Should you buy Dual universe in 2019??

Should you buy Dual universe in 2019??

what’s up guys and welcome to another
video from Spaaaced today we are back discussing dual universe and should you
buy the game today now there has been questions about what is in game what the
community is like what are the capabilities in game what can you
actually do now we’ve already touched on on a previous video the contributor
packs on the sponsor packs that will get you access to the Alpha and that’s the
key point it is currently in alpha phase 2 there are bugs is not a flawless game
and we need to keep that in mind when considering whether to actually buy the
game now or to wait for the full release or even beta now there are a lot of
features that aren’t in the game yet there are bugs in the game as to be
expected I mean damn there’s bugs in full release games you know there will
be bugs now it’s it’s not exactly a small price to get in and to test the
game because that’s essentially what you’re doing you’re paying to test the
game you’re not it’s not going to be flawless but there is no subscription
fee right now so whenever the servers are online you
can actually get on and play now there are a lot of features that are
advertised in those sponsor packs and those features aren’t actually live yet
so that needs to be considered as well but if we have a look at the server time
on when that’s up and down you can view that information on the website it will
be directly at the top of the website I’ll drop a link in the description to
their website you’ll be able to see when the next server test session is now in
terms of whether you want to get it now or later on I know last Christmas there
was an extended uptime over the Christmas period and basically from what
I can gather they turn the servers and all the Devs went home for
Christmas which gave players a tremendous amount of time to be able to
get on and sort of play and experiment and almost enjoy the game too quite
considerably now they might do the same thing this year they might not there’s
nothing to say that they actually will or won’t at the moment but at the moment
the next up time will be December 12th and that’s going on for 96 hours we have
four days of play time it is worth noting that last year there were reports
that people did hit a bug they couldn’t go any further in the game and that’s
really that really is the key thing to remember is not a full and polished game
if the server does go up for a week or two weeks I think it was 18 days last
Christmas if it does go online you could hit a bug on the first day and there’s
nothing that can be done about it that’s what it is you do you guys know this
when you’re when you’re accessing a game that is in an alpha state or even a beta
state that it might happen however touching on the cost of play certainly once the game is fully
released there is there is programming within this game you can be a programmer
in this game there is Lua script there is HTML code there is SVG code and you
can if you already have a background knowledge of these programming languages
then the chances are pretty high that you could possibly pay play for free you
wouldn’t have to buy the subscription service because as previously mentioned
we have these dual access tokens dual access coupons I think the code and this
essentially gives you 30 days gameplay however they are tradable in-game there
are a lot of people out there that aren’t programmers I’m certainly one of
them I’m trying I’m trying to learn so that I can bring to you a little script
in video but I’ve got to learn the basics of Lua scripting now if you
already have that knowledge as far as I can tell
you can script almost anything you can auto pilot a ship for example I think
you can change the heads-up display of ships if you can do this you can deliver
this to other players for a fee you can sell your programming skills in-game you
use that fee to buy a dual access coupon you’ve got your next month’s gameplay
for free if you do this so many times you can bank yourself a few dual access
coupons and you can essentially play for free now we’ve got in the game at the
moment there is mining we’ve seen that in the dual universe videos you can go
out you can go scanning you can go mining you can get those resources and
use the markets to buy and sell buying and selling we’ll get you the quanto
which is the currency in game alternatively you can use the materials
that you mind to go ahead and craft I’m not sure what the capabilities are with
crafting yeah I’m not sure how much you can craft or how open that crafting
table is if there’s a crafting table at all so a crafting table is there a
crafting tree we’re not quite sure however once the information does become
available I will get another video what clearing up any issues surrounding
crafting and how that ties into the the economy and the mining side of things
but for now what I do know is that you combined these materials and you can get
them sold on the marketplace allowing you to at least buy bigger and better
items by ships you can blueprint your ships if you build yourself an
incredible ship create a blueprint on it sell those blueprints sell those
blueprints you will get your quanta in game you can buy you do likes s tokens
meaning that you can continue to play I mean now this is obviously based on a
full release of the game because that’s when the dual access coupons are going
to be used the shipbuilding at the moment we’ve
seen tremendous capabilities in shipbuilding just in dual universes
videos in the information that they’ve given us and the shipbuilding is
incredible it’s completely to an extent free hunt whatever you want to build
you’re not restricted to a Minecraft ship it doesn’t have to be square there
are other building tools available where you can reshape a ship completely you
can have sharper corners maybe you want to go for like a 10 or 15 degree Bend or
maybe you want to go for something real nice and tight
where you going like 345 degree Bend you can create whatever ships you want and
have a look through jewel universes videos and just try and spot the ships
see what it is that are in there see what it is that you can create now along
with shipbuilding is Space Station created you can build your own Space
Station’s and I know I touched on a video on that previously with the change
of the direction of the gravitational pulls on the space station you can build
your own Space Station’s now these things aren’t gonna be easy to build
they’re certainly not going to be cheap especially if you want something that’s
there’s noticeable is big is it’s bold but this is what these sort of games are
all about right if you have weaponized your Space Station’s awesome take it a
walk get it moving you’ve got your construct building is in
the game at the moment you can build you can assign permissions for certain
people to access certain buildings or even just certain rooms of that building
so in containers you can assign permissions for that sort of thing you
can build your buildings just the same way in which you build your ships it
doesn’t have to be rigid you don’t have to have a square or rectangular
skyscraper you can go for a giant sphere if you want if that’s really what you
want to build go for it I have seen a video recently where people are
able to build on asteroids now that’s an interesting concept and I’d love to know
how the asteroids tie into gravitational rotations of planets or asteroids
rotating planets or are they like in no man’s sky just simply static are they
just sat in space on moving but even if they are build yourself a home on an
asteroid that’ll be cool now there is the other pvp pvp is a big thing right
it is in all MMOs PvP has got to be one of the biggest contributing factors as
to whether somebody will buy a game or not PvP isn’t currently in jewel
universe is not a thing and I’m not sure when it will be they did touch on this
on their road map update for November it’s gonna be a few months I think we
could be looking could be looking at January or February
once alpha phase 3 I think is what they said so hopefully once alpha phase 3 is
released we’ll be able to crack on with some PvP and we’ll have some more videos
that we can dive into there because we want to look at the avatar versus avatar
and the construct versus construct ship battles and first-person shooters style
bat fights on the ground but then there’s the other side where you’ve got
avatar versus construct are we gonna have some kind of high-powered space
bazooka that’s gonna be able to take down a ship and also the ship versus
avatar because I mean I don’t really want to see this ship versus avatar 2
balanced who brings a knife to a gunfight
do you know what I mean if there’s a spaceship coming down and it’s shooting
at you you need to die if they’re shooting rubber bullets and they’re
bouncing off and you just carry on running along I would like to see some
aspect of realism especially taken into consideration the amount of effort they
put into the quality of shipbuilding and taken into
account the weight of your load that you that you carry and the weight of his
ship and how much thrust you’ve got I want to see that realism carrying over
into PvP at least to a certain extent but once we’ve got more information on
PvP I will be back with another video on
that trying to cover as much as we can the markets and trading we’ve already
touched on a little bit there seems to be certainly an economy in game how
balance that’s going to maintain over time I’m not sure I think we touched on
that on the last video we want to see limited resources so that resources do
run out is going to keep prices fairly balanced as resources begin to run out
it’s going to increase the price of them it’ll be interesting to see how that one
goes but right now trade in and the marketplaces the economy is all active
in-game you can do that the programming is certainly one of the bigger things to
get your teeth into certainly in the early days whilst you can there is
programming available in the game I want to see people sorry I want to see people
using SVG coding to to build pictures on TV screens I know this is possible
because I’ve seen this one of the devs has actually put an image of themselves
into the game I want to see this I want to see this happening more and if you’ve
got the knowledge on how to lose Lua and you want to give me a hand in that
direction then drop comments down below and I will I will take any advice that
can be there can be given I’m really desperate to learn how to program I
think this is gonna be it’s gonna be real big it’s good you don’t have to
program to play the game you can play the game 100% completely fine without
having to program at all but I feel as though it could enhance your experience
within the game if you can settle your ship to pilot between one district and
another that that’s going to be awesome or
between planets and moons if you land in at the same place on a moon and a planet
all the time autopilot ship I want to see people with
drones I want to see people building drones I know this is a thing JC from
Nova Kwok mentioned that you can remote controlled drones I want to see how that
works out because I think that’s going to be pretty awesome
now lastly touching on how active the community is in-game I couldn’t possibly
tell you in all honesty I see it as being quite a solitary game unless
you’re involved in an organization which again it’s just like a tribe a faction a
kingdom anything along those lines if you join an organization you’ve got your
people there that you can play with if you’ve got friends with you that will
certainly help I could see it possibly being fairly boring if you were to go
solo but it depends on who you are I mean what sort of play you want to be if
you want to be a pilot solo it might be the best way to go for you you see a
miner transporting his goods go and take him out take his goods pirate is gonna
be the best place for Soul players to be for sure now they do have a discord
channel and you can join their discord and there’s quite a bit of talking
there’s quite a bit of activity going on there you won’t be able to find out too
much because there are NDA channels in the discord and that’s where most of the
the conversation happens you will only get access to those channels if you have
pledged if you have paid to the game but it does open up I mean that’s what this
is about right should you buy now in my opinion go for it
you get access to the game a year early and although it isn’t flawless it isn’t
polished it’s still pretty good I enjoy it it’s the same as any other game you
getting stuck in your learning that’s what it’s all about right
I’ve never played EVE Online I’ve never played as the other one star City
I don’t know I never played any of the other space games other than no man’s
sky and no Muntz guy failed on the whole multiplayer front at least initially I
don’t know where it state is that now but I think this one is where it’s gonna
be at starts it isn’t was the other game I think now in terms of buying it now go
for it if you’ve got the cash and you want to dip your toes in the pool do it
do it what’s to be lost I mean you get dual access coupons so you can receive a
bit of cash further down the line I think with the smallest contribute of
packets 60 euros you get like three dual access coupons I think so if they
convert over into the full release and you’ve got three months access they’re
assuming it’s going to be about ten pounds a month then realistically you’ve
only actually paid thirty euros or thirty quid to be able to access the
game a little bit earlier like a year earlier and you will have beta access
codes that you can hand out to your friends so that once the beta goes live
you can get a friend or two playing with you as well if you there are
competitions that you can enter if you are a contributor as well and there are
beta codes being given away for that so if you get the chance you’ve always got
the possibility to earn more beta codes and get more friends involved you could
have a whole squad of you running on launch day ready to take on the rest of
the world rest of the universe I guess now what I want to know from you guys is
what do you want to see from the next video drop a comment down below let me
know what you want to know about this game I will give you as much information
as I possibly can without breaking the NDA I know there are hundreds of
questions that people want to ask ask away
drop it in the comments down below and check out my first video on Joule
universe when we were taking a look at it there there is a giveaway for two
beta access keys as soon as we reach a thousand subscribers I will be running
that give we and this is a chance for you guys to
be able to get in on the action once the beta goes live and you won’t
have to pay a penny just smash that subscribe button if you enjoyed the
video hit the thumbs up leave me a comment tell me what you want to know
next and I will catch you in the next one you just walk right out of the door
to want to do this anymore now are lost without

22 Replies to “Should you buy Dual universe in 2019??

  1. When the server is live, how many people can play in the server? Is there a cap?.when you play do you see alot of other players?
    I know this question has NDA all over it but if they want this 120$ they will have to let it slide lol

  2. Thanks for watching, let me know what else you want to know about Dual Universe here in the comments and I'll see what I can dig up for you!

  3. You are not paying to test the game, you pay to back the game and with it comes the perk of access to the game while it is in development with no entitlement nor guarantees of (frequent) access. This is not early access, you do not buy the game, you basically pay in advance for game time which will activate on release and, depending on the package you get, will receive some extra goodies.

  4. Peaceful people, those that for example just like to build stuff, will be affected by many other peoples aditude: currently you will find yourself between selfocused people, greedy grabbers, liars, cheaters, trolls and loads of people without moral code.
    I keep uninstalling online games from my computer because gamecompanies and such players are messing up everything.
    PItty because it's a great looking game.

  5. The server will be up 24/7 this Holiday season between December 19th and December 30th, though it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that they may extend it if the server is doing well. I imagine nobody wants to get a call on new years eve that the server is down though, haha.

  6. Good summary of the current state of the game. The thing I'm curious about is what we know about the overall size of the galaxy will be, how many solar systems, how many planets, etc. I also wonder what exactly there will be to do besides build and fight.

  7. Good video.

    I've been playing the game for a little over a year now, and it really does suck that I can never get into too much detail when trying to tell others about the game. It's great to hear that they are finally going to be dropping the NDA in the coming months (They said March at the earliest), and the rest of you will finally be able to really see what this game is all about. Can't wait for that. 🙂

  8. I really want to try the scripting in the game. I'm curious how the scripting will work with weapons? will it be able to booby trap things? will you be able to prank people? will you be able to create mass weapons of destruction such as nukes? is there range limits on collider or event boxes? I've worked with second lifes c# and some of unities c#, as well as html, and python, so i feel like i could really have some fun with the scripting mechanics.

  9. Another thing you didn't mention is AI, or npcs. Id love to see hireable npcs for stuff like flying ships and other senarios such as station defence.

  10. I also would be interested in teaching you to program as well at the very basic level. If you have a discord, Id join it and talk with ya a bit.

  11. You may not know of or have played NMS or Star Citizen but in the context of presenting a 'space game' review like this you really should educate yourself.

  12. lua is real easy, just learn the basic syntaxes and then look at the documentation on it in whatever game you play to see which functions it has. its that, which makes lua usefull in games.

  13. This game is amazing, and I love it, but I only worry that when the NDA drops it'll be flooded with new players. That's not particularly bad, but I love how structured it is and how the factions are actually functioning, and I worry that that'll change a bit once the game really gains popularity.

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