you’re sort of visual is a voyeur and what times it’s full time today I get to call few hours ago by Red Bull felony come here you’re gonna mark let’s see if I can do something with it [Music] boy this is the best part of my job people who asked me photo they asked me to nothing I have an advice for you guys when I tell you follow me never follow me don’t follow me okay because this is what happened be shooting all the commercial okay now I want to change you find a ball finally send us the video and maybe you’re gonna be on the story good luck okay I get you with the first trick let me show you again so but now we have Naima she knows [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and for me yes I will take your friend see you so much [Music] people on TV I give them your the board with your signature – [Music] thank you thank you so watching the next shot and I’ll tell you what you have to do to win this ball signed by Neymar jr. I hope you enjoy this video with Neymar was very cool if you like video don’t forget to give a thumbs up comment on which football player you want me to feel next don’t forget to go on my Instagram account where I gonna post this picture this picture you like you subscribe to my Instagram so this open ball signed by Nima himself you’re gonna get it only if you like this picture on Instagram okay don’t forget to stroke this channel and I see the crime piece you say peace [Music]


  1. Abe yaar maina rohan ka papa aur uska pora khandan ko bhot hi jyada bora bhala bola mar jaye sala 100 rupee bola isliya bhagvan na meri pora khandan ko saja de mere liya 9bi 10 bi 11bi 12bi pass kar pana namomkin hai rohan ka sabhi bhi bhot hi jyada padta likhta hai yo sabhi ka sabhi

  2. Hello! I'm from Russia, how to win Ball with Neymar signature? … You are the Best
    If you see, then put like

  3. Neymar nunca aparece quando não envolve um patrocinador, sempre tem que ter dinheiro envolvido, nunca aparece por livre e espontânea vontade

  4. دينا كأس افريقيا خخخخ ماشني مأمن 🇩🇿🇩🇿💗💗💗💗 ههههه 123 vive L'Algérie

  5. WTF is that look? Is Ali g too old a character to be based on the British Sean king (race baiter extroardinaire FYI) here?

  6. Ca fait plaisir de voir l evolution que t as eu. Dans ton me rappelle de toi y a plus de 12 ans encore quand tu venais dans les battles de danse avec ton ballon. Good job

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