SOOT | “Death Wish” | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

SOOT | “Death Wish” | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

(disturbing music) – [Narrator] The first time I stepped back into my office after the … accident, I couldn’t help
but to just take it all in. The dusty hardwood floor,
the unread therapy books, the barely-used degrees
that hung on the walls and that big, plush couch. The perfect office for a psychiatrist, even one who overdoses. I told my patients I was at the spa, but the reality was the
cleaning lady found me choking on my own vomit with a heart rate just above a dead junkie’s. I shouldn’t have survived. But now, here I was, staring
into my dusty office. My planner was right where I’d left it. The appointments I had
missed because of the … accident. My last client that day was
supposed to be Chet Phillips. I remember the first time Chet told me about his suicide attempt. He cried and he screamed
about how sorry he was that he had done it, how he realized what a precious gift life was. I listened, as all good
psychs are supposed to, watching the hourglass I kept on my desk during all my sessions, a silent reminder that time is something
you can never get back. So, why waste time listening
to other people’s problems? I flipped the hourglass
to start the sand flowing just out of habit. “Sorry, our time’s up,” I would say the second the last grain of black sand would pass through the hourglass. My patients, the poor dopes,
their faces would fall in the middle of some crybaby speech. But that’s business. You want someone to
listen to you for free? Then get a dog. As the sessions with Chet went
on, a change came over him. He was sleep-deprived. He stopped feeling sorry
about the suicide attempt and began to get this crazy idea that he wished he had killed himself, because the alternative was worse. One day, Chet found a marking on his hand. It was a slight circular curve. He hadn’t known how he got it, but with each passing day,
the curve would round out til it was almost a complete circle. Apparently, he thought
a monster he called Soot was, like death incarnate, hunting Chet to finish what it started. “Soot. “What a peculiar name,” I thought. A monster that always came
back to finish the job if you denied him your death. “Sorry, our time is up, Chet,” I said at the end of our last session. I know Chet was mad. He expected me to listen to
his outlandish tales of Soot, who would stop at nothing
until he claimed Chet’s life, but, truthfully, I couldn’t care less about the patients I
liked, let alone Chet. Far as I can remember, I was pretty high when the emergency
calls from Chet came in. I was in my office. I had taken too many emotional stabilizers and drank too much white wine, so I had to cancel all my
appointments that afternoon. Chet didn’t take it too well. I listened back to his
messages from that day, the day he actually went through with it. I almost felt bad as I listened to the messages of a dead man. He was terrified that Soot was after him. My head was full of cotton. I must have taken a few more
pills than I’d intended to to celebrate my return tonight. “Whoa, easy tiger,” I reminded myself. “You’ve got to work back up “to the amount you were taking before.” I noticed the sand in my hourglass. It hadn’t moved since I’d flipped it. In fact, it didn’t even
look like sand anymore. With my vision swimming, I peered down at the ornamental glass. It wasn’t black sand. It was wet, black, dense,
and almost shimmering. Then, whatever was in the hourglass moved. It shifted for just a moment, as if it were reacting to me. I had a knee-jerk reaction,
maybe because of the pills, but I swung at the hourglass, startled. (glass cracking) I knocked it off the
table and onto the carpet. It cracked the glass, not enough to shatter the hourglass, but enough so that the black
contents inside could leak out. Only, it wasn’t leaking. Whatever was in the hourglass
was moving, trying to get out. It began to coagulate on the
floor, black and vicious. To my left, something was
oozing under the door. It was like black smoke, only heavier, like airborne sludge or dense, black fog. Even though my head was
swimming from the drugs, I knew that’s not what it was. Some terrified, primal
part of my brain stem knew what I was looking at: Soot. The floating black smoke coalesced with what had drained
from the fallen hourglass. Stunned and terrified, my brain struggled to comprehend what I was witnessing. I stumbled back and fell onto my couch. I suppose the irony shouldn’t
have been lost on me, but it was. I felt crazy, in the same place people told me they felt crazy. “And no one will believe what I’m seeing,” I thought to myself,
just like I don’t believe what anyone tells me when they sit here. In seconds, a figure began to form out of the smoke and ooze: a spine. Broken bones covered
with the black substance like flesh covers muscle. It only took a moment, and then it stood. But not “it”, because
I knew what to call it, just what Chet had called it. The words Chet used clawed their way into the forefront of my mind. “They call him Soot,” Chet told me. “And if you escape death,
he comes to finish the job.” The creature stood well over six feet, holes where his eyes should be, his gums revealing rotten teeth
over the pitch of black skin and bones jutting half-hazard
from his skull and body. Even though he had no eyes,
I knew he could see me. He cocked his head like some animal, listening and sensing. “Please!” I begged through quaking lips. “I didn’t mean to! “It was an accident!” I wanted to stand up and run,
but my knees were too week and the creature blocked the door. Soot held the hourglass in his hand. “You can have it! “Just take it!” (squelching) He swung the black sand hourglass so hard, it struck the side of my face
with the force of a car crash. Immediately, I felt the
teeth loosen in my mouth. And the crack I heard
was my jaw shattering. I stumbled backwards into my bookshelf. I heard a low and horrifying sound as Soot stood and watched me. He swung the hourglass
again, rupturing my eardrum, which thankfully kept me from
hearing my own bones crack, but it wasn’t enough to stop
the flow of blood pouring out. I looked up and tried to scream as Soot brought the hourglass
down again and again, pulverizing my face into a bloody pulp, shattering every bone in my face, crushing my eyeballs with
the base of the hourglass, my hourglass. That tiny black sand
piece of metal and glass that had ruined so many lives. Sorry. My time was up.

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  1. Haven't heard from you guys in quite a while, good to have you back 🙂
    Also I have an idea on how Woe-Bones and the Look-See could come into conflict; since the daughter of the birthday cake man died (the dude, not the monster), died in a drowning accident, she could come back as a Woe-Bone creature and come after the Look-See for revenge for her father

  2. This. Is. AMAZING!!!!! The 3rd(?) Animation of SOOT!! I'm still wondering if U guy's have read my Request`s, I'm full of idea's!! But anyway, Good work!!
    Also U guy's changed SOOT`s Look`s?! Wicked….!!
    Also Death By An HourGlass!? I'M EXCITED TO SEE NEW KILL`S UNLOCKED!!

  3. 1:45 Psychiatrist: My patients, the poor dopes, would fall in the middle of some crybaby speech. But that's business. If you want someone to listen to you for free, then get a dog.

    Me: Sheesh…sad but true…No one wants to listen to your problems anymore…not even a psychiatrist…

  4. Worst doctor ever, He jade have being fired he sucks at his job and he is a drug e someone like him jade never be a doctor at all. I don't feel sorry for him at all. In fact he jade be fired and in jail.

  5. Really loved this one, makes you think of the consequences of making someone who’s trying to be heard feel like what they say doesn’t matter

  6. Halo' Brothers and sisters of cryptv … I want know if You have squared of a old very moonstruosity personality of old old europe medieval… And is a vampire for name "bourka-laccos " also denominate
    "Burculas" very subvalue of very count draculia You Remember? Oh yes!
    And i want You composed a Beauty mini movie for Beauty my look etc…

  7. Ooo wait conspiracy theory :

    Soot just school going after the ones who didn't do homework an essay or failed it all makes sense

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