Sci-Fi Short Film “Souls Of Totality” | Presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Souls Of Totality” | Presented by DUST

100 Replies to “Sci-Fi Short Film “Souls Of Totality” | Presented by DUST

  1. WOW. Tatiana's performance is beyond description. That last scene, filmed live action during the solar eclipse, had to be done in ONE take. Her talent is off the charts!

  2. stupidest thing ever.. she has a car but she runs back.. wtf !!! so the plot is .. "she's stupid and not worth saving after all !"

  3. For Gods sake, what has this to do with SCIENCE Fiction? Isn't there any honest person working at DUST, or don't they preview all movies?

  4. coke or diet coke the same drug to public …its insane how AI will be amogn us sooner or later thats truth we will be ourr own slaves but one dictator world wide for few or several years
    …..coming from future …its a fact people

  5. The male lead was incredibly handsome. But that's just a gay point of view. Other than that the story didn't have an end. Well, acted and filmed.

  6. Okay, this film is made for being watched twice. Otherwise, there's no way you notice the pause on the bowl of earplugs and the drink powder.

  7. The small sci-fi touch at the end was necessary lol, otherwise it would be veeery creepy but I wouldnt mind if you ask me 🙂 That was excellent, the actors, the script, the shots, the music, everything was perfect from start to end.

  8. Looks like a Heavens Gate sequel or maybe prequel. The kool-aid drinking resembles Jim Jones , Georgetown mass suicide.

  9. This was a real eclipse!?!? Jesus. I am blown away. TO time this so perfectly, acting, camera movement… I know they probably did a lot of stuff in grading, perhaps adding some flare to emphasize it… but, this is some serious film making.

  10. Tom Cullen for Batman! This short film proves he can do the American accent. And he plays a brooding action character, Landry, in Knightfall. Cullen can do it! I hope Warner Bros and Matt Reeves considers him.

  11. The best Dust film! Gripping from the first moments to the last. I don't know any superlatives that are sufficient to praise how good this was in all areas.
    After it ended my heart was pounding.
    I just had to check who the female lead
    actress was bc she was so excellent. As soon as I checked it made total sense. I first became aware of Tatiana when she had a supporting role on the Canadian tv series Heartland when she was a teenager- years before Orphan black . Even as a kid she had serious acting chops. Her screen presence was magnetic and she stole almost every episode she was in. I knew she was going places.this short film proves
    It. She's going to win an Oscar one day . It's guaranteed.
    Kudos to all involved in this short film.
    It's a gem. I echo many of the comments below by saying it's better than any film I've seen so far in 2019.
    Bravo bravo bravo!

  12. That's one of the most incredible Dust videos I have ever seen of all of them!! Very well done!

  13. My question is… where did the bodies go?! They argued earlier whether not ‘ascending’ as an honor or a punishment, so maybe it’s just open to interpretation.

  14. The dummys just transported to a different dimension, where humans are a delicacy. They even killed themselves first so the aliens don't have to chase them down. Just process the meat and have a big feast

  15. I'm sorry, I don't get it. Can someone explain it to me? What's so special about the sheets being empty and the drumming? And just what's going on in general?

  16. Around the halfway point the film was already affecting me like the perfect cure for insomnia. But I wanted to see it through because I had glanced at a couple very positive comments. And then she got out of the car and ran back……….all the way back….. At that moment there could be no redemption for the film. Why do film makers continue to write completely irrational actions into films. And how was there NO ONE that was involved in this production who had the realistic presence of mind to ask, "UM, why the hell would she run back if she was so concerned about hipster-beard guy?"

  17. I didn't like this initially.
    More selfishness masquerading as life.
    But then something beautiful came of it.
    Welcome to love!LOL

  18. Woman: "tkumft thn wr thn thugs nget"

    Woman: "tkumft thn wr thn thugs nget"

    she removes the earplugs from his ears

    Woman: "I said, take your earplugs out you idiot!"

  19. This was so fantastic Richard! Beautifully shot, well written. I wish you the best in your next project (can't wait- I will actually go to a movie theatre to see it) and will be looking for A Million Eyes in the circuit! -Jazmine

  20. WTF !!! Did nobody see the bodies under the white sheets? When she goes back she starts looking for him by lifting the sheets and under each sheet is a body. Am I the only one who saw that????? 15:44

  21. This is crazy good 👏👏👏
    The actors are amazing 👏👏👏 Glad he stayed with her 💗💗💗
    But very confused as to where the others went and why …

    Thanks Dust for the great shorts y'all share with us

  22. What a load of crappy ideology. And what worse? a couple of self centered human beings. No system will ever be good enough for them as long they don't get what they want.

  23. I don't know if others missed it or not, the bodies disappear right before the end and their sheets drift off in the upcoming wind. This to me indicates they really did shift to another plane.

  24. I want more!! Please continue their story. Do they recruit more for next portal/gate? Or do they go back to 3d.? Love this story. The story behind the makimg of this is fantastic too!!

  25. After watching this I think I'm done watching Dust shorts for the day. Anything else would be a let down compared to this masterpiece.

  26. They did not disappear. They were dead under the sheets. She uncovered many dead bodies as she pulled away the sheets. He stayed because he truly wanted to know what she was going to say. It would have been a longing, unanswered question, had he done as the others. Longing? Considering most believe in an afterlife and where that afterlife is spent, taking one's own life is condemned. He could not risk that knowing he was in love AND she loved him equally.

    An aside: They went to the store for everyone else in the camp for their "last meal."

  27. Did everybody see the esoteric symbolism in this short film( let me break it down for you),,,,
    See America is Babylon/ Canaanite City in Canaan they worship the bull as God( this is where you get all these word like unreasonable Unforgettable lovable incredible inconceivable Aang/bull from Avatar and the list goes on and on,, on Wall Street there's a bull,, who controls you at work a boss/os is a ox/bull and etc)…
    so the cow in the middle of the road was the queen of heaven/🌙 moon Goddess the Canaanite and Sumerian heaven, then olgirl climbed the fence, the sun was above her/sun god a bull/yahweh yah/yak/a bull,, they're using subliminal subconscious messaging to Cloud the truth/ your judgment,, the original God of the Old Testament Strongest Strong's Concordance h1961 Hayah Hayah = the Ruach kodesh/ He who give's the breath of life,, Hayah Hayah/Ehyeh Ehyeh the creator in the image of his people,, thats why its so important to Cloud who his people are( want a hint Hebrew "belonging to" the "afro"-asiatic language family group,,,""keyword AFRO"" understand the trick!!)…….
    I didnt make this up!!!!!
    This is in encyclopedia so dont shoot the Malik/ Angel /Messenger,, I don't see anybody in Palestine – ( 1950 something United Nations gave the tartar/ Ashkenazi and Sephardic that land so where were they before that and before that, history keeps a well documentation of them ) – with an afro claiming to be God's people,, and the people here in America claiming to be Jews with afros are ridiculed and called Africans/Ham Ha ha ha, the trick………

  28. THAT, , is a flippin masterpiece .
    "What were you going to say ?"
    (please stop yelling at me) lmao )
    Serously tho, that shit made me cry !
    Like 3 times in less than 20 minutes
    You got skills

  29. Whatever you do in life, don't drink the cool-aid. The final shot of all the sheets missing the bodies was outstanding.

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  31. I have a short story I want to do with you guys for free or don’t take my offer someone will see my talent I won’t mention it out loud what’s your email

  32. The first time i watched this i was really confused why the audio in the climax is from the perspective of the guy with earplugs in and why he was shouting. Then i realized all the bodies disappeared after the eclipse and they shot it in one take. So they had to give cover for the "dead" extras to shuffle off screen.

  33. Jonestown reimagined. Except for the vanished bodies at the end. What?!

    Thought the writing was very good. Acting from the two leads was absolutely believable. Great story.

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