Neo-Nazis Let A Journalist In Their Group — Here’s What He Saw

Neo-Nazis Let A Journalist In Their Group — Here’s What He Saw

– [Crowd] Replace us. You will not replace us. You will not replace us. – My first encounter was with the National Socialist Movement, which is the largest
Neo-Nazi group in America. (eerie high-pitched notes) After that, I started traveling with some various Klan groups, and then I met Matthew Heimbach, who became
the main character of my book. (eerie high-pitched notes) – Our movement is about
securing the existence of our people, and a
future for white children. All of us are engaged in this struggle. And much like a military, there
is positions for everyone. – Many other people, they
come from poor, rural, and predominantly white
parts of America, Appalachia. And they look around and
they see that their neighbors and their friends are suffering
under opioid addiction, that they have no jobs, and no prospects, and they kind of extrapolate from that then that must be what it’s like for white people all over. They don’t have the ability
to kind of lift their gaze a little bit, because if they did, I think they’d see that
white people on the whole, especially white men, who this movement is mostly consisting
of, have it pretty good. The gatherings are a lot smaller, and you know, that’s the inherent problem in the far right, sort of alt-right. It’s a movement, which in large part, exists online with
anonymous Twitter avatars. (eerie, haunting music) With the Internet, with social media, it becomes that much easier to have your opinions reinforced. And once you try to translate that into real world action, it becomes difficult. I was at Charlottesville where they were, I would say around 400
people, which is by far the largest gathering I’d ever been to. And I’d been to dozens of these things. Yes, there has been a mobilizing effect, and I think people are emboldened but even so, they’re still struggling
on how to translate this into an actionable, physical movement. The current crop of politicians
are doing any favors, I think they’re feeding into this as well, so it becomes this pretty toxic place where it’s easy for this kind
of rhetoric to grow even more. – You know the side. There was a group on this side, you can call them the left, you’ve just called them the left, that came violently
attacking the other group. – You know there was a rally in Boston after Charlottesville, where I think five or six Nationalists came out, and a few thousand
counter-protestors came out. There are rays of light in this thing. Just recently, a guy, a former Hammerskin, which is the most extreme
part of the Skinhead movement, texted me and said he left the movement. And that he might want to
help others leave, too. So as awful and abhorrent
as their ideology and politics is, some of them can change. Some of them can turn and come back to us. (melancholy guitar) (clicking)

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  1. White man shall be trodden on no longer …beware the sleeping giant awakes…..hail victory fom the uk….14words……no surrender ever

  2. "There is positions"
    Hmm this white bloke can't speak his own language better than me.

    Btw stop using our words like Arya and our swastikas it has nothing to do with race.

  3. America defeated nazis during ww2 only to become one
    Congrats america you've just become the very thing you've sworn to destroy

  4. I took close looks at the group and they all look like complete losers. Please don’t go to political extremes because on one side, you got antifags and on the other side, you got these pathetic excuses of people. Also, I know there are triggered Nazis in the comment section, so I welcome an angry reply

    Edit: none so far lol

  5. Fake News. He didn't mention the real concerns of white people, he talked about what he thought, as a liberal, was rationale for joining these movements. This video is propaganda.

  6. why would we want white groups when we have black panthers and others like la raza we know there the same raciest as the white groups different s is the leftest only go ather the one group and give no time to the others

  7. It's not about poverty. Its about American history. America started as only a few groups of Europeans and their goal was to create a country that would benefit them…not the entire human race…but them as it was their idea and their revolution. SO over time this idea has vanished but the people are still here and the historical facts are still here..and over time it was decided that America was not in fact a country for the people who founded it…but was a country for any human being anywhere on earth….and who decided this? Immigrants decided this as soon as there were enough of them…this was logical as it was for their own power and benefit but it created a backlash that lingers through today because the founding people of America felt like they just got robbed of their destiny and their original project which was supposed to be their sacrifice for their benefit. Not a charity posing as a nation. Obviously nazism is terrible and white Americans should be able to have these discussions without engaging in evil nazism. America is now a nation without a nationality…nazism and kkk etc has to be condemned….but the way that American history happened and how it started must be acknowledged. It does no one any good to sweep this stuff under the rug.

  8. 1:26 – I wonder if that white statistic also includes jewish households, and i'd like to see the difference without.
    considering that the 2014 Religious Landscape Study found that 44% of all jewish households in America are on $100k+ a year, with an additional 24% are on $50k-99k a year, meaning that nearly 70% of all Jewish people are on the highest end of the wage spectrum in the US.
    surely that will render your graph useless in the context it's being used.

  9. Imagine an veteran of the war seeing what America has become.He fought for freedom in europe along with the Russians the british and etc.And then theese people come and formed thoose groups and everything the veterans fought for shatters They look as mindless idiots want to spread the ideology of evil in their country,before 500 million people tell me that communism and democracy is also evil.No but both of theese arent perfect,so any neo-nazi watching these videos.Look at yourselves and just think a little,is this right?

  10. Even tho i respect nazis and im small bit one. This looks so disgusting…
    (Even i respect nazis n stuff i believe in all and full eguality for everyone)

  11. Shut up you all capitalist and evil democracy pigs, Nazis were good becouse they fought soviets, who killed millions in enslaved lands since 1917 to 1956, its my opinion and I think its real, I think its sad that nazis didnt had enought time to make nuke, because they could have destroyed Soviets capital – Moscow. There is no more traditional America becouse its invided by mexican emigrants who strugles great nation economy down and negroes couses 50 precents of all crimes in USA, I hope border will be built up and protect America from invasion of south.

  12. These Idiots who call themselves National Socialists don't even know what National Socialism really is.

  13. Their is nothing is nothing left of this system. Separate from the current political stance t9 have a chance

  14. White Supremacists can rant and parade all they want, but at the end of the day, America stays diverse, and immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Latin America will continue. They'll all die poor and unhappy, and the diversity of life will move on without them

  15. ( 0:36 ) They referred to population and he said economy. ……………they are correct.

    Really and why does it matter??? In the US, non-hispanic Whites will drop to 52% according to Census report "Demographic Turning Points for the United States Population Projections". This wouldn't be a concern if the Asian population would grow more than ~3%. The problem here is Whites and Asians have the highest rates of graduation, income levels, and innovations produced. ………….*America will ACTUALLY get DUMBER*………..The increasing populations are at the lower end of the "spectrum". LOL that sucks. I was hoping for more medical innovation to cure the cancer(s) and diabetes I'll likely have.

  16. They are the provincial white underclass that feel threatened because of their precarious socioeconomic status. And they blame their predicament on the Jews and other “non white groups. But in reality it is the Republican Party that has sold them out. It now just caters to the rich.

  17. A Borgmann BA History The Citadel 78 and Clemson U. ROTC 79 and Clemson U SC Teacher Certification 1994. I was the embedded German National (Ostzone) at Leith.

  18. this whole piece seems like shit. The neo-nazi's are sissy's but they need to be feared? Why? Are white nationalists and neo-nazi's the same? Are they just as numerous? Are they just as dangerous? What is actually going on within the suburbs of the United States?

  19. My grandfather would be angry when he sees this
    The National Socialism promotes peace not violence and hate

  20. Extremist Inbreds fighting for government mandated inbreeding to make everyone as de-evolved and chromosome missing as they are.

  21. Neo nazis? lol. You people on the left are so dumb. Nazis were socialists. These guys are right wingers that are pro white? WTF is wrong with that?

  22. Millions strong.. We'll take it back. The Goyim Know. It's not about SHEKELS to us as you indicated at 1:10. It's about this country and who it belongs to. 90% white in 1965, to 65% white in 2019. We have the right to defend the interests of our race. You cannot argue this, but you're welcome to try.

  23. Germans in southern US never assimilated and have been this violent, alt-right ever since real Americans took down their slave plantations. They also made sure that every non-german President, post civil war, was assassinated and a german took his place. Otherwise, they'd be ousted. They kept their german confederate flag to show their hate for America, and only chant USA as if it's for germans. This explains why they're trying to manipulate American laws to impose their "way of life" onto others rights to live and be themselves while no one is stopping them from also assimilating just as their KKK leaders showed becoming Buddhists, practicing yoga, eating mexican food, wearing world fashion and listening to black rap/hip hop! They're claim is that "I don't wanna see your skin" is their "way of life". That'll work the same way as saying "I don't want germans because it's against my religion". Every other issue is the same for all citizens vs non-citizens. These germanazis are not special. Cancel their citizenships via birthright! That war is over, they lost, so hit the road!

  24. This is a full blown nazi revenge tactic in Europe too because the "yellow vests nationalists" didn't mind losing jobs to outsiders who had no citizenship if they were european which isn't very nationalist at all. They organized like the LGBTQ, and learned how to manipulate voters and attack the media since it had always shined light to defend against racism. Trump can't use fire power against the KKK marchers, because these racists make up too much of the german south population, and are well armed (see WACO).Germans outnumber real Americans, in office, but they change their names like early politicians like Milhaus Nixon, Rudolff Ford, Johnson's sister is Josefa which isn't very English at all. Today, it's Brian Kemp (Brian Kampf) etc. Even Fox News (Fuchs News) headed by Tucker Carlson (Karl) are all germans.Trump will at least do right by getting rid of ISIS, but needs a plan to terminate the german KKK. Help by spreading this crucial message. Thank you. All this nationalist uprising is a german problem! Fight off german enemies of both the state and humanity!

  25. THESE ARE NOT AMERICANS. THEY ARE GERMANS WHO HATE AMERICA! German KKK and McVeigh bombed Americans in Oklahoma City to avenge WACO. They avenged McVeigh's early execution by having their affiliates, in office, ignore the Alqaeda warnings so Alqaeda hijacked planes, and the KKK germans could send govt "inspectors" to plant dynamites which is why the twin towers fell like a demolition. Now, they've added their recent lone gunmen massacres to these ones.

  26. Shame on you, your grate grandfather's will be turning on the graves. Is the II world war means nothing !!

  27. This has failed to convince me that it's a good idea for America to become a majority non-white country. Why don't you try to convince israel to become majority non-jewish and get back to me.

  28. Camellia Colbert..don't even like your own Race… Lol… She be running from them Nazis….Now I know the real reason… For things like this … Suspected of killing her brother Fredrick Singolton

  29. "… I live in a neo-nazi area…"

    " One year after Charlottesville, Trump has normalized racism in America

    President Trump's divisive and racial rhetoric is becoming the new normal. We can't let that happen to us as a nation."

  30. Mr. Vegas Tenold characterizes Matthew Heimbach's groups and others of like ideological commitment as "Far Right" or "Alt-Right" but he fails to address the substance of their claims and their respective agenda which is unmistakably Leftist.

  31. These losers walked the street with Tiki Torches😂😂😂 Screaming and red faced.. A group of lonely white guys who are all cowards

  32. Hurrr Durr Durr
    How can you be a Nazi in America Americans fought the Nazis
    Legit about 80 percent of the original American Nazi party were veterans of WW2 even the founder Rockwell fought in WW2

  33. I am an old white guy and I love white AND Hispanic women only.
    On the other hand I interact with blacks as little as possible.
    I guess that make me pseudo-racist?

  34. It would be nice if a "journalist" would actually show the FULL video of the president rebuking the violent nazis and the violent lefties. But no, that wouldn't fit his narrative.

  35. This guy got an inside look on all these groups, and this is all he has to say?
    Oh wait! That's right, he said he wrote a book. Well, if it's as interesting and informative as this video, people will be knocking each other down to get in line for a copy. 🙄

  36. This bald guy is so disingenuous. He KNOWS whats kinds of problems we face, has been exposed to them, and then turns around and uses skewed statistics about black families not having as high an income LOL
    Right there dude exposed himself as the SJW shill that he truly is

  37. Genesis 6:1-8 
    Increasing Corruption on Earth
    6 And the Lord regretted that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart. 7 So the Lord said, “I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, man and animals and creeping things and birds of the heavens, for I am sorry that I have made them.

  38. I like to say good for them no groups interests as long as their genuine should ever be repressed. If Society or the law cannot prove their conduct is unjustified then they must be allowed their opinion.

  39. im watching this and I see black people in the back @ 0:30…..Wow. Youtube is great when it shows everything ….Don't censor anything….people need to understand the truth about humanity in all its greatness, flaws, influences, and continue to become better as a majority…..hopefully.

  40. Mathew hiembach now has a bullseye on the bridge of his nose and when we hit it his nose is going to peirce his brain right between his frontal lobes. Enjoy Matt.

  41. Matthew is not your typical Arian looking whita man! Not blond! Not blue eyed! Not over 6 feet tall! He's dark haired, dark eyed!, Chubby. Looks Latin! Middle Eastern look, Jewish looking! What makes him "white"? Is this is not racial, but political? I don't get it?

  42. 01. 「 J = Japan」Roots  ⇒ 「 J = Jerusalem /Jesus / Jew」

    02. 「Japan」⇒「World Emperor」⇒「Ruler」⇒「The Right」⇒「Roots」=Black / Africa.

    03. 「Anti」 ⇒「Anti-Emperor」⇒「Left / Liberal」⇒「KKK / Attack」=Black / Indian.

    04. 「Left = Roosevelt」+「Dark CIA」⇒ Supported 「Nazis」⇒ Attacked 「Japan」

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