Mythology of Soul

Mythology of Soul

As we learn to set aside the stuff of
life and we learn to say, “You know what? What’s really happening here?” We realize
that everything is, as A Course in Miracles puts it, everything is love or a cry for
love, a call for love. So what would you give everything if it’s love being
expressed respond with love. But if it’s a call for love, or a cry for love, what
to give it? The best thing, the only thing really, but the best thing, is more love.
Now that’s beautiful, and kind of poetic, but it’s not easy, you know, when people
are annoying. you don’t go you know what this person needs is love there’s all
kinds of other options we can think of you know what they need you know but to
the moon those of you who are old enough to remember that you’re right one of
these days Alice and that’s the human reaction the human reaction is I don’t
like what I’m experiencing I don’t like what I’m saying I don’t like what I’m
hearing I must retaliate either I defend or
retaliate you can broaden that into fight flight freeze but none of those
are God so how does God respond the best answer is I don’t know but I’m willing
to find out because as soon as we go how would God respond and we start thinking
about it we’re sort of not as open to receiving the guidance on how to do it
so even though it seems logical or sensible or rational to figure out how
to respond and I’m not saying there’s a problem with that I’m saying let’s learn
to start with I don’t know but I’m willing to find out I don’t know I don’t
know you know this person’s crying out this person’s in deep pain I mean
sometimes literally and emotionally in pink what can I do for them well I don’t
know it’s there it’s none of my business we have to learn to say what can I do
and the head will go it’s none of my business and then just say am I not my
brother’s keeper I’m not responsible for them but I am responsible with them
there’s always something to consider doing at the very least prayer quiet
silent prayer you could be sitting a mile away you can be sitting 10 feet
away and nothing can stop us from saying my brother sister whatever you’re going
through just know I am standing on behalf of God and all
your brothers and sisters and I’m sending you love so sorry that you’re
going through whatever it is but know that all on some level all is well
sending that beautiful reassurance and they can feel it on some level do they
always do you always see somebody ten feet away or a mile away or going whoa
I done seen the light I’m healed you know no but if you sit there watching
for that with your a little scrutinizing you know telescope are they healed yet
that’s that’s just our ego getting involved again send it and be done send
it and be done knowing that on some level all as well I’ve been teaching a
lot of years and I never I just do my best to I don’t
take these things for granted you know I never just go well after 35 years now I
should you know I should this ensure that I I don’t pay attention to that I
still call upon God help me and guide me oh it’s better to say I don’t know
because in in that you can now receive anything and everything you need if you
try to tell God in some way even without words if you think you have half of
anything covered you’ve limited how much you can be filled so it’s kind of better
just to alright I’m good I’m here I’m open just whatever I need to know and
then wow sky’s the limit I’ve talked about many many different
topics in my life but yet there’s always a theme and that’s putting God first you
know and I’m glad because that’s that’s what happens in my self-talk in my day
to day talk when I’m doing things I sort of it’s not that I’m walking around just
always calmly in a meditative state it’s whatever I’m doing I end to feel as
though I’m in communion of some kind that doesn’t mean it’s always just calm
and peaceful it could be a dialogue it could be about self issues it could be
about life the world it could be asking for suggestions on what to talk about
it’s just whatever it’s kind of just this nice spiritual friend that we have
in God to call upon but one of the common things I have talked about
you know somewhat consistently is mythology now I don’t mean I’m going to
tell you a story about you know Athena or and so forth we talked about
archetypes like that before what I’m saying is this in God there is no
mythology there’s no metaphor there’s no myth there’s no once upon a
time there there’s just bliss of God there’s no contemplating what it would
be like to not have God there’s no philosophy there’s no theorems to work
on it’s just the bliss of God so in God there’s there’s no mythology but once
the children of God thought that they might separate mythology began and
there’s really two sides of mythology the mythology of us separating from God
and the mythology of us coming home but the great minds like Joseph Campbell
have tried to explain the a and Carl Jung to thee the mind thinks archetypal
II the mind thinks metaphorically especially in the higher
mind what I’m saying and that is that we as beings once we thought we separated
we have kind of two sides this going to sleep and the waking up and every movie
and every song and every thought we have is reflecting one of those two things
when you think a thought like god there’s so much younger looking than me
you’re dreaming you’re thinking a thought of what it’s like to go to sleep
and imagine that some can be better than others when you start to look at others
and go oh I really love the beauty in that person that’s beautiful you’re
dreaming or thinking of waking up you see what I’m saying you could say
negatives are the dream of separating and positives are the dream or the
mythology of waking up you could summarize it generally like that but
clearly our version of the positives and negatives aren’t really that cut-and-dry
because we could have what we think are positives and they complete good they
can be completely ego based you know I can look in the mirror mirror mirror on
the wall tell me I’m the most amazing of all and just because that’s a positive
doesn’t mean it’s part of the mythology of waking up that’s
obviously kind of ego-based so here’s what we’ve got we’ve got this um access
to high your mind when Jesus talked he he said life is like he was using
metaphors and what they call parables ancient civilizations and still some
cultures indigenous people they still use parables and metaphors because well
for several reasons but in part because the metaphors reached your higher mind
broader mind less detailed in finding a broader open mind but also when you use
metaphors you’re telling stories where people could start imagining themselves
as the characters if I say one plus one is two most people don’t go okay I’m I’m
one and that person’s what they it’s not it’s not as given a space for the
imagination which is the higher mind which is the heart chakra so instead
they say once upon a time there was this damsel and she’s Nina trapped in a tower
and nobody could save her and then this hero finally wakes up and says I think
I’m gonna and there’s a part of us that goes huh I want to be that I want to be
a hero and we get a little caught up in genders and think that males can be here
it’s it’s it’s the hero in us the hero and the hero in saying I’m gonna write
off and save the damsel but a great teacher might say so children or adults
who do you think the villainous oh it’s the dragon but don’t we all have some of
that in us the part of us that tries to sabotage our lives that’s the part that
takes the damsel and locks it in a tower somewhere and says you can’t come out so
all of a sudden we realize that’s the gay part of me that wants to come out
and believes it doesn’t believe it can that’s the child in me that my parents
always repressed that’s the part that was in Catholic school and they said you
can’t you can’t get it see it and then we start to go oh my god I could relate
George Lucas was reading some of Joseph Campbell’s work and he went wait a
minute these are archetypes and so he had this
brilliant idea I’m gonna do a movie and it might even make it
and I’m gonna have archetypal you know good guys bad guys and it was brilliant
because in a sense he was saying this is in us all you know I mean the dark side
as they called it could pull guys that were in the light and and and tease them
with the appeal the allure of the dark side can happen anybody and does to
different degrees so there’s also the break free of it and and the the people
that were saying no we’re going to stand up for the light even if it’s to death
this is the right thing to do so he’s using these archetypes but another part
of this mythology is that it remember the mythologies are all about us falling
asleep or going into a dream or worse a nightmare of separating from God and and
so in A Course in Miracles you have these concepts shared that are sort of
saying even though you’re still on earth dealing with the dream of separation
from God because if you’re on earth look we’re all sitting in separate bodies
that’s not true we’re not separate anything’s but because we think we’re
separate bodies the course will say because you think you’re in the dream we
might as well teach you to have a happy dream not a happy dream that that sort
of distracts us but a happy dream of becoming more connected to each other
one reason we come together here like if we came here and I just kind of was
hired to you know crack open the dusty old Bible John thirteen three you know
it is kind of like depressed you know you couldn’t pay me enough you know I’d
kill myself you know before I could be paid enough money to do it just doesn’t
it just cannot be done for me it cannot be done because there’s something more
happening these kinds of gatherings some people think a gathering is an
old-school thing no becoming one with more people can never be old-school so
getting together in gathering as long as the intention is
greater sense of remembering whom we are some people gather and they go nowhere
but I love the fact that when we get together for the most part I could say
people don’t come here and just go I got to put in my hour so I don’t feel guilt
this week people come here and they pretty much can expect I’m gonna hear
something interesting and even better something I can apply in my own life and
I like that so mythology is a very beautiful way
that the human mind has it could summarize life and it’s summarized again
the dreams of us parting ways and the dreams of us reconnecting reconnecting
with God but also with each other you know because we can pretend that we’re
connecting with God we can ohm and chant and meditate and oneness and beautiful
you know I’m one with God and I’m just connecting with spirit give it all kinds
of cool names but if the people afterwards then I can tell you your
prayer and meditation was bogus you might have done the motions one with
everything but when you open your eyes and go God you people annoy me it’s it’s
it’s it’s it’s hypocrisy and if that works too strong find another one that’s
real close because it’s what it is it’s it’s not true and it’s not real what you
have to do is the the gong in the oming and then say god it’s amazing these
people still annoy me show me how to see them how you see them instead of
pretending I go to spiritual God time and then time with you which is
completely different I don’t like you people it’s God I know that you love
them and I know that the souls in them love you but we don’t act like it show
me how to see it all through your eyes and you start shifting see you but
you’ve made it an applicable shift in consciousness when we do things of
ourselves we always split them and they can’t come together they can’t work
happens with family members you know your children and that sort of thing Oh
money pot you I mean I I had you know kids and when
they were a little man I did all the spiritual stuff
I mean I’m silic you know we’re gonna have a water birth we’re gonna hoo yeah
man we’re gonna chant in the holy books sacred Gospels and different on the
mommy’s tummy because if the baby can feel that frequency in that vibration
pie but reading pajamas that had chakra colors but nos I swear to God
chakra colored buttons on the pajamas because this was gonna be a holy being
and Holly Christ you know they still go I’m glad you had a plan I have my own
you know they still have their own life they still have their own growth their
own consciousness and in case there’s any pieces of ourselves that we missed
they’re gonna help us out with that and you know I’m just here to help you know
mirror you so but children they stay flying under the radar you know because
they start off as though they’re you know mommy I love mommy I love daddy it
starts off that way but at some point you know they forget that contract and
they get into I’m here to teach you something so so what is the purpose to
all this what why then mythology’s it’s all an illusion but then wait why do we
do it and somebody wrote in recently if this is an illusion why do we bother
because we don’t completely yet accept that it’s an illusion so you have to
know the truth which is that God is and there’s only love in the back of my mind
I must never forget them do my best to remember that but out here here’s where
we seem to be and so you respect the illusion which means you play the game
you still you know still put fuel in your car instead of going it’s all an
illusion go ahead and go ahead in to live
dangerously just put some fuel in just you know not gonna kill you it’s a good
idea otherwise you’re on the side of the road going I don’t understand why me
and God’s going I was like fuel up you know but you didn’t listen so the the
the Islamic saying you know trust in Allah but tie up your camel like take
take care of the practical things it’s raining I’ll just keep the window down
why am I getting all wet I’m a victim no you could roll the windows up take care
of the practical things in life so why do we have tests in life in the first
place in reality what is the purpose to life the answer from spirit from God is
there is no purpose you’re dreaming when you wake up there’ll be no value to the
dream once you wake up you’ll just go I just had the weirdest dream how long did
it last Oh only a split second but you know
what’s weird about the dream it felt like forever it felt like I had to keep
incarnated and the guides they’re gonna go what the heck is incarnated it’s hard
to explain because we’re infinite love again now but I had this dream that I
was a little person and I would get sick what is sickness I don’t know how to
explain it but there we would seemingly catch something from outside of
ourselves but there isn’t a lot side I know but it’s just let me just finish
something outside I would catch it you mean catch it like like catch no it
would creep into me and then but you can’t die I know it’s that’s what I said
it’s it’s weird but this happened I mean it seemed to have happened and in there
eventually it would choke me and kill me and I would die and I couldn’t move in
it what do you mean you couldn’t move I know I would die but then I would come
up with an ingenious plan since that body doesn’t work anymore I’m gonna get
another one and I’ll just keep doing this lifetime after lifetime we’re gonna
say what was the purpose there is no purpose because God created us in its
image and I know some teachers are going to
tell you mm-hmm no God created us to learn to learn what some people think
that God actually created satellites and went I don’t know what the universe is
like so I’m going to send you all out to figure it out come back and report to me
and then God will then grow from your information-gathering
first of all that would be a very demented God because it would have to
say it might be really messed up out there but I don’t care that’s your
problem go gather information come back and report to me who safely sits in
heaven that doesn’t that’s not how it works but some people actually buy into
that because it makes more sense than the truth it makes more sense to the
logic of the ego because it just seems to work as its seems simpler but it
isn’t the simplest thing is that God actually made us in its image God is
perfect and we’re perfect but have forgotten that that’s all that happened
we forgot our perfection how we chose to start when we ate from the tree of
knowledge that’s the metaphor and Eden we learn to have opinions and judgments
once you’ve been into one judgment you had to cover your tracks because of the
guilt you could feel for judging but there is no guilt because you can’t
really judge perfection as being imperfect but you can think you can you
can believe that when I look at you and think you’re fat skinny ugly tall short
all these things that we think about people you can think that that’s
actually a naughty thought and when we the one way we know that it seems
naughty is that when people do at us we feel bad we don’t like that they said
that about us but when we react we actually made it valid see so when
people are hurtful instead of the Mystics men and women who said what say
what you want how does that affect me I’m one with God the Cathars of a
thousand years ago man there were points when when the military would come up and
say we’re gonna burn you at the stake if you don’t become Catholics and convert
to Catholicism they said where’s the fire they did they arrived where’s the
fire it’s over there they just walked in because they were saying there is no
death we don’t actually buy it your thing your
threats now I’m not saying that’s easy but it can be done okay and we all have
to learn to do it when someone says to you if you start practicing the
spiritual stuff of yours I’m going to leave you just say would that be today
you know be immune be immune to the threats of life even if an ailment rip
you do what you will you still have not no power over me
jesus said to Pilate you have no power other than that which I give you and I’m
allowing you to do this because I see a bigger purpose so it’s okay would you
know when you see the bigger picture in life it’s okay because we start to kind
of you know laugh more at the the threats that people can dish out on us I
shared once before and I think I just mentioned it briefly recently but I’m
gonna share again there’s this mystic a woman in a time 2,000 years ago when it
wasn’t really acceptable or nameís Thekla but Paul was an apostle a very
strong-willed apostle very opinionated but still he’s supposed to be an apostle
of Christ consciousness he was still a bit too human but he was supposed to be
an apostle of Christ consciousness and this woman sees the power of Christ now
remember Christ call it God if you want but she sees the
power of love coming through these students of this guy named Jesus and
went there’s something very powerful and magical there so she says to Paul please
baptize me and he says no no mainly because she’s a woman but she doesn’t
give up she says okay well you know I’m gonna just follow this guy around and
keep asking I want to be baptized he says no and she’s becoming a nuisance
but a great symbol because eventually there’s a few times she gets arrested
because she’s doing things that women are not supposed to do and she keeps
getting arrested now when she’s getting arrested
the threat of death so they they go to burn her alive and it rains and puts out
the fire now right there I would just go okay okay let’s just not mess with this
girl you know like somebody somebody on tire all be at home you know like can’t
you figure this out because you know what every lesson is done learned the
easy way or the hard way learn as quickly as you can
if you get married and then you say god you know days later weeks later months
later you realize this is this is really really heavy stuff I didn’t know about
addictions or whatever and it becomes very hard but you say but my mom will
never be happy if I divorce this person and you start living under the the
threat of that under the you know you are you’re like in a sentence now you’re
not married which is a loving partnership you’re living out a sentence
your own head start to tell you you cannot or or a job you know as a kid I I
had the promise of jobs that made twenty-something dollars an hour when I
was a kid and nobody nobody I knew was making that much at you know 40 years
ago and the job I took was 3 something an hour being an assistant to a teacher
in us in an elementary school it made no sense whatsoever to anybody
I was absolutely a failure amongst family and you know it was like and
there but you could have a trade you could do that and we can set you up over
here we can do and big money but I was never happy even thinking about doing
the jobs that they wanted and I thought you know then I remembered the wisdom of
God coming through it a character of being it wasn’t Jesus it wasn’t Buddha
it was a mother Teresa was a beautiful Taoist priest named Kwai Chang Caine
on the TV show kung fu and there was quite taking a master of a
Shaolin priest who has gone through all these amazing initiations and he was
cleaning out a pig stall and they say how is it that you look happy when we
gave you the worst of all the jobs and he said any job is an honorable job and
I remember that it’s not what you do any job is an honorable job it’s a state of
mind and I loved what I was doing so I just stayed with that the world is going
to tell you all kinds of other things so Thekla is going through this and
something in her heart is saying I’ve got to maintain I’ve got to pull this
off so they need to try to burn her at the stake no no it doesn’t happen the
rain comes then there’s this nobleman who tries to push himself on her and and
rape her and she fights him off but happens to like tear something a
clothing or jewelry or some tears something and he backs off now he’s
going to be exposed what well how did that happen he says this woman attacked
me he’s a nobleman she’s nothing they take her they threw her in the arena to
the Lions and one of the weirdest things and coolest things of all the Lions not
only didn’t eat her the mother lionesses got in front of her to protect her from
the male lions no again I’m like I’m going home like I don’t want any part of
this I could you did when are you gonna learn there’s something magical
happening here and still another time they get her and they throw her in the
in the arena in the pool with sharks to these people this was you know
entertainment so they throw her in these pull up she’s in this pool of sharks and
everybody’s waiting for them to just rip her up and instead a flash of lightning
comes from the heaven call it lightning if you want hits the water kills all the
Sharks but not her and at this point that glove which is you and I just takes
the water and says hell with the Paul I’ll just baptize myself quite beautiful like it’s just like you
know I’m doing it the dutiful way I’m doing it the way I’m talking but they
don’t even want me to really do it they don’t even really want me to wake
up see there’s games that go on you know I remember a martial arts instructor
once and he loved to control the students and he would not give them the
belts they were deserving he was holding back so I just recommend it to some of
the people that were frustrated with it go to a different instructor and when
they did they had already been stuck where they were for so long refining
their skills which was good but they were stuck for so long when others saw
their skills they were able to be graduated a couple belts up but it took
them a while to to say you know maybe there’s another option maybe I don’t
have to do things the same way everybody else says especially if it doesn’t feel
like a reflection of love that’s the main criteria they’re written main
barometer like does this feel like love and if not do I say if you’re bossy you
know your employment your partners don’t feel like love that you should just
stand up in the way I’ve determined this isn’t love goodbye I don’t believe that
because I think you have to ask yourself I am in this aren’t I this is a
partnership I think you give it a chance first and say I have had an awakening
I’m going here now would you like to join me they get an option to say yes
and if you could pull that off and if they join you you’ve pulled off one of
the few things like it’s it’s a huge minority to be able to do that family
members to go you know yeah I mean that’s forget but you know your mom and
dad going you were right honey it’s it’s not likely but what’s going to
impress them is that you get it and you live it even if they watch from a
distance my family was not going to be the type to let go wow this guy really
has it you know especially if they’ve been abusive to you because that’s only
going to intensify their guilt for having been rude to you
so they have once people are entrenched in ego they kind of have to stay stuck
in it to confirm their validity for being rude in the first place so some of
you learn to say I do not have to put up with this you know and then you’ve got
your your New Age soapbox to stand on and I’m awake I’m now a goddess you know
and you you get a little too loud and too forceful and that’s a little of the
all the repression finally coming out but that’s not yet your perfect voice
it’s just a loud er one and it’s one that’s speaking up for what’s right
what’s beautiful is when you’re so centered you have it so together you may
not even have to say anything sometimes you just go you don’t have to explain
yourself I’m not saying don’t I said you may or may not how do you know which one
I don’t know but I’m willing to find out trust guidance what seems right and it’s
what would be the greatest good and if I felt like my telling my family I’m awake
would actually cause them more hatred than good it’s maybe not in our best
interest for me to announce that maybe I just kind of am NOT there so much I’ve
shared many times but you know in my family they were gonna say he’s
spiritual they were gonna say maybe we ought to rethink this Catholic thing
they were gonna do any of that instead you know their approach was more like Oh
Michael hey how’s it going um why don’t you do that weird healing stuff you do
on me they weren’t gonna say you know it’s made a difference
thank you no and I could have said not until you have learned to bow to me as a
healer that would have been hurtful to me and to them I know it’s tempting but
it’s actually not in our best interest so what I did is I humbly sit down and
work on you know so once those legs or so and so shoulders I wasn’t getting
respect but that I knew was the best day we’re gonna give me they were not being
hurtful but that was the best goodness they could muster up I don’t know where
your line is you have to find your line of what you can
handle and yes there were times when you know uh whatever it’d be a holiday you
know and as much as they don’t like me there was something that they would miss
if I weren’t there it’s the weirdest thing
so when I would show up I would hear all look The Anointed One has arrived absolute rudeness but inside I thought
it was funny because it’s like what made you have to even sit and think that one
up you must actually believe you see something here you see so you’re not
always going to get these the happy dream that we’d like to have we have to
choose it even when other people aren’t going to support us in that process and
my heart goes out to anyone because it is scary it’s it’s funny you know I can
stand here and make jokes about it but it is hard man when you’re thick line
and you see lions descending on you it is hard to be tight at the stake and
watch the flames be lit you don’t just go up doesn’t matter it’s an illusion
it’s the human that the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and it’s
it’s embarrassing and it’s gross to be in a family watch them all laugh at you
and make jokes about you and your beliefs it’s very difficult I understand
that all I know is that I can tell you is this too shall pass your day will
come and if all you want is vindication
please see through that because then there’s still something in the ego that
once vindicated so just back off on that and instead accept like Pecola I don’t
need anyone to show it to me to give it to me I have it within myself when we
get that it’s kind of cool all of a sudden everything else just can-can
relax everything it’s like I don’t have to prove anything I don’t have to do
anything it’s just everything can kind of chill is that making sense so what is
the purpose of life life’s tests there is no purpose in God there’s no purpose
because we’re thinking we’re here and and you know trying to do something and
pull something off but in reality one day will go we had it all along so this
will fade the dream of having separated and then grown the
dream of separation remember and then past lives you know in reincarnation and
new bodies and new growth and new this and that right now it makes sense first
we’re falling and then we started taking workshops and meditating to get back and
I’m not criticizing at all those things because they’re the happy dream so God
saying I encourage the gatherings the prayers the meditations the solstices I
encourage it why because it’s your dream but it’s a happy dream instead of a
nightmare there are human beings that still are dreaming a nightmare of
nothing but pain and limitation hurt low self-worth I need someone on earth to
wake up and be the reflection of another option for them so play the game guys he
say play the game it’s insane go ahead do your solstice where your
crystals have a smile when other people don’t have a smile they say honey how do
you do that you’re smiling you’re going through a divorce oh it’s actually very
painful to go through this but you know what there’s something in me that says
this too shall pass you know what it feels like is almost like a divorce
feels like almost like a crucifixion and you know it but yet I hear this voice
saying Lazarus come forth I hear this voice saying come out of the tomb you
see and then I start thinking up and you’re telling this person see you’re
just you’re a teacher without being a teacher you’re a teacher of God not an
official teacher and a teacher of God’s more important so you say oh I see it
it’s almost like a part of me has died but I didn’t die so the part of me that
dies in this divorce isn’t my soul it’s a part of my human belief systems I had
low self-worth and this person was perfect I married my low self-worth they
made it very clear on a regular basis my old beliefs about myself and then I woke
up and I know this that I’m doing a good job at this because I don’t hate them
I’m not saying I love their behaviors I’m saying I don’t hate them so I get it
I’m able to say I get it and I’m able to send love to those people
it started at first just kind of a gratuitous love but it ended up being a
greater sense of love alright and this is where all of a sudden you’re teaching
people just a few words and you’re just a bloke you know you’re just a person
going I don’t know it’s you know instead of going well let me tell you how to get
through that divorce you’re saying you know it was hard I was struggling I was
afraid but somehow I kept the faith oh you mean just kind of fake no no I I
don’t mean a blind like faith I mean I actually truly believed that there’s
life after death you see whatever the words are that you can share they’re
words that you learn so what is the purpose to life’s test ultimately
nothing but while we’re on earth there is a purpose which is for us to graduate
and grow unconscious on a consistent level grow in consciousness
once we grow enough once we passed all of life’s tests and we come through all
the stuff and we learn to be who we really are the next thought is I had it
all alone it actually isn’t a growing that’s just on earth it looks that way I
went to kindergarten I went to first grade second grade third it looks like
that I grew I learned to pray then I learned to meditate and I learned to
check then I learned affirmations and decrees I learned forgiveness etc but at
the end of the day really when all is said and done we’re gonna say I had it
all along and we shift from the doing to the being and what’s the ultimate being
being who I really am not who Michael really is who I slash we really are one
with God and all the tests you know they fall away and we learn to look back and
go well it was almost funny you know how silly that we we thought people are on
earth are still serious though on earth there still seems to be sexism and
racism and all that so we didn’t laugh it off and say it’s an illusion we we
hear it and we do our best to make a difference where we can and how we
but when you do talk to people when you do seem to correct people when they’re
acting hurtfully and it is okay at times to correct people I would err toward the
sides of looking at myself before I start correcting people I’m a spiritual
teacher and you almost never hear me trying to correct people I’ll just teach
and then you dig it or you don’t it doesn’t matter I don’t tell people your
belief systems are wrong you know not typically I let people be I typically
look at I can laugh at all the religions because they’re laughable in some ways
but if your religion is important to you I might even ask you tell me more about
it because I honor you not not the details I honor you for believing in
something good so I love people and I love people sincere attempt to grow but
at the end of the day all the tests and all the lessons start falling apart they
just start falling away and we realized God we had it all along in the meantime
I’m going to close with this in the meantime when it comes to assisting
others when they’re having their tests please remember to see beyond what seems
to be someone seems to be struggling they’re angry they’re scared just diving
in the quicksand with them isn’t going to help
no you nor them believe it or not but yet too much staying detached from them
also doesn’t help it can make them feel more shame so join with people bridge
with people you know assist listen be present supportive offer feedback if
they want it feedback isn’t always necessary sometimes just holding them or
being present when it’s right then a little feedback and when it’s really
right some people not only are open to feedback but some are willing to you
know have some questions or answers related to what they might learn from
the experience but I would never if I were you I would never jump in with that
somebody says something horrible just happened most horrible thing I’ve ever
experienced well what can you learn from that that’s that’s too cold start with
I’m sorry to hear that start with joining them at the level
they’re at and only if they can go further don’t open your mouth with
feedback until that seems like the right thing to do if you talk before
people ask for your opinion you’re actually being selfish and I don’t care
if you think you’re guided to tell it to them chill is there an opening and if
there’s not you’re being invasive the Course in Miracles tells us even God
will not come into the lives of people who are afraid of it or aren’t ready for
it that’s how perfect the Divine Mother
Shekinah is how perfect it she matches exactly what we’re willing to do where
we’re willing to go and then could sometimes offer just in case you want to
know there’s a little more there but I’ll just I’ll just wait over here and
if we say I don’t want to know about the other okay no problem
but she’ll hint about something else but never in a in a judgmental or corrective
fashion and we’re supposed to be and become the embodiment of that Divine
Mother how else can we birth people into their awakening if we’re not first the
Divine Mother how do you birth something from your ego self ego cannot create it
can only make believe so I don’t want to be involved with that
I want to help people create I want to be like part of God so the messages are
going to be about love not you should wear a different color you know there’s
no shortage of humans with opinions and I don’t know of any opinion in the
history of mankind that’s ever been correct because an opinion comes from my
mind my lower mind is is what I think you need to hear this is what I think
should be it’s always opinions I just let them go and say God you show me and
what might have been right for you might not be right for me an opinion usually
thinks this is what’s right left and right it’s just it’s just black or white
instead I don’t know but I’m willing to find out and lastly careful not to
enable at the same time you don’t just enable people with their problems if
they say I need to hook you into my misery and you say well Michael said to
be real loving impatient how far into the quicksand would you
like me to go no no you stay yourself centered before I was talking about what
to do and not do for them now I’m talking about don’t forget you
you must stay stay sane so only give as much financially emotionally
energetically as you can give without losing your own sense of self your own
healthiness and there are going to be those people that say you know you’re
being selfish I need you to be with me and you say I have been I’ve been here
12 hours with you but I have to go to work now or I’ll be fired but if you
loved me you would get fired no that’s not true
they’ll try guilt-tripping you and you have to say this is the line I’m drawing
you may not like that but that’s up to you you find your own line but this is
mine enabling is one of the the trickiest things because guys the
healers and messengers of God have to learn the difference between being a
rescuer you know and the miracle worker sometimes they look a little similar but
one of the lines that you cross becoming a rescuer is when you forget your own
healthiness and we think there’s even people that teach this selflessness to
the point of self-destruction and we think that’s actually good and gods like
I wouldn’t do that if I were you in case you just FYI I’m just you know just
putting that out there you know and it isn’t in our best interest we think that
if we demolish ourselves there’s a being in the sky that’s gonna go wow that was
amazing that you just destroyed yourself for the sake of others we even have this
perversion of that’s what Jesus did no no no Jesus is going since I’ve done
that now you don’t have to I did that for a reason to show you the mythology
of it doesn’t matter nothing has power over you and then you guys took it
literally and started the self flagellation and beating up on yourself
going this makes me more of a good Christian or a good whatever the
religion might be earth personality might be how we help others first and
foremost as being a being a difference ourselves show by example when people
say how can you teach children like how do you touch children this and that the
other children most by example and every one of us has a
child in us therefore we all learn best by example so do consider this
yourselves do consider this because really the question is going to become
how much am I willing to be a good example some of us are willing to be an
example when we write books all about love we do nothing to live it so you’re
a good author I actually am not that interested in reading that particular
kind of person they’re their particular book we all have things we like and
don’t like about our styles and personalities of each other but I asked
myself that I asked myself how much can I live this and some people think I’m
doing that for others away it Michael you gotta be yourself you know you don’t
have to always be spiritual in all that you know you gotta let go no wait a
minute it’s not just for others it’s for me if I die tomorrow and I still can
cast a shadow that’s called a contrast there’s the healthy me and then there’s
the secret me the more that still exists I’m gonna work on that you see what I’m
saying by that you we all have to ask ourselves that at some point yeah are
you living the dream are you living the awakening or are you actually living the
awakening with some shadows of the dream of sleeping still separation do look at
your life and ask yourself how many shadows do I still cast I’m not saying
they’re good or bad or you should judge yourself but how many shadows do you
still cast how much hypocrisy is left you don’t have to confess it to me or
any of us just more time looking at self and learning to joyfully drop those if
you have to destroy that thing then it probably is still wanting to live a
little too much so maybe look at it but what parts are still conflicted you know
I want to be prosperous but I keep struggling financially
that’s a contrast and how do I fix it well I need to outside do this and the
way first find out why both are still appealing well they’re not appealing if
they weren’t appealing they wouldn’t be happening and I know that’s hard to hear
but that’s how it is just consider I want to be married but I don’t want to
be to this right I want this person but I
don’t want this person wait that’s a contrast which is fine are you willing
to see that you’re conflicted most of us don’t want to see it because then we
know we’re gonna have to do something about it so I’d rather not think about
it so be the hero of your journey be the hero of your mythology and step up just
reconsider maybe I can step into this and make some changes again where we
started do something be the hero be the master and do something you’re a divine
being who forgot who you are you just descended into a place called Eden where
we became godlike no longer one look got the godlike and then we came to earth
and completely forgot who we are how do you expect to ever go to God grow to God
ascend to God without first becoming a master again there’s a stop off point
you start living as God on earth which is mastery so we have to step up we
can’t just sit around listening to things that we don’t apply anymore
one more book one more work to where’s the application I don’t care if you’ve
done 8000 drum circles if all you ever do is beat on a drum don’t even go
just pound on your own head or something do you know you’re not doing anything of
value are you different if each drum circle you come away going while I was
strumming I let go and my mind open what to the rhythm to the music that’s that’s
still shallow my mind opened and all of a sudden I felt the rhythm through the
rhythm we started joining not just musically and then all of a sudden the
drums disappeared and I realized I’m one with all these people and then we were
done and when I went home on my way and stopped at a store I was still able to
feel that with the people in the store even the annoying ones in front of me
that took too long to get through the Cheka
it didn’t disappear I was able to still hold that presence and when I went to my
car there was a little ding on my new car paint job and I wanted to have a
meltdown and I almost dropped to my knees and screamed to heaven why me then
I remembered maybe that boom on the door was one more
beat of a drum to teach me another lesson maybe all the drums maybe all
this sounds are just rhythms that are
reflecting something harmonies and in harmonies within myself yeah it’s a
bummer there’s a dent but that’s probably in harmony somewhere what can I
learn and then we realize God there’s no separation all of a sudden my mind works
like that I look at a tree and I’m already learning I hear a sentence and
I’m already ready to teach you see like that just living in the whole presence
of this it’s fantastic please take a few centering breaths let’s share and
integrate the message today through meditation setting all the stuff of life aside setting all the stuff of life aside and the mythologies of life we learned
to believe that once upon a time we were and the mythologies of life we learned
to believe that once upon a time we were part of God and then separated all the
mythologies of life which are speaking about our archetypal beliefs so even if
you’re not into spirituality the archetypal beliefs are still in the
minds of everybody it’s in our cellular and genetic memories all of us whether
we like it or not or know it or not have a belief that we separated from the
sublime at one point when we seemingly separated we went to a place called Eden
and that’s another wonderful archetypal mythology it’s where we could live in
our heart centres but the light of God could still shine down from our upper
three chakras down into our heart and still speak to us so imagine what that
felt like the days like in the Garden of Eden story we were told God could come
and walk in the garden with us we could feel God’s presence and hear God’s
guidance just imagine how glorious that feels because that’s where we’re going
first on our way home to complete oneness how did it feel how easy life
would be to hear the guidance to follow love
we’re told anything you could possibly want in the garden is yours anything you
could ever longed for one desire in life is in the garden that’s a no-brainer
it’s anything with our mind we could create a new job a new car
I mean metaphorically it’s anything we’re looking for how could there be
sickness all the fruits and herbs metaphorically the symbolically in the
garden that’s all we could ever want we just reach and take in it’s ours and
it’s all beautiful there’s no competing there’s no
separation between us and then in the garden story we learned
not only to hear the thought of what if we weren’t in the garden what if we were
separate from God even more and separate from love and separate from each other
and then now cast out of the garden we go on to have human lives we no longer
live in our heart we have three sharp chakras below that shockers representing
states of consciousness you now no longer just have your heart you have
your lower mind you have human emotions and a life that reflects separation each
of those chakras is now reflecting the beliefs in our heart if we get our heart
together the lower chakras will reflect goodness to us but every wavering
doubtful fearful thought that goes on in our heart starts manifesting in our
lower mind and our emotions and in our life experiences and some teachers will
say just change your vibration and you change your life no change your belief
change your belief that you’re separate don’t force it don’t guilt others to do
it choose it because it makes sense whenever we’re not choosing it the easy
way our soul is going to take us there anyway through the more challenging
lessons of life so imagine you are all living in our hearts right now we feel
and see our souls presence in our heart we’re not a root chakra we’re not our
emotional and lower mind centres we’re not humans we’re borrowing human bodies
to reflect our beliefs in our heart so imagine back to our heart and we say you
know what I have my little self am nothing my ego self have nothing and I
struggle and work to learn no sense I’m asking you father mother God shine your
light let the Holy Spirit the Divine Mother descend from the heavens that she
was made to do descend from the heavens and
up into my heart brighten my soul quickened me the way a baby physically
is quickened into birth quickened my soul help me to feel the aliveness the
joy of being truly alive and I now stand in my heart knowing God is with me and
if God’s with me what could be against me I stand in my heart and I look to my
lower mind next chakra be still and know I am God demand learn to demand and
command those little doubtful thoughts of fear Nick Nick negative low
self-worth guilts and shames knock it off tell them what value do you have
when I am one with God look to the emotional center or to one’s emotions be
still and know I am God tell them relax you’re only reflecting fears that I once
had but I’ve given them up my emotions you can now reflect how wonderful it is
to feel connected to God in each other I am safe there’s nothing to be afraid of
there’s nothing that can really harm us when we are God you can’t be alone
emotionally you tell it instead of being alone I’ll be all one and then to the
root chakra to the human physical self just say be still and know I am God the
body you have no control over me you’re a reflection I don’t have to achieve
good health or bad health because you’re just a reflection as God the body will
reflect my wholeness disease be still and know I am God
begone you have no place here you have no power here
I no longer value you like I once did as though you were something over me
conditions in life finances lack limitation be still and know I am God
therefore my finances can now reflect my goodness instead of my human struggle
your relations everything in the world goodbye and recreating a new life
choosing to be born again in the greatest sense and close with seeing every Center
lit up with brilliant light every chakra every organ every gland be still and
know I am God and blazing light and learning to believe that that’s who I am
and live accordingly and close with an attitude of gratitude close with a
belief of giving thanks a sense of closure that what you’ve just seen heard
felt is actually true and is happening and gradually stretch out but taking
these thoughts with you into your life very good I pray it’s made good sense these
amazing metaphors parables stories course and miracles has a lot of those
scriptures have a lot of them the Talmud and all these wonderful sacred writings
of the past they use these beautiful stories and storytelling to illustrate
concepts mythologies of Sophia the wandering soul in the universe that
falls and then eventually is redeemed and awakened so all kinds of brilliant
stories out there of course and miracles has some really strange ones but it has
some you know it sort of says that there in the ego life in the human world there
are these dogs of the ego that come to ravage you they’re hungry and they’re
you know vicious and it’s talking about the the Karma’s of the world it’s
talking about all this stuff low self-worth and here they come the dogs
come to feed on you and it says but when you follow the ego those are the
messengers you’ll attract which are called family members and bosses and
people that kind of just rabid they just chew on you and try to tear you down
tear you up but it says in the course there are different messengers that come
from God and they’re the messages of love they’re not coming to feast on you
they’re coming to reflect you’re really doing great now and how do I know that
they’re bringing sometimes they literally say I just feel guided to tell
you you really are a great soul that’s really wonderful other times they say
things just simple like you know I just noticed you and you really seem like a
happy person so sometimes it’s a message of the soul but sometimes it’s just
seemingly coincidental outside messages they say you look so happy
that’s still a reminder that I must have chosen well those people are bringing us
messages and the ravenous dogs you know if all you do is focus on they’re here
to get me and I’m gonna have to fight them that’s what you keep doing that
with family members you keep reverting to the pattern of fight or flight or
freeze we need something different and if you must close the cage so they
can’t get to you for a while and go and recharge
that’s called divorce that’s called goodbye mom that’s called whatever and
it’s not because I’m better than them I need some space to recharge see and when
I can I’ll reappropriation into our closing song if you’re watching online
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take about a minute or two to pass the baskets and while they’re doing that you
folks can share feedback knowing you know as you share what you learned or
heard today briefly what you learn or heard today that could make a difference
in your life I’ll repeat it back so the folks online can also catch on and hear
some new things and they also can post some things that were important to them
okay all right anybody want to share what they learned or heard what did you
learn her here that made the most sense to you that could be the most applicable thank you then I got a lot of good
things to say nice thank you thank you thank you one of the best talks I’ve
given now and that’s cool what did you gain that you can bring okay I
appreciate the feedback but what did you how are you different yes I need to be though see he didn’t he’s
saying that first person to I need to be the light in my family that’s that’s how
you are a teacher speak it as though you believe it get your truth and you could
be at a supermarket and repeat it and change lives think about that the shift
that happens in you when you start to think of people as children and children
of God nice yes I don’t know but I’m willing to
find out yeah that that works for you that’s yeah
great yes yeah like decla we can consecrate
ourselves and not meaning though in our personal lives you don’t have to wait
for people’s approval to say that you could do this or that you know you can
just believe in yourself and go there one more right right when you feel the
compulsion to tell others what they need to hear you’re already wrong following
compulsions is not a really good idea no but I really feel compelled to tell you
this wait a minute you’re already wrong you know so be careful and as I said
having taught a long time and been a counselor for a long time I still don’t
walk around telling people excuse me ma’am in a problem you know the
supermarket but you need to know whatever it because as soon as I speak
I’m wrong it’s I need to first see people as holy and when I think
something needs corrected I should look here first and it’s tricky because I
know a lot of people students and teachers that say I am checking and I’m
pretty good in here myself I’m holy but you need to change something and and
it’s hard to explain it to them you listen you’re actually insane and I
don’t want to hear what you have to say you know it’s it’s hard to convey that
there was one more hand up so let me go back yes show me how you would see this
ohm like isn’t that great listen to what I’m saying because under it a lot of its
going back to being the child and saying show me God and teachers and some people
in different groups they if they think it’s all about becoming out and speaking
of being boisterous and telling people the teacher that does that I don’t want
to hear from my confidence isn’t coming from what I believe I need to tell you
it’s the excitement that comes through of being in touch with that truth it’s
beautiful you know but it’s not I don’t feel ever like a oh you poor
people I need to tell you something I’m excited that we are sharing this you
know it’s a bit different and yes good move get the ball rolling you know I
really got to meditate some day what you’ve been saying that for 30 years
do something meditate but meditation takes hours no how about to this just
watch inhale once exhale once and while you inhale surrender to God and when you
exhale give thanks for that moment of surrender and you just successfully
surrendered and and meditated and it only took you one breath that’s a start
now try two breaths but you’re meditating humans keep making excuses
yes nice nice do it yes being here has made
you a better person a different person would there be anybody in this room that
thinks that there should be anything superior to that the cheeks should gain
being here we would all be wrong to say anything what could be better than you
becoming better you know what that means if she’s becoming a better person
she’s remembering who she is and is getting closer to God how could we say
no but you really need you know you you’re already you’re already getting it
then when you told us that we actually all got another wave of that like wow
wait a minute six weeks I’ve been here a year and I’m
not even that confident I need her to be my teacher now cuz what she said I need
to wrap it up and start being changed transformed not by Michael not by these
people God will reflect it the best we can but
God alright thank you and thank yes good thank you for being with us online Aloha
peace be with you all we’ll see him namaste he’ll mistake that must go you

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  1. This is a great presentation! Wonderful stories, examples and personal experiences. I especially liked it when he spoke of no hate even for those that hurt you. That is so true. To experience that is so freeing.
    Listening is also another point I appreciated. He is very clear on his points and the way they come across leaves no questions. Also living your knowing or walking your talk. Being aware of your own inner conflicts and being your own hero. Excellent

  2. I want to learn more about Thekla, (sp) I am sure that is not correct spelling, just cracking an eye open with your vids on Auto-Play, I often have to look to see what vid I am listening to. They can play all day while I multitask at my PC. What a blessing in my life today!

  3. Please , what religion do you study and what do you call it ? I don’t care to label I believe in God and LOVE simple. But I do agree with a lot of things that surround mythology. I want to go more in depth with this. I have changed my major from psychology into this new calling after my spiritual awakening I need enlightenment. Please and thank you 🙏 💜

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