NEW Red Dead Online Update! Free Roam Events, Heists & More!

NEW Red Dead Online Update! Free Roam Events, Heists & More!

what is going on fellow outlaws outlaw Gary here it in today's video we're checking out the brand new red that I line up the as you guys can see I just gotta warn one gold bar for participating in Red Dead online promotions now I don't know what promotions those were because in the last two days I've gotten three gold bars and I haven't even leveled up so I'm not sure if those gold bars are because I've played the game during a certain period of time or what but regardless I am super happy to be giving free gold in red Dillon and can never complain about free things so today we're checking out some of the new things that were added to the game of course if you have not had the opportunity to jump back into red to the line to see all the new updates I highly recommend you do there's so many cool things they've added I know you guys will enjoy and hopefully get are having a fantastic day while we wait for this thing to load drops feel like hit that subscribe but if you're new around here click that little bell and get notified and let's get in the action so I've gotten countless messages from you guys saying that you are really really excited for this new update and the thing that they added we're a little crazy and it feels like there's more animals in the game according to you guys when you're going hunting now personally I've been in the game quite a bit since the new update really check it out read that online and I have not seen like look right now like I see no animals I don't a single animal anywhere near me now I don't know why that is I have no idea what the purpose are like why you are saying there's more animals because I haven't seen an influx of more animals but there are some really cool red that I'll and updates coming very soon with the addition of classes and different jobs you can do in the game now I'll have a whole video talking about in the future what that exactly all means but rocks are pretty much led us that this game is going towards a direction I think everyone can get behind and it's a designated job feature can like in listen being a bounty hunter or a prospect and things of that nature and do something productive as a member of the wild wild west and I think it's pretty cool so we'll see what happens but as you guys can see I'm out of here the trenches bro and I've seen one animal like maybe is that an animal right there oh it's it's a little flowers yeah one thing I would have really loved to seen the newest update is some kind of differential change to hunting that added a little bit or value to a player's hunting capabilities more so just like an improvement of life with hunting but right now what we've received in this update it's pretty good stuff a lot a lot of you guys been enjoying all the new things they've added um and on top of that they've also fixed horse bonding if you guys don't know porous bonding has been fixed so that your horse no longer resets its bonding level with you if you go to down to player and then go to you your horse Oh actually show you what your bonding level is so mine's all four and it's now forever gonna be four I never have to worry about it again don't have to worry about like leveling up any more so than it currently is anyway one thing I would have wished they would have done is allowed a player to increase a bonding past four does it feel like any player that's like over the level of like twenty will have a horse bonding level of four and if you want a new horse and it might be you know better to just get a new horse that is like of better quality than keeping your current horse which is weird because this the horse that I have right now is a horse I don't think I'm gonna replace it like Arabians all right comparative to this horse it's not like they're pretty much on the same playing field this one has more stamina the Arabians just a little bit faster top speed and having to go through the whole bonding level again for just up to four just isn't worth it when I already have this horse and one thing I god that's not good Oh God oh jeez all right listen guys okay guys I'm gonna change my revolver hey that guy's dead hey that guy's dead where's this guy that guy's dead my horse is like oh my god bro my horses died speaking of horses oh I'm good holy I'm good I'm good I'm good my horse is not good though my horse is literally dying right now yeah one more guy one more guy holy geez you're okay bud don't worry oh that's so weird I was talking with my horse how like I could just get another horse then my horse goes down and almost dies scary stuff bro that's real scary stuff I don't even understand how that even just happened but it somehow did yeah but hopefully because it was an ambush we might get a map because apparently maps in this current update are easier to get a lot more like free roam dynamic events are much more common and because we finished that ambush got some some a little bit of extra XP so once the ambush is complete you're rewarded for that ambush and hopefully fingers crossed we get a treasure map nothing unless we this guy get ambushed – no he's just shooting random people over there oh that guy dudes so that guy just pressed charges on that dude though that so one player killed the other player that one of them decided to press charges against him because he did shoot him and when that happens you get an increased bounty level which sucks to the person that griefed you and also makes the Bounty Hunter's come after you quicker so pretty good deal it's a pretty freakin good deal but if you get grief it's a good way to protect yourself all-in-all this ambush wasn't that great it wasn't terrible but what I want to create here on the channel is a video of some sort that showcases all ambush locations as well as all areas of free roam event side mission so now in Red Dead online you can be roaming around and you can get side missions that you may not have been you may not have had last time all right in the past so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to the tall trees area because I feel like the tall trees area because it's skinner brothers territory you might have a really really good chance of running into some kind of extra event and I just drank a potent force amazing thanks so if we go in that area we might get access to a random event and has to deal with the Skinner brothers and if that's the case that would be super awesome to make sure we have all the right ammo equipped and everything just so that we're in the clear and I believe in the next few probably months to year we should receive some some properties so look forward to that dude that's something I really look forward to one thing that never came the GTA 5 online that everyone always talked about for years and years and years and even to this day is the casino DLC it's something that we always thought would never be coming to read that online because of the fact that it is an online game but now that pokers in the game a lot of you guys are really wondering like hey why can't I play poker a lot of the reason for that is because it's locked to your region and honestly being in this area it does look like there's a lot more animals like there was just like 80 animals around me it's pretty cool so if you do not have poker available to you in this most recent patch it's because online gambling is not allowed in your region or area you live yeah that's yeah sorry I'm sorry that's the thing I don't come up with the rules dudes I just report them news right I just let you guys know what's going on and why some of you guys can't play poker if you do want to play poker apparently there are ways you're gonna like set up a VPN on your ps4 Xbox one and like to go around I don't know dudes I don't know that this guy real quick sure talking about that I didn't mean to run into you you just got in my way but that's been a big topic of discussion lately and I've come out here to the Skinner brothers area and unfortunately dudes there is no extra free roam event that we can see but let me try this because it used to work before if we put it we put a deer or animal carcass on our horse it might give us a free roam event let's try a real quick gonna find a deer first but there was so many deer earlier – it sucks we should've grabbed one of those instead now we're looking for a deer and that's gonna be alright there's no deal that I've seen thus far but I do know of an area we can go to find something a little bit bigger than a deer we're gonna see if it's in here I don't even know if it's here but it might be looks like it why would it throw me off bro no I want to talk about it don't even say don't even don't even laugh don't even I mean like I had it and it just went wrong right it just did it didn't go according to plan I miscalculated a little bit are they fighting oh it's hurt it's hurt dude smile and play a little bear every big bear what oh it's because I'm using the repeater dude just realized if I would have had my bolt-action bro it would've been done there is a pelt ruin now don't tell me it's really it's not good yeah repeaters I forgot are terrible for hunting didn't oh my god did it realize I had my repeater on brothers now I know now I know I mean the repeaters still really good for like against NPCs like gang hideouts of stuff but it's not good at all for anything else really really just anything else it's really bad like with hunting the repeaters are garbage it's all about the bolt action and to be honest I've noticed that repeaters really drop off after a while but you want to always use your bolt-action environment rifles for hunting but unfortunately it's now nighttime I waited until daytime just so that I can continue what I was saying one thing with this most recent update I don't know if you guys know but I think I addressed it in the past is the fact that we have now received additional gold payouts across the board for everything that gives gold so there wasn't a cash increase across the board but gold has been rewarded to all players now only for leveling but also anything that gives you gold now gives you double the gold including free roam activities so let's say if I if I were to kill this guy that gave me gold it would now give me double the gold for killing that guy which is pretty awesome on top of that if you press the left on your d-pad you'll see a few things that have changed one of them being the stables and if you go to owned horses you can now change it so that you have different horses that do different things so I don't know like if I make I don't even know where to do it at horse access there's like an area online options oh the hostilities ah placed our defensive walking style what was this a thing it's always been a thing is that new am I just dumb and I've never seen that before wasn't mean dude oh shoot look how cool I look God dang that was always a thing I was just an idiot there is a way you can make into that let's say you want your Arabian horse to be for for your horse racing but you want like I don't know like oh I'm now in the non defensive combat Oh engaging in non-defensive controvert you're playing sound offensive that's cool I like that that's good you press down oh that's you know that's pretty now there's also new Awards and free roam they've been added including awards associated with gameplay so whatever a gameplay you do is it oh god guys it's not me alright it's okay you guys need to just calm down it's okay wait I got saddle-sore for that it was cuz he was on the saddle but it says you can use the player menu to preset which of your owned horses you like to use in pre real players no I don't even know where that would be plate like I thought it would be there but don't know why it's not there I don't know where it is but it's somewhere I thought the player mini was this one listen right here I don't see it don't see eights tables specialty oh you go to race and then you can choose which one you want all that's cool oh that's frickin cool I like it I like dudes competitive oh yeah you can change where your horse which horse is used for what if you have different variations of horses you want to use for different things dude there's so many new things that came in the game that I'm still learning that was like really really freaking cool and even the emotes I like them I like the new emotes I think later this week we'll probably do some posse missions together that feel like they're really really important to do because there's actually three new ones bird shooting contest biggest fish contest and herb picking contest I think those would be really awesome and do with you guys the viewers so if you guys want to see that let me know in the comments section I'm a super down dude and I think it would be a lot of fun so if you guys want to see those videos let me know in the comment section I think today we're gonna have some more videos coming I think I'll do a whole showcase of all the new things that we're out of the game showing them off in game and talking about each and individual thing and it's approaching night time again because I took too long to find out and figure out where everything I had the new menu system but you guys enjoyed the video be sure to drop a like if you rather hit that subscribe I wanna thing yes so much for all the continued support and all the love you guys been showing sticking with me throughout this read that I line update this video was just like a coverage of like a few new things talking to you guys a quick update video to everything going on and read that online I love you dude thank you guys so much guys [Applause] [Applause]

31 Replies to “NEW Red Dead Online Update! Free Roam Events, Heists & More!

  1. the online is so much better. I love the random encounters and random attack’s and i love the NPCS, horse bonding is better too

    i just wish they will fix the moving camp glitch

  2. RDO is still messed up. Free roam missions won't start, infinite loading screens, can't even get into showdown series large.

  3. since the update i am missing the clothes they added in the update before. wonder why they removed them from the game

  4. I had almost given up for online but now I’m starting to enjoy playing again looks exciting , but any one having disconnection or posse issues ?

  5. Got on for a lil last night been awhile but now i think seemed like more animals also i got 15 gold bars an 100$ maybe cause im low level or r* feels bad n gave people who played alot then stopped for a long time more gold?

  6. One bad thing I found I had seven wolf pelts and went to a fishing tournament when I came back I had none. Shot a animal got off the horse and the animal disappeared.

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