before we stop the video I'd like Shah laga comm for sponsoring this video they have an awesome site where you can buy a bunch of in-game currency and items including all your favorite rata lead items also make sure you use code or Bob to get an easy six percent off your orders check out the side there's a link in the description for now enjoy the video so I have some exciting news for you the brand new totally awesome krei is basically confirmed I have the images of all the items in the crates or the logos of all the items and the actual picture of the crate here so as you can see the tray itself is summer theme because of the style of the crate you can see that yellow to pink gradient that we see on the radical summer logo so we can tell and we can sort of confirm that this crate is going to be coming in the radical summer event and here is that some proof and there's some showcasing of all the items that I know to be in this crate so far so we have the Zefram wheels which will be special edition as well and they are going to be exotic wheels then we have the stellar wheels which are going to be also common special edition variants and they're gonna be an import wheel so the special edition you can see on screen is more animated looking really cool and this is gonna be an import wheel now this is a really nice import wheel especially when it comes painted it will look amazing then you have this piece same exotic wheel which also comes in special edition in this sort of inverted style wheel but basically this is like the back end of an octane and it's the booster of an octane but put on a wheel I mean it it's really weird and it's actually a really cool idea when you think about it so yeah this is like a really good wheel that I would definitely like to get my hands on and then we have at the blender wheel which does not come special edition but it is that this creates a very over air wheel so as you can see we have the two exotics the one import and the one very rare wheel and then we also have all the special edition versions of the exotic and import which is very nice that we're going to be getting special editions in crates again it's really good and then we have to goal explosions the shattered goal explosion as you can see on screen really really nice honestly one of my favorite gold explosions if not my favorite and then the Vauxhall goal explosion which is a pixelated version of tune and it looks really nice then we have at the confirmed a black market detail which is magma which I have mixed things about because when you look at it first you like okay magna that sounds really cool it's gonna be epic but when you actually look at it and when it comes out and you guys will see in game it's sort of pixelated and glitchy if you actually look if you look closely at the Magna effect it's really pixelated now some EU might like that but I personally don't really that doesn't really appeal to me that much and it's very hard to get some good car designs with this obviously with more time I would probably be able to make some really nice car designs and there are some really good effects you can do so because it sort of has two sides it can be used really well and maybe look quite good but then it can also be used in ways where it just looks kind of terrible so honestly it's still a good black market because I mean you can sort of change it around and do what you want with it and it can be used in different ways and I like that about black markets because it allows for you know a lot of creative car designs well there's the only confirmed a black market decal and we'll talk about that later on but basically the next one is the confirmed import boost and this is crackle now as you can see it's just – one of those boosts its completely crazy bubbles literally flying everywhere I'm sure this would look beautiful painted obviously painted versions would probably be one solid color instead of these more Apple Purple's oranges and like yellowy colors you'd probably have like pure colors I reckon the forest green and crimson ones would look really good with this actually and then we have goop now the goop is what I assumed to be a black market detail because um in my opinion it looks really clean and really nice and you can make some really nice car designs with it however it turns out is actually a very rare decal a universal decal so you can use it on any car and I'm actually kind of excited about that because it means it's gonna be cheaper and I'll be able to get it a lot easily like more easily and obviously a lot of people were saying they don't like it but honestly I love this this is an amazing decal in my opinion just because of how clean it is I would definitely use this in games it won't be too off-putting and it's just a really nice cartoony sort of style decal but anyway let me know what you think about this decal but that's really all the items I have confirmed fully at the moment for you guys expect this crate to be coming out very soon as you can see an image here I expect this to be coming out very soon if not tomorrow I'm not sure they probably announce it very soon it's definitely part of this summary then it's probably the actually the event create itself but I'm so excited guys anyway I'll see you in the next one guys goodbye


  1. I hate how they make give crimson so much brightness to the point where it looks pink. It pisses me off. I also hate how most of the Rocket League gray items look TW. And black looks gray. I understand that some wheels wont look similar to its other painted versions such as the black Zombas, but if they did, more people would like it and it would be worth alot. I personally think that if that were the case, more people would rock it. But great vid bro! Your my favourite Rocket League Youtuber!!

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