Sabbath Morning Worship: Prayer Meeting & Sabbath School July 20, 2019

Sabbath Morning Worship: Prayer Meeting & Sabbath School July 20, 2019

good morning and happy Sabbath welcome to safe to serves Sabbath worship as we're going to get started let us bow our heads for a word of Prayer father in heaven thank you for blessing us with your holy Sabbath day we know that on this holy day that we crave your choicest blessings and we're asking that you can please bestow upon us all of our prayer requests and anything that we're coming to you for whether it be perfection of character or victory over sin we're asking that you can please intervene in our lives today I pray that as we lift up our voices and song then it may be as precious in your sight and Jesus holy and precious name we do pray amen so I first hymn for today will be hymn 394 far far from my meekness midge bear from day to day then may we enter pearly gates eternal and sing Redemption songs a birthday amen now let's proceed into our prayer meeting and our him for this will be him to five for the Great Physician now is near him to five for the great position now is near how many of us are trusting and believing that God is here for us today five actually lets him to 54 the Great Physician now is near the Great Physician now always hear the sympathizing Jesus he speaks the drooping heart to cheer o hear the voice of Jesus sweetest note in serifs all sweetest name on mortal tongue sweetest can roll ever song Jesus blessed Jesus all glory to the dying lamb I now believe in Jesus I love the message saviors name I love the name of Jesus sweetest note interrupts all sweetest name on mortal tongue sweet camera lever song Jesus blessed Jesus his name dispels my guilt and fear no other name but Jesus oh how my soul delights to hear the precious name of Jesus sweet Snowden tariffs all sweetness name on mortal tongue sweetest Carol ever saw Jesus blessed Jesus and when he comes to bring the crown the crown of life and glory then by his side we will sit down and tell retention story sweetest norden's aerosol sweetest name on mortal tongue sweetest carol ever song Jesus blessed Jesus Eamon once you say good morning and happy Sabbath to everyone as we gather together to worship the Lord and I would like to welcome you to prayer meeting this morning as we seek to know God's will and even search our own hearts that we may be led to the way the truth and the life before begin our meeting this morning I'd like to have word of Prayer as we open up the word even the spirit of prophecy to understand as the psalmist says for the entrance of thy word give a flight in understanding unto the simple so let us pray father in heaven Lord we thank you for being a great physician that we by partaking of thy word will receive health and strength and healing of mind body and spirit and as we gather together as a family to worship you I pray that your words would rest upon our hearts that life would spring forth from the seed bringing forth fruit for the harvest for this we pray and we thank you in Jesus name Amen amen as a precursor to our study this morning I'd like to share a passage from volume 9 of testimonies page 165 it says there are many souls who wrestle for special victories and special blessings that they may do some great thing to this end they are always feeling that they must make an agonizing struggle in prayer and tears when these persons search the scriptures with prayer to know the express will of God and then to do his will from the heart without one reservation or self-indulgence they will find rest all the agonizing all the tears and struggles will not bring them the blessing they long for self must be entire surrendered they must do the work that presents itself appropriating the abundance of the grace of God which which is promised to all who ask in faith so as we have seen in this passage of Scripture here from the spirit of prophecy you notice that sometimes we are searching for God's blessings and even sometimes we may you wrestle with certain sins and God may even bring conviction to our hearts and sometimes we weep and we cry but she says here that self must be entirely surrendered they must do the work that present itself so when we search the scriptures and we see the conditions we see the terms and conditions of God's Word as we comply with the terms and condition as we surrender our hearts to God's terms and conditions then we will see the victories so seeing our need for Christ even as we pray and ask God for certain blessings sometimes it may take practical work for those blessings to come up on us and this is what we'll look at in a practical sense the account of neoman in 2nd Kings chapter 5 because Naaman was a sick man he was sick he was leprous and the Lord sent his prophet to him to bring about the remedy in second Kings 5 verse 10 it says and Elijah sent a messenger unto him saying go and wash in Jordan seven times the Lord says in thy flesh I'll come again to thee and thou shalt be clean now this is the word now the Prophet this is the word of the messenger right so now just as the prophet even modern-day prophet lny to inspiration tell us the same thing so now God's Word is sent to him and now let's see what Newman does verse 11 says and naomi was wroth he was angry and sometimes when you angry you sometimes cry I'm you see it with children all the time when they get angry because something happens to them what do they do they cry with tears naman was wrought and went away and said behold I thought he will surely come out to me and stand and call on the name of the Lord his God and strike his hand over the place and recover the leper so just as the word says I thought if I just read the word or if I just believe without putting any practical measures in place that the miracle will happen Newman was in tears he was crying leprosy and then it says or not abana and far / par river of Damascus better than all the rivers of Israel may I'm not watching them and be clean so he turned and went away in a rage he wanted to do it his own way not God's Way and his servant came near and spake unto him and said my father if the Prophet had bid thee to do some great thing with us down not have done it how much rather than when he said to thee wash and be clean that's all you have to do just like the word says self must be entirely surrendered they must do the work that presents itself appropriating the abundance of the grace of God which is promised to all who ask and faith that all you have to do is look and live all you have to do is go to down to the river and be 7 times and then the Bible says and he returned to the man of God and he and all his company and came and stood before him and said behold now I know that there is no God in all the earth but in Israel now therefore I may pray pray thee take a blessing of thy servant and he said as the Lord liveth before whom I stand I will receive none and he urged him to take it but he refused and of course Naaman was made whole as he was and clean now take a look at this next path Ministry of healing it says those who seek healing by prayer should not neglect to make use of remedial agencies within their reach the remedial agency was within nietzermann's reach all he had to do was grasp it by God's grace it says it is not a denial of faith to use Ram such remedies as God has provided to alleviate pain into a nature in her work of restoration it is no it is no denial of faith to cooperate with God and so place themselves in the conditions most favorable to recovery God has put it in our power to obtain a knowledge of the laws of life this knowledge has been placed within our reach for use we should employ every facility for the restoration of health taking every advantage possible working in harmony with natural laws when we have prayed for the recovery of the sick we can work with all the more energy thinking God that we have the privilege of cooperating with him and asking his blessing on the means which he himself have has provided so here we see prayer we must search out in prayer first we must pray God's promises the words of the Prophet was God's prayers but then in addition to God's prayers we must search our even practical ways by which we can recover the same happy with Hezekiah he had a lump and a boil a cancer a tumor and the Lord says make a poultice of figs and of course this is in 2nd Kings chapter 20 verse 7 you can go there and read the account and as he practically did so the Lord was able to bring healing and the Lord says unto him get your house in order so he first had to get his house in order he first had to pray and search his own heart for the cancerous cells in his own heart and then he was able to now apply the natural remedy it is the same thing for us and this is why the law promised us and Jeremiah chapter 33 verse 6 this is one of my favorite Bible verses even when I'm sick I often claim this promise before doing all of the natural remedies before anything I go to the Word of God first I claim the power of his word and then I asked the Lord for wisdom as to some practical terms and conditions that can be applied to bring relief so in Jeremiah chapter 33 verse 6 we must first set our homes in order and then we can seek out God's blessings Jeremiah 33 verse 6 it says behold I will bring it health and cure and I will cure them and reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth so we see God's means of bringing cure just like neoman afterwards he acknowledged the God of heaven he surrendered to Christ so God's purpose in healing him must have been glory to God's name and it is the same as Jeremiah says he will bring health and cure as we believe not asking with wavering faith or will God heal me will gabbro maceration many of you have been suffering from illness from cancers from from infections from all types from pains from aches from accidents from injuries from from the past 10 years ago 15 years ago and you've been doing everything and that the Lord has revealed to you but yet you still feel that you and pain but we MA as we ask God's blessing we must not ask with rave wavering faith because God's world will not return onto him for just like he did for Hezekiah just like he did for Newman he can do it for you if you believe and sometimes it may take even more knowledge sometimes you may have to do more practical things maybe exercise a little more go to bed earlier or search out healthier options that you can eat or do some further research or talk to friends search our guys with more such are your own heart even more before we can stir blame upon God or even before you give up and says you know what there is no hope for me because there is hope in God's Word because he has promised and the purpose of him given us healing is that we will receive peace and truth within our hearts and if you desire this peace God is able to give you this piece because he promised us peace I leave with you my peace I give unto you not as the world gives you you believe in God believe also in me and last promise I live with you before we pray is third John to the Lord says beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers the healing of the soul and the healing of the body is God's and most interests for you and for me so let us claim God's promise that he will heal our bodies even if we're we think that we're already healthy there may be things going on in us that we cannot see that we have not yet feel but yet we can cast our burdens upon Christ and says Lord this sickness I don't feel it therefore I pray that if there's anything in me that I do not perceive that you may cast them into the depths of the sea that I would not even have a knowledge of them that they were even there even sins in our hearts that we do not perceive as we claim these promises that God may root out the tears and that he may bring forth wheat unto the harvest if this is your desire this morning let us kneel together as we pray Father in heaven Lord we give you things for your promises just like near men we often get wrong because of your terms and your conditions but yet all you access to do is look and live follow me as John the Baptist says behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world so Lord we are leprous within our hearts within our minds even physically many of us yet we claim your promises that you may bring restoration to us even now that you may remove any impurities any pain suffering that we may be suffering from and that you may bring joy gladness peace within our minds you may remove the burdens for you promised us come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn of me so father the families have gathered in their homes to learn of thee we locally have gathered as a team as a family to learn of thee so I pray that you may give us rest even upon your holy Sabbath we may receive a double blessing rest of the soul and of the body for this we pray and we thank you in Jesus name Amen amen amen now let's turn to our next hymn which is him 5:05 I need the prayers of those I love him 5:05 I need the prayers of those I love I need the prayers of those I love while traveling more less rugged way that I'm a true and faithful be and live for Jesus every day I want my friends to pray for me to bear my time to school above and intercede with God for me I need the principles I love I need the prayers of laws I love to help me any trying out to bear my tempted soul to him that he may keep me by his power I want my friends to pray for me to bear my tempted soul above and intercede with God for me I need the prayers of those I love I want my friends to pray for me to hold me up on wings of faith that I may walk the narrow way kept by your father's glorious grace I want my friends to pray for me to bear my tempted soul above and intercede with God for me I need the prayers of those I love good morning happy Sabbath it's a blessing to be here with you all amen amen happy Sabbath once again before we go into our Bible study let us do well on one more thought and I'm going to be reading out of the book prayer page 244 paragraph 1 and forward and the sub header is intercessory prayer I was impressed by the Lord as I was reading this and I pray that this blessing may also be bestowed upon you all as we read this together and it says let us strive to walk in the light as Christ as in the light the Lord turned the captivity of Jobe when he prayed not only for himself but for those who were opposing him when he fell earnestly the desire excuse me when he felt earnestly when he felt earnestly desirous that the souls that had trespassed against him might be helped he himself received help let us pray not only for ourselves but for those who have hurt us and are continuing to her us pray pray especially in your mind give not rest give not the Lord rest for his for his ears are open to hear sincere importunate prayers when the soul is humbled before him you are to be the agent through whom God will speak to the soul precious things will be brought to your remembrance and with a heart overflowing with the love of Jesus you will speak words of vile interest and import your simplicity and sincerity will be the highest eloquence and your words will be registered in the books of heaven as fit words which are like apples of gold in pictures of silver God can God will make them a healing flood of heavenly influence awakening conviction and desire and Jesus will add his intercession to your prayers and claim for the sinner the gift of the Holy Spirit and pour it upon his soul and there will be joy in the presence of the Holy Angel Beats of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth there are those all around you who have woes who need words of sympathy love and tenderness and our humble pitying prayers and lastly it says and calling God our Father we recognize all his children as our brethren we are all a part of the great web of humanity all members of one family and our petitions we are to include our neighbors as well as ourselves no one praise our right who seeks a blessing for himself alone and brothers and sisters this reading is so potent and yet self-explanatory I dare not add to it to water down the potency of this message I pray that it speaks for itself and how important it is that we intercede for one another in prayer but I'll add I will add this I will exhort us all for this pray for your neighbors literally physically your neighbors who live right beside you because many of them if we don't knock on their door and share the love of Jesus who will who will and so as I as we see so many of these silly challenges on social media let us let us take this as a challenge knock on your neighbor's door this Sabbath is possible and give them the love of God prayerfully pray for them first intercede for them first knock on their door and do something godly for them let's intercede for our brother and pick us as it says all of God's children all of humanity are God's children therefore they are our brothers let us pray let us intercede and as God says in his word in Matthew 5:43 through 48 if we lack prayer for our brother and love for our brethren we will not reach that perfection that's why Jesus has b/e therefore perfect even as our Heavenly Father is perfect please bow with me in prayer father in heaven Lord we thank you for the Sabbath day that you have be that you have granted us Lord we know that you are working harder on the Sabbath more than any other day Lord because it is on this day Lord where your children our focus are fixed upon you pleading before the throne all throughout the day claiming your promises and your scriptures and father we know that you do not grow weary of hearing our prayer because it is your desire as a heavenly loving father to give these good and perfect gifts that we may up that we might obtain perfection and so Lord we do not desire to pray only for ourselves today but for our neighbors our enemies even Lord we know that there are many people around us in our sphere of influence that that have not the knowledge of God that do not know what the love of Christ is for my prayer is that your spirit might possess each and every one of us here and online to go out and be bearers of light that your character may reflect from their conduct from their demeanor and that sins stricken souls may be healed by the love that your people carry I pray father God that we may have a burden for souls a desire to intercede for one another that we might realize the power that is that is that comes from your throne to penetrate Lord the stony hearts father lastly we pray for the remainder of the service for the speakers for the for the gentlemen who will be giving the Bible study for the song leaders you pray that your spirit be with us to help us father got to conduct a worthy service or worthy sacrifice to you and we pray that those watching online may be lifted and strengthened all of these things father we ask you in the name of Jesus Christ amen amen now let's turn to him – 5:1 he lives we serve a risen Savior who is in this world today Amen him to 5:1 he lives I serve a risen Savior he's in the world today I know that he is living whatever man may say I see his hand of mercy I hear his voice of cheer and just the time I need him he's always near he lives he lives Christ Jesus lives today he walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way he lives he lives salvation to impart you asked me how I know he lives he lives wave in my in all the world around me I see his loving care and though my heart grows weary I never will despair I know that he is leading through all the stormy blasts the day of his appearing will come at last he lives he lives Christ Jesus lives today he walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way he lives he lives salvation to impart you ask me how I know he lives he lives wave in my but rejoice rejoice solution lift up your voice and sing eternal hallelujah to Jesus Christ the King the hope of all seek Him the help of all of mind none of there is so loving so good and kind he lives he lives Christ Jesus lives today he walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way he lives he lives salvation to impart you ask me how I know he lives within my heart amen good morning and happy Sabbath this is a blessing a pleasure to be in the house of the Lord and I pray that all of us would view it the same as well that God has brought us through safely through another week God has brought us on our way amen amen so as we begin today with our Sabbath School lesson we want to actually continue where we left off on last week last week we were speaking about revival and Reformation right and we want to continue on the subject it is a very important subject one which all of us must study because if we are not revived if we are not reformed and we're dying then we are in old ways in same lukewarm ways as it were yes right so let us of course we can't leave out those on line right yes yes the line the Sabbath School lesson it's going to be under the video the YouTube video right now there's a link right that you click on it it'll take you to the PDF you can download it and follow us along as well as our website prophesy again dot-org guan though the website click on the menu tab some it'll pop up it'll say Sabbath school true and fall false revival part 2 and of course you can click on that link and follow us along as we go this morning alright so let us begin with the word of prayer Richard why don't you pray for us yes father in heaven we thank you so much again for your many blessings toward us we thank you for life health and for strength we thank you for the Sabbath day that you have allowed us to be a part of we pray even our Lord that you'll pour out your Holy Spirit upon us that we will truly be revived reformed that we may receive Lord the outpouring of your Holy Spirit even the latter rain so I pray that your consecrate us that you will sanctify us to your truth this morning their Lord that you will reveal a even manifest yourself on to us guy direct and instruct us into all truth that we your people will be blessed and that your name will be glorified we thank you for hearing and answering in Jesus name Amen amen amen so as you look on your handout we are going to begin with point number two as we read this quotation again setting the stage for what we are going to continue studying today revival and Reformation what does it say there all right point number two it says revival and revival and Reformation are two different things how many things – two different things here let's let's find out what those things are revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life a quickening of the powers of mind and heart a resurrection from spiritual death Reformation on the other hand signifies a reorganization a change in ideas and theories habits and practices Reformation will not bring forth the good fruit of righteousness unless it is connected with the revival of the Spirit revival and Reformation are to do their appointed work and in doing this work they must blend we can't have one without the other no right so if we try to reform ourselves if we see that we're sinners and we just try to reform ourselves doing outward acts without first having revival will it avail anything fails nothing no right James tells us that works in faith without faith without works well we can't go hand in hand right yes faith without works is dead yes event point number three in your handout it says what is revival according to judges 15 verse 18 and 19 what was the condition of Samson before and his condition afterwards so this is the account of Samson all right so let's turn there in our Bibles judges chapter 15 judges 15 and we are familiar with this account let's see what took place here in judges chapter 15 we see that Samson had just finished killing the Philistines where he killed a thousand Philistines with a donkey's jawbone that's right and after he had done this great feat which the Lord had strengthened him to do now he was at the point of death right let's see Samson's condition now after the battle in verse 18 the Bible says and he was what sore a thirst and called on the Lord as important and said thou has given this great deliverance to the hand of thy servant and now shall I die for thirst and fall into the hand of the uncircumcised verse 19 Jared but God clave and hallow place that was in the jaw and there came water there out and when he had drunk his spirit came again and he revived there's our word wherefore he called the name thereof and Hakkar which is in li he unto this day so we see that Samson he was about to die he was thirsting and God allowed water to come out of this jawbone he drunk it and what does it say about Samson's spirit then he was refreshed he revived yes we find it right there so he was not only physically thirsty but also spiritually as well right so what does this mean about revival what is revival then is we look at it from the context of Judges 15 it's being renewed friends as being revived as being it's being revived from the spiritual death from the spiritual thirst right and we know only as Samson says he called upon the Lord that means only the Lord can quench this thirst that we have friends yeah right and that's what we want to find out as we go through this lesson only Jesus can quench this thirst and each one of us have this thirst just like Samson we need to be revived from the spiritual stupor of sin yeah amen all of us need to survive because all of us are at the point of spiritual death how many are sinners all have sinned and the wages of sin is death amen all right so point number three be what does it say it says who is water a symbol of in the Bible and who brings the revival to God's thirsty people now we're very familiar with this form of questioning right who is the who does the water represent friends its Christ he's the living water alright let's go through the scripture John seven what does Christ say in John 7 Sean seven verse number 37 John 7 verse 37 through thirst verse 39 what does the Bible say it says yes go ahead it says in the last day that great day of the feast Jesus stood and cried saying if any man thirst let him come unto me and drink and as we see in John four he identifies himself as the living water verse 38 he that believeth on me as the scripture hath said out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water now what was Jesus talking about verse 39 tells us but this spake he of the Spirit which they that believe on him should receive for the Holy Ghost was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified so we see that the water is a symbol of Jesus right but also a symbol of the Holy Spirit which will revive God's thirsting people men because as we look at it connecting this with Samson right yeah Samson was about to die because of what reason there's thirst yes rise who's at the point of death so who is the one who's going to refresh us who is the one that is going to revive us according to John 7 that's Jesus Christ yeah even the Holy Spirit amen right if Jesus gonna send the Holy Spirit to revive us from sin amen right amen and as you mentioned John 4 was very interesting of course the count of the woman at the well right was she filled yes yes he was filled right was Christ also thirsty yes for her soul that's it so we must be what thirsty for souls so in revival and Reformation we must be revived why so we can evangelize that's it friends that's what it's all about we can't get around that evangelism sin everything and everything friends that's what God's trying to show us right as we're filled we also ought to feel others yes amen that's right all right let's go down to point number four yes it says after which day will God revive us and on which day is that again which day will God revive us and which agha after which they will God revive us and on which day is that right let's go to the scriptures and find out what this what this revival is what day this is and what it means Hosea chapter six go ahead Jer Hosea chapter six verses 1 and verse 2 verse number 1 says come and let us return unto the Lord for he hath torn and he will heal us he had smitten and he will bind us up verse number 2 it says after 2 days will he revive us and in the third day he will raise us up and we shall live in his side so after how many days will Jesus revive us two days and on specific day will he raise this up the third day alright so the answer there for number four is the third day but but that's just surface we want to get deeper now looking at point number five a what is this third day what does that freeze connect it to resurrection I heard Amen alright okay let's go to the scriptures right let's go to Romans chapter six and verse number three to verse seven right let's see what this is connected to says Jesus rose on the third day we know that right so let's read the question Jesus since Jesus rose on the third day the phrase on the third day will God raise us up is connected to what experience and this experience every one of us must have because again as we mentioned earlier all have sin and all need a refreshing all needs to be revived so what is this experience that all of us must have Romans chapter six let's look at verse number verse number three verse number three the Bible says know you not that so many of us that were baptized into Jesus Christ were also what baptized into his death verse four therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father even so we also should walk in the newness of life so what experience is connected with the revival even a Reformation this is baptism Baptist which is a symbol of us dying to self that's it but not just being but but in baptism now when we go down in the watery grave does the minister hold us there do we stay dead no we don't stay what happens after you go down rise up we rise up but notice now baptism is just an outward appearance the outward confession that we are giving our lives to Christ what Christ looks on what the heart heart the heart so the heart also must be baptized right yes amen must be washed it must be cleansed be cleansed now look at point five beyond our handout it says according to the previous point revival means to be crucified with Jesus remaining dead to sin and rising to walk in the newness of life right so once we have been baptized does that mean we're gonna be saved merely no it means we must continue you walking in that light that's right I remember a scripture comes to mind Galatians 2:20 right it's a very very familiar scripture quite what Paul says I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live not i but Christ who lives in me and the life I now live that's the new life in Christ now yes refreshment at the revival the new life I live now in Christ I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me yes right and Paul says in 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verse 31 that I died daily thing about daily daily being baptized in the spiritual sense now in point number 6 it says once we begin to experience revival being raised up on the figurative third day and rising to walk in the newness of life what is the next step let's go back to Hosea 6 and see what the Bible says about this next step because again we don't merely want to hear from a men as we're tracing revival tracing Reformation which sister white tells us is one of our greatest needs amen Hosea chapter six friends let's look at verse number two it says after two days will he revive us in the third day he will raise us up right Christ and here's the last phrase and we shall live in his sight so connected experience of being revived reformed the next experience the next step is living in Jesus aside now let's pause right there because we claim to be seventh-day Adventists and and and what does that name mean tell me what a seventh-day Adventist mean we are looking for the second coming of Christ right right and we believe that the seventh day is the Sabbath the Sabbath so before we can actually be assured that when Jesus comes the second time we will actually live in his sight what must happen to us we must be revived we must be reformed we must be living consistently in Jesus life that's up that's the experience Paul was talking about that I die daily I die daily self is diet self has died daily and Christ is living in me every day in every moment so the words I speak the actions that I that I portray to others my body language everything that I do and say will glorify God right now but that's what it means to die daily that's what it means to live inside what else what else to me what points to living in Christ site right we talked about this talking about prayer and riot and devotion living in Christ site abiding in Christ because before we can live in his sight then we must abide in his presence now so we must take the time out from our busy schedules to spend time with Jesus daily communion daily devotion and if we claim to be seventh-day Adventists but we're not experiencing this revival then we will not live in his side so merely professing to be looking for the second coming of Christ without this revival and Reformation we will not see him face to face or we will but we'll be running to the rocks into the mountains saying fall on us mercy and of course we're dealing with the true revival friends right the true revival and again those of you who are just coming on on the link is on the bottom of the video the YouTube video of course on our website under the link on the menu bar click on that and you'll find a Sabbath School lesson all right let's move on 7a 7a the question says it says what condition must we be found in in order to live in the side of the Lord when human probation closes and 7b gives us the answer mercy alright let's read that and 7b their friends following this is from early writings page 71 she says I also saw that many do not realize not a few not some but many do not realize what they must be in order to live in the sight of the Lord without a high priest in the sanctuary through the time of trouble this is the mark of the beast it's the National Sunday law this is crisis right those who receive the seal of the Living God and are protected in the time of trouble what must they do reflect the image of Jesus fully well yes to answer the question so if we want to live in Jesus aside before we can do that we must reflect his image fully not your question can we can we begin to live in the sight of Christ when a crisis begins is that is all the time to begin living in the sight it's too late the crisis only reveals what the character the fruit has been prior so at the crisis if we choose the right decision Jesus Christ even Sabbath worship true worship then at that time we'll be sealed we will reflect the image of Jesus fully but if we have not been living in Jesus si daily in his communion with him getting victory over our sins when the crisis comes now we will not abide in his presence no my mind is directed to first Peter chapter first Peter chapter one let's go there real quickly I want to digress too long first Peter chapter one first Peter chapter 1 let's look at verse 4 first Peter chapter 1 verse 4 because again we must be daily having this experience right first Peter chapter 1 verse 4 what does it say there it says to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that fadeth not away reserved in heaven for you know that's not the scripture I was looking for that's not the scripture I believe it's let me see here what does it say living having the divine nature 2nd Peter chapter 1 everyone that's the one I'm looking for first number 3 and 4 that's it go ahead if you find out if you're still skipping over the first second Peter here yes it says in verse number 4 whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust right so an order can connected with revived on Reformation can connect it with that consistent life in Christ dying daily is can is the precious promises so a person may ask well how do I couldn't be consistent how do I stay above how do I stay living above my sins how do I not only receive the Holy Spirit but also live a consistent life it says there whereby are given unto us Christ has laid out for us in his word exceeding and great promises precious promises that by these promises we might be partakers of Christ's divine nature receiving the refreshing receiving the water that Samson received daily right so we must be claiming God's promises every moment evening morning and noon even more than that yes that we may receive that revival so that's what I saw there amen amen and that's the hope because the more we claim the promises the more hope the more encouragement we have to fight the battles of life daily now point number eight on your handout it says once Jesus ceases his intercession for mankind what should be our experience in order to be saved so we saw that we must reflect Jesus's image fully what else must be our experience Isaiah 59 you take Isaiah I will take Habakkuk 1 and verse 13 alright let's go with our friends Isaiah chapter 59 let's look at verse number 16 you have it there on your sheet Isaiah 59 and verse number 16 the Bible says here and he saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor right therefore his arm brought salvation unto him and his righteousness is sustained him so what is connected to this revival this experience in order to be saved righteousness righteous and whose righteousness Jesus is righteous do we have any righteousness it's as filthy rags Isaiah 64 right so Christ's righteousness is the only righteousness that should cover us that's the only can only Russians that can cover us in the time of crisis right and that will give us the revival that we need all right yes Habakkuk 1 verse 13 continues on this point what must our experience be in order to be saved it says thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil and cants not look on iniquity wherefore look us thou upon them that deal treacherously and hold us thy tongue when the wicked devoured the man that is more righteous than he so as we are preparing for translation even to see Jesus to live in inside we must guard our eyes make sure we are not dwelling looking upon that which is sin that we are standing up for the righteous and warning the wicked this must be our experience right amen again again friends we want to reiterate that it must be a daily experience because the question asks Wow once Jesus ceases his intercession that means Christ will not intercede for us forever no there's going to be a time where Christ where intercession stops and we have to stand without an intercessor so what kind of experience must we possess at that time we must be filled with the Holy Spirit we must be claiming his promises even now that we may have the faith that we need to meet the crisis right friends hmm all right amen point number nine point number nine it says what will Jesus give to us once we are walking in the newness of life what will Christ give us once we are walking in the newness of life right let's go back to the scriptures hosea chapter six all right in verse number three let's go there what will Christ give to us it says this so after two days on the third day God is gonna raise this up we will live it inside verse three says then shall we know that if we follow on to know the Lord his going forth is prepared as the morning and he shall come unto us as the rain as the ladder and former rain unto the earth so as we are dwelling walking in this newness of life what would Jesus give to us he's going to give to us the former rain and the latter rain the early and the latter rain that's it friends the early in a lot of rain alright and my mind goes back to Acts chapter two before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with the disciples in the upper room and because their experience has to be our experience right we can't just say well I'm waiting I'm looking for the Holy Spirit to come so where's my time but as we look at the account of the Bible even looking in the past on the disciples account what were they found doing in order to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in acts 2 they were on one Accord they were praying they were praying meditating upon the word examining themselves putting aside their differences right I mean when he's looking at the life of disciples many times you see them in strife in jealousy with jealousy with envy you know who shall be the greatest right so before they go out the Spirit of God could be out poured they had to put all those things aside right and many times many of us we struggle with those things daily right so we have to ask Christ for the power we ask that we have to ask Christ for the strength even for the desire because we naturally don't want to do spiritual things we naturally don't do anything that's good so we have to ask God first for the desire to do spiritual things to obey his will and then when he sees the effort he'll impart to us that strength that we need I die daily Paul says right that's seeing your need friends let's go on amen so now what is the purpose of this early and the latter rain because if we just claim early rain latter rain what is that if we don't know what it is how can we receive it how can we experience it right it's not just it's not this abstract figurative thing right friends have to be made practical on line number 10 go with me to James chapter 5 and verse number 7 all right let's go there James chapter 5 verse 7 what is the purpose of the early and latter rain received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit it says here it says be patient therefore brethren unto the coming of the Lord behold the husbandman waited for the precious fruit of the earth and hath long patience for it until he received the early and the latter rain so now watch this as we're talking about the early in the latter rain the Bible connects fruit to it it gives us an example so when you're growing fruit or you are growing produce right you need the early and the latter ranges and we're actually going to touch on that in these next few points but the next scripture here on line number 10 tells us in Ephesians 4 in verse number 30 that it is who who sees us it's the Holy Spirit right yeah Allah says and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption so if we grieve the Holy Spirit we cannot be sealed mmm it's impossible the Holy Spirit gives us the early and the latter rain and how to rain friends how important is this lesson this morning we cannot be the Holy Spirit amen amen so again verse number 10 point number 10 the answer is that the early in the latter rain it ripens the fruit for the harvest and then the Holy Spirit now is given to us to seal to make sure that the fruit is prepared to be harvested amen all right this is the sealing message friends yes this is the sealing message all right let's go to number 11 go ahead line 11 so now we are going to break down the difference between the early rain and the latter rain to do this we're going to examine James chapter 5 verse 7 as we just looked at and this quotation from testimonies to ministers page 5:06 paragraph 1 and to take your handouts for those of you joining online you want to read this as we break it down you do not want to miss a word notice this 11 B on the handout it says here ASCII of the Lord rain in the time of the Lateran so what was we do first we ask the Lord is that seeing you need of course it is so the Lord shall make bright clouds and give them showers of rain he will cause to come down for you the rain the former rain and the latter rain in the east the former rain falls at the sowing time when the sowing time Wing time remember don't miss any words friends it is necessary in order that the seed may what germinate this is the process right just as plants were you plant a seed right you must water it what for the seeds of germinate for the seed to grow produce fruit a man under the influence of the fertilizing showers that tender shoots spring up the latter rain falling near the PLO's of the season here we go ripens the grain and prepares it for the sickle the Lord employs these operations of nature to represent a work of the Holy Spirit as the dew the former rain and the rain are given first to cause the seed to germinate and then here's the process to ripen to harvest so the Holy Spirit is given to carry forward from one stage to another the process of spiritual growth the ripening of the grain represents the completion of the work of God's grace in the soul alright let's pause right there so let's analyze what we just read and what we just broke down so it says that the former rain falls at what time of the year sowing time and it is necessary in order for the sea to germinate so as we relate it to our lives we at all times are bearing fruit good fruit or evil fruit but the early rain is necessary for the seed to germinate for spiritual growth this says so the former rain is simply this it is spiritual growth in Christ it is getting victory over our sins and growing at every stage in Jesus Christ and now the latter rain as it is underlined there in that quotation the latter rain falling near the close of the season ripens the grain and prepares it for the sickle so the latter rain now once we are growing in Christ once we are getting victory over our sins the latter rain it settles us it seals us so that now we can be prepared for harvest amen amen I like that I like the illustration she gives here with the seed because we know according to Luke 8:11 that that seed is the word of God yes as that seed is implanted in the fertile soil of the heart mm-hmm right the Holy Spirit as we ask for the Holy Spirit we have to ask to come and germinate to come an imp to come and water our hearts we must bear fruit of the Holy Spirit but notice now that's why she says we must ask for the Holy Spirit because there might be another spirit that is watering the seed because as the Bible says a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit so it depends on which spirit were allowing to come into our hearts into our homes into our churches to germinate they germinate that seed remember the parable where Jesus says that in the night an evil man came in so tears and and in the morning they said when when the arm fruit or the wheat and the tares grew up together they said who had done this an enemy had done this that enemy is Satan yes so at all times seed is being sown in our hearts whether it is of Satan whether it it whether it is of the Spirit of the Lord now this last quotation 506 paragraph two under 11 B the second paragraph it says the latter rain ripening Earth's harvest represents the spiritual grace that prepares the church for the coming of the Son of Man but unless the former rain has fallen there will be no life the green blade will not spring up unless the early showers have done their work the latter rain can bring no seed to perfection so if we are not receiving this former rain right how then can the latter rain do anything imagine this you're planting right the former the former rain causes the seed to germinate so let's say you plant a seed but no rain falls on that seed right so it never terminates but then the latter and they cut and any falls in that seat with that seed be prepared for harvest can you eat the fruit of it and it can where's the fruit it's not it's not it hasn't even sprung up yet so that's why Jesus often gives us natural parables illustrations so that we can understand the spiritual so if we're not doing a work of growing in Christ daily of getting victory over our sins then when it's time for the latter rain we cannot be perfected and ready for harvest now now question when is harvest what is harvest first let me ask you the question when is harvest as the second coming of Jesus Christ right so when when when must be be receiving the Holy Spirit when must we be germinating when was when must be we be dying daily is it at the second coming it's not at a second coming it's right now friends and we have to be we have to be we have to make it we're to make it playing for the people because many people may say well you know III go to church so that's enough for me right I go to church and they they preach the the the the nice messages and that's enough of me I'm growing I'm growing and that's and that's the sowing okay so the seed was sown but but notice it depends on what message what message is being proclaimed what message are you settling into that's what I was trying to get to what messages are we being settled into because as we're told in early writing 63 that there are many precious truths containing the Word of God what is what present truth the flock means right now friends right so we may we may we may think okay well I'm sitting under a church and I'm receiving the messages you know of salvation but but what does she tell us that its present true that the flock needs right now so it's not the that the milk of the word but actually the strong meat and another application is even if you're sitting in a place where present truth is being preached right again that is just the seed being sown but if there's no watering that seed will not germinate right so you can be sitting in a present truth Church you can be listening to this broadcast week after week Tuesday after Tuesday but yet if that seed is not being germinated if it is not being sown if there is no spiritual growth you will not receive the latter rain you will not be prepared for the harvest that's right what message what is it that you were speaking of which we must be settled into what what is present truth is the sanctuary messages the three angels messages friends right these precious these present truth messages we must be settled into even the faith of Jesus Christ right so we're gonna get to that I want to run too far ahead but we're gonna get to that of the messages we must be settled into all right we read we read 11:11 be all right I'll skip on Oh are we going over yeah all right let's go friends follow us here let's go to line number 12 the question asks what is Jesus's message to us what do we need in order to grow and to be firm in movable in the truth when you read that again what is Jesus's message to us so Jesus has a particular message a peculiar message for us what do we need in order to grow and to be firm in movable in the truth all right let's go back to the scriptures let's go back to the Word of God and see what this has Hosea chapter 14 Jared you can take that away hosea 14 and verse number 4 and before we get there this the the message right the present truth message which we need it is the three angels as you mentioned right because it is that message which precedes the harvest and then the third angel the mark of the beast now right right there is when we make our final decision after we make our final decision we receive now Holy Spirit power the latter rain and then comes harvest it is the mark of the beast that precedes the harvest which is the second coming that's right this is revelation 14 that's right we're not making this up friends revelation 14 verse 13 through 17 we see the reaping and the Earth's harvest right and another angel in verse 15 said another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in the sickle right they be read about the sickle earlier yes and reap why for the time has come for thee to reap for the harvest of the earth is right now if the if is if it's ripe right and it's time to reap that means the latter rain has already fallen fallen friends so it's up to us either to receive the hold of that rain or not to receive it because it's a choice right it's not you don't wake up one day and okay I haven't see that yet I wait til tomorrow no we must be asking for the Holy Spirit daily for this experience Lord send me the Holy Spirit guide me into all truth right and the Holy Spirit comes to rebuke he comes to exhort you first reprove exhort all those good things that I hate lord help us to love them help us love them friends line number 12 what is Jesus's message to us go with me to Hosea 14 verse number 4 Jesus is speaking now he's appealing to us he says I will heal your backsliding now now Richard you mentioned 1st 2nd Peter chapter 1 in verse number 4 telling us that we need to claim God's promises so what promise can you claim right now if you are backslidden if you have committed sins if you feel as though you are not worthy to enter into Christ's presence if you feel like you are not worthy to be saved if you need revival today I need revival Lord what can I claim so that I can receive this message it says I will heal your backsliding will you today claim that Jesus I need healing do you need healing healing Lord I am backslidden in a cleansing i we think we are not label to see you but Lord I'm naked I'm miserable I'm poor I'm blind I'm wretched what am i claiming today Lord heal my backsliding Lord it says I will love them freely Jesus is talking to you you may have may feel as though no one loves you your parents have cast you out of the home relationships are broken down right no one in the world seems to care for you financial difficulties what is Jesus's message to you he says I will love them freely no one else may have be showing love to you but Jesus says I will love you freely come unto me for my anger is turned away from him so so so Jesus says look maybe why you were in sin my I had anger towards you why because I wanted you to repent but if you turn my anger were no longer be there amen you're preaching now brother oh we preach in Jeremiah chapter 3 let's go there all right let's head there let's look at this because there's a condition in order for us to receive this healing as Jesus wants to heal us Jeremiah chapter 3 why are we speaking like this because we believe it and I need this experience I need this we all need this friend right we examine our own selves first as individuals right as you receive the Holy Spirit receive this revival we need to be revived this morning Jeremiah chapter 3 verse 22 mark this down in your Bible connecting Scripture with Scripture it said what does it say it says return he backsliding children here's a call right there's a call Christ has returned a backsliding children and I will heal your backsliding so there's hope right there if you but turn if you bought this return crisis I will hear your backslidings behold whoa whoa pause right there before you eat that so so we must um turn God will heal our backslidings now what is our response all right let's see what it says here behold we come unto thee why for thou art the Lord our God so this is a prayer that you can actually pray now this is a prayer that you can actually claim I have prayed this prayer Lord you are telling me to return for I am backslidden you see the sins that I committed claiming to be seventh-day Adventists but I'm still in sin I'm still going back to my old ways right I'm tempted with the the worship of many nominal seventh-day Adventist churches because because there's fellowship there you know I want to worship in this manner jumping carrying on I'm tempted with wearing jewelry because all my friends are doing it and they are pastors they are leaders in the church I'm tempted all these things everybody's going through something but none the promise is that if we bought this term but notice if your back if your back is against Christ what must you do first repent turn you backsliding children right amen friends and what is the promise now claim you say with me I will heal your backs line their back citing friends so what must we say Lord we come unto the for thou art the Lord our God work out what go ahead preach on preach on all right second chronicles chapter 7 friends go there with me this is the healing that we need we've all been by in a backslidden state let's go there second chronicles chapter 7 and verse 14 we may be very familiar with this it says here are we there anything you're too slow I'm here alright second chronicles 7 verse 14 the Bible says if my people if suggest a condition all right with me Amen if my people which are called by my name who's called by God's name we are yes we claim to be Christians those who claim to be Christians are called by God's name right if my people which are called by my name shall what's the first condition humble humble themselves is that seeing your need hmm humble themselves that's turning humble themselves and prayed are we talking about pray every time by praying this morning or we're getting there asking for the asking for the Holy Spirit asking me is to pray right pray and seek my face right look at these conditions here and turn from their wicked ways hmm it gives some steps right to deliverance it gives some steps to healing to receiving the revival right and turn from their wicked ways that's repentance yes then will I hears God's Word hears God's work now after we have done this after we have fulfilled our part as it were of the bargain Christ says God says and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven I will hear your prayers right your prayers will not be an abomination to me I will hear your prayers and I will forgive their sins not only will I hear their prayers I will answer their petitions I will if you ask for forgiveness ask for strength Christ says I will I will forgive their sins I will hear you and what's the last phrase and will heal their land healing day I will hear your backslidings right well Christ do it friends amen claim these promises today someone's going through it and they needed this word yes I need this word I need I need a friends so now where should we be point number 13 where should we be in order to be revived in order to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit Hosea 14 and verse 7 take it away Hosea 14 in verse 7 where must we be where must be we friends let's find out what the Word of God says Hosea chapter 14 verse 7 it says here they that dwell under his shadow are we pausing right there we're gonna go on you keep reading alright we're gonna come back up to that phrase friends they that dwell under his shadow shall return they shall revive this the word as the core and it was the core connected to harvesting of yours come on and grow as divine descent thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon Wow Wow so we see we must dwell in a certain place in order to return unto the Lord so so you're saying okay Lord I see my need I see that I'm a sinner you're saying return how can I do this practically now we must dwell where and under his shadow and now connecting Scripture with Scripture the next point where is this shadow which we must dwell Psalm 91 verse number one what does it say there it says he that dwelleth under the shadow in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty and where is this secret place on Matthew chapter 6 verse number 6 where is it verse 17 verse 18 it is the secret place of Prayer and what and devotion and fasting and fasting Oh a secret place of prayer and fasting correct correct so in order to get this victory we must abide in this place of prayer and fasting mm-hmm amen friends amen the secret place of Prayer again that's practical because of something again someone might be saying well how do i how do I receive this experience yes how am i revived how can I be revived I don't understand that how can I be right this is the first step right as we read as we claim those promise in Jeremiah even second Chronicles turning from sin returning back to God he will heal your backsliding now here's the next step we must continue in prayer and that in fasting now now let me give you just a quick illustration you know there are many individuals don't mean to go off track too much here there are many individuals of the LGBT lifestyle right who claim that they have tried the religious practices they have tried prayer they have tried devotion getting counseling all these things but I can't get victory and this is just one sin other sins many people say I've tried it have not gotten victory but now it says we must be in the place of prayer and fasting because only by this can certain breakthroughs come so so what will we say to individuals such as that who say I've tried it but it hasn't worked well let's look at examples in scripture of people who abode in the place of prayer and fasting and they receive victory because if they did it being sinful and and and and one Jesus Christ who was without sin but he's our example then there is hope for us so I just mentioned Christ where was he incus M&E was he was he found praying was he found fasting yes absolutely yes he was right was he fasting for forty days was he praying for forty days before the crisis noted that crisis hmm was after that right whenever God's people even Christ was found praying and fasting right after that there was a preparation for the crisis right right there was a crisis coming so Jesus as he was in Gethsemane praying and fasting for strength for power we know that the crisis the cross was after right and did he receive this power he received this power yes he did because we told him right after that prayer the angel came down strengthened him gave him courage gave him power to be able to meet the betrayer yes right let's look at another account in scripture second chronicles chapter 20 are we familiar with Jehoshaphat what did Jehoshaphat do when the armies came upon them right what was he what was he found doing right second chronicles chapter 20 verse 2 verse let's start at verse 2 then there came some that told Jehoshaphat saying there cometh a great multitude against thee what is coming against you today friends what are you struggling with today do you need revival do you know information it says from beyond the sea of the side of Syria and behold they bein has on Tamar which is in and geti and notice in verse 3 and Jehoshaphat feared but he didn't stop there no he didn't stop and pause right and set himself to do what to seek the Lord did he go in prayer yes he did and proclaimed a what a fast a fast throughout all Judaea right and verse 4 and Judah Judah gathered themselves together to ask help of the Lord and what on what are we told in this account here did the Lord and did the Lord answer that prayer did the lord fire for their behalf on their behalf surely did yes he did fryin yes he did right we're told right verse 12 verse verse verse 22 and the prayers answer and when they began to sing and to praise the Lord Lord set ambushment again that against the children of Ammon Moab and the Mount Seir which were come out against Judah and they were smitten hmm so we see here a practical example of when we pray when we fast God indeed will fight in our behalf he will answer that prayer right notice also Esther Esther and and the Jews they prayed and they fasted did they did God bring the victory for their nation yes he did what about Jacob was he found in a place of Prayer yes he was and did he receive a breakthrough yes he did so we see there are examples even the Apostles in the Upper Room what were they doing as we mentioned praying even fasting for some days and they received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit so as you and I go in prayer now not only should we be praying and fasting but we can bring up to the Lord Lord I'm struggling with this maybe I've tried praying before maybe I've tried getting counseling from a spiritual person before but there hasn't been a breakthrough but I'm claiming these promises in the Word of God I'm looking at other examples of people in Scripture even Jesus Christ and because you did it for them I claim that you will do it for me I'm just gonna follow the steps and be faithful amen amen because never in Scripture do we see an individual an account of someone praying and fasting and that prayer not being answered every time a session of prayer and fasting was called insincerity God was there to answer that prayer so as we're sincere with God pouring out our hearts like Jacob God will answer that prayer even change our names yeah change our situation change our circumstance from defeat as we look at it as we look at it in our eyes to victory right and like Jehoshaphat we can add song as a weapon as well now point number 15 it says what will God's people represented as if I am say once they are dwelling in the secret place of the Most High and our abiding under his shadow in the secret place of prayer and fasting go back to Hosea 14 what will we say now once we have applied the methods that Jesus Christ has given unto us this is about revival revival of spirit revival Sol write Ephraim hosea chapter 14 adversity in the Bible says Ephraim shall say what have I to do anymore with idols yes right I have heard him and observe him I'm like a green fir tree free from me is thy food found so what will we God's people as he freedom say we have what have we do anymore with idols friends what have we to do anymore with sin is that the breakthrough right there o friends that's it that's that's that that's to do what we talked about that's the former rain that we thought getting victory over our sins yes daily daily it's powerful a notice to us that we will say Lord I'm giving up the sin why now it says because I have heard him and observed him so as we're in the place of prayer now what can what can we do we must hear the voice of God not just pray pray pray pray pray pray Lord help me help me help me help no no no no we have to take time to pause and to listen how do we hear God's God's voice the word word of God and that was actually on our on question number six we shall live in his sight yes right living in Christ sight is to hear his voice abiding hiding in Christ observing him can we see Jesus with our own eyes right now no not physically friends but by faith yes yes yes it is but notice now at North on the last phrase from me is dice is thy fruit found hmm so that means as we are abiding as we're observing Christ we will begin to bear that fruit and what does that mean that means we're receiving the former rain because we are growing the fruit is then again they're not getting this this is too much it's too much come on friends come on come on we're bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit right this is this is what it means is this is what it means to bring the gospel into practical life alright but let's not belabor that point all right sixteen sixteen a the question asks what is the sad condition of this rising generation this generation in which we are living in right now what must we do so that we will be revived reformed and be saved let's take a look 16 beyond on your hand it says the old standard-bearers I would circle that if I were you if you if you have printed it out the old standard Paris knew what it was to wrestle with God in prayer and to enjoy the outpouring of his spirit we named a few Jesus Ryan Esther and the rest but even even Jacob where we see their rest right we name them all right so the old standard bearers but these are passing off from the stage of action and who are coming up to fill their places how is it with this with the rising generation how is it are they converted to God are we awake to the work that is going on in the heavenly sanctuary or as present present truth or are we waiting for some compelling power to come upon the church before we shall arouse are we waiting for more current events another big one so that we can give our hearts to God hmm are we hoping to see the whole church revived what does she say that time will never come friends never come so it starts first with the individual if we're looking for the church to be converted the church to be revived before we get up out of our seats and make an effort to follow Christ and make an effort to surrender our sins she says that time will never come never if you're waiting for the whole church to be revived before you take a step to Christ that means you yourself will be lost mmm that's the broad way huh waiting for now that's the broad way friends right last sentence it says there are persons in the church who are not converted and who will not unite in earnest prevailing prayer so now it says what is the sad condition of those in this rising generation on what I gather from there this generation do not see their need do not see their need of coming to Christ do not see the need of confessing their sins do not see their need of repentance do not even see their need of revival right because they are comfortable in their sins they're comfortable in their circumstances if they do come to Christ they want to stay as they are in Christ right right they have that Laodicean complex friends right now what does God say about later this year if they do not change I will what spew them the does any of us want to hear those words from Christ no I never knew you I'm gonna spew you out of my mouth and notice when you when you when you literally throw up vomit however you want to term it right do you put that back in your body No so that is it that is utter destruction right there that is that is your close of probation once you are spewed out I will not put that back in my body no man Jesus will not do that so we see that this rising generation now they are trying to receive the Holy Spirit but not by the old methods that God has given us how did the old standard bearers receive the blessing how'd they receive the Holy Spirit what were they found doing restlessly in prayers what it says right there in the first line wrestling with God in prayer hmm and when we wrestle and we enjoy the outpouring of His Holy Spirit but-but-but how now are the individuals our generation you and I how are we trying to receive the Holy Spirit in our churches Oh friends we've got to dig in we're about to step on some some some toes right now do we do we see the worldly entertainment coming into our churches do we see that loud yelling that dancing right do we see the miming coming into our churches we see the entertainment see the games the the the the the frolicking as it were in the church is to receive the Holy Spirit I remember when we were doing evangelism in Florida we went to the event the sand that's the same and what was there sort of way method of calling down as it were the Holy Spirit receiving the Spirit of God raise your hands in the air and yell Jesus some people were doing interpretive dance right is this a false revival happening amongst not only the rest of the churches but even in our denomination and remember Paula White's church when we went there oh yes I couldn't even hear you friends it was it was as it were a carnival a festival the music was so loud right and sister white tells us that the Holy Spirit never revealed itself in a bedlam of noise no such thing no Holy Spirit dear friend so we know that the counterfeit is this new method this new way of evangeline this new way of calling down the Holies but as we learn it's found in the secret place of prayer yes it's found in humility of heart it's found in dwelling in God's sight and I want to read a statement and before you go there last have you ever heard the phrase if it's not broken don't fix it so if the old standard bearers receive the Holy Spirit receive victory by prayer and fasting must we try to invent new methods like the prophets of bail-jumping carrying on screaming did they receive the the the fire on the altar Oh No but Elijah did what did he do he breathes he prayed and God says I changed not don't try to go using methods outside of God's methods great controversies paid 621 paragraph to write this down here besides 16 it goes along with this it's about Jacob she it says the season of distress and anguish before us will require what a faith that can endure weariness delay and hunger a fate that will not faint those severely tried this is this is the crisis ahead of us the period of probation right now is granted to all to prepare for that time if you skip on down and append a paragraph it says those who aren't willing to deny self to agonize afflict before God to pray long and earnestly for his blessing will not obtain it wrestling with God how few know what it is right how few have ever had their souls drawn out after God with intensity of desire until every power is under stretch when waves of the spear which no language can express sweep over the supplement sub suppliant sorry how few cling with unyielding faith to the promises of promises of God did we not talk about the promises of God earlier yeah it says how few cling that means a majority of them will be swept away why because they have not made the preparation needed for the time of trouble they have not now given your hearts to God but they have yielded to the popular methods to the popular ways of worshiping God right instead of sir their cry to Christ instead of asking for the Holy Spirit asking for the power of Christ I live above their sins right and and that statement so powerful because again it points to Jacob right as Jacob was wrestling with God he said I will not let you go until you bless me so Jacob was not willing to come out of his chamber to come out of the secret place of prayer until he felt that he was strengthened until he felt that that prayer was answered so what must we do now if we want to receive that blessing we must be earnestly in prayer hanging on have you ever been on a roller coaster back in the day I've been on its roller coasters I'll tell you this story one time I was on a roller coaster right it was one of those ships and it goes like this back and forth back and forth and I remember I was young I was a kid and I was with my mom and at the time I was a lot thinner a lot smaller than I am now right so on this particular roller coaster they the only protection they had was like a bar like a tea think of a tea and it comes down pretty much right here over your waist and there's two bars you're in two bars like this and you just hold on but it didn't go all the way it's supposed to like tighten on your thighs but I was too small so it wasn't really on me so we're going now on this literally arm like this and I could have fallen off what was I doing I was holding on my mother had to put her thigh over my thigh so I didn't fall off this right so what must we do when we are praying to God hanging on for dear life why so that we do not fall back into the pit into debt we must hang on for tears my friends so we know we may not we must cling on so we may not be but we may not backslide that's it mercy mercy for it that's it lion number 17 on our handout it says who are the individuals that Jesus will revive who are they what are their characteristics take Isaiah 57 let's go their friends Isaiah chapter 57 who are the individuals that Jesus will revive because not all will be revived only those who desire it only those who are clinging to it who are pleading for it will God revive Isaiah chapter 57 that's a good verse number 15 as in 57 verse 15 the Bible says for thus saith the high and lofty one that inhabiteth eternity whose name is holy i dwell in the high and holy place with him also that is of a here to come here the condition of a wad contrite and humble spirit to what revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart of the contrite one so those individuals account or as the a57 that Jesus will revive are those who are humble and those who of our contrite heart hmm let's look at another scripture to confirm this Psalm 34 verse 18 alright it says the Lord is nigh unto them that are a broken heart and save it such as be of a contrite spirit now let's make this plain there may be someone who is online they may not understand what the Bible means by this what does it mean to have a broken heart it means that you are brought to the point where you see what your sins do to Christ you see that your heart is broken because you have a genuine sorrow for the sins that you have committed and now you are humbled and you are ready to surrender you're ready to give up to God it says Jesus is nigh unto you and he will save such of who are of a contrite spirit a sincere spirit to not go back into that sin a sincere spirit seeing that their sins have caused them to fall and we know Psalm 51 that's it what does David pray created being a clean heart that was David humbling himself my heart is evil my heart is wicked so I need you to create in me that clean heart right the sacrifices of God are a to go ahead verse 17 amen the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit a broken and a contrite heart O God thou will not despise but God will have pleasure when he sees us seeing our own need when we when he sees us trying to cling on to him with dear life yes oh man what Christ give us the power he will do you believe it I believe it amen friends 9 number 18 let's go it says what is the only thing that will bring to each one of us the revival of primitive faith and enos what is it 18 B will tell us it says here this is the great controversy 478 it says it is only as the law of God is restored to its rightful position that there can be a revival of primitive faith and godliness among his professed people so what is that thing what is the only thing wrong God it's the law of God and where where must the law of God be you know my heart's right Hebrews 8 Hebrews Hebrews chapter 10 right God must write that law in our heart and in Psalm 40 and verse 8 I delight to do thy will o my god yea thy law is within my heart in my heart so the law must be in our heart in order for the revival of faith primitive faith and primitive godliness to take place that is where the law must be in its rightful position do you know that the law was also written in the hearts of the Angels as well while they were in heaven they delighted to do the will of the Father but now Lucifer now he began to despise the law to go his own way and because of that he took the law as it were for the application out of his heart putting pride now on the throne and this caused him to fall so if we fall into pride what will we do also kick God's law off the throne of our hearts and we will serve self and sin no alright friends let's go let's move on it's once my twenty what is revival according to the Bible now what is revival well we've been looking at revival throughout the whole study yep but now let's look at another application of it first Kings chapter 17 verse 21 are we there friends let's go there first Kings chapter 17 over there go ahead Jared first Kings chapter 17 verse 21 and verse 22 what is revival now it says and it came to pass that after these things that the son of the woman the mistress of the house fell sick and his sickness was so sword that there was no breath left in him now if there's no breath left in you what does that mean you're dead because the the dust of the ground plus the breath of life equal a living soul now verse 22 it says and the Lord heard the voice of Elijah nope let's go to verse 21 now it says and he stretched himself this is Elijah upon the child how many times three times and cried unto the Lord and said O Lord my god I pray thee let this child soul come into him again and the Lord heard the voice of Elijah and the soul of the child came into him again and he revived so was the child alive or dead was the child dead yes no he was dead at first first amen but then he revived and he arrived so revival in its and it's a primitive definition is being resurrected from the body of sin essentially from death from death right and of course we made the spiritual application revived from the spiritual spiritual sense right from sin so you might be dead as it were in trespasses and sins right I might be dead right now no desire to read the word no desire for the Lord but if there's someone who is praying for you and if you allow the Holy Spirit to work in your heart you can revive so how important is praying for others then very important friends extremely important because again as we are filled we also must go and fill others that's what we must not just hold out this experience for ourselves we must go others go to others and share this experience with them feel others as well let's read that note there in verse 21 on the note 20 armed line 21 a it says the Ministry of Elijah is that in that in that scene represented the Ministry of Jesus Jesus was the one that was stretched out for us he prayed three times that he might have a second chance and receive revival and Reformation in order to live eternally so we have our scriptures there from Matt mark mark chapter 14 and 23 of course this is Christ in the Gethsemane yes what was Christ doing was he not praying agonizing afflicting yes 21 be fresh yes question asks since Jesus has been praying for us to be revived and reformed what should be our prayer and focus hmm let's see let's read this quotation as we close what should be our prayer we've talked about revival Jesus is praying for us we have family members praying for us what should be our focus it says a revival of true godliness among us is the smallest and least urgent of all our needs does it say that friends no let's read that again read it again it says a revival of true godliness is the greatest and most urgent of all of our needs all right it says go ahead to seek this should be our first work another second not our third but the first work because this is what we need most urgent there must be earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because of God not because God is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us but because we are unprepared to receive it our Heavenly Father is more willing to give his Holy Spirit to them that ask him now then our earthly parents to give good gift to their children pick up it says but it is our work by here the steps now by confession humiliation that's that humble spirit repentance and earnest prayer to fulfill the conditions upon which God has promised to grant us his blessing a revival need be expected only in answer to one to prayer so if there is no prayer there's no revival mercy right but not just as as we pray oftentimes as a church for revival you know let's get the whole church survive no no not just that individual prayer Lord revive me first where mr. revival start with the church with with with um the person next to you with your mom your dad no you the condition of my show me myself amen it says while the people are so destitute of God's Holy Spirit they cannot appreciate the preaching of the word but when the spirits power touches their hearts then the discourse has given will not be without effect guided by the teachings of God's Word with the manifestation of his Spirit in the exercise of sound discretion those who attend our meetings will gain a precious experience and returning home will be prepared to exert a healthful influence so we see here that these are the steps leading us to revival and Reformation and the only way that we can appreciate this message that we can appreciate the messages that we hear sad after Sabbath is if the Holy Spirit is in our heart but the Holy Spirit comes to give us revival first we must be humble first we must see our need we must ask for the Holy Spirit so that we can get it how great is this knee for revival Xtreme says here most urgent of all our knees and lastly friends I lastly before we pray maranatha 168 paragraph 3 this is the hope here this is the hope it says before the visitation of God's judgment upon judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of God there will be among the people of God such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been seen or witnessed since apostolic times friends that's not that experience I want that experience so but but when does it start starts now starts now yes amen let us pray father in heaven we thank you for your word we thank you for this lesson we thank you for allowing us your people to run to and fro in your word there Lord without stumbling and as we have looked on these principles as we looked at these gems practically we can start today to make these changes we may be in backslidden state we may be in discouragement despair despondency we may not see no hope no light at the end of the tunnel but as your word says Lord if we but just turn we would see the lovely beautiful face of Christ calling us back saying come back unto me like a father waiting for his children just like the parable of the prodigal son he had to see his need first step up out of the mud and mire II miry clay and turn from his ways and go back to his father's house and we're told that the father was there waiting patiently for him so I prayed their Lord that we will take encouragement from this message that we will be revived not receiving the spirit of false revival that is happening that is occurring that is manifesting itself in some of our churches local churches even all around us help us to have discernment and we may see their father the true from the false that we may follow the lamb whithersoever he goes but it starts in the secret place the secret chamber of Prayer help us to be found there father abiding under the shadow of the almighty keep us faithful bless the remainder of this service bless your people is our prayer in Christ's name Amen amen amen praise the Lord praise the Lord I was a blessed study this morning as we seek for that true revival within our hearts so this morning as we sing as we prepare our hearts for the word of God let us pray that the Lord truly revive us that as we make joyful noise unto the Lord as we come before his courts with praise and thanksgiving that his power his Holy Spirit what we may manifest within our hearts so at this time I ask that you may open your hands with us as we sing joyfully unto the Lord let us turn to hymn number 249 praise Him praise Him as we together [Applause] amen let us turn our hymns to him number 246 worthy worthy is the lamb worthy worthy is the Lamb that was slain him number two four six let's sing this all together [Applause] a week small man feel loved hand serve Him praise sense to to eat your logs I am too glory hallelujah praise Him hallelujah glory hallelujah glory hallelujah praise hallelujah glory hallelujah amen let's sing hymn number two to nine jesus name number 229 the power of Jesus [Applause] we may fall joining the join in the everlasting song and amen all hail the power of Jesus name his character his glory amen let's turn to hymn 223 crown him with many crowns the lamb upon his throne amen I preach I never never fail through all eternity let us sing hymn number two one eight when he cometh when he cometh to make of his jewels those jewels that will be in his crown it is our desire that you and I would be among those beautiful by chance for years morning it's bright tiny they shall shine in their beauty bright gems for his crumb amen let us turn to hymn number two one six when the roll is called up yonder when the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more him to one six son and time shall be no more and the morning breaks eternal bright and flare when the save the we shall gather over on the other Shore and the roll is called up yonder I'll be there when the roll is called up yonder when the roll the roll is called up yonder one more roll is called up yonder I'll be there on that bright and cloudless morning when there's any crash all right and the glory of his resurrection when it shows in what y'all gather today will be on this guy's roll is called up yonder I'll be there when the roll is called up yonder when the roll is called up yonder when the roll is called up yonder when the roll is called up yonder let's labor for the master from happy Sabbath once again praise the Lord when the roll is Conda pure yonder I want to be there now as we get ready for a season of Prayer what I want to do is to break this up into two sessions two seasons of Prayer because we just spoke about revival and Reformation and sister why says this is our greatest need so we want to pray for it again if it is our greatest need and we must be in prevailing prayer then shouldn't we spend some time and pray for it shouldn't we make sure that we are agonizing with the Lord so that we obtain this experience so for this first season of Prayer we want to pray for heart preparation pray for heart preparation because before we can receive revival and Reformation our hearts must be pure we must have hearts that are primed you know before you can throw a seed in the ground for it to be planted you must do some tilling of the soil you must work the soil so that everything is prepared so once the seed goes in the seed can fall on the right ground with that being said take with me your Bibles and turn with me to Luke chapter 8 we are going to Luke chapter 8 and we want to just briefly look at this parable very familiar the parable of the sower and in the parable of the sower we know that seed was sown right seed was sown and there were four types of ground that were brought to view there but we must examine ourselves because we want to fall on the good ground lest while the seed is being sown it falls on maybe the stony ground maybe the wayside maybe the thorny ground and all of those grounds what they had in common none of them were the right type of ground none of them received Salva Luke chapter 8 and look with me at verse number 11 we'll begin there because we know this parable we know the account that took place there and a sower went forth to sow some seed and he sold the seed what is the seed represent there in verse number 11 of Luke chapter 8 the seed represents the Word of God so as the word of God is being sown in our hearts that is important yes it must be the right seed yes we must be listening to ministers who are preaching the truth of the gospel but is that enough it is not enough we must go mayor beyond hearing the word James 1 verse 22 tells us but be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves so it's not just enough to hear the word we must do it so what type of ground must we be the seed represents the Word of God verse number 12 it says but those by the wayside are they that hear then cometh whom the devil and taketh away the word out of their hearts lest they should believe and be saved is that you has the word been taken out of your heart will the word be taken out of your heart today after hearing these messages I pray not and if it has examine yourself because we don't want to be the wayside hearers you do not want to be why because if you are you will not be saved you cannot receive revival and Reformation verse 13 they on the rock are they which when they hear these are the stony ground here is now which when they hear they receive the word all right so that's good with the joy and these have no root which for a while believe and in time of temptation fall away so is it enough to just merely receive the Word of God now today you say Lord today I surrender I heard the message this is beautiful this is what I want to do I want to accept it that is good but it is a daily process how many people maybe have you encountered or heard say you know I'm saved I've been saved twelve years ago maybe they gave their hearts to God twelve years ago but how are they living today Christ looks on the inward appearance he looks on the heart and every day we must continue to die daily dying to self dying to sin number 14 verse 14 it says these are the thorny ground hearers now I pray are you examining yourself it says and they which fell among thorns are they which when they have heard go forth and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life and bring no fruit to perfection now if you were listening to our our study there it is the latter rain which ripens the fruit for the harvest brings it to perfection but if there was no for more rain being done which is spiritual growth in Christ which is victory of our sins then the latter rain cannot do anything so those who are on the stony ground they are caught up with the pleasures of this life they are caught up with self with sin money getting pleasure seeking it's all about self what will happen to them they will not be save they will not receive perfection is this you let us examine ourselves but what type of ground should we be on it says but they on the good ground are they which in an honest and good heart that is the broken and contrite heart we spoke about having heard the word they do what they keep it they don't just hear it receive it and then let it go no they keep it and bring forth fruit with patience so then in this process of growing in Christ in this process of seeking to be perfect like Christ is there a period of time which we must do it in yes its sanctification is the work of a lifetime and it says here that the fruit is brought forth with patience that means it's going to take some time but we must continue to work at it and be patient as God is working upon us we can see as we look back on our past how far he's brought us so be patient as you are listening to the word knowing that God is going to get you where you need to be to be sane with that being said let us bow for a word of Prayer and let us pray that the Lord will make us this good ground so that we can receive the word today and keep it and bring forth fruit let us pray dear Lord in heaven we thank you for your words today thank you for being this sower who sews the Word of God on all types of ground which shows us that you are not prejudiced you are not a respecter of persons it shows us that even if we have gone so far in sin you have not neglected to give us an opportunity of salvation you sow the word on all types of ground you are giving us an opportunity once again today maybe we have committed sins previously prior to this point even up until this morning Lord nevertheless the Word of God was sown today it was sown a few minutes ago it is being sown even right now what is our response to you I pray that we would not be like the wayside that it will go in one ear and come out the next I pray that we would not be like the stony ground that we would receive it today even right now but then tonight tomorrow the next day next week we let go of the seed we let go of the word I pray that we would not be the thorny ground who seek to keep the word but get caught up with the things of this life and our priorities for this world outweigh our priorities with God Lord but our prayers that we would be on the good ground those that hear the word or we receive it and we keep it here is the patience of the Saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so lord give us consistency we pray today give us power to keep your Commandments that the law of God will be rightly pray placed within our hearts that love for you we pray would awaken in our hearts that we would not desire sin we would not desire to go out but rather we would desire this seed to stay in our hearts father for someone who is struggling today I pray that you would continue to sow that seed maybe there on the wayside but help them to be on the good ground bring someone their way that they might listen and come to the faith if someone is on the stony ground or even the thorny ground there is power there is victory today in Jesus name and we claim it we want this power so we ask humbly give us this spirit we pray in the name of Jesus Christ amen now we're going to do another season of prayers we have just prayed for heart preparation for our hearts to be this good ground we also want to pray for next a revival of true godliness and also the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the former in the latter rain again we need this but before we can receive that we must have our hearts prepared go with me to Luke chapter 11 you know the Holy Spirit is the one that seals us the Holy Spirit is the one who brings this revival but again not only must our heart be prepared but if we do not ask for it we will not receive it some things in life only come by asking you know as a child when we are babies who we cry that is our way of asking as it were our parents for food but when we are able to articulate language then now we can say mom dad may have a piece of bread may I have some food so the same it is with Christ as now he has taught us how to pray he has taught us that we need the Holy Spirit of God what must we do we must ask him for it so that we might receive it and he is willing to give it unto us Luke 11 verse number 1 it says and it came to pass that as he was praying in a certain place when he ceased one of his disciples said unto Him Lord teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples and we see in verse number 2 Jesus went on to share with them the Our Father prayer he taught them to pray and after that prayer was over he gave them a parable and after that parable was over he gave them more examples and he even told them what to ask for now wash wash this how good is God we ask just like the disciples we say Lord teach us to pray not only does he teach us what to pray but he also he gives us an example a story to make sure that we understand the importance of Prayer and then now he tells us exactly what to pray for that means there's no excuse why we should not know how to pray there's no excuse why we should not be saved Jesus Christ has literally done everything for us all we have to do is follow in Luke 11 let's skip on down to verse number 11 it says if a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father will he give him a stone or if he ask a fish will he for a fish give him a serpent or if he shall ask an egg will he offer him a scorpion no but if ye then being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him question mark how much more does God wants to give us the Holy Spirit so much more but what must we do we must pray we must plead we must plead and the Holy Spirit gives us this revival many of us are dying many of us needs to be re-energized in Christ we have to pray so I'm going to give you a moment or two to send your petitions up to the Lord and then I will close let us pray for a revival let us pray for this outpouring of the Holy Spirit our father a few moments were granted to all of us to send our petitions up before the Lord it was granted unto us so that we can allow our hearts to commune with Jesus our Savior and as today is your Sabbath not only do we want to hear a word but also we want to spend time in prayer and we just want to give you praise mingle praise with our prayer Lord saying thank you for teaching us how to pray thank you for showing us the importance of Prayer and lord thank you for telling us what to pray for and since you have said to pray for the Holy Spirit this is what we're praying for today Lord you said you would send another comforter you said that he would reprove the world of sin righteousness and judgment to come so as we see our sins I pray that everyone online even those tuning in here locally we would surrender to you today of righteousness Lord because we are sinful but we want to be clothed with your righteousness your character clothe us we pray with your righteousness and of judgment to come as we are preparing our hearts for this crisis ahead I pray that you would allow us to stay faithful watchful but Lord we might not even live to see this crisis the mark of the beast no we could die today so I pray that we would make sure our hearts are right with you you've told us that revival and Reformation is our greatest need and so Lord we want to prevail in prayer beginning today as a group we are praying collectively but when we rise from our knees and we go home and we get some time alone help us to continue agonizing with you and Lord we already know that you told us it's our greatest need and you have told us you want to give it to us so we claim the blessing that you have granted it unto us already and now as we rise we will walk in faith walk refreshed walk with our new life in Christ putting away sin and asking you for that power to live daily clean us up fix us up fit us for the heavenly garner and help us to receive the former and the latter rain in Jesus name we pray amen praise the Lord as we continue once again with our song service let us by his for word of Prayer it is prayer that we need even now as we have prayed even with our beloved brother Jared let us pray also that the Lord made tune our hearts to sing wonderful praises to him some of you may still be on your knees just remain where you are so you may be halfway getting up whatever your position is let us pray with the Lord Father in Heaven we thank you for your holy Sabbath that we may come and have joy peace within our hearts and as we seek to sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord I pray that your Holy Spirit your presence may Tabernacle with us and that you will give us surrender as we seek to tune our hearts to give you glory and honor that you only deserve for this we pray and we thank you in Jesus name Amen amen as we continue we would like to open our hymns to him number two 112 I mean – 1 – him – 1 – tis almost time for the Lord to come him – 1 – – it's almost time for the Lord to come I hear the people say the source of heaven are growing dim it must be the breaking of the day oh it must be the breaking of the day oh it must be the breaking of the day the noise is almost born the day is coming on oh it must be the breaking of the day the size foretold in the Sun and Moon in earth and sea and sky proclaim to all mankind go quickly out in the street and to be ready for the breaking of the day oh it must be the break oh it must be the breaking of the day is almost coming oh it must be the breaking of we must be the breaking oh we must be the breaking of the day amen let's turn to hymn number 495 led every lambie burning bride hymn number 495 let every lab be burning bright I'm sorry all together we can't be missed

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