Poderoso Mantra para Limpar a Aura e Remover Karmas!

Poderoso Mantra para Limpar a Aura e Remover Karmas!

Hello Stars in today’s mantra
I brought a mantra that will help clean up the aura of all accumulated negativity and remove
karma this mantra puts us in direct contact with
the Creator and when we are awake to the divine light we no longer need to ask our
life becomes a constant thank if you practice this mantra you will see your life
turning this mantra works with God’s face in Govinda, Gopala Hari who
are all forms of the Great God One who can understand
the glory of my manifestations is always united with me
for your unshakable love. I am the source of all things
and all things emerge from me; knowing that this wise man loves
enter my state of being. (Bhagavad Gita 10.7-8)
when we feel peace in our hearts this it’s govinda and the heart overflows love it
is Govinda
when we are sustained by the spirit world this is Govinda
Govinda is the stability of Being is being Focused on both calm and storm
is the connection with the Higher Self Gopala brings to the world essential food of Gods and
Living Beings so he opens the boundaries between the dimensions filling the worlds and keeping them
full of life Gopala is the reality behind the veil making
with the soul to recognize that which really vibrates in tune just let the energy of
Gopala manifest through our soul and hers for our whole being
Gopala is the shepherd of love enveloping in love cosmic all his sons and daughters Hari
which is a name of Vishnu one who through of the laws of creation removes our sufferings
Hari is the one who takes away the suffering and also the cause of suffering that is the
ignorance of himself Hari is tearing the veils of our own generating ignorance
of us karmic when you say your name the sins, karmas and the bad things in the world
are erased all pain is removed and redeemed this is Hari
Sita is an avatar of Goddess Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of good fortune, prosperity, success
and happiness the wife of god Rama another name, other avatar of Vishnu
Rama represents self-control the light that emerges from the darkness the being dedicated to the Dharma
the one who won the karmas if you like this kind of content let
like, comment share so we can can help the channel grow and other people
have contact with this power that is the mantra and all that he can do in our lives
a kiss and a lot of light

24 Replies to “Poderoso Mantra para Limpar a Aura e Remover Karmas!

  1. Deslumbrante mantra! Estou arrepiada tamanha emoção. Sensação de amor, harmonia… Não tenho palavras para explicar meus sentimentos ao escutar esse mantra. É divinamente lindo! Gratidão amada amiga. Gostaria muito de saber a tradução. É melindroso demais, muito intenso. Minha eterna gratidão. Que Deus te abençoe sempre minha linda!!❤️💐🙏😘🌹🕊️💙👏🏿👏🏼👏🏼🙅🌾

  2. Boa noite! Conheci seu canal através de uma amiga que mora fora do Brasil. Gostei muito, gratidão por seus mantras.

  3. Que mantra mais tranquilizador! Lindo demais. Gratidão Vanessa,por compartilhar conosco essa maravilha.Deus lhe abençoe e ilumine sempre.🙏🙏🙌❤️

  4. Eu gosto de ouvir mantras como música ambiente, isso ajuda ? Está correto? Comecei a pouco tempo ouvir mantras. Alguém pode me responder por favor. Gratidão


  6. É excelente sabermos os significados dos mantras… gratidão pela partilha de tão lindo e poderoso mantra. Simplesmente perfeito!😍

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