3 Replies to “PG&E power outages costing small business owners, local governments

  1. Please offer a second version of the video with your excessively prominent subtitles, because the majority of your viewers will find them to substantially obscure their view of the screen and not be required. Please allow your viewers to choose accordingly and not be without an alternative to the substantially obscured version.

  2. Wildfire is a horrific way to die. I applaud PGE for finally taking action. The five years of perpetual tree work and effort, and now an infrastructure test to ID serious problems, process failures and flaws.
    Participating in a fire drill is both smart, and the least you can do!
    All I hear is whining everywhere, from a population of grown-up, spoiled, entitled, pink haired children…

    All about evil PGE and their profiteering practices. That they are MURDERERS liars and cheats!

    Waaaah. I lost a days sales 😭
    Because I'm dependant upon PGE and am unprepared for a real disaster, preferring to coast and spend on things other than an alternative backup energy system…that I could have written off my taxes.

    Perhaps a business that makes such a dismal profit that you must live "paycheck to paycheck", isn't because you like your electric car, Chardonnay, and Westcliff address…
    But I doubt it!

    If you cannot accrue enough savings to absorb this horrible inconvenience or perhaps procure a powerwall battery backup system or a genset?
    Then perhaps you need to axe an employee and work 2 shifts or adopt a realistic lifestyle that allows saving or maybe your business plan just isn't a good one?

    Regardless, there's 20-25 thousand people living in the SLV… You know, in that sea of trees and brush to your north?

    A wildfire during a windstorm, with only a handful of one lane mountain escape roads for that many people, would mean a five figure death count and a lot of burned out cars filled with burnt dead bodies…
    Ever see one of those?

    I couldn't afford my alternative power or motorcycles to get us past the traffic jams.
    But I scrimped, saved and went without. I am prepared.

    You bubble-dwelling idiots love to blame everyone else for everything, never yourselves. I suppose this is Trump's fault too, right?

    It's quite pathetic actually, disgusting in fact! You people have no idea what real hardship feels like. None! Just like taking personal responsibility.
    Too busy occupying the moral high ground I guess.

  3. no wind, no storms, no power shut-off! it's that simple. pg&e should have the power to shut down individual areas accordingly. if they can't implement that control than they don't deserve taking down half of the state because one area recieved high winds. i can control the lights in my house from around the world and they can't control which sector should be shut down because of weather. idiots!

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