Rep. Omar files for divorce amid affair allegations

Rep. Omar files for divorce amid affair allegations

100 Replies to “Rep. Omar files for divorce amid affair allegations

  1. Like most of the left…. impeccable moral standards of the kind so great, they need to tell us all how to live.

  2. I cannot imagine how grossly disgusted these ex husbands must feel to be with such a gross disgusting evil woman, she's so nasty yikes.

  3. Waste of Humanity and a Disgrace to Society!! Minnesota congresswoman!! Makes Minnesota look bad!! How many others are crooked in Minnesota??

  4. Wake up, get rid of this lying, traitor. Besides her illegal practices, Omar’s character and beliefs are dangerous to America!

  5. Tucker Carlson — “Christianity isn't dead. It still has the capacity to scare people. It still gives people the creeps, which means there is still some power behind the religion, as sort of watered down as it can be.”

  6. But you'll all support Trump who has cheated several times on each wife and paid them off with campaign funds. SMH.

  7. When did Fox start caring about affairs? At least this one involves people who have enough self respect to file for divorce!

  8. Adultery, sleeping with a white American man, divorcing her husband… is she trying to get the leading role in an honor killing?

  9. She married her brother and you trumpanzees have a problem with that?
    Thats every hillbilly in Alabama…
    You morons don't have a problem when they do it!

  10. How in Gods green earth is she even able to be a senator and be married to her brother ? I always thought that was a crime !! No??!! What the heck??!!!

  11. Democrats don't know the true definition of crimes and corruption. Just look at the last thirty years of Democrats failed policies.

  12. Who's she divorcing now? … her brother …. her dad.. .or her cousin? … I'm confused.

    I think she is too … lol

  13. African migrant murdered a woman who looked exactly like the wife of the guy she's having an affair with on the street where she lives and works, after she complained about Omar stealing here husband.

  14. If you have a big mouth and scandalist, you have great chance to be elected to the US congress, Am I correct in my assumption or not? If not, why we have her in Congress than?

  15. Trump is holding a rally in Omar's district tomorrow night. it will be interesting to see if there are a lot of trouble making protesters there.

  16. That's meaningless news. It doesn't help or hurt us as people one way or another. Stop getting into peoples personal biz.

  17. Ironic that a president known for Adulterous affairs (even recently on Melania) should cast stones. If you criticize one should you not criticize the other?

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