REVIEW Virgin Atlantic A350 Upper Class Suites (Business Class)

REVIEW Virgin Atlantic A350 Upper Class Suites (Business Class)

(bright music) – So here we are. We’re on the A-350 1000 Virgin Atlantic and we’re reviewing the
business class seats today. Virgin has 12 of these
A-350 1000s on order and they’re coming between now and 2021. All of the upper class business seats are in a one two one configuration, so one by the windows, two in the centers and those are the ones
that you should choose if you’re with someone
you want to speak with. The window seats are the ones
for when you’re on your own. And the seats have leg
room with full four inch, but then go into fully flat beds and it goes from rows one to 11. I think, row one is probably the best because you have most leg room, but then, there’s a
possibility of being disturbed by food preparation in the galley. Row 11 is for party animals
because that’s by the new bar which they’re calling The Loft. The Loft has a 32 inch TV screen and, again, you can connect individual headsets via Bluetooth, so in theory, up to eight of you could watch the same program
through your headphones. As far as in-flight
entertainment is concerned, it’s an 18 1/2 inch
screen and quite oddly, it’s the first time I’ve crossed this, there’s no remote control for the IFE. So, you got choices, you can
either use the touchscreen which is fine, it works well; or you pair your phone with the system, and then, use your own
phone to control the films or whatever else it is you want to do on the In-Flight Entertainment System. The Business Class cabin is just one cabin of 11 rows in a one two one configuration. So that’s 44 upper class
suites as they call them. Suites because of the sliding door. So, as you can see, the door isn’t a door. It’s a privacy screen which goes out as far as the sort of armrest of the seat. I should just show you. You have the normal, but you also have this. And this is the shoulder strap. You connect it like this into here and then as you’d expect,
it goes around your waist. And it’s to stop any forward
momentum towards the table on the back of the other seat. So, you just wear it for
take-off and landing. So there we are. Quick demonstration of how the table works recessed in the back of
the seat in front of you. And you can see that there’s a button just at the top to release it. That’s the first position there. I’ll just get it into focus. And then, it slides out in front of you. I’ll just show that as well. And there you have it. Now Virgin has said that it’s a bit tight for some people sitting there and it’s not adjustable, so new deliveries will
have adjustable tables. So, we have to go in front
of you move away from you, so it doesn’t get in the way of your belly and these ones will be
retrofitted as well. But at the moment, it is a
little tight as you can see. It’s just a pillow there,
but there’s not much space. Here’s the issue with the table. This is how it comes out. And you can use it to the side, but obviously, to eat or
work, you want to do this and the problem then is it’s
very, very close to you. The fix is going to be that
the table can move this way, but for the moment, you have a problem because for anyone who’s fatter
than me and they do exist, you’re too close to the table. It also means, actually,
if you want to type, say you have a laptop here,
you have to type like this. When the bed’s fully extended,
it’s eighty-two inches and, unlike the existing
Virgin attic seat, you can turn it into a
bed without flipping it. So, in other words, it just
reclines, reclines, reclines until it’s a fully flat bed with your feet going into the sort of
ottoman stool by your feet. Okay, well, we’re just
in the last half an hour on the way into JFK. Had a good sleep. More like a dose, really, ’cause
it was only about an hour. And we’re coming to the end of the flight. What do I think about this seat? Well, it’s got a huge
amount to recommend it. There’s certainly a few teething problems, particularly, with the
in-flight entertainment and the tray table. The service has always
with Virgin has been absolutely excellent. Obviously, it’s a slightly odd flight because it’s a kinda celebration flight. It’s one of the first flights, that the A-350 has taken
to JFK with Virgin. But, all in all, I think,
there’s a lot to look forward to for anyone who’s planning
on flying this seat. I’d welcome your comments
on both the video and also what you think about it, if you get a chance to fly it. Until next time. (bright music)

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  1. I Don't understand this trend towards narrow business class seats. They look just like economy.

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