else. We’re good friends. Literally the worst timing for me to start liking them.

  18. I met my crush at a sports event, and he put his arm around me as a joke but he made me feel so warm and loved. His friend came up to me to get us in Contact. Then they told me he was dating someone. Later we got into a serious fight, where his friend told me he had feelings for me, and got a girlfriend a couple days after getting in contact. I was heartbroken. We both liked each other. And to make things worse. He met his gf on ROBLOX

  19. My crush and I were friends in middle school but now that I have discovered my feelings for him, he has a girlfriend and he's ignoring me.
    Very soul crushing.

  20. I have a crush on this guy in my school (he’s in 2 of my classes) and we actually hooked up before I developed a crush on him. He’s in a hoe phase, which is ok with me because I’m scared of relationships. I only told 1 person that I have a crush on him and he told everyone, including my crush. Thankfully, not much changed. He’s so sweet to me and makes sure I’m ok with everything that happens, and people honestly think we’re dating. What frustrates me is that I wish we texted like we used to before he knew because we would talk late at night about anything and everything, and now we don’t do that anymore. I’m just worried that he doesn’t want to make the feelings I have become stronger, so he’s putting up barriers, but it’s making me feel worse. I care about my friendship with him more than my feelings for him. I want to talk to him about it, but my anxiety is so bad that I just want to avoid everyone, crawl under my bed, and hide there for the rest of my life.

  21. Its so difficult if you have a crush on girl and dont know if she is straight or not. And you are confused if you should make a move or not

  22. I have a crush idk why I like them and I asked him if he liked me and he said no I’m just hoping he’s lying cause he smiled and chuckled when he said no and it sounded hesitant and he smiles when he talks to me

  23. I'm in love with my best friend and i don't know what to do because I'm about 99% sure she's straight and she knows I'm a lesbian and she supports me, which makes me so happy. But she doesn't know I'm in love her, I only have been for about 2 and a half months now, but I'm sooo scared that if i say anything it will completely ruin our friendship.The thing is,I know who she likes and I think he likes her back, and i wanna be a supportive best friend and be happy for her but how am i supposed to do that when anytime i think of her with another guy I wanna scream or cry 'till i lose my voice. I don't know how much longer I can on without slipping up, because every time I see her I wanna grab her and kiss her, I want her to be mine but she doesn't swing that way. I'm not out here seeking attention but if this gets to 20 likes I'll tell her

  24. the worst thing is when your crush is your bestfriend and you talk with her about her crush

  25. When they are your friend and all of your friends ship you and then they make you share a milkshake and you die from embarrassment

    They said my face was redder than my hair (I dyed it red) and my ears turned red

  26. You know what is the worst thing in the world? When your crush knows you have a crush on them, and they just ignore you all the time.

  27. Everyone can say the worst feelings while having a crush but I’m gonna go ahead and say the best

    The best feeling when you have a crush is when the look at you even if it’s for 3 seconds because you know that you were on there mind they knew you were there and for those 3 seconds they were thinking about and if that’s not your favorite feeling in the world then you must be crazy

  28. It hurts because my crush liked me.. But she also soon after liked someone else and we stopped having long conversations. I was alright if she was happy. But she cut off all contact with me recently… It hurts so much.

  29. I’ve had one convo over snap with my crush about Star Wars. But I’m too scared to talk to him… I have two college classes with him but I don’t think he knows I exist… it’s okay… I’ve accepted it.. 😔

  30. It's hurts when you start to think he likes you back but you find out he likes a girl but your friend said he used so you're not sure I'd he used to like you but you where do scared to saying anything or it's another girl who isn't you ;-;

  31. I don't know why but I can hug and my friends and lean on their shoulders and stuff like that but then with a crush-I mainly just push them around and pick on them in a funny way-And then people always like "Why do you not like them-?"And then i'm like "What?No.I don't hate them.Their so nice"
    All my friends be like;

  32. When you are standing next to them and someone says “aw you two would make a good couple” and they say “ew what no” and you’re just standing there like 🙁😐😨

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