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  1. Excellent content as usual! Big fan here, but have you two thought about changing the channel name to something more "catchy"? Something like B&B Physical Therapy or FamousPhysicalTherapy. Thanks again for the information, guys!

  2. Hey guys. Love your videos, keep me coming. I have a question, I recently tore my acl and meniscus in a freak accident pro wrestling. After speaking with doctor I opted to try pt and hope it recovers. Do you believe it's possible or I should get the surgery?

  3. im 2 weeks post op on acl reconstruction on my left knee. i can bend my knee 45 degrees. but there is some swelling on my knee. should i be worried?

  4. if the graft stretch to a very low angle, then it will become waste or either it becomes strong. please give me right advice sir

  5. sir, is grade 2 injury in posterior horn of medial meniscus heals by itself or not..? because my surgeons not go though any repair of it..

  6. Great videos guys, very informative and humorous!! I'm now 2 weeks post op from an ACL reco with a hamstring graft. Is there a time period I should wait before starting these exercises? Finding my hamstring quiet sore/tight still. Any advice??

  7. It's been about 9 months since my left knee acl reconstruction and I can't bend my knee back fully, a doctor said it was my hamstring and that was happening because it was tightened up. Another problem I'm having at times is a sharp pain in the knee when I straighten out my leg fully, sometimes there's a sharp pain sometimes there isn't. I got back to playing rep football and those are the only problems for my knee.

  8. I had surgery about 2 weeks ago, I'm currently wearing a post-op knee brace. My doctor still haven't cleared me for bending my knees and I still have to walk with crutches. I was just wondering if I'd be able to start bending my knees soon and when would I be able to walk without my crutches? Thank you 🙂

  9. i really dont understand some surgerons or p.ts….i had my hamstring acl last week. my p.t made me do about 4-5 steps whilst i was still sleepy from the anestic.. she ttold me not to use crutches at all and do as mch as i can. full weight bearing. full bend as mch as i can.i left the hopistal walking with a limb no crutches! others are given instructions

  10. m having too much pain in kneees 1 year almost done after reconstruction ..docter give analgesics……but m worried what to do next pls rply

  11. I had surgery about a year ago and still can't do anything.. I'm having tooo muchh pain on my left knee. I just do some exercise like leg extension, leg curl. I can't do squad. it's like my knee wants give out and sound krakkk krukk. my surgeon also give an injection like hyaluronic acid, but it's release my pain only a week.. 😞

  12. Question for you guys, my acl surgery was 10 months ago, im gonna play soccer again, i trained hard for it, almost everyday.

    With some of the explosive moves, sprinting, jumping, jump squads etc my calf muscle and somethimes my hamstring get painfull quickly.

    Soreness, tighness, light pain, shocks, dont know how to call it.

    Any tips?

    They did Tests and nothing was wrong according to the doctors.

  13. I hate that I found this video over 10 months after my acl repair. My previous physio was pushing it by basically getting me to do the FINAL movement before any of the prior stages and I was feeling pain for a long while until I had another surgery about 15 months after the first repair due to having to remove a 'cyclops lesion'. I'm about 17-18 months post acl repair trying to do the best I can with the help of a new physio. I'm revisiting this video because I intend to do these step by step. Thanks for this.

  14. A small(er) Abstract
    0:50 Best Exercise
    1:02 In Motion in Closed chain
    1:22 Isometric Version (6-8 Seconds pressure)
    1:49 Briding – Painfree
    2:09 Briding + Hamstring Curls
    2:50 Harder Version I
    2:58 Harder Version II
    3:11 Anatomy & Explanation of the Exercise

  15. Recovering from my second ACL repair and wish I would have found this after my first. My first was awful and I never got full range of motion back and I ended up tearing it again, but now after getting surgery from an ACL specialist its going much better. Im 2 weeks post-op and my range of motion is from 0 to 117 degrees!!

  16. Sir I have acl surgery on 28sept but now when I straight my leg on bed after sometime I up my knee it rub and sound what I do sir please tell me.

  17. The explanation at the end was great info! Always knew hamstring strength was huge for ACL prevention but to actually SEE a visual to WHY is awesome

  18. I'm coming back from acl surgery and I have a quick question. These exercises seem great for the hamstring, but my concern is that they put too much strain on the graft. Does this forward movement of the tibia against the femur cause strain on the graft? Thank you for the video and explanations.

  19. So if the hamstring helps the acl why do they use the hamstring from the same leg as a donor for the acl? I am just a trucker but that does not seem like a great idea.

  20. I am at 7 years post acl reconstruction using my semi-T and gracilis. I still have major weakness in my hamstrings even though I've seen many PT's and orthos. I've also strained my hamstring multiple times when sprinting so I'm wondering if my hammy will ever be 100%. I have not found any cases in the literature where a doc used hammy graft on elite sprinters. Am I doomed? Thoughts? Thanks.

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