Previously On… the Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe

Previously On… the Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe

=Previously on… the entire Marvel Cinematic
Universe. Meet Tony Stark. He’s got lots of money, daddy issues, and
incredible facial hair. Stark is captured by terrorists and secretly
builds the Mark 1 IRON MAN suit while in captivity powered by a sweet ARC reactor in his chest. The villain in this one? Obadiah Stane, aka the Iron Monger, played
by a bald Jeff Bridges. What’s his villain trope? It’s a double event – surprise bad guy
and evil business guy! Anyway, three important things come out of
this – Tony switches his company from developing
weapons to basically only building Iron Man suits. He demonstrates a tendency towards TMI. And he meets this tall drink of water. Okay, what do you need to know about THE INCREDIBLE
HULK? Well, know that Bruce Banner is The Hulk. And know that you will not see these faces
in this video anymore. Hey everyone, remember Mickey Rourke’s comeback? In Iron Man 2, Tony gets hammered, Sam Rockwell
plays an Evil Business Guy named Justin Hammer, and the end credit scene shows a hammer. Iron Man 2 does introduce two very important
characters: superspy Black Widow and War Machine, a suit of armor donned by Tony’s friend
Rhodey. Meet Thor, an impossibly handsome Australian
Norse God who gets banished to Earth. He does have a ne’er do well younger brother
named Loki. Oh, you wouldn’t like Loki. He’s a bad seed. So the internet’s boyfriend sends the Destroyer
to Earth to kill his sorta-brother Thor. Thor wins! The film ends with Loki floating off into
the void, and he was never seen again. So, Chris Evans plays this guy Johnny Storm,
whose sister Sue – wait, hang on. Okay, Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers! He’s a 90-pound weakling who wants to enlist
during World War II, and when the US military notices how good he is at speaking in motivational
catchphrases – – he’s given an upgrade, a costume, and
a squad of comrades that includes his best friend Bucky Barnes, who’s always willing
to go out on a limb for the team. Meanwhile, Infinity Stone alert! This is the Tesseract. First discovered by the Nazi organization
Hydra, it’s an ancient cube packed with immense power. The Red Skull, played by Hugo Weaving, is
really bad at using the Tesseract, and gets transported fifteen films into the future. Steve crashes a plane into the Arctic, where
he’s frozen for seventy years until he wakes up in a nightmarish urban dystopia – early
21st century America. Your boy Loki is making deals with an alien
race called the Chitauri to retrieve the Tesseract. He uses his scepter, which – Infinity Stone alert! – has the Mind Stone
in it, and he’s controlling a bunch of people that include Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, whose
superpower is that he is real good at shooting a bow and arrow. Loki and the Chitauri army attack New York
City, but the Avengers assemble and through the power of this one shot
they defeat the Chitauri but only after Iron Man almost sacrifices
himself and gets a glimpse of the darkness to come. Also, Loki visits a chiropractor. Oh, and look who pops up. Tony overcomes his PTSD with a little help
from his friends. We get a fake-out bad guy called The Mandarin
played by Ben Kingsley. Tony defeats an Evil Business Guy named Guy
Pearce. Tony has his arc reactor removed. Also, here’s allll the Iron Mens. Oh, Thor the Dark World. Well, let’s see – Infinity Stone alert
– we see the Reality Stone, Thor’s mother gets murdered, Loki and Thor team up, Thor
saves the day… or does he? It’s a tale of two BFFs for Captain America
– one is The Falcon, who’s got wings. The second is Steve’s buddy for life Bucky,
who we learn didn’t die back in World War II, but was instead brainwashed and turned
into a covert assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He’s very well-armed. We also find out that SHIELD official Robert
Redford is an evil Government Business Guy, a surprise Bad Guy, and an agent of Hydra. Also part of Hydra? Hey Nowwwww, it’s Senator Larry Sanders. Nick Fury fakes his death to escape Hydra
but ends up killing Robert Redford, SHIELD is thrown into disarray, and Captain America
desperately tries to wake Bucky up from his programming. Not this movie, Cap. The Guardians are a ragtag team of low-level
criminals that meet and slowly start to become friends while on the hunt for a mysterious
orb. Drax, a former World Heavyweight Champion. Groot, who is Groot. Rocket, the least cute raccoon ever. Gamora, who’s got some serious daddy issues. And Star Lord, aka Andy Dwyer, who has your
slacker uncle’s music tastes. Oh, and Benicio Del Toro in his finest performance
yet. The bad guy is Ronan, hired by Thanos to obtain
the fourth Infinity Stone, the Power Stone, which has…. Power. Ronan doublecrosses Thanos, which is just
so Ronan. The Guardians defeat Ronan and deliver the
stone to the Nova Corp on planet Xandar, where it’s totally safe and nothing bad will ever
happen offscreen. Hello Phase Three. Ex-con ice cream artist Scott Lang steals
a shrinking super suit created by scientist and former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Dr. Hank Pym. Scott just wants to spend more time with his
daughter. Hank wants Scott to him stop Corey Lewandowski,
Evil Business Guy, from abusing and profiting off his Pym Particle technology. Hope wants a super suit! Luis just wants to recap what we’ve learned
so far. Scott pulls off the heist, defeats the villain,
goes subatomic, becomes quantumly entangled with Dr. Pym’s missing wife Janet – more
on that later – and accidentally auditions to be an Avenger – all before dinner. Oh, nothing much happens in this one, other
than The Winter Soldier is framed for murdering
the King of Wakanda The world realizes that superheroes are cool
but they’re kinda killing normal people Sony figures out what to do with Spider-Man We get an all-out Avengers throwdown, at the
most dramatic location possible – a German airport Tony and Steve aren’t friends anymore Half the team either goes into exile or superhero
jail And we meet the most successful superhero
of all time. Doctor Steven Strange is a gifted surgeon
and a real piece of work whose hands get wrecked in a car accident. Steven heads East to try and heal his hands,
and winds up in a place called Kamar-Taj where he learns about the astral plane and, like,
magic stuff. We learn that Earth is protected from interdimensional
threats via special vape shops called Sanctums conveniently in three of the four most expensive
rental markets in the world, New York City, London, and Hong Kong. Steven becomes a Sorceror and gets some really
cool swag – namely his adorable Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto, which
contains – Infinity Stone alert – the Time Stone, meaning he can use it to, y’know,
adjust time. Meanwhile, in space – Groot’s a little
kid, Rocket is committing grand larceny, and Star-Lord discovers that he’s the son of
an entire planet who’s got, and is, a big Ego, and is basically the coolest Dad who
ever lived. That means Chris Pratt is half Celestial. Don’t worry about what that means! Turns out Kurt Russell is the Surprise Bad
Guy. The Guardians destroy Ego – very Freudian
– but at the cost of Star Lord’s surrogate father, Yondu. Meanwhile, the post-credits tease the coming
arrival of Adam Warlock, which could be relevant in the future unless it isn’t. It’s the third version of Spider-Man in
ten years, so you know the drill – power, responsibility, etc. But this Spider-Man has Marisa Tomei as an
elderly aunt A Batman playing a Bad man. Uhh, let’s come back to this one. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Where was Ant-Man during Infinity War? We flashback a bit – Scott’s been living
under house arrest since Civil War and is days away from getting his ankle bracelet
taken off. Hope Van Dyne finally gets to don her Mom’s
hand-me-down supersuit as the shrinking, flying, and blasting superhero called The Wasp. Hank Pym and Hope ask Scott to help them find
the long-lost Janet Van Dyne, who’s been stuck in the quantum realm since the ‘80s
and has still got it. Meanwhile, there’s a new bad guy called
the Ghost who is the rare not-really-bad-you-actually-just-feel-bad-for-her supervillain. Scott gets Michelle Pfeiffer on the brain,
gets really big, and the Ant Squad cures the Ghost. Then, in the end credits, Scott dives in to
explore the Quantum Realm, and in truly terrible timing, Thanos’ Snap crackles and pops his
pals into oblivion, stranding Ant-Man in the Quantum Realm, where he’s never seen again… CAPTAIN MARVEL Flashback to the Nineties, when you could
get in trouble at Blockbuster Video for making a scene in their lobby. Carol Danvers is a member of the Kree alien
race who’s helping fight against the dreaded Skrull army except she’s really a human test pilot who
absorbed some crazy huge powers from an explosion thanks to actual Kree Annette Bening. We learn what a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson
looks like and that Nick Fury has an affinity for cats. Also, we kinda find out where the Tesseract
was between Captain America: the First Avenger and the first Avengers film. And it’s kinda gross. Okay, INFINITY WAR. You know what happens – it’s the story
of a man who sacrifices everything for a dream. A man who overcomes the skepticism and negativism
of the haters to make real and lasting change. So let’s concentrate on where everyone is
going into ENDGAME. Since Doctor Strange, Star Lord, and Spider-Man
got Snapped, odd couple Tony and Nebula are now stuck together on Titan. Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner,
War Machine, Rocket Raccoon, and Thor are on Earth after the Battle of Wakanda, and
likely in really bad moods. Nick Fury’s a pile of ash, but he did have
a chance to use one lifeline. We didn’t see what Hawkeye was up to, so
we presume he’s just chilling out, everything’s fine, no problems or worries on his side. And Thanos… having accomplished everything
he set out to do, Thanos is enjoying the fruits of retirement, doing a lot of reading, watching
his stories, and finding out who Thanos really is. So there we are – twenty-two films in, what
happens next? Where’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading
in Phase Four? Time to watch the Endgame.

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  1. Thanos's plan is so stupid. With exponential growth, him wiping out half the population will delay a Malthusian disaster by 30-40 years, at best. And yet he has the means at hand ( literally ) to actually so something beneficial to help other beings. He could have done anything, like, for example, snap now everyone is 1/2 as fertile.

  2. this was just magical. i had no idea it was an alamo original on friday when I saw it at the pre-show.

  3. Great video! Helped us a bunch to watch this before watching Endgame. Who's the narrator?

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