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  1. Yo I'm not going to judge the young brother cause I was on that same stuff but God was still with me. I continued to study stuff and eventually found the truth. That God is real and everything in this world is designed to turn you from God. Just pray for the man. Somebody's prayer, I believe, kept me from getting stuck in that mindset.

  2. I've seen some of his videos and it seems to me that he's just searching but in the wrong places. Instead of trying to put him on blast, we all should pray for him so that he find Christ, what he really searching for.

  3. Smh These "woke" people that are so invested in a shallow spirituality usually end up going crazy, or being suicidal if they do not let Elohim in.
    People, there is ONLY ONE Truth! In every situation, not just spirituality, there is only 1 truth; suspect anyone who tells you otherwise- there's your perspective, there's their perspective, and then there is the truth: forget about "your truth" , "his truth". The truth can never be disputed or argued with, unless you are straight up lying; it stands the test of time, and doesn't care about your feelings.
    Faith in The Almighty is an unshakeable foundation (check definition of foundation)- you build on it, not rebuild it (you couldn't even rebuild it, if you tried) and so any other type of " Faith" that asks you to do more, is lying.
    I believe that the problem with the human race is that God is too simple for us- "all we have to do is believe in this Jesus character? Er… I'll take my chances with this ritualistic false doctrine… if it doesn't work out though, we'll see about this Jesus that you speak of", and I get it- we have been trained to slave, and then crave instant gratification, and measure success by the material, and so the idea that you can just gain eternal life and peace by only believing seems absurd: yup! Love seems absurd when all you have known is hatred and indifference. Test the spirit, people!
    Thanks again, Chosen; hope you and your lovely family are well.

  4. 4:52 dude has tourettes🤣,keep sun gazing maybe then u won't be able to see where your record button is at

  5. I told him u dont need the 3rd eye,….this guy been poppin up in my recommended only for my boy to grind him to bone dust #redpillseason

  6. What's up Chosen, I love your videos bro. They've helped me a lot. I was wondering if you could do a video on the fear of death because that's what's been kinda plaguing my mind lately. Well, not really the fear of death itself. I wouldn't be afraid to die peacefully, like in my sleep. I'm more afraid to die a gruesome death. I know a lot of the fear I have in regard to this has to do with movies I've seen and videos I've watched. I know there's only so much you can do. Ultimately, I would have to overcome the fear myself but I would really appreciate you doing a video on this because my biggest fear would be to be put in a situation where I would be forced to choose between dying horribly and denying Jesus. If a time like that ever does come, I wanna be prepared mentally. If you don't have time to make a video like that, bro, I understand. But I ask that everyone please at least pray for me. Love y'all

  7. I love Christians.. they love to point out and cast stones. Judgmental with no intention to help or correct the individual with love. Let's first off congratulate the dude for evening trying to better himself. Getting off his butt and seeking something higher than himself. I remember going through that sun gazing period I learned real quick it's not good for the retina. Higher consciousness is going to take him through a few practices and belief systems he'll get back to the bible in a few years. It's all relative and connected.

  8. His video pop up and I started to watch it. He had a great gift of gab but something about him didn't sit right with me. I watch another video, that is when I realize he was not for God. I stop watching his videos. I am glad you are doing a video on him, because the youth will follow him and he will lead them down a dark path.

  9. They took out the book of Enoch and gave us Jesus … Jesus was the name of a slave ship 🚢! SHALOME Hebrew Israelites!

  10. He's just another sinner giving excuses for his sin… But when he stand before our saviour Jesus christ he won't talk like that…. Thanks chosen king and God bless you.. ''

  11. If you go through the people that he is subscribed to you will see he subscribed to Chosen King 🤨

    Edit : Nvm seems like he unsubscribed to him. Just checked.

  12. He’s just the latest “Flavor of the Month” fad that will soon get lost in the shuffle of the rest of this 💩!! 😑 #falseprophet #apostasy

  13. Trippin with the hand gestures thing a lot of people do that sub consciously or it could be a presence in them making them do those gestures but who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. This cat Is an agent of chaos! He's got the Waka flocka look so a lot of shee'people are gonna follow him over the cliff! When you're not spiritually grounded your subject to listen to anything that sounds halfway good, Run from this dude And pray for discernment,,HURRY YESHUA 🙏🏽

  15. I don’t think he has ill intentions at all, I think he walking down a path that he thinks in his heart is right, He has to walk his own journey and see his triumphs and mistakes himself, This video is a bit harsh but other than that keep grinding brother

  16. I don’t even know dude, but he sounds ridiculous! Whoever follows this dude is sleep for real. Wake up, this world is all about entertainment and getting people away from the true and living God. This dude is a joke!

  17. Never heard of him but I will differently make sure my kid's don't tune in to this joker. Thanks Chosen for your⌚ #🎺

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