Month of Yoga | 31 Days of Yoga | Yoga for Full Body Strength | Day 10

Month of Yoga | 31 Days of Yoga | Yoga for Full Body Strength | Day 10

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel we are on day 10 of our 31 days of yoga so moving right
along we are working on our strength today so find a little bit of space to
move let’s get started and just remember to subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t already we’ll start today by finding a nice
comfy seated position so you can find your way there and then we’ll take our
hands and actually place them on our knees and just using the hands on the
knees as a little support to help us stay sitting nice and tall because we’re
going to twist so you’ve been inhale lengthen the spine exhale relax your
shoulders from your ears take another inhale and as you exhale turn the upper
body towards the right side and you can move your hands maybe one in front of
you maybe one behind you and then just find that nice twist keeping that nice
long spine and then when you’re ready using an
inhale let’s turn ourselves back to face the front take your hands and put them
on your knees again inhale lengthen sit tall exhale soften the shoulders but
keep that nice long spine and then we’ll start to turn ourselves over to the left
side twisting just breathe and then only going as far as your body lets you go up
forcing anything here Oh some are you guys using an inhale let’s turn
ourselves back to face the front hands can find the knees one more time inhale
sit even taller exhale awesome job your eyes are closed just
open them up now or bring our hands to the floor in front of us all the way in
front of us and then we are going to find our forearms so bring your forearms
all the way down towards the mat you might want to push your palms down into
the mat as well but think about tucking the elbows right under the shoulders and
then we’re gonna start to scooch the knees back but keeping the shoulders
over top of the elbows so a forearm plank how fancy of a way to get into it
so you can tuck your toes under you can stay on your knees or maybe you want to
hover the knees but we’re all gonna send our heels back towards the back wall
whatever is behind you so waking up those legs kind of stretching through
the back of the heels for getting all about how we are in a plank and just
breathing getting a little warmer and the shoulders getting even stronger than
we were just a few moments ago awesome work you guys if you’ve got your
knees lifted gently place them back down on the mat let’s bring our hands onto
the mat under those shoulders so climb yourself up and then we’re gonna pop up
and ten downward facing dog so send those hips nice and high
lift your knees off of the mat you can start to walk your feet together using
an inhale lift your right foot up towards the ceiling Oh somewhere you
guys keep that right foot lifted if this is too much on the wrists you can always
come back onto those forearms keep in mind that is a lot of work for those
shoulders whew so it’s not any easier but the wrists might like it better so
let’s take one more inhale that right foot lifted exhale drop it back down
we’re gonna lower our knees all the way down onto the mat and sit on the heels
taking just a moment here we’re still warming up we don’t want to get into
things too quick so enjoy this little break move how you need to move maybe
massage those wrists a little bit and whenever you’re feeling good hands are
gonna come back down we’re going to lift up into our down dog so those big toes
or the feet will be together right from the start
inhale lifting the left foot up three-legged dog getting a little warmer
remembering you can always come on to those forearms and if you have never
done that try it you know how much harder it is dolphin
with one leg in the air awesome you guys climbing back up onto the hands perhaps
let’s keep take one more inhale with that foot up exhale slowly place it down
onto the mat use an inhale look between your hands
exhale walk or step to the top of your mat inhale halfway exhale to fold inhale
all the way up to standing reach up look up and exhale your hands through heart
center to your sides roll your shoulders back and down and then let’s bend our
knees chair pose ooh Kitana so if your feet
are together squeeze your knees and your thighs together if your feet are
hip-width apart keep your knees hip-width apart all
right so we’re dropping those hips we’re trying to sit in a chair and then we’re
gonna reach our arms up inhale reach the arms up feel those legs working try and
tuck your tailbone under so if you’re really arching your back
seeing think about tucking that tailbone down there and drawing that belly button
back towards the spine awesome work you guys take one more inhale here
as you exhale stand all the way up roll your shoulders back and down inhale
reach up exhales youthful inhale half-lift exhale let’s plant our hands
step our feet back into a plank from your knees or your toes take one more
inhale exhale let’s Bend that elbows and slowly lower maybe halfway chaturanga
maybe all the way onto your stomach switching to the top of your feet inhale
lift your chest Cobra or upward dog exhale send it back downward facing dog
let’s walk our feet together inhale your right foot up exhale let’s send it
through between the hands dropping the back heel down and inhale lift on up for
warrior two so bending into that front knee take your belly button and try to
shine it straight forwards and then once you do that bend in that front knee a
little bit more reaching up if you want to reach up nice and strong in our
warrior one building strength your entire body here all the way from the
feet the ankles up through those legs and it’s the core
shoulders the arms and even those fingertips wake up those fingertips took
one more inhale exhale open it up or you’re to so adjust your stance a little
bit so that back foot you can turn the toes to point straight to that left side
sinking into the front knee and the belly button take it and point it to the
left now where you’re to relax those shoulders
awesome work you guys so we’re bending into that front knee feeling nice and
strong through those legs if they’re talking to you that’s perfect you’re
exactly where you need to be awesome work you guys
we’re gonna take that right forearm and just place it on the front knee or the
front thigh I want you to spin your palm to face up hang on to your favorite
beverage that means keeping that hand nice and strong not just letting it hang
out and I also want you to take as much weight out of the arm it’s kind of just
here for looks it’s not helping hold us up so you got to use your core to keep
that upper body lifted and we’re going to sweep that left arm and those
fingertips for the front of the room extended side angle
beside ankle ankle so we’re spreading our fingertips wide on both of our hands
awesome you guys nothing is hanging out everything’s nice and strong
awesome work you guys one more inhale exhale let’s bring our hands all the way
down to the floor spin your back heel up and let’s step back into downward facing
dog so you can stay here or take child’s
pose if you want to use an inhale let’s flow into a high plank exhale lower
chaturanga all the way down inhale up dog or Cobra exhale downward facing dog
awesome job you guys use an inhale look between
hands exhale walk step maybe jump to the top of your mat inhale half-lift exhale
is you full inhale all the way up reach up look up and exhale your hands through
heart center and down to your side so setting up that chair pose
once again sinking the hips down tucking that tailbone under squeeze those legs
together the feet are together or sink into that
squat use an inhale reach the arms up and then breathe somewhere you guys
let’s take one more breath in exhale straighten the legs as you fold forward
inhale half lift exhale plant your hands step back into downward facing dog
staying here or inhale into a high plank exhale as you lower inhale up dog or
Cobra exhale down feet are coming together inhale your left foot up exhale
let’s send it through drop your back heel down and inhale as you lift for
warrior one so this one the belly button shining forward remember reaching up if
you want it sinking into that front knee hmmm just feel whatever it is that’s
going on through the body you are so strong one more inhale here and exhale
open it up adjust your stance and find your warrior two mmm really sinking into that front knee
so strong through the back leg let’s drop the shoulders away from the ears awesome you guys so keep that front knee
bent gently placing that left forearm on your thigh hanging onto that favorite
drink of yours so waking up that hand those fingers and then sweeping the top
arm to the front of the room nice and strong through the whole body here
remembering how light can you be through that left forearm it’s not actually
trying to hold you up let’s take one more inhale and exhale bring your hands
all the way down to the floor step the front foot back you can stand down dog
or take child’s pose or let’s flow inhale high plank exhale lower maybe
lowering to the knees as well inhale lift the chest Cobra or updog and exhale
downward facing dog awesome work you guys so walk your feet
together big toes are gonna touch so we’re still gonna let the head be heavy
and the shoulders come back towards the feet but all we’re gonna do here
different from down dog is bend the knees a lot so think about bringing your
tummy towards your thighs and your shins parallel to your mat down dog but bent
bent knees he’s an inhale to straighten the legs a little bit or a lot exhale
bend the knees again ah feel those quads working this isn’t supposed to be easy
inhale it straighten the legs again one more exhale Bend those knees hover hover
hover hover hover hover and then you can drop them all the way down to the floor
untuck your toes and take child’s pose so your knees can be together or you can
spread them wide just drop your floor head take a break your arms might be
resting at your sides if your knees are together maybe you can hang on to your
heels or maybe just relax your arms completely on the mat whatever works
good whatever feels right awesome marque guys so stay a little
longer if you need it and you can start to come all the way up so we’re just
gonna have a seat sit all the way back bringing your legs out in front we’re
gonna hang onto the back of the legs leaning back a little bit finding boat
pose so bringing all the weight out of the feet or as much weight as feels
right your toes don’t actually have to leave the floor but think about
lengthening your spine kind of opening the chest a little bit as you pull your
shoulders back and down drawing the belly button back towards this spine so
a nice strong core if the feet want to lift let them maybe you can actually
really squeeze the legs together think about being in chair pose but we’re
sitting down and then if you want to let go of your legs you can let go but you
can always hang on to them okay so with the theme of pretending
that we are in chair pose while we’re here if your feet are together squeeze
those knees together that makes it harder I know you’re probably feeling
that through the hip flexors that’s okay let’s just stay for a few more breath
but in chair pose we always reach our arms up right so let’s try it we who oh
my goodness squeeze that car awesome work you guys
the knees like to come apart here draw them back together one more inhale
exhale let the feet come down let the feet the soles will if you come together
and your knees out wide so your hip flexors will like this if you they were
talking to you and your boat pose so if you want to hang on to the feet just be
gentle you could also bring your hands to your
knees but just take a second here a little
break if you want to fold forward you can fold forward as well lovely okay let’s bring our knees back
together and now we’re gonna lay all the way down onto the back all the way down so starting to pull the knees in towards
the chest feet are gonna be lifted off of the mat
and we’re gonna start to straighten the legs so bringing the feet towards the
ceiling so you might have nice bent legs you can hang on to the back of your legs
or you can rest your arms at your sides so we’re gonna come all the way up into
shoulder stand if it’s in your practice if it’s something that you like to do
we’re gonna come all the way up if not you can stay here with your feet in the
air still an inversion or if you don’t want the feet lifted today you can
always have them on the mat see if the Bata can asana letting the knees come
out wide alright if you’re coming with me into shoulder stand though our feet
are gonna come up we’re going to lift those hips and bring our hands to our
low back and then keep sending the hips over top of those shoulders so if the
legs are bending that’s fine but you might want to start to straighten them
bring the toes towards the ceiling so that chin comes towards your
collarbone here or I guess as your collarbone comes towards your chin try
to just keep your gaze straight up avoid turning the head from side to side we’re
gonna get a nice stretch to the back of the neck here but we also want to be
safe and protect the neck so don’t move it around too much awesome you guys so
stay a little longer if you’d like to if you have plow pose in your practice you
can also let your feet fall behind the head if you’re ready to let the hips
come back down towards the mat you can let them nice and slow come back we’ll
keep the feet up in the air for just a few more breath or if you’re in plow
hang out and plow awesome you guys so whenever you’re ready you can bring your
feet all the way down to the floor and we’re all gonna walk the feet together
and let the knees come out wide so you might already be in sleep the bottom
asana but we’re gonna meet there and then just take your right hand and place
it on your belly button and your left hand can find your heart just feel your
stomach moving up and down as you breathe closing your eyes and relax so feel free to stay here or if you want
to come into a twist I’m going to bring our knees back together and you can pull
your right knee into your chest and straighten that left leg and then
we’ll pull the right knee across the body and find a twist just being mindful
of that right shoulder see if you can keep it down on the mats and I want to use an inhale to let the
right knee come back and pull it into your chest one last time plug it in and
then we can switch sides so that left knee can come into the chest
you could also stay here or pull the knee across the body I’m with an inhale let’s bring the knee
back up hugging in towards the chest one last time and then you can start to let
your legs go out nice and long but we’ll keep our legs together to start and
we’re just gonna climb up on to our forearms for fish pose so if you did
come into shoulder stand this is a nice counter stretch for that ringing
lengthen to the front of the neck so we’re on the forearms our legs are
together you can actually sit on your hands or just have your hands beside
your hips and then you wanna let your head fall back if your head can actually
touch the mat let it but sometimes it’s hard to get there so don’t worry too
much just opening the chest here relaxing the jaw so you might even want
to open the mouth we’ll take just one more inhale and as you exhale bring the
head down the shoulders down the back everything and then you can slide your
feet out nice and wide take your arms rest them by your sides with your palms
facing up one last inhale and exhale starting to let it all go
savasana our final relaxation I’m slitting your body nice and heavy on
that and bringing the mind back to the breath if it’s starting to wander as always I encourage you to stay here
if you’ve got the time but until tomorrow until we meet again have a
great rest of your day namaste you

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  1. Thanks, Rachel!!! One of the things that made me fall in love with Yoga, is plasticity, the way in which asana adapts to your body and your abilities, and another is versatility, yoga can be as soft or hard as you want and your body asks you . Namaste 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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